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The following story is fiction about a college freshman who discovers that he still subject to being spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Off to College and Freedom


Today is the big day and I'm starting college.  I'm going to live in the dorm rather than at home.  OK, it's not going to be as away as I hoped as it is only an hour from home and I'm expected to return home every weekend.  I had to make compromises but I'm not staying at home all the time with hovering parents and a pesky kid brother and taking the train every day to classes.

I've spent yesterday getting moved into the dorm.  The first trip was with my kid brother, Tod.  He really helped getting the car crammed full and dragging stuff up to my dorm room.  It took us all morning.  Then we returned home and later Dad drove me up with the rest of my stuff.  It was difficult for Mom to see me go and she had tears as she gave me a hug like I was going to the moon.  I was spared the last minute lecture when Dad left me because we had done it at home.  I was sure that by now Tod had rearranged our room more to his liking.

I guess you are thinking that's it as good as it gets and that I'm a lucky guy.  Yeah, that true but there are several catches.  I'm safe from spankings here at college but I'll be home on the weekends and they are definitely going to be lurking about and ready to pounce like a mugger.  Yes, I'm eighteen and should be past spanking you're thinking.  But I'm not!  And there are complex relationships with my brother Tod who is fourteen and my dear boyfriend, Leon, who is just seventeen and still in high school.  It's a convoluted story.

I was raised in a spanking environment.  Even before my brother and I started grade school, we were subjected to spanking for all sorts of misbehaviors.  Some of my friends got phased out of them and instead were subject to fines and incarceration (more usually spoken of as loss of allowance and grounding) but not us.  At least it was over fast and we could get on with our lives although having to be careful sitting.  As you would expect, there were times when I was to 'watch' (as in babysit although that word was never to be spoken) Tod.  A couple of years ago he started to object as he started to turn into a man.

A few times I had the joy of spanking him.  I never used coercion as it was just that he preferred to get spanked by me rather than by Dad.  He always agreed (although reluctantly) and dropped his pants and undies and got over my lap.  Then I spanked him.  At the beginning with just my hand but then with the hairbrush. It was almost a year ago that I messed up and he caught me.  He gave me exactly the same choice I had been giving him which I accepted for the same reasons.  In retrospect, I realize that it was a mistake.  A HUGE mistake!© YLeeCoyote

It was one of the hardest spankings I had ever received.  Although he is four years younger than I, he started puberty at twelve and had an early growth spurt so he is almost as big as me already.  He is proud of that and especially that his junk is already as big as mine.  He is athletic and thus strong.  He whacked my butt good and hard so that I was yelling and when he switched to the brush he broke me so soon I was bawling like a baby.  I was ashamed and he was elated beyond words.

It was the next time we were left alone, that he said he should be in charge because he was more of a man than I am.  He convinced me by showing me the video of that horrid spanking.  Over the next couple of months he was always a good boy when the folks left me in charge.  Unfortunately, I was not and he got me over his lap several more times.  He did not spank as hard as that first time but we both knew that he could turn me into a bawling baby.

It would have been OK if this stayed between just the two of us but lady luck screwed me again.  He had caught me in some transgression and invoked his power to spank me.  He sat on the couch in the family room and I was over his lap with my tail already red when the folks came in.  "Oscar was naughty so I'm giving him the spanking he has earned." he said matter-of-factly and continued spanking me while being as cool as a cucumber while I was the hot, bothered, bare-assed, blushing naughty little boy.

We got grilled by the olds, and they soon learnt that when we were alone that it was he, not me, who was in charge.  I naively thought that the folks would immediately put a stop to this but I was terribly mistaken.  "This has apparently been working for a few months, as you both been better behaved and even have been fighting less so let's continue it until there is a problem." said Dad while Mom was nodding agreement.  Todd was most delighted and I was, naturally, devastated.  The only good thing was Todd got the 'no bullying' lecture that I had gotten years before.

"OK, Oscar, let's finish up this spanking in our room." he said and dragged me off with my pants about my ankles.  I wished that I could have disappeared but I didn't and was over Todd's lap in a minute so he could finish spanking me.

Now that this was out in the open, Todd pounced any time he could justify it and he was fucken' strict and always spanked hard.  It was horrid that when the folks learnt of my failing and were going to spank me, he would cheerfully say: "I've taken care of spanking Oscar already." and Mom or Dad would thank him.  Other times they would just tell me to ask Todd for a spanking.  He never failed to dutifully respond enthusiastically to such a parental request.

My friend Leon who after several years of friendship had became my boyfriend.  We love each other.  He is a year younger than I and now is a senior in high school.  Having been friends several years, he knows all about how my folks spanked Todd and me.  He even learnt that Todd has spanking authority over me.  Although more reserved (probably because he is more mature) Leon still makes me toe the line – his line.  The important thing is since we are a couple, the rule is no wandering or getting close to other guys.  It is difficult for me since I have a wandering eye although I love him.

He was quite pissed when we were on a date and he saw that I was checking out the other guys in the Mall where we had gone for a movie and dinner.  He told me to stop looking but I did not heed the warning.  When we got home he changed the tone of the discussion.  My pants came down and I was over his lap in a jiffy.  As he lectured he spanked.  I promised to be good over and over but the spanking went on for a very long time.  When he finished, there was applause.  Todd had heard me being spanked.  He had came to see what was happening and said that Leon did the right thing.

So, I'm sure you understand why I'm happy to get away to the spanking free environment of college.

* * * * * * * * * *

Within a few days I discovered several unpleasant truths thanks to being late to my first class of the day a couple of times and even having to skip breakfast.  Getting up on time was contingent on being in concert with my alarm clock and picking up my own ass and getting it out the door.  My roommate did not bug me like my mother did to get up and out of bed.  I was supposed to take a late afternoon train back home on Friday but I texted the folks that there were several get togethers to meet others and therefore I would return in the morning.

Somehow, I didn't get to bed until very late and slept past noon on Saturday.  I caught an afternoon train.  Once home I got a lecture about responsibility and reminders that I had best study, do my homework regularly and on time.  I promised once again.  The good things were being with my boyfriend, a real properly cooked dinner and, of course, not being spanked.

* * * * * * * * * *

The second week I was doing better with getting to classes and having breakfast.  I also learnt about pop quizzes and that I had better expect them.  On Friday I could not resist going to the get togethers (perhaps better called parties) and again sleeping late on Saturday.  My welcome back home was not as pleasant as it was the first week.  The results of the pop quizzes were readily available on the college web site and my abysmal grades were not acceptable.  It was not very long before Todd had pulled down my pants and boxers and was quickly turning my butt into a flaming pain center.  Not only did he wallop my sorry butt good and hard but he gave me a long lecture.  He lectured more effectively than Dad did and I felt worse particularly because he was younger than I.

My boyfriend was just as unhappy that I had been partying although less concerned with my grades.  He insisted that we were a couple unless I wanted to break up.  "No, we are a loving couple." I insisted.  Unfortunately, I have wondering eyes which is what gets me into to trouble.

Leon was pleased with that.  "I hope that you don't forget it." he said.  It was a few hours later that he made sure that I would not forget.  We were in bed and he was still plugged into my butt which he had just filled while I was on my back.  I was telling him how much I loved him and what we had just done. As we were relaxing after the fantastic sex he reminded me that he was the only one allowed to do this with me.

Leon leaned over and grabbed something from the night stand.  Seconds later there was a buzzing and I felt vibration on my pubis.  YIPE!  He was clipping my pubes with a barber clipper.  I stuttered and stammered some but he was cool and continued.  "This will help you remember that you are mine." he said.  When he was finished with the clipper he switched to a shaver to make me baby smooth.  "Who owns your butt?" he asked.

"You do, Sir." I replied.

"Any more partying?"

"No.  Absolutely not."  I knew that I could not play around now.

"Good." he said and proceeded to print "Leon's" on my bald skin with a heavy marker. "Just so you remember you're mine." and he leaned over and kissed me hard.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next week I concentrated more on my studies and got an early train home on Friday afternoon less than an hour after my last class.  I hoped I would not be spanked again.

My grades were better, I was getting up on time and avoiding those get togethers that infuriated Leon.  It really was great getting together with him without my butt being sore.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 25, 2016

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