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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of paddlings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Old Man Metzinger's Ghost's Paddle


Both Ray and Kev were new comers to the little town of Cherry Creek. The same age they quickly became friends and once school started they learnt that at sixteen they filled a special niche in the social fabric of the town.  They were the only sixteen-year-olds although there were lots of seventeen and fifteen-year-olds around.  Questioning why they learnt that there had been water pollution and every fetus had been fatally affected their birth year.  Since they were in the same grade as the fifteen-year-olds, they became their friends.

It was that special night when Linus faithfully waits for the Great Pumpkin in his pumpkin patch and the other kids extort candy from innocent householders while some do mischief.  Well, the little town of Cherry Creek did not approve of mischief and went to great pains to prevent it.  Those who tried were always caught and definitely regretted their criminal activities.

Ray and Kev were thoroughly warned by their friends who steadfastly refused to even consider any sort of mischief on this night.  Discrete inquiries of upperclassmen convinced them not to attempt anything.  Of course, the pair went out with their buddies nevertheless.  What they had managed to do was to score some potent weed.  Surely that would not be that upsetting to the local fuzz.  They tried to convince their friends to go to the abandoned old shack on the edge of town to enjoy the marvelous weed.  Their friends were very willing to benefit from their largess but absolutely not at that location especially on this night.

"Scared that the sheriff will be checking that out?" they asked.

"Naw." was the reply.© YLeeCoyote

"Surely you don't believe that it is haunted?"  Their friends looked pale and refused to answer.  "You don't believe in G-H-O-S-T-S?"  Again there wasn't any reply.  "OK, 'fraidy-cats.  We're going there and you're welcome to share this great smoke with us."  They went alone.  "We'll show them we ain't chicken like they are." they said to each other.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was near the witching hour and our two heros were quite high when Old Man Metzinger appeared.  Actually, to be precise, it was his ghost which appeared.  He did not, even from the other world, approve of the use of drugs even if it had been legal.

The two tried to run when the apparition appeared and told them that they were very naughty boys.  They dashed for the door but the specter was in front of it.  They smashed into the door after running through the ghost.  "You ain't going nowhere, boys – until you feel my paddle on your naughty bottoms." the ghost declared definitively.

Neither boy could give a coherent report afterwards.  They couldn't get away but the ghost was definitely non-corporal since they could pass through it and it could not grab them.  It could control some things like the door and windows so that they could not get out.  One might think this would be a standoff but Old Man Metzinger pointed out to the trespassers: "You got to get home but I have all the time in the world so stop trying to avoid this.  Drop your trousers and drawers and get into position for my paddle next to each other."  They watched wide eyed as a paddle appeared in the phantom's hand and he tapped it against his other palm.

After a while Kev whispered to his buddy: "How could that paddle hurt if we can't feel it?"  That and the realization that they were trapped sank in and the two did as they were ordered.  Pants down and butts up next to each other they were ready to accept a paddling from the old ghost.

The ghost the paddle raised and swung at the targets alternately so that each got three pops.  However, just like the rest of him it was non-corporal so they did not feel it.  After that they left.  They were barely out of the old shack when they were laughing about the ghostly paddling which was less than a feather touch.

* * * * * * * * * *

Their friends did not laugh when then told them about what had happened.  "We told you not to go.  Now you will find out how Old Man Metzinger's paddlings hurt." they said most seriously.

"Yeah. Sure." they laughed.  "Will they haunt us?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a week later when Ray got into trouble.  His family didn't have a woodshed but the garage served the needed purpose quite well.  As always, Ray dropped his jeans and boxers and bent over the workbench.  His father picked up the paddle which he had used a dozen times in the past year on his errant son.  He was secretly proud of how his son took his paddling stoically like a man.  This time it was different even though he swung it the same way and Ray howled like a banshee for the first pop and jumped up.  "Back in position and don't act like a baby." snapped his father.  The second pop Ray took was as expected but the third again provoked a yell.  The even number pops seemed normal but the odd number ones super intense.  Neither could understand what was happening but nevertheless after six he was bawling like a baby and his butt was glowing red-hot.  Neither could understand why the difference from previous paddlings.

The next day Ray confided in Kev about how his paddling was so painful even though his dad said it was not any harder than the previous times.  His friends noticed that he didn't sit properly and pounced.  They had to inspect the damage and found that he was well roasted.  "That's Old Man Metzinger's work, Ray.  Now you will believe."

Kev was worried the same would happen to him.  His worrying soon got him into trouble in school and earned a session with the VP.  He too experienced extreme agony for alternate pops although it was the even ones surprising even the VP who made nasty comments about his babyish behavior.  Of course, that did not reduce the number of pops he got.  Since his father believed in reenforcing any punishment in school, he suffered the terrible agonies again at home for the even numbered pops.

Neither of them believed that the effects were forever as their friends reported.  A few months later they were confirmed believers and very well behaved boys for the three pops of every paddling were always unbearable.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 23, 2013

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