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Halloween is the time for ghosts and other scary things of the night and for adolescent boys to prove that they are brave, macho men.  A time for dares and mischief and the consequences.  This story is fiction and deals with corporal discipline and gay sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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October Surprise


Marc and Stan were red-blooded boys.  No, young men now in high school.  They were brave; not afraid of anything.  Especially not afraid of ghosts.  Everyone knows that ghosts did not exist.  Everyone knows that haunted houses aren't haunted no matter what stories the old ones told about them.  And this year they were going to prove it by staying in the old Clark mansion.  Their cowardly friends said that they would wait outside.  They were told that they would flee the mansion even before midnight.

By the time it was dark on the faithful night, Marc and Stan were trapped.  They had two choices – admit they could (would?) not do it and pay off the bet or march up the broken walkway, the creepy porch steps, open the door and enter the haunted mansion.  Truth be told, Marc and Stan were scared stiff but with their four friends ready to collect the forfeit, they boldly walked up to the mansion.  They did their very best to swagger like sailors on leave out to impress the babes. They were inspired by the grins on their friends' faces as they showed off their toys – Jay had brought a fraternity paddle; Alex a wide, thick leather strap; Chad his father's cane from his English School;  Tim said that the hairbrush was the just the thing for spanking little 'fraidy-cat boys.

As Marc closed the door he said: "Where's the bathroom?  I got to pee!" and grabbed his crotch like a little boy does.

"I got to go too." replied Stan.  "Let's look around."

They did not find it and a minute later they were peeing out the window hoping their friends wouldn't notice.  They were both surprised by how little came out after the great urgency.  They saw town clock indicating 11:21.  They had more than an hour to go.© YLeeCoyote

The wind howled in the autumn night.  The house creaked.  Or was that some ghost moving around.

"Ghosts don't exist…do they?" asked Marc not at all sure at the moment.

Somewhat shakily Stan replied.  "Of…cour…se…not."  He paused, worried about his own confidence.  "I know what does exist…"

"What?" interrupted Marc.

"A PADDLE; A CANE; A STRAP; A HAIRBRUSH!  All anxious to kiss our asses.  They exist and four guys itching to use them."

"We can't go out now; they'll die laughing beating our tails off."

They looked at the town clock.  It had hardly advanced.  "We should have brought something to do."

"Yes." agreed Stan and started to tell a joke.

"Not funny; not funny at all." snapped Marc and then he started to sing: "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall…." and Stan joined in.  By the time the wall stock was depleted, the clock read 12:15.

"Hey the toughest part is over." declared Stan.  "We probably scared them away with our terrible singing."  They enjoyed a hardy laugh over that.  A lose shutter banged against the house as they argued who would get whose butt first.  They settled that with a few rounds of paper-rock-scissor.

At 12:33 they casually opened the door, went down the steps and ambled down the walk to confront their friends.  There were only three, not four, to greet them.  "Where's Tim?"

"He saw a ghost and ran; probably at home." answered Alex.

"Well, we'll get that PUSSY tomorrow.  Now it time for you CHICKENS to pay up."

"WHAT?" explained Jay, Alex and Chad in unison.

"Yes, pay up.  You planed to whip our butts but we did not chicken out, so you got to pay….Or are you going to welsh out – pussies?"

The three challengers looked at each other.  They were trapped and knew it.  Jay made the first move and handed his paddle to Marc.  The other two gave their toys to Stan.

"Up to the porch steps, boys."  The five moved up the walk to the steps.  As they moved, Marc and Stan had a whispered conversation.  At the steps, they announced.  "If you guys promise to help us get that pussy boy, we'll go easy on you and you can get some action with him too."  The three promised.  After all, Tim did chicken out and they didn't.

"Drop your jeans and pants and assume the position." ordered Marc.  "And stay until we tell you it is over.  You each are going to get five with your own implement and then four with whichever other one you chose.  You would have gotten six and six if you hadn't agreed to help us."

Marc took up the paddle and positioned himself behind Jay.  He tapped Jay's ass to be sure he was in the proper position and then gave the first swing.  The crack was loud and Jay gasped.  Four more times he applied the heavy oak paddle to the tender butt.  Each time Jay felt it.  He took it very well although he was gritting his teeth and really gripping the stairs tightly.

Then it was Stan's turn to use the cane on Chad.  He had read about it on the web and now was his chance to really use one.  He played with it a bit before getting into position to get a feel for it.  Chad was not really prepared for the first cut and perhaps Stan even did it too hard but he yelled.  He half moved out of position but regained control before really getting up.  Stan did the second through fourth cuts a little more moderately but they still hurt.  The fifth cut was full force and Chad yelped.

Alex now knew that it was now his turn.  He really hated to get strapped and had not realized that his ass would be in harm's way this night.  His past experiences were with his father and had not been pleasant.  He feared the worst but was far too ashamed to admit it before his peers.  "Ready, Sir." he said trying to hide his fear with bravado.  Marc measured his distance and swung the strap.  It came down on Alex's tail with a loud slap and the tip wrapped about his hip.  Alex bit his lip to keep from yelling for with his father that would mean extra cuts.  He knew that he could take all Marc was dishing out.  Three more times the thick strap flew through the air cutting into Alex's bottom.  The red stripes were clear even in the moonlight.  Marc was deciding how to place the last stroke – let it wrap around and catch his friend where it really would hurt or pull back so it would slip into the crack of Alex's ass or to be nice and just center it.  He was nice.

"OK guys.  You got three minutes rest before the second round.  Decide which implement you want."  The three half naked guys stood rubbing their butts for three full minutes.

"Position, gentlemen." joked Stan.  "What will it be Jay – the cane or the strap?"

"The strap, please." Jay replied trying to be macho.

Stan picked up the strap and got into position.  He raised the strap and swung it on target with a loud whack.  Jay knew he had been hit.  He gritted his teeth and gripped the stair tightly in preparation for the other three strokes.  He did not have to wait long for they came quickly and hard.  He could not help but to yell a lot more than he wished.

Marc got to use the strap again as that was Chad's choice.  Marc thought he would have a bit of extra fun so he let the first cut wrap around Chad's hip.  Then he moved back a bit each time so that the last cut wrapped into the crack.  To Chad's credit, he took it without complaining leaving his butt nicely red with the earlier cane marks showing through.

Alex chose the cane and Stan was quite happy to oblige.  It had been a good experience using it before although he was glad that he was on the giving end and not the receiving.  It had a nice feel as it swished through the air.  He liked the tracks it left on the already red target.  Alex was not happy about it at all but managed to take it well leaving his butt just like Chad's.

"That's it, guys.  Let go home and think about what to do with the wuss."

* * * * * * * * * *

They caught up with Tim as they were leaving school.  Marc and Stan got on either side of him and really friendly-like draped their arms about his shoulders.  "It's pay off time, Tim.  You were ready to pound our butts if we did not stay in the haunted mansion.  But we did, so you got to pay."

Tim protested but Stan explained that it could be in private or in public where everyone would know what a pussy boy he was.  They also mentioned that Jay, Alex and Chad were right behind them and they already had gotten their due.  Tim was trapped and realized he couldn't get away.  And if he did, there would be tomorrow with the same problem.  They went off to the hunted mansion.

Surrounded by his five friends, Tim hadn't any choice but to comply with the order to strip for a good old-fashioned hairbrush spanking like he himself had planned to give.  Reluctantly he got across Stan's lap  Stan clamped him into place as best he could.  "This is the payoff for the bet we made – I stayed in the haunted house as I said.  You would have spanked me if I hadn't so I get to spank you."  He then patted the naked bottom with the hairbrush before raising it high.  Over and over he brought the hairbrush – a mini-paddle really – down on target.  Very soon the target turned red and then crimson.  Tim was yelling and crying like a little boy.  Everyone else was smiling.  When Stan was satisfied, he stopped and ordered Tim to the corner to await Marc's pleasure.

They let him stand there ten minutes admiring his apple butt before Marc called him.  When Tim turned he saw that Marc was sitting in the chair and patting his lap.  "Come on, Timmy boy.  Let's not waste time; you had the same bet with me."  Tim started to plead that one spanking was enough or at least wait a day but they just told him to shut the fuck up.  Slowly he laid down over Marc's lap more nervous than before.  He was whining even before Marc patted his bottom.

Marc gave him a few spanks with his hand and Tim was howling once again.  "OK, wuss, I won't use the hairbrush; just my hand."  After a while, Marc stopped although Tim was still crying.  He was forced off of Marc's lap and to his knees as he continued to cry.

"Now you have to be punished for running away because of ghosts the other night." said Jay.

The others added: "Severely; very severely."

"Please, I can't take any more." pleaded Tim rubbing his very sore bottom.

Adolescent boys feel a strong connection between power and sex and they all had been hard for sometime.  They had considered some options but now they all knew they would do them.  If Tim had not proven he was a pussy boy, a great big wuss, then they probably would not have.  Alex won the quick paper-rock-scissor and was first.  He opened his jeans and pushed down his pants letting his hard rod pop up in Tim's face.  The crying lad was not quite sure what was happening was as Alex pushed into his mouth.  "SUCK IT, PUSSY BOY!" he commanded.  "This is for running away."  As Tim did not move, Alex grabbed his head with both hands and started to move in and out.

Even though Tim was inexperienced and did not know what he should be doing, Tim was still enjoying his dominant role and soon climaxed.  After Alex withdrew, Tim fell forward so that he was on his hands and knees.  That was just the position that they wanted him in.

It was Jay's turn and he got on his knees so that Tim's mouth was aligned with Jay's crotch and then proceeded to face fuck him.  Meanwhile, Marc kneeled behind Tim and pressed his lubricated condom-covered shaft to Tim's back door.  He held Tim's hips and pushed forward as Jay continued in front.  Tim was too inexperienced to resist even if he had realized what was happening.  The two of them happily double teamed Timmy  It did not last long as they were both too inexperienced to hold off.

Once they came, Chad and Stan pulled them away from their pussy boytoy so that they could get their turns.  The previous scene was repeated.  Because of the condom and the tightness of Tim, Stan did not feel that he was getting sloppy seconds and quite enjoyed the fuck.

Of course, they all enjoyed the experience although Tim was very reluctant to admit it especially while his butt was so hot and painful.  After a few weeks when Tim realized that his friends were keeping their sort promise about not telling about his running away from ghosts nor the price he paid for doing that he began to realized that he liked what happened.  His friends were more than happy to give him what he wanted.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 30, 2004

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