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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline and role reversal.  The story contains a scene of strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Old Way Still Works


When Ron got home from school, he politely greeted his mother and her guests, Marsha, the next door neighbor, and Pauline, her mother-in-law, talking in the family room while he continued on to the kitchen to get his snack as always.  He had not intended to listen to the conversation they were having but they were talking very loudly and his sharp young ears heard it all.

They were discussing the naughty behavior of males.  Initially, he thought they were discussing his own behavior, which, incidentally was most praiseworthy, but then he realized that they were talking about Stephen's (Marsha's husband) behavior which according to her, to say the least, was nquite flawed.  It turned out to be extremely interesting as Pauline was explaining how her husband and she disciplined him when he was a hard to control, rebellious teenager.

"We were forced to use the strap on Stephen starting when he was fourteen.  Of course, my husband had the task because the boy had to strip completely and he did it in the basement.  He did not like getting it and resisted.  As he was getting stronger and even bigger than his father that was a complicating issue.  We got help from the town doctor who was also our friend.  He covertly hypnotized and conditioned the boy so when he was told 'Stephen, to the woodshed get thy naked ass immediately.' he would.

"Not only did the boy obey, but he would also say, 'Yes, Sir, I deserved to be strapped.' And he was even compliant until the strapping was over which, obviously, made everything a lot easier.  Once there he obediently would follow further instructions to the letter until the strapping he had earned was over.  We last used the magic sentence when he was a senior in college.  Since deprograming him would have required telling him, we never did that."

"I wish his dad was here to do it again.  Steve has developed some very bad habits." said Marsha wistfully.© YLeeCoyote

As he finished his snack, Ron thought about Steve's behavior.  He could not know about much of it first hand but Marsha had described a lot.  He mused about how many things were valid cause for a strapping (using, of course, the standards applied to him).  But most of all, he wondered if the magic phase would still work.  Removal would have required the doctor to deprogram him and stuff on the web indicated it could last for years.

That night Ron had the most fantastic wet dream he ever had.  Marsha had come crying to his mom about Stephen's terrible conduct and he armed with the magic phrase went, like a White Knight, and administrated the well-deserved strapping.  He spent several hours replaying it all in his imagination before he fell asleep again.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a Saturday morning and Ron was having a late breakfast when Marsha rang the bell looking for his mom.  The neighbor looked very distressed and Ron invited her in to have a cup of coffee and rest until his mom returned from her errands.  They talked a bit and it was clear that Stephen was the problem as he was refusing to do his tasks just like a rebellious and bratty teenager.

"Mrs. Reinwall, I could not help over hearing your discussion a few weeks ago with your mother-in-law and my mother.  I think I can assist you.  I have a good thick heavy leather belt and know that special phase that will make your husband receptive to getting the good strapping that he so richly deserves."

The woman looked at him for a long time with her coffee cup frozen in the air half way to her mouth before responding.  "That would be wonderful, Ron.  He so needs it.  There are times when he is just a like a little boy." she sighed.

Soon after his mom returned and he went visiting with a mission.

* * * * * * * * * *

He rang the bell and Steve asked: "What can I do for you, Ron?"

"May I come in?  I need to talk with you."

It did not take long for Ron to come to the point.  "Perhaps you would hang the screens as you promised your wife?  She is most upset about the repeated delays and crying to my mom about it."  Stephen did not appreciate the youngster's being a buttinsky and voiced his displeasure loudly even suggesting that a butt warming was appropriate for such insolence.

"Years ago, this would have earned you a hard strapping from your father.  Today you shall get it from me, boy." continued the youth ignoring the man's rage.  Not surprisingly, Stephen roared some more but when Ron carefully intoned: "Stephen, to the woodshed get thy naked ass immediately." there was an absolutely amazing transformation.  It was like a wizard had appeared and involved powerful spirits.

All went silent.  The man's posture changed and he meekly said: "Yes, Sir, I deserved to be strapped."  Then he turned and headed for the basement.  Ron followed, delighted that his hunch was correct so that the 'magic' still worked.  He was most relieved as he did not have a Plan B.

"Strip and get into position, Stephen Leroy Reinwall." Ron commanded as he removed his belt.  The man quickly shed his clothes and lay over the end of the couch with his tail raised up high.  Ron was not sure if he was dreaming but he could not pass up such a good opportunity.  He folded his belt and found the right place to stand and started.

"One, Sir, thank you." said Stephen.  Ron now knew for sure that all the hypnotic conditioning was still in effect and proceeded with a second strike of the belt.  The response was as expected.  Ron then took some time to observed the strap marks on the man's bottom before continuing with much shorter pauses between each swing of his belt.  He had to slow down so that he would not get fatigued before he had finished.  Well before he was half-way through, Stephen's butt was deep red and definitely swelling.  His initially snappy counts were not so snappy anymore.  Ron was sure he was getting though and delivered another hard punishing lick.

Ron stopped after Stephen said: "Forty, Sir, thank you." in a significantly weaker voice than the first.

"OK, Stephen.  That is all.  Get dressed and get to your chores." said Ron enjoying his authority and left.

* * * * * * * * * *

An hour later after he looked out his window he went downstairs where he suggested that the women observe what was happening.  "He's doing the screens." exclaimed Marsha excitedly, "I can't thank you enough, Ron."

Ron returned to his room where he fervently hoped that Stephen would need another strapping to restore his motivation soon.  He then opened his jeans to deal with an immediate pressing problem of his own.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 12, 2019

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