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This is story is just fiction.  It contains scenes of public and private all male spanking and shaving.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is set nine months after  Part 2  which needs to be read after  Part 1.

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My Official Spanker and I – Part 3/3


It's been nine months now since Jim let the cat out of the bag about being my official spanking since we were kids to our boys and even spanked me in front of them for speeding.  Davy was so desirous that he not be spanked by me that he got Junior to be his official spanker.  He does not care that Junior spanked harder and more often than I would have.  One thing for sure though – he's doing better at school and has matured a lot generally.  He is really so motivated to prove to me that he is really to old to be spanked, as he puts it, as a little boy on his father's lap.  Junior has also matured as well.  He has pointed out that he feels guilty about spanking Davy for having done the same naughty things so he does not do them anymore and wants to get good grades also.

It's spring break for the boys and Jim and I have taken them to the cabin for some "end of the winter / start of spring" fun.  This day Jim has gone down to the general store to get supplies while I stay with the kids.  Back home, we would leave them alone but out here 911 can take hours to respond.  As Jim leaves he jokes to his son: "Make sure everyone is a good boy, Junior."  We all laughed at that although Davy does gave his bottom a feel.

Then the three of us went out to play and we wandered down near the lake.  Without thinking, I ran out on to the ice and Davy followed throwing snowballs and sliding on the ice.  Immediately, Junior is yelling at us to get back on land.


Junior is right; I did not check the ice first.  When we get back to land, Junior points across the lake to show us a stag drinking through the ice.  The temperature had risen since yesterday and, indeed, the ice was weaker than yesterday.  He tells Davy: "We need to have a talk at the cabin, NOW."  There was no questing the tone or seriousness of my son's almost twelve-year-old official spanker.  We all returned to the cabin, swapped our messy boots for our house snugglies and went in.© YLeeCoyote

Junior took charge immediately after we hung up our coats.  As soon as he sat down he called Davy in front of him and started to discuss his transgression of going on the ice without a safety check.  Davy claimed that he was just following me out there but Junior was up to his task.

"That may be but are you responsible for your own behavior?"

"Yes I am and I should have followed our safety rules.  I've earned a spanking."  I was proud of my son for his confession and willingness to accept punishment.  Then I was surprised to hear my name:

"Douglas Keith Browne" was being called out by Junior.  Then a minute later louder and more insistent: "DOUGLAS KEITH BROWNE GET OVER HERE; NOW!"  He sounded exactly like his father did so many years ago when I was Davy's ago.  Ancient, well-forged links in my brain, long dormant, took control.  Zombie like I went and stood by my son in front of my own son's official spanker.

Junior's questions came and my answers were discarded until, less than two minutes later, I confessed:  "I failed to follow the safety rules and endangered everyone.  I … should … be … spanked."  I did not want to be spanked by an eleven something old boy particularly in front of my own fifteen-year-old son but I had been tried and convicted.  Once I accepted the jurisdiction of this court, I was bound to its decision.  I stood there with my head hanging in shame.

Junior stood up and stripped Davy and after sitting down again took him across his lap.  Junior rested his hand on Davy's bottom a moment before asking: "Why are you getting spanked, boy?"

"Because I ignored the safety rules."

SLAP!  SLAP!  started Junior and I had to admire how much he had learnt since the first time.  I could see how carefully he covered my son's bottom with spanks until it glowed uniformly red.  Interspersed between the hard spanks was a constant stream of lecture.  It did not take very long for Davy to respond; first with light sobbing, then promises and eventually with the uncontrolled bawling typical of the thoroughly spanked boy.  Junior let him bawl a little and then held him for a bit before standing him up next to me.

I was next.  He started undressing me just as he had with Davy.  Soon I was naked (like my son) and then he pulled me over his lap (like he had my son just moments ago) and asked that final question.  This was insolence of the high degree – treating an adult some three times his age like he was a little kid – and I should have taken him over my lap long ago but I couldn't.  True justice was on his side.

"Because I did not follow our safety rules.  I've earned a severe spanking."  And that is exactly what I got.  Junior let go and started to beat my butt as hard as he could but with great precision.  He covered it all and frequently got to that extra sensitive bottom of the bottom.  Nor did he forget that all important lecturing.  Over and over I heard that I was a naughty boy and had failed to follow the safety rules.  And, yes, I was crying as a properly spanked little boy whatever his age should.  First light sobs with promises mixed in and eventually the uncontrolled bawling as he broke me just like his father had so many times and as he had just broken Davy.  Junior put Davy and I into different corners to contemplate our hot bottoms.

I was one well spanked and humiliated 'boy' of almost thirty-nine.  My spanker was an eleven-year-old boy.  Deep inside me I knew that Junior had done the right thing and that I would remember the safety rules from now on.

I realized that Jim must have gotten back for I heard Junior say: "Hello, Pop, how was the trip."

"Junior, all was easy but it seems that you had a bit of trouble here.  I saw how you spanked Uncle Doug and you did an excellent job.  I'm real proud of you, son.  I heard what he did and you were absolutely right to spank his naughty bottom as you did."  Something told me that his would not be the last time that this would happen.

Eventually Davy and I got out of our corners and after dressing we finish up the day normally until after dinner.  Then Jim called me task again.  "We need to talk about this morning, Douglas."

"But I was already soundly spanked for going out on the pond without checking, Jim."  I protested.

"That's true, young man, and Junior did an excellent job for that.  Junior beamed with pride at that statement.  But there is something that he did not address.  You set a bad example for the boys in your charge.  You acted like a irresponsible little boy rather than a grown man."

"Yes, Sir, I need another spanking." I said yielding to the greater justice with a sigh.  So, for the second time that day, I was stripped for punishment in front of my son.  Of course, both boys were watching intently for boys find punishments fascinating – provided that they are not the recipients.

Jim went to the bathroom and quickly returned to pronounce sentence.  "You have acted like a boy rather than a man, therefore you should not look like a man."  With this he took out his mustache clipper and turned it on.  Davy looked on in horror and Junior in fascination as Jim slowly began to mow down my pubes.

"May I do some, Father?" Junior asked anxious to learn a new skill.

"Certainly son.  You need to get some practice so you can learn how to do this."  Davy's expression changed from horror to extreme horror for he realized why Junior need to practice.  My humiliation was multiplied many fold as Jim instructed his pre-pubescence son.  "You must be careful not to cut the skin particularly the sac because of all the folds.  Move the penis as necessary but don't worry if it gets hard.  You missed that spot on the left.  You have to stretch the skin of the sac because it has so many folds."

It was horrible.

When he was satisfied, Jim explained that if it was necessary to keep a boy smooth for a long time, then one shaves him weekly.  It reminds that him is just a boy every time he touches himself there – in the shower, in bed and even when he reaches in to pull out his pee-pee to piss.  It makes him humble particularly in public like at the gym.  Junior whispered something to his dad who nodded.  Junior scampered off and was back in a flash with my razor, the shaving cream, a bowl of water and a roll of paper towels.  With unbelievable innocence, Junior asked it this was done any differently than the way you shave or the barber does it.

Junior started doing his first pubic shave under the careful tutorage of his father.  After wetting my pubes he covered them with shaving cream.  He then rubbed it all over just like he saw when he watched his father shave.  Pleasantly gently he brought the razor to my skin and made stroke after stroke until he had rendered my pubes as smooth as his own.  He rinsed and dried me.  Then I was sent to stand in the corner until bedtime.

The rest of the week was uneventful.  When I went to say good night to Davy when we were back home he invited me to sit and talk.  I use to talk with him like this when I tucked him but he no longer wanted to be tucked in like a little boy.

"Do you think that Junior will shave me, dad?"  I could see his hand under the blanket fingering his sparse pubic hairs.  I explained that he had given Junior that right and that he had the responsibility to be sure that Junior knew how he felt about it, just like other punishments such as restriction and spankings.  It is best that he knows so that he does not do it inappropriately.

"I'll talk with him tomorrow.  Thanks, dad.  Good night."

On Friday, Davy come home early and went straight to his room with just the cryptic comment: "I got a lot of homework to do."  At dinner he asked to be excused before desert and would I please come to his room at nine as he wanted to talk.

I was surprised to find my son in bed with a book and the TV, PC and stereo all off when I got there for his bedtime is eleven on non-school nights.  The reason soon became clear when he handed me an opened letter from school.  The vice-principal wanted to be sure that I was aware that this past week my son had done poorly in two subjects and failed to submit a book report.

"Junior opened it, dad, so we, er, he would know what to do but it needs your signature to return." said my son softly.  I gave him my 'tell me about it, son' look and he started to explain.

"I forgot to take my books and stuff to the cabin so I did not do my studying nor reading nor the book report."  I continued with the look and he continued.  "Then I made it worse by lying about it when you asked me."  He was having a hard time telling me all this.  I was patient.  "Please tell Mom that I really wanted the desert she made but I not allowed to have it."  There was tears in his eyes now and he held my hand.  "Junior and I are both very disappointed in me.  He spanked me very hard and then said because he could not spank me as much as I deserve in one week he also grounded me for the week with an early bedtime and that I would have do all my work."  Things were being to make sense but I was sure there was still more.  "He … cut … my … pubes … off.  Even before they all come in."  He paused to compose himself.  "Then he even removed the stubble with … shaving … cream and a … razor.  I'm completely smooth like … a … little … boy … now … Daddy."  I pulled him up and hugged him as he released his tears.

When he stopped I asked him: "Was this unfair or excessive, Dave?"  (He likes me calling him that rather than the diminutive.)

"No!" he exclaimed definitively.  "It is very fair and reasonable.  I acted like an irresponsible little boy and it caught up with me.  I'm very sorry that I disappointed you and Mom."

"I really think that everything will work out, Dave.  Is there anything that I can help with."

"Just one thing, Daddy, please tuck me in like you used."  I gave him a big hug, told him that I loved him and was proud of how he was handling all this and gave him a goodnight kiss.

I have to remember to call him Dave from now on.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 24, 1999

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