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The following story is fiction about Hallowe'en Trick or Treats getting more than they expected.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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No Treats Just Tricks


Trick or Treating is fun.  As an adult I don't participate except to dispense candy safely wrapped in individual packages as demanded by modern society.  I think it is great when the little ones in their cute costumes scamper up onto my porch, ring the bell and squeak: 'Trick or treat' nervously.  I admire their outfits and toss some candy into their held out sacks while over protective parents watch.

When they get a little older the game changes and the tweens are asking for donations for UNICEF.  Their costumes are usually original rather than store bought clichés.  I just hope that they give most of the cash to the charity.

And finally there are the big kids, the teens.  They should have long ago quit this juvenile ritual and should be at their own parties or escorting their younger siblings rather than begging for candy in their jeans and hoodies.  Those I think are just naughty brats.  Need I say what should happen to naughty brats?

This year I decided that they should be treated in a more age appropriate way.  As the most visible modification to my property I had a sign by the fork in the walkway to the front door for their eyes only.  The arrow for "Little Kids" pointed to the way to the front door while for "Big Kids" pointed to the garage door.  Kids at that age are very predictable so that they would self sort.

My partner personed the front door with the usual hoard of candy to dispense to the little kids.  I had made some extremely special enhancements to the garage where I was awaiting the big kids.  To ensure the proper atmosphere we were both in our traditional warlock robes.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

There was a knock on the door and I opened it.  It was a boy in dirty jeans and motorcycle jacket.  "Trick or treat." he said in a breaking voice.

"Absolutely." I said, "Step in."  He did and the strobe lights went off startling him.  I gave him a hard push and he fell over the padded support I had set up.  Immediately I pushed the restraining bar down to lock him in place.  "I'm very generous tonight.  You shall have several tricks, young man." I said smiling although he could not see the smile.

By now he was screaming to be let go.  "Not until you have the trick you asked for and I promised that you should have."  I swung back the heavy paddle and let him have the first pop.

He howled most satisfactory.

I gave him another and he howled again.  I repeated this three times over so he got six good pops and I heard six good howls from deep inside him.  I raised the restraining bar and helped him up.  He frantically rubbed his sore tail.  "The exit is there." I said and pointed.  He ran yelling nasties that I cannot repeat.

The 'exit' was not really an exit.  It was the entrance to the holding pen complete with entertainment of heavy metal nois…, er, music and a batch of strobe lights that today's youth appears to love.  I wondered how long I would have to wait for my next eager, er, client.

It wasn't very long before couple of overgrown brats appeared.  I was, fortunately prepared for a duo and as soon as they were in I gave them the same hard shoves as I had the first and snapped the restraining bars into place.  Of course, I ignored their yells as I lowered their pants and bared their asses for my pleasure.

This time I used a heavy leather strap.  I could hardly believe how loud a boy can yell.  I wished I had a meter to measure it but I think it was louder than in the music room.  Actually, their screams were like music to my ears.  Each swing of the strap left a nice red stripe on one or the other butts that were well positioned.  When I stopped, they were crying and I pushed them into the entertainment chamber for some R&R.

I had a few more guests and they each got the same treatment.  I stopped after a couple of hours.  Then I opened the back door and got my disoriented guests out one by one.  I herded them down the path which lead to a side road behind the local mall.  Once there each was attracted to the lights and soon disappeared.  At midnight my garage morphed back into its normal condition as planned.

* * * * * * * * * *

Apparently several of my guests got picked up by the police for being out very late and wandering about in the mall's parking lot quite disoriented.  They told fanciful tails to the police about being beaten and held captive.  I learnt later that initially the police checked out that side road but did not find anything like the confused brats described.

When they investigated further afield and rang my bell because my house fit some of the descriptions, I noted that my back gate was locked from both sides and neither my partner nor I had been there for weeks.  All evening, I explained further, we had been in our warlock outfi…, er, costumes giving candy to little kids in their costumes and had a mess of pictures to prove it.  I had even taken a picture from the outside to show my partner in the benevolent act.

They told me what the boys said and felt that they must have been confused.  I showed them my small two car garage and noted that it wasn't nearly large enough to meet the descriptions.  They agreed and left to continue hunting or to decide the kids were high on something or other appreciatively stronger than sugar.

It was a most satisfactory Hallowe'en considering that we could not make it to the coven.  You can be sure that we will tell of our wonderful Hallowe'en evening when we meet our friends again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 27, 2018

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