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The following story is fiction about man whose life is changed by the chance encounter with another man.  There are scenes of spanking and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Not the Man I Was


I'm not the man I used to before I met Mr. Redding just three short months ago.  He has changed both me and my life.  And all for the better, I'm most pleased to say.

It was a most innocent meeting.  I was shopping and had selected a couple of shirts and now was trying to pick a tie that would go with them.  I could not decide between a couple of them.  I was having so much trouble that the sale associate had given up on me and started to assist Mr. Redding leaving me to decide.  He was finished just five minutes later and I was still pondering.  "You seem to be having trouble deciding." he said stating the obvious.  I gave him a gruff answer but that did not deter him in the least.  He persisted and asked me several questions and only four minutes latter the associate was ringing up the sale.  We left the store and went walking in the nearby city park.

As we walked, we talked.  More precisely Mr. Redding asked a lot of questions and I gave a lot of answers although I never felt like I was being questioned.  He told me a few things about himself as we walked.  I did not understand why, but later I realized that I had been following his lead ever since the tie selection had been made.  I guess I should mention a bit of the physical to help explain things.  I'm a shrimp!  I'm only ​5′5″​ (​165 cm​) and, it seems, everyone else is bigger.  I'm in that select five percent of the population that is this short and only five percent of twelve-year-old boys are taller.  I'm also skinny (it is good not to be fat) so I can pass as a boy especially if I'm dressed like one as I hardly need to shave.  Of course, Mr. Redding is taller than I.  Actually, he is taller than most men being an intimidating  ​6′7″​ (​201 cm​) tall.

We stopped at a food cart and Mr. Redding got some juice and I got a soda.  When the vendor said: "That's $2.00 for the juice and $1.50 for the lad's soda; $3.50  please."  Mr. Redding smiled and paid him without comment.  As we walked away, he placed his large hand on the back of my neck as if to steer me.  We continued to enjoy each others company in the park for some time.  As we passed a comfort station I dashed away as I needed some relief.  Some of the comfort stations in the park are large and can accommodate many users at one time and when there are only two users they can be apart like lone dinners in a railroad car.  Others, like this little one, can only accommodate a couple of users at once.  I was already peeing as Mr. Redding stepped to the only other urinal, next to me, and pulled out his hose.  I am pretty shy about this but I could not stop and dash to a stall so he could see that my endowment was proportional to my stature.  He was likewise proportionate and I thought that flaccid he was as big as I was hard.  I felt this way all through school when I had to shower with the other guys.  I was sure that he noticed me and that I was comparing.  I'm certain that I blushed although he did not say anything as his heavy stream hit the water in the porcelain fixture noisily and totally drowning out my feeble tinkle.

This must have affected me because a short time later, he sat down on a park bench and when I sat also, he put his arm about me and drew me close.  He was gentle but at the same time he was the irresistible force for I was pressed tightly up against him.  It was just like my father had done when I was a little boy and needed his comfort.  "There nothing to worry about, Weir.  I don't care about your pee-pee's size at all.  You're a little guy and I like that it matches the rest of you.  It's nothing to worry about at all." he said and made sure I was as close as I could be.  I was staring at my feet but I glanced up at him.  He was smiling at me.  There was not even a hint of ridicule in his expression.© YLeeCoyote

I tried to explain that I had the double whammy of being small and under-endowed and it had been a problem for me since I was in high school.  "Some of the guys were very cruel particularly in the showers." I said sadly.  I was struggling to hold back the tears.  This was a problem that I had been unsuccessfully trying to deal with for more than forty years.  Even before Mr. Redding was born.  It bothered me and in that way affected me.

"I really like little fellas like you, Weir."  Mr. Redding said as he pulled me even closer as if he was snuggling me.  "I would hug you if we weren't in such a public place." he added.  I actually felt better.

"Really?" I asked not quite believing it.

"Yes, really.  And if you don't believe me I'll turn you over my knee and give you a spanking."

"You wouldn't dare."  That was not the right thing to say at all for Mr. Redding easily flipped me over his lap and gave me a few gentle swats on my bottom.  I was so surprised that I was still speechless when he returned me to a normal sitting position.

"Yes, really, my little fella."  I knew that he certainly meant it but even more important I felt better.  Soon afterward I accepted his invitation to dinner.  The restaurant required a jacket and tie for adults and I did not have them as I was very casually dressed.  Mr. Redding solved this problem by telling the maitre d' that I was his young cousin.  I guess it was OK since it was early and a slow day in the place but the side effect was that they would not serve me wine so I had to have soda.  Mr. Redding ordered for us so I never even read the menu but the food was very good.  After dinner, he insisted that I stay with him as he lived nearby.  Somehow, I could not refuse him.

It was soon after we got to his condo, that I was sitting on his lap and he was holding me like I was a boy – his son actually.  I felt ever so safe and warm and protected that I just snuggled right up to him.  I practically fell asleep cuddled in his arms.  Mr. Redding noticed that and said that it was past my bedtime.  He easily picked me up and carried me into the bedroom where he undressed me completely.  I made some feeble efforts to stop him, but he was obviously so completely in charge that my efforts were useless.  I did not heed his warming to behave (i.e., cooperate) so as soon as I was naked, he put me over his lap.  Unlike in the park where I just got a couple of love pats, this time he spanked for real.  His large hand driven by his big muscles crashed down on my naked little bottom causing me to yelp and howl and eventually to cry like a little naughty boy.  When I was a well-chastised lad he took me into the bathroom to wash, brush and pee which I did and then he tucked me into bed.  I lay there rubbing my very sore bottom.

A few minutes later he joined me.  He cuddled me tightly.  I felt his large powerful body and loved that I was with him not withstanding my pretty sore ass.  We were quiet for a while and then he spoke.  "I'm sorry that I had to spank you, but little boys – like you – get spanked when they don't do as they are told."  And then he gave me a kiss.  It was a real mouth-to-mouth kiss on the lips which was simply wonderful beyond words.  "I hope that you understand this."  Well I certainly understood what he said but I did not yet understand that I was a boy to Mr. Redding.  "With a proper haircut and clothes you will be the perfect boy for me, Weir."

I was confused about all this but I was not confused about his hard manhood that I found myself gripping.  It was the sort of cock that I dreamed of having since I had started to see them in the school locker room so many decades ago.  It was more than two hands long while mine was not much more than a hand.  As I played with Mr. Redoing's manhood, he guided my head down so that I could kiss it and lick it.  It was ever so hard yet so soft, like the iron fist inside the velvet glove.  It was leaking pre-cum which I lapped it up like a starving pussy cat does when it finds a saucer of milk.  Soon I was sucking on the great shaft although I was afraid that I would choke on it.  Mr. Redding did not force me at all but let me savor it and while he enjoyed my attention although his hand was on my head.  At the same time I could feel his other hand was holding my little shaft.  His hand was so large that it was encasing my entire little package.  When he erupted, I nearly choked and most of his man-cream spilled from my mouth.  I licked it all up as best as I good for it was scrumptious.  I slept most contentedly that night.

In the morning, I awoke to find that Mr. Redding's had a couple of well lubed fingers in my butthole.  "Weir, stay relaxed for I'm not going to hurt you." he said as he worked another finger in and gave me another wonderful kiss.  I was a little scared that he was going to fuck me but even more afraid of objecting.  All I could do was whimper a little for he was making me feel good.  When Mr. Redding decided that I was ready, he put me on my back, raised my legs and most gently eased his great hard shaft into my well stretched hole.  It was total bliss once he was in.  I even shot my own little load before he filled me to overflowing.

After a while he took me to the bathroom and had me stand in the tub.  He got an electric razor and quickly removed my body hair.  I tried to object but was reminded that little boys do as they are told or else they get spanked and that they don't have hair like this.  Somehow, I obeyed him without further question.  The shaving was an easy task as I did not have any hair except in my armpits and above my pee-pee.  We then showered and had some breakfast.

I was surprised when he took me to the spare room and opened the closet.  It was full of boys' clothing.  He searched about and soon found what he wanted and also got some stuff from the dresser.  A short time latter I was dressed.  I was wearing a pair of Batman briefs, a rugby shirt, tight short shorts, knee socks and sneakers.  I also had a simple baseball cap.  Mr. Redding then got dressed in boxers, dress slacks, dress shirt, dark socks and shoes.  We stood before the mirror and we looked like a man and his tween son.

We went to the aquarium for the day.  We had a ball.  I was a boy again and nobody thought that I was a shrimp.  I did not want to leave when Mr. Redding said we should because I was having so much fun and he got angry because of my disobedience.  I did not heed his warning and then he said that I was going to get spanked.  I apologized and promised to be good but it was too late.  Mr. Redding said I had earned a spanking and I was going to get spanked.  "Since you don't want to leave, we can stay here a little longer while I spank you."

He then took me by the wrist and lead me to the picnic area.  I knew that it was useless to resist.  There were lots of empty tables and he sat on a bench facing out with me at his side.  "Please…", I begged, "…please wait until we get home."  But it did not make any difference.  Mr. Redding lectured me as he opened my shorts and yanked them down.  "Nooooooooooooo." I whined as he yanked down the Batman briefs.  It was sort of a relief as he up ended me over his lap hiding my hairless, little boy sized pee-pee.  I should have obeyed.  And when he led me to get spanked I should have kept quiet for my noise attracted an audience which promptly started to comment.  Few kids want to get spanked but watching another kid get spanked is an entirely different matter.  Of course, they heard some of the lecturing and I heard their comments about watching a spanking.

"Hey, Jeff, come here. Some kid is getting a spanking." yelled one.  I'm sure that attracted many kids, not just Jeff.

"That bottom is going to be red and sore very soon."

"Look what happens to naughty boys, Timmy.  If you're not good that's what going to happen to you." said some parent delighted at the object lesson I was providing.

"I saw his little pee-pee, Sally." squeaked one giggling girl.

"Me too.  It's smaller than Johnny's and he's only eight." squealed another.


I was howling already and after only a couple of minutes, I could not hold back the tears.  I forgot about the audience as the pain took over my entire consciousness.  It must have ended since I was standing up and my briefs and shorts were back up.  Mr. Redding took me to the restroom and washed my face.  "Are you ready to go home now, boy?" he asked.

"Yes Mr. Redding." I said absolutely not wanting a second spanking.  I decided to stand on the subway for the trip home.  But my embarrassment was not over.  Some of the kids and parents who saw me spanked were on the same train and in the same car and were talking about me.  That kept my face as red as my bottom.

"Too bad you were with Mommy in the restroom, Denny.  His bottom turned bright red.  That's why he is standing." one boy told his brother who immediately wanted to see my red hot bottom.

"Can I see your red bottom?" he demanded.

I barked back a loud "NO!"  That was a mistake.  Mr. Redding immediately said that I should be polite and because I wasn't he was giving me a choice.  Get another spanking or show him.  Mr. Redding must have meant an spanking right there on the train so I told the kid to watch and slid down my shorts and briefs hoping I could get them up before the next station and more people got on.  I'm sure that there were several disappointed people who did not see me get spanking two that day.

"Yes, it is very red, Jack." said Denny.

"And he's wearing Batman briefs just like you are." said Jack.

I quickly pulled up my shorts and wished we were home.  Mr. Redding held me close for the rest of the trip as I stood between his legs.  I resolved to be a good boy and obey Mr. Redding all the time.

When we got back to Mr. Redding's place, we showered and dressed to go out for dinner.  He wore a suit and put me into a sailor suit with short short-pants.  It even had a neckerchief with a big knot.  Again, I was a boy and could not have alcohol to drink.  We slept together again and it was again wonderful.

In the morning, Mr. Redding told me go home and think about if I wanted to be his regular boy.  He explained that I would have be an obedient boy and I would get punished for any misbehavior.  Of course, the other benefits were clear.  I knew immediately that I wanted it but he insisted that I take some time before deciding.

Well, after a week, we made it formal.  I'm not the lonely, little shrimp of a man that I was but a well loved, well-behaved, and happy little boy who doesn't have to agonize about decisions for Mr. Redding does that.  When I forget to be well behaved, I get my pants taken down and I'm spanked.

In this report, I always referred to Daddy as Mr. Redding to show proper respect to an adult.  When we are just talking he is 'Daddy' and I'm 'boy', 'son' or just plain Wei.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 7, 2009

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