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The following story is a Hallowe'en fairy tale complete with a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Old Howerton Hotel is Haunted


It was that one special night of the year when things are different.  It was extra special this year since it was Saturday, so that it wasn't a school night, and the moon was full.  It was perfect for the little kids to entreat for candy, the tweens to extort candy and the new teens to prove that they were brave and fearless to the old teens.  It was surely easier to do this in the past for then real tricking could be done with only the risk of a visit to the woodshed.  And even if apprehended the odds were the youth only got a half hearted strapping since his Dad secretly admired him for doing the mischief unless it caused real damage.

But that was they way it was back then and now things are different.  The little ones are escorted about by their parents, with cameras, to just a few nearby houses.  The tweens may 'trick or treat' but the tricks are only ringing the bell and running away.  There are parental patrols on every block.  It's now a great big drag!

The thirteen-year-olds have the toughest time.  This year Roy had to prove himself.  There were few vacant houses in the town and none of them was considered to be haunted.  And if any had been, those ghosts would have had a hard time because the banks that foreclosed had sealed up the houses so that the only way in was with a key or passing through walls.  The latter is fine for ghosts but not for young bucks wanting to prove themselves worthy.  There was one exception to this and that was the old Howerton Hotel just a block from the municipal hall in the business district of the small town.  That area was deserted every night and doubly so on weekends.  The hotel had closed after the tragic accident.  Old man Howerton had been walking up the front steps with his trouble making kid in tow (the man had a death grip on his son's wrist) when the van went out of control and instantly raced the pair to the front door.  The old man and his son died that October 31 – exactly twenty-seven years ago.

The hints had come gradually for the years from out of work drifters who squatted in the building that the ghosts of the man and the boy haunted the place.  It was here that Roy would have to prove that he was a fearless man.  To prove that he was inside the building during the test he would have to obey the text messages sent to his cell phone.  It was promised that they would be reasonable and require him to take pictures of specified places in the decrepit, creaky place.  Roy was sure that he could do it.  Just in case, he hid an extra flashlight in a sock.  He was glad that he did as the one he carried openly was confiscated.

He snuck into the building before eleven and started to look about.  Even with the full moon, the place was pretty dark and he was glad that he had his extra light.  The first text message came in a few minutes.© YLeeCoyote

"Go to the front desk to get a room assignment."

Roy took a picture and sent it.  He then continued his exploration for the rules were that all instructions would be text messages and not to find anything in the hotel itself.  There was one exception, if he did not run from any ghost, he should capture it at the very least in an image.  Everyone had a big chuckle over that cleaver line.

Roy wandered about the old building waiting for the next order.  It was simple: "You are in Room 44.  Make sure it is OK."

That was easy, thought Roy, for he had been up that way already and had noticed that the window was broken and the curtain flapping, ghostlike, in the breeze.  By time first hour was up, Roy had gotten through five text messages and was wondering why this old place was thought to be haunted.  After all, surely the resident ghosts would make noise while getting ready to go out and scare the living on this special night.

It was almost midnight, when Roy heard some noise from the basement.  He was sure it was the older guys setting up something to try to scare him with.  He decided to sneak down and try to turn the tables on them.  He headed down the stairs and when he opened the door, he was shocked.  It was not anything that the guys could have set up.  It was a workshop.  Several workers were making stuff of wood.  A couple were pushing planks into a machine which cut out blanks, others were working those, some were painting and at the far end assembling them into toys.  Other than the location, what made Roy stare was their dress: tight green short sleeve sort of T-shirts, green tights showing off muscular butts, pointed soft-soled shoes; but mostly it was their pointed ears.  Roy's immediate thought was this was a Santa's Workshop complete with elves.  Had he been miraculously transported to the North Pole?  He stood there mesmerized.

Then one of the elves noticed him and yelled, in Elvish, "Intruder".  Roy understood it just as if it had been yelled in his mother tongue.  In fact, he thought it had been.  "Security, NOW!" quickly rang through the shop.  In just seconds he was surrounded for there were two big guys at his sides and another in front of him carefully scrutinizing him.  Elf guys since they all had pointy ears.

"What are you doing here, boy?  Little boys are supposed to be in bed by now – it is almost midnight."

Then the voice in his head really confused him. «He's thirteen already and still believes.»

«That's how he got through the screen.» was the response.

Roy was confused about who was talking.  And, 'what was it that he stilled believed' he wondered.  Roy studied the security people.  They were in red uniforms with white trim, wide black belts and black boots.  He did a double take when he read the word "SANTA SECURITY" on their on their sleeve patches.

«Then he must be spanked.»

Roy mind reeled at the thought.  He had not been spanked since he was eight.  "That's unlawful!" he yelled.  "Beside this place is abandoned and you don't belong here."

The security team chuckled.  Roy could not resist when they led him to the side and the top security elf sat down.  He was held in front of him and the guy opened his belt and jeans and yanked them and his boxer briefs down to his ankles.  The two lower elves stepped back and Roy saw that the other elves had stopped working.  Everyone had gathered about and they were watching what was happening to him.  The top officer easily flipped him over his lap and got a grip on his waist.  Roy was held tightly.  He was held so tightly that he did not feel that he would slip much less fall.  When the first SPANK landed on his bare butt, he felt it.  If he had been asked, he would have said he was being spanked with hardwood paddle rather than a bare hand.  But that hand was hard and it was connected to a strong and muscular man who was most intent on delivering a very thorough spanking.  Roy did not break for several minutes but then it was like a dam had burst and he was bawling and screaming.

Then it was all dark.  The workshop, the elves, the brutal security guys were gone.  Roy not only could not see them he did not remember them.  He did not understand why his pants were about his ankles but he quickly pulled them up and was reminded that his butt was on fire.  He was, to say the least, most confused.  He looked around with his flashlight.  He did not see anyone.  The place was covered in dust.  The large furnace stood in the corner dark and cold.  He took a pix and sent it just for the hell of it.

Roy did not understand was his butt was sore like he had just gotten a hard spanking and went back up to the lobby.  He got another three text orders and followed them.  At 1 AM, he left the old Howerton Hotel and met his friends and was congratulated on passing the test.

When he finally got to bed a couple of hours later he tried in vain to sort out his feelings.  He did not understand why his ass was sore.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Thanksgiving Day, he watched the Big Parade with his little brother, Kenny, and parents.  Then, as he had for a couple of years, he helped Kenny write that all important letter to Santa as he wrote his own.  Roy was smiling as his little brother gave both letters to their father to mail them.

Roy told his parents he wrote his letter so that his Kenny would believe like he did when he was a little kid.  But he wished that he could have apologized to Santa that he had lied only so his parents would think he was grown up.  He certainly did not want to be put on the 'naughty' list.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 26, 2009

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