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The following story is fiction about parental discipline and contains a scene of a minor being spanked in public.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Not On the Six O'clock News


Ridership was low this Friday morning after the rush hour since a lot of people were away or taking a long weekend on this wonderful summer day.  I parked my butt on a seat and was settling down with my game of the day on my smart phone.  It was then that I noticed the family sitting across from me.  I guessed that it was a mid-thirty's man with his kids.  The three boys, I guessed, were ten, eleven and twelve.  Everyone seemed very happy.  I had a quick vision of them all being spanked for some real or imagined misconduct but, alas, not likely in this day and age.  Oh well, times have changed.

I quickly leant a bit more for the middle boy spoke loudly enough for me to hear.  "Thanks Mr. Wright for taking me to the museum with Jake and Willie.  It's always so AWESOME!"

"You're most welcome, Dusty.  It's no trouble at all and you're friends with both my sons."  Well, that defined everything very neatly.  I figured there would not be anything more of interest as we all rode alongside each other.

I was very wrong.  It only took a few minutes for the youngest to become a pest to the older two who were sharing a video game.  The father tried to calm the situation by engaging his younger son.  It did not work.  The boy was complaining without any cause.  "Maybe you don't want to go to museum, Willie?  We could turn right back at the next station and you can stay in your room all day."  The boy did not like that new idea very much.

The two older ones were much more upset.  "Dad," said Jake, "that would be terrible and not at all fair to Dusty and me." and Dusty was nodding his head in agreement.  "You can just SPANK him like you said you would if was a brat again."© YLeeCoyote

Suddenly, things were getting very interesting.

"No spank!" yelled Willie and ran to the other end of the car.  The father called for him to come back but he wouldn't listen.  I was sure the man would get the brat and return home disappointing everyone.

I had not considered the great desire of the other two to get to the museum.

Jake shoved the game into Dusty's hand and raced down the length of the car to his brother.  "Come on back, Willie.  Dad is going to get really, really mad and you ain't going to like that."

"NO!" he shouted.

We had pulled into another station but before the doors could open, Jake got a good grip on his little brother.  This prevented him from bolting on to the platform and I could see the man slip back into his seat.  The crisis was deferred for the nonce.

"You know you got to stay with Daddy on the subway.  Now let's get back."  Unfortunately, Willie resisted the good council of his older brother and dug his heals in.  It appeared that Jake was experience and partly carried, partly dragged his kid brother back.  Handing him over to their dad, he said: "Behave yourself or Daddy will spank you."

"Thank you, Jake." said Dad.  "Willie calm down.  Now." he had a firm grip on his second son's arm to prevent a second running away.

The boy did not calm down.

"Will this kill the trip?" Dusty asked of his older friend.

"I hope not." Jake replied.  Willie continued to struggle.

It's not hard for a man to control a ten-year-old boy and this man evidently had lots of practice.  He was holding Willie with both his hands behind his back and a leg around the boy's legs.  He deftly opened and lowered the boy's pants and briefs.  "NO SPANK!  NO SPANK!" yelled the brat.

But it was too late.  He had gone too far.  He was turned about, still protesting into the classical OTK spanking position.  The first spank landed with a loud SPANK!  It was immediately followed by howl worthy of a huge wolf.  I got to enjoy the hand print forming on the little target.

The hand was raised and swiftly brought sharply down a dozen times leaving the boy crying and with a hot red tail.  He stood still although still crying as his clothes were restored to their proper positions.  He immediately snuggled up to his brother for comfort.

Dad handed Jake some tissues and he wiped his brother's face and had him blow his nose.  "It's all over now.  Just be a good boy and you won't get spanked again."

Dusty laughed.  "He always gets spanked."

And I'm sorry to report that you won't see this event on the Six O'clock News but I got it my camera.  I intend to enjoy it for years.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 12, 2014

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