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The following story is fiction about rough domination of a man by a youth.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Office Boy Finds a Pussy Boi


I finished high school just fine.  I would have gone on to college except I did not have the wherewithal to do it so I got a job.  I had flipped more than enough burgers and the like the previous two summers so I found myself an office job.  A century ago I would have been called an office boy and probably have started a few years younger.  Now they called me an office assistant.  A meaningless title but that regular check was very meaningful.  My duties were first and foremost being a gofer, assisting anyone and everyone and doing all the scut work about the place.  I was even hidden in the oversize doorless closet that served as supply and mail room with a half size desk.

Within three months I realized that there was not anything new to learn.  I knew how to fetch the supplies for all the machines and how to clear the jams.  I knew how to handle the post incoming, outgoing and internal, the daily bank deposit and the front desk phone.  I even had mastered what everyone wanted from the food trucks and the local greasy spoon around the corner.  Boredom set in but that was the trade off for those delightful checks each week.  I began to spend more time on the computer to entertain myself except when it was necessary to do some real work.  Initially it was pretty much like I did at home.

Then one day I made the big discovery.  All those adults in the office did not know diddly-squat about the computers they were using.  This was true from the clerks all the way up to the big cheese boss/owner Mr. Hamelin.  They kept picking up shit from the web resulting in crashes and worse.  Soon I became the white knight for I was able to get the computers restarted without a service call.

I was in luck that one time when the Mr. Hamelin's secretary's 'puter was the victim that the boss noticed I saved the day.  I saw an opportunity and suggested that we install some protective software because this was happening frequently.  He approved and I formally started on the path to being the IT guy in the office.  Since almost all the work related stuff was with the word processors and email agent, I just used the freebie home type stuff.  There was a bit of web use but, of course, much of that was for play – naughty play.

The boss told everyone at the next general meeting that everyone should be more careful and indicated that he would be greatly displeased about more computer trouble.  When a few days later one of the girls messed up, she got a good tongue lashing in front of all along with a general warning of harsher consequences.  It would have been nice if that lashing had been spanking on her bare bottom with a hand, brush or belt like the naughty girl so richly deserved.  I'm not being sexist even though the 'girl' in question was almost forty for that is how they were referred to in the office.  Since the women did not object, even using the term themselves, I decided that I should not risk my job by making waves.© YLeeCoyote

It was surprisingly soon that another got caught.  This was Thomas Gulick who was, IMHO, a certified arrogant asshole even though he was closer to forty than thirty-five.  I did not like him and I believe that the feeling was mutual.  Then shortly before closing, when he usually was leaving, Tommy came to me to ask a favor.  He had crashed his PC and did want to the boss to know.  "Could I please fix it without telling?" he whined.  Tommy thought himself to be hot stuff but he neither was bright nor did he have a great bod although his ass caught my eye a few times.  I thought that it would be great if it shone bright red as I plunged my hard man rod deep into it.  I was sure that was his proper place in life – just a pussy boi.  Not that there was a lack of them in my life because of the Club where they lined up for my attention.

I showed reluctance and told him that I was supposed to report such problems to the boss which was a bit of an exaggeration.  After a couple of more sniveling pleads, I relented.  "You have been a very naughty boy.  While I fix the mess you made, you'll be bent over your desk with your pants down.  You'll get strapped with my belt as I fix your mess."  He resisted but I was steadfast and reminded him that everyone else would be gone.  "And you better not get up until I give you permission or I will report you.  Do you understand me, boi?"  Unfortunately, he could not hear the difference than if I had said 'boy' to know better of my contempt for him.

He did not like the terms but turned pale when I said I was leaving.  I made him beg and repeat the conditions.  He cleared his desk and so five minutes after everyone else was gone, I watched him drop his slacks and briefs and get into position gripping the far side of the desk.  I took a picture as I strolled slowly to his desk:  "Remember, you stay that way until I say you may get up."

"Yes, Sir." he responded as I had instructed him to do.  I thought he looked a lot more natural positioned this way than sitting at his desk.

I got to work.  It was an easy problem which I cleared without difficulty.  I had expected this to happen so I had worn my heavy, thick, wide leather Garrison belt especially for this office and I had great pleasure using it on his ass.  I gave him a set of six as a warm up before I started and then got up every minute to give him a couple more cuts.  He howled like a baby.  I certainly got aroused by all this and considered getting relief by plugging his ass or face.  When I saw that he got into trouble looking at gay SM porno, I opted for the former.  I went back to my desk and got a condom to protect myself assuming he was a slut.  After taking a picture of his apple red butt and slipping the lubricated rubber on (which he could not see) I gave him a couple of really hard stingers without any warning so he would be in pain.  Overwhelmed that made his backdoor relax and just I rammed in without much resistance.  Once he realized it, he started to complain but I told him "I know what you are about and SHUT THE FUCK UP." as I pounded his ass hard keeping a tight grip on his waist.

It was most satisfying!  When I was finished I withdrew and told him to get up.  I was delighted to see that he had messed his desk proving what I had suspected that he would cum being roughly fucked.  "I see you enjoyed that also, boi." I taunted him as I headed away.  He was silent.  I was certain he would show far more respect in the future.  As I headed home I wondered if he would give the cleaning lady a show although she would probably laugh at him.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had delightful thoughts that the job would be a lot better from now on for Tommy would become my boi toy.  I did not think it was a matter of 'if' but of 'when'.  I made a special point of greeting Tommy cheerfully in the morning on my first run in the next day.  He did not seem to be as happy as I was for rather than returning my greeting, he kept his head down and mumbled something.  But I could see he was embarrassed even though his face was hidden, he was blushing as his ears and nape were quite red.  He was even subdued even when I was not about.  I made sure to wish him a good evening when he left.  It was clear that his new experience was affecting him greatly.  I was delighted and thought about how to bring him fully under my control.

I installed some tracking software in his PC.  I saw that he kept going to XXX-rated mostly gay sites and I gave him a few days to get enough rope to hang himself.  Then I pounced.  I triggered a full screen message that he had gone to prohibited sites and was in big trouble.  Just as I expected he came running to me in full panic.  I acted surprised and went to look at his screen.  It was great – a great big broadside shrouded by spanked-ass red and a framing a dire warning.

I sat at the screen and played a bit before saying: "You have been a very naughty boy, Gulick.  I'm tired of cleaning up after you.  You need to be punished!  More than I can do at the office.  Understand, boy?"

He turned pale like he was not only drained of blood but even of the melanin in his skin.  He was very scared just like I wanted him to be.  "Or I can just let Mr. Hamelin know and let him deal with you."  I waited a whole minute before continuing.  "That will get you out of my hair for good."

It did take him long to decide to ask me to deal with him or risk almost certain dismissal by Mr. Hamelin.  "Would you please handle it, Fred." he said.

"That's 'Mr. Forest' to you, boy." I snapped.

"Would you please handle it, Mr. Forest." he said recognizing that I had him by the short hairs if not worse.  I gave him instructions to wait in the parking lot for me after work with the car doors unlocked.

* * * * * * * * * *

I made him wait a half hour as it would increase his anxiety before I slowly walked to his car.  I had come prepared and had changed into my black leather outfit (shirt and pants) complete with cap and boots that I usually only wear to the Club.  I could see him staring wide-eyed as I approached the car and got into the back seat.  It would be good if he felt more like a chauffeur driving the Master rather than a kid half his age riding shotgun.  I waited for him to open the door when we got to his place and took the best seat in the family room and told him to fetch a drink for me.  I had to remind him 'no alcohol' for those under twenty-one making him feel even more stupid.

As I sat there comfortably, he fidgeted nervously and I told him to strip.  He hesitated at his boxers (decorated with something that was totally stupid for even for teenager).  "Everything, dumbass.  Everything!"  He probably wouldn't have given a damn about being naked in a locker room or on a nude beach where everyone else was also nude but as I was dressed he felt shamed which was good.  I lectured him about how he was a super naughty boy doing all sorts of bad stuff and that he had to be severely punished.  And since I was doing him a favor, he would have to do some stuff for me.

I had gotten my heavy leather paddle out of my bag and was tapping my hand with it.  I could see the fear in Tommy's eyes before I bent him over the end of the couch so that his butt was at the right level for my paddle.  I made sure of my position and gave him the first swat.  I did not have to swing especially hard to have a powerful effect.  Tommy's howl was most satisfying to my ears.  He even jumped up and grabbed his reddening tail.  "Back into position.  That one does not count and next time you'll get an extra as well." I snapped relishing my absolute power over this boi who was twice my age.

Tommy got back into position and I swung again and again.  I was up to ten when he broke and began to cry.  I was elated.  I gave him a couple of more to be sure and then pulled him up and pushed him right back down on his knees.  He was still sobbing as I dropped my pants and let my hard cock point right at his face.  I grabbed his ears and commanded: "OPEN!"  He obeyed and I started to face fuck him.  He did not give me any resistance and I was sure he was well on the road to become an obedient pussy boi.  I was full sexually aroused and it did not take me very long to feed my boi a hot protein meal.  He did not have any other choice but to swallow.  I let us both rest for I dropped down onto the easy chair but kept his head in my crotch so he would learn where his place was and would continue to inhale my musk with all its pheromones.

After I got up, I pulled him to the couch holding his ear and then over my lap as I sat down again.  I started spanking him hard with my bare hand.  Since I had tenderized his butt with the paddle, my hand was quite effective and he would feel like a boy over daddy's lap.  My hand held out longer than it took for him to start crying.  I pushed him down on the floor and paused a minute to get my condom on.  Then I lifted his legs to my shoulders so my rod was pointing right at the pulsating target and proceeded to fuck him good and hard.  I made him keep his eyes open so that he would see who his Master was.  When I climaxed again, I got up which is when I saw that he had made a mess on his belly.

Now that I saw that he truly was a pussy boi, I knew that I had more to do.  I removed the condom and dried my cock with his T-shirt.  He had remained on his back probably afraid to get up (as he should be without permission).  I grabbed his ankles and lifted up his legs and then gripping them behind the knees got him into the diaper position and gave him a score of hand spanks on each of his checks.  This got him whimpering again.  I put on another condom and again drove into him.  But I paused and let his legs fall by my side.  I turned on my hair clipper and easily reduced his bush to short stubble.  "Only men have manfur, boi." I told him as I proceeded to fuck him until I was satisfied.

As I fixed my clothes, I gave him orders: "You are to shave your crotch and keep it that way for you are just a wimpy pussy boi.  You better behave properly on the office computer in the future for I'm tired of cleaning up your messes.  Understand?"

"Yes, Master." he whined.  I left and walked to the main street where I could get a bus home.

Back home, after showering, I wrote this true story to share my happiness.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 10, 2016

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