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This is story is just fiction.  It contains scenes of public and private all male spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is set exactly twenty years later after the start of  Part 1  which needs to be read first.  There is a companion piece, It's Tough to be an Official Spanker 1/3 which tells the story from Junior's point of view.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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My Official Spanker and I – Part 2/3


To celebrate my thirty-eighth birthday, Jim, his eleven-year-old son, Junior, my own fourteen and half-year-old Dave and I went out to the cabin for a weekend of male bonding R&R.  Through all these years since dad had appointed Jim to be his agent to discipline me we have been close.  Even through the difference in our ages we have been friends and more like cousins than anything else.  Jim and I had managed to maintain our very special relationship although he had not spanked me since Dave had been born.

During dinner, we started to talk about when we were kids and surprisingly the kids hung around.  Maybe not so surprising as the cabin did not have either a TV or a PC.

"It's almost quarter of a century since your grandpa appointed me your father's disciplinarian Davy.  He was your age, Dave, and I was Junior's.  It was sure weird and it took a while to get it all worked out but we both much better men for it." reminisced Jim.  I did not like where this was going but once Jim had started this I could not stop it.  The boys both looked very puzzled not understanding how that would work.  They were panting for more information.  This was not any of the usual stuff of splitting rails or walking five miles to school even when it had snowed for three days.

"Does that mean that you spanked Uncle Doug, dad?"

"I sure did." Jim said definitively with a shit-eating grin.© YLeeCoyote

"Weren't you bigger and stronger that you could prevent that, dad." my own son asked defensively.

"Sure, but then your grandpa would have really whipped my butt.  I even had to teach him how to spank me most effectively.  Uncle Jim was very careful to do it only if I agreed or grandpa said to."

"It couldn't have hurt has much as grandpa doing it, dad?"

As Jim smiled, I explained that it's technique more than just strength that matters just like with judo.

"After a while we got it all down pat and both of us are better men for the experience.  Look at what your father gave me, Davy." Jim said taking something out of his wallet.  The boys both went wide-eyed as they read the SPANKING LICENCE.  It was obviously old so that they boys knew it was real and not some joke their dads were playing (this time).  "You never put an expiration date on, Doug, so I guess it still valid."  We all laughed at that.  "You know it is exactly twenty years since you gave it to me a second time."

That was a weird party when you really spanked me in front of my friends, I said without realizing were this was going.  It was wonderful how you made it alright again too.

"When you were eighteen, dad?"

Well, not quite son, I was only 17.999 years and thus drinking illegally.  It has helped me keep on the straight and narrow too.

"Not as well as it needed to.  Not as well as it should have." declared Jim.  What was he getting at.  "How did we make record time getting here today?"

"Good driving." I boasted.

Jim moved his chair away from the table and in a tone I had not heard in a very long time said: "Come here, Douglas Keith Browne."  It was the tone that make chills run up and down the spines of naughty boys (and girls) the world over.  When said by the right person one is completed to obey.  The boys sat, stunned for they each knew that tone.  But this time it was not for them but for me.  As I stood there facing Jim, I could not see the silent boys behind us.

"No!  It was not good driving but speeding, Douglas, wasn't it."

I nodded weakly.  I wanted to stop this but I no more could do that than a moth caught in the porch light can fly away.  He reached forward and pulled me closer.  Then he opened my belt and pants which dropped to my ankles.  He pulled down my briefs and pulled me over his lap.  I could no more resist him than I could when I was fourteen.  As it always had, his hand felt good resting lightly on my butt.  Then he raised it and


I had forgotten how that could hurt.  Jim certainly had not forgotten how to spank.  He moved around getting all the spots that hurt the most extra often.  And he lectured me.

"You must obey the law, boy.  You must not speed and endanger everyone.  You must not set a bad example for the boys."


It is hard not to feel like a little naughty boy when you're being spanked bare assed and I could not help but to do that.  And as little boys getting spanked since time immemorial, I started to cry and make promises.  Jim continued to spank.


And then I lost it completely in front of our sons.  Just like the very first time he broke me and I just laid there with him continuing to beating my ass to a pulp.
He stopped and held me for a few minutes before parking me in the corner to recover.  The boys were speechless.  As I recovered I worried what I would do with my son.  He was becoming a rebellious teenage and I feared that he would not have any respected for his crying red assed dad standing in the corner.  I heard some of what he was saying; stuff about obeying the law and jail and such.  Jim had made me an object lesson.  After some time, Junior came and helped me pull up my pants telling me: "Dad said to come back."

"Your son has a question for you, Doug." said Jim directly.

"Is this what you mean about accepting responsibility for what you do, dad?"

I nodded and smiled as he jumped up on me with a big boy hug and kiss.  "I'm so proud of you, dad."

"I'm am too." piped up little Junior, "So many grown ups say we should do one thing and go do something else themselves, but you guys really meant what you said."  I was happily shocked that both boys thought more of me for being spanked to tears than before.

We talked for a while and went to bed.  The boys got the top bunks and Jim and I the lower ones.

I was awaken by a serenade in the morning.  The boys were singing happy birthday.  I was still on my tummy when they finished.  Then they yanked down the blankets and jumped on top of me with Davy on my back and Junior on my legs with my butt between them.

"Time for your birthday spanking!" they chorused.  After yanking my shorts down, they took turns slapping me on alternate cheeks until they reached the end when they both come down as hard as they could together for the one "to grown on" with a big laugh.  We had a great day hiking, boating and bonding as fathers and sons should.  The boys kept asking questions about how the special relation worked and were amazed that it was one-sided.  Neither Jim nor I could come up with a good answer as to why except that it had been.

After dinner, the boys wanted to be alone and just talked and talked with each other.  It was clear that they wanted to figure this out.  After a long chat, Davy asked if Grandpa stopped spanking me after Uncle Jim started.  Yes, I assured him but he made sure that Uncle Jim did a good job.  Now I'm glad that he did but back then I wasn't.

Jim and I sacked out leaving the boys talking.  About midnight I got up to piss and discovered them outside.  This was definitely against the rules and they knew it.  We'll talk of this in the morning and now get to bed.  And they scampered away.

The rascals really surprised us in the morning.  Davy had being trying to get me to stop spanking him for more than a year.  "My friends don't get spanked any more." he frequently pleaded with me.  He spoke directly and very clearly.  "You know that I don't want to be spanked by you dad like I was a just little kid.  Actually, I don't want to be spanked but I realize that is not an option.  So, I have asked Junior to be my official spanker and he has agreed."

"That's right Uncle Doug and dad.  I also promised only to spank him when he deserves it.  Davy has noted that I have never been spanked and thinks that I should be spanked before becoming his spanker.  He is right, so please spank me and make his official spanker, Uncle Doug."

Jim and I broke out in laugher.  The boys looked crestfallen.  Then Jim explained: "Were laughing because we had the exact same problem and I asked his dad for a spanking then just like you did now."  The boys brightened immediately.  It's going to hurt, really Junior.

"I know that, Uncle Doug.  I'm willing to do this for Dave."

Davy are willing to teach him everything he needs to know to spank you effectively; like I spank you?  So that you really feel punished?  Even to ask Junior to punish you when you know you have done wrong?

"Uncle Jim and you did it; we can do it.  Please Dad?" my son pleaded with Junior obviously concurring.

Jim and I looked at each other and smiled.  OK, we'll try it I told them.

Junior gave Davy a hug and calmly said: "Dad and Dave please wait outside while Uncle Doug spanks me."

When Junior and I were alone, I called him over and he stood in front of me.  The first thing you need to do is have the spanker admit that he deserves a spanking.  Incidentally, you really do for being outside last night.

"I've been a naughty boy and deserve a spanking." he said cheerfully in his innocence.

Then it is best to undress the spankee so that he feels a shamed because you have removed his clothes while keeping yours.  As I said this I was undressing him down to his birthday suit.  Next, I pulled him over my lap and gave him a medium tap on his right cheek.

"OUCH" he whined.

That's nothing and gave him a hard slap on the other cheek.  He yelped.  He tried to get up but I easily held him still and gave him several more.  With your small hand you have to move all over the bad boy's bottom so it gets entirely red.  Naughty boys who hang outside at night get spanked like this.  I completely reddened his small bottom and he definitely was reacting.  Some places are more sensitive than others and I hit him at the bottom of the bottom on each side.  That makes the naughty boy think just like you did.  Of course, through out the entire spanking you need to lecture the boy so that he knows why he is being spanked.  Another few spanks and he was crying uncontrollably.  Instinct had him making promises to be good and never stay outside the cabin late again.  Then once the naughty boy is broken, like you are, a few more hard spanks insure that he will remember that he must change his ways.  I let him cry a little and then held him.  Through his sobs, he continued to promise to be good.

We all went skinny dipping and Junior was the most enthusiastic about being in the cold water.  Perhaps with his pre-heated bottom he did not feel the cold so much.  Davy looked at his crimson tail and just gave him a hug.

After lunch, Junior asked his father and me to step outside for he and Davy had some "boy business" to discuss.  Jim and I sat on the porch and could hear most of what was being said.  Privacy is really a state of mind.

Junior started things off with a question to Davy: "Are you allowed to be outside late here at the cabin, Davy?"

"No, buts…."  Junior cut him right off.

"So you were naughty and deserve a spanking."

"Yes, Sir.  I should be spanked."

Davy gasped as Junior started to strip him.  Davy hated when I did that but I never let him do by himself.  "Take off your shoes, boy." Junior ordered.  I heard the shoes drop.  Then the zip of the zipper and the order to raise each foot.  Those orders were repeated for the briefs.  It was the moment of truth as my fourteen and half-year-old son was pulled over the lap of his eleven-year-old official spanker for the first time.  Then came the first spank.  Slap.  Not very hard.  Junior repeated but with much more force.  SLAP.  SLAP!  SLAP!!  Whack.  The last one got a reaction from the spankee.  It was what Jim and I were waiting for.  Over and over Junior pounded away at Davy.  He certainly did not have any finesse without experience but he was enthusiastic.  It took awhile but Davy was beginning to feel it as he was sobbing a little.

The was a pause and then a different kind of WHACK!!!  It was louder than before and certainly Davy felt it more.  Jim peeked in and reported that Junior had picked up a flip-flop and was using it.  It certainly amplified his effectiveness and Davy was yelling promises.  "I'll beeee goooood.  Please stop."  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!

Then that magic point was reached and Davy stopped making promises and just bawled.  Junior had broken him.  He was continuing now just to drive the point home.  Then Junior stopped and Davy continued to bawl like a little boy who had been soundly spanked by his daddy.  I don't think the boys knew how profoundly their lives had just changed.  They would find out in due time.  Jim and I both hoped that it would get them to grow into responsible men sooner rather than latter.

The boys were strangely quiet and pensive on the trip home.  They were holding hands to reassure each other in their new relationship.

When I tucked my son in for the night I asked him how Junior's spanking compared to mine.

"It hurt more than most of yours did, dad." he answered with a wry smile.

They will get worse as he develops technique with your help I warned him.  "I know that, dad.  I won't learn from them if they didn't."  He said that with that teen look that says: 'How can parents be so clueless.'

"So are you so sure that you want this?"  I asked.

"Yes!  Because I'm too big to big spanked over your lap like a little boy.  None of my friends get spanked like that any more.  I love you.  Goodnight dad."

I kissed him goodnight and when he hugged me said simply: "Thanks, father."

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., December 24, 1999

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