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The following story is fiction about CP in public.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this story by the image which I found in several places on the web without attribution and a mis-spelt sign which I changed.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Whipping Post
One Dunking Earns Two Stroppings


"Another fine mess you've gotten me into." said my buddy Lenny as the men in blue walked away after attaching us to the whipping post.  As is obvious, he likes to quote an ancient movie star.

The fuzz's parting words were not very encouraging.  "We'll be back after three – if we're not busy or having donuts – don't go away."

"Don't blame me, Lenny.  You were the one who selected the mayor's nephew for us to have fun with." I snarled back.

"But you got him into the spot to shove into the pond, Ron." he continued in his innocent routine.  "And it was awesome fun seeing the spoiled brat flounder and howl in the water."  That I had to agree with.  While the two cops we had seen pulled the brat out it was our bad luck that there were two others who caught us. Things happened as we stood cuffed together for the cops spoke with HQ.  In just five minutes the orders came down.  Very shortly after that we were stripped and strung up on the whipping post for the public's pleasure.

Lamont Cranston could not have clouded my mind as much as THE STROP did which the cop, with the most evil grin I ever seen, hung on the side of the pole.  I couldn't see it now except in my mind's eye and it gave me the creeps.  How many mean hypocritical citizens would swing it at our sorry butts?  Would we ever be able to sit again?© YLeeCoyote

Time would tell but for now all we could do was worry and then worry some more.

A few people walked by but strangely none of them strapped us.  Some giggled and others made stupid remarks about the wages of sin.  I rather have remarks than cuts from that heavy strop.  Not only did some people walk by but others drove-by and only leared.  Then one stopped.  It was an expensive model car and a kid got out.  Yipe!  It was the mayor's nephew wearing fresh clothes and a huge grin.

"You two run out of laughs?  I haven't." he said with a laugh.  "Did you have fun assaulting me?"  He walked around us a couple of times.  He gave us each a couple of hand spanks.  "I just love my handprints on your sorry – Are they sorry yet? – butts.  Bet that they turn super-duper bright red soon."

Lenny started to apologize but the kid stopped him.  "Save your words.  Now you are only sorry that you got caught.  You'll be truly sorry in a little while." he said with a huge smile.

He took the strop from the poll.  He swung it some and studied its weight.  "I'll bet that doing my civic duty will be loads of fun."  He raised up his arm and swung the heavy strop at my unprotected butt.

I howled.  The pain was immense.  It hurt throughout my entire body.  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I wish never to experience it again.

By now the kid has gone to the other side and I heard the WHACK of it landing on Lenny's tail and his scream.  I knew exactly how he felt.

In great pain I had forgotten to watch the kid and I was totally unprepared for the second cut.  This time I screamed as the pain reverberated throughout my body.  Of course, Lenny screamed again as he got his second cut.

The kid was laughing.  "I think that this is much funnier than your trying to drown someone."  He paused and asked: "Not yet funny, guys?"

He continued to give us each another four vicious cuts with that wide, heavy strop.  We were both bawling like babies.  Our tails were ablaze and painful beyond belief.

"Think about consequences in the future, bullies."  He hung up the strop and there was applause as he left from some walkers who had stopped to watch the show.  We both continued to cry.

Slowly the world came back into focus.  More people came by.  This time none of them giggled.  Some parents warned kids about crimes and punishments.  Eventually, we were freed and given our clothes back.

We dressed carefully and hobbled home stopping for some anti-pain cream in the drug store.  We found out that even with ice packs hardly helped.

We were sore for days.  Eventually we realized that only one citizen had done his duty and we were thankful for that.

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© Copyright A.I.L. April 7, 2020

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