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The following story is fiction about CP.  The story contains scenes of strappings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I have probably over done the importance of the nuances of strapping technique but it makes for a better story so please allow such poetic licence.

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Only the Best


The world was changing and half the countries in the world had enacted compulsory corporal punishment laws.  Not surprisingly they differed from country to country but here they were among the most strict.  CP was not arbitrary for The Law specified strict protocols that specified who may punish whom and how and with what.  These exact details are not important here except to know what follows is in strict conformance to The Law.

* * * * * * * * * *

The strap was on the table right next to the note.  Reginald had brought the note home and even he knew that meant that he would be getting a strapping before dinner.  So as soon as he got home, he prepared for the strapping knowing full well that not to do so would result in an extra strapping.  He hung up his jacket and undressed.  Since that filled the laundry basket, he started the wash and, as always required, shined his shoes and inserted the shoe trees before putting them into the closet.  He carefully made sure that he had cleaned up everything and then showered.  On a day when he was due to be strapped it was best to do everything required and not risk additional punishment.

Reginald checked the clock and was thankful that he had finished everything with two minutes to spare before he got into the corner.  While waiting he would think about and even dread what would happen when Mother and Darrel got home.  Because she had remarried, the two males had a step relationship but this one was not 'evil' as in the folk stories.

When Mother and Darrel returned from the shopping trip, they saw the strap and the note.  Mother picked the note up and handed it to Darrel.  It was not necessary for her to know the details at all.  The fact that the strap was also on the table was sufficient to indicate that the miscreant knew that a strapping was called for.© YLeeCoyote

The two males went to the garage as they didn't have a woodshed.  Darrel read the note and sighed it.  Reginald admitted that it was accurate and accepted the lecture with the proper subdued attitude.  He did not like the lecture, studying the driveway as it was delivered, but it had one redeeming feature as it delayed the strap.  Soon, however, that too was over and the dreaded moment had come.  Of course, now he would no longer have to worry that his genitals were exposed to one and all on the street.

Reginald wished the garage was bigger or the car shorter so that the door could be closed for his strapping.  But the door remained fully up.  Darrel required the door be open so that he would have room to swing the heavy strap.  Reginald did not dare to suggest that was actually the second reason for the primary one was that with the door open the neighbors could watch.  Truth be told, Reginald and also Darrel had watched many other strappings because this was the protocol commonly used in the neighborhood.  He took little comfort in the fact that many neighbors did not bother watching any more as they had seen his naughty bottom turned fiery red many times.

Reginald was now bent over the trunk.  His arms were stretched out but he could not get a proper grip on the sides of the well-waxed car to gain good stability.  Darrel also got into position although his was a far more comfortable one.

It was an offense that called for ten cuts – well laid on as described in the stories of old wooden ships.  Darrel was not one to shirk his duty.  He applied the ten cuts with vigor.  Reginald yelled for each cut and was crying by the sixth as his upturned butt showed the merging red stripes seared on by the heavy strap most skillfully used.  After the tenth cut, he stayed in position but was now bawling like a baby and unable to get up.  Darrel talked to a couple of neighbors about how the new laws requiring domestic CP had improved the world.  One of the kids who had watched – eleven-year-old Jeffery – was in awe at how effective Darrel's strapping had been.  "Would you like to know how it feels, Jeff?  I can give you a cut." offered Darrel generously.

"No, thank you." said the kid stepping back in mock fear, although he continued.  "But I sure would like to learn how to use a strap with your expert touch.  I've watched everyone in the neighborhood when they were strapping and you are the best; absolutely the very best."  The boy hesitated and then asked the question he had been considering for some time.  "Darrel, would you please teach me how to strap like that?  I'll be twelve next year.  My dad really needs proper home discipline for our neighborhood strapper does not do an effective job.  If you were supervising me, then I could do it."

"Your brother, Nick, is supposed to do that, Jeffery."

"Yea.  But he's getting old – Nick is seventeen already – and if I deal with Dad, then he can't.  Besides, he's getting wild and needs proper CP himself.  That's not just my opinion for I overheard Mom telling her sister."

"I'll think about it."  Darrel said and Jeffery thanked him.  Darrel then realized how Nick was getting out of control and had picked on many guys – including him – in the past. «It sure would be good helping his kid brother to take him down a few pegs.» he thought.

At dinner Darrel lectured his stepfather about how important it was to keep his job.  "This is the second note that you brought home in the last month.  Your supervisor is not happy about that at all and neither am I.  Next time, you will get it twice as a repeat offender and you'll be grounded for a month also, Reginald."

"Yes, Son." he responded most respectfully, knowing that Darrel always meant what he said.

* * * * * * * * * *

Darrel thought long and hard about Jeffery as he lay in his bed that night.  He sensed that there was something special about him.  It took him a while before he realized what it was.  It was a dim memory of a barely noticed event long ago in the park.  Jeffery was in a super hero outfit with an Ⓢ on his chest.  Darrel had not paid much attention, even when he had an older boy over his lap and was spanking him.  Now he wished he had for that blazing Ⓢ surely stood for Spankman, not for Superman.  Even then Jeffery wanted to be the discipliner.  Now he was what Darrel had been some three years earlier – eager to take charge of his father with the bonus of also keeping his big brother in line.

Darrel also was flattered by his request.  Yes, he'll teach the kid how to use the strap most effectively.  It would be nice to see nasty Nick's butt seared by his younger brother after he taught him how.  It certainly would be the next best thing to doing himself which he could never do.  Yes, he would teach him every nuance of using a strap.

Darrel knew that this was right because his cock was steel hard.  He stroked it gently enjoying it immensely.  Then another thought entered his head.  In less than two years he would need a disciplinarian himself.  Since he didn't have a younger brother the State would assign him one, unless … unless, there was someone especially qualified.

Yes, he could nominate Jeff to be his disciplinarian.  And he would do a great job.  Never any namby-pamby halfhearted strappings but always real and effective ones like a man should get.  Darrel exploded at the thought.  When he had recovered from his climax, he made a mental note to email Jeff with the good news.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was thrilled to get Darrel's email saying that he would teach me how to use the strap as he did and more.  I immediately learnt that my dream of strapping bare naughty butts was going to remain a dream for somewhat longer.  Although I got an official strap in my anxious hands immediately Darrel had me practice, practice, practice swinging it for hours at a time making sure I did it correctly.

I was told I must get my form perfect.  I was close to quitting when things improved and I was given a target.  It was only a cushion but at least it was something to hit.  I gradually began to understand how little variations on my part affected what happened to the poor pillow I was thrashing.  I managed to recruit a couple of my friends to practice on for just a couple of cuts but Darrel said that was premature and I was not ready for it.  The pillow could take hundreds of cuts but my friends only a couple and I had to reserve them for when I was ready.

Darrel also had me work with a long strap (like a belt) and paddle.  There were subtle differences in how best to swing each.  Need I mention the same sort of practice, practice, practice was required by my mentor with each implement.

I was most elated when at long last Darrel said that my friends might learn how much the strap hurts.  We met in his house when everyone else was out.  Darrel warned them both of the pain even from the two cuts each they would feel.  They did not chicken out and I finally got to use the strap on two real live butts.

Shad was first.  He dropped his pants and undies and bent over with his hands on a hassock.  I found my position and raised the strap.  My adrenaline level soared and my heart was racing as I took my first swing.  What a satisfying WHACK that was I thought as I watched the red stripe form.  My buddy took it well although he gave a yell.  I gave him the second cut and it was the same feelings and results.  My cock was even hard to boot.

Noah did not look so anxious any longer but he couldn't chicken out without allowing Shad to taunt him so he dropped his pants and got into position.  This still was super exciting and in just three minutes he was also sporting two painful red stripes on his ass.  I almost messed my pants in a manly way.

I thanked them both profusely and promised them that the next treat would be on me.

I did not expect that I would get to strap any more butts for a long time but Darrel had a surprise for me.  He took me to the State Punishment Center (SPC) and registered me as a trainee.  That required that they test me.  I thrashed the test butt which registered how the strap struck in great detail.  We were complimented on how well I did.  That is when I truly understood why all the hard practice Darrel had made me do.

But that was not all for I got scheduled to actually strap several real butts.  None of the miscreants got to see me.  Neither did I see anything more then their butts when they were strapped into position nor learn what their offenses were.  After three months of this using the paddle and long strap as well I was awarded a Family Discipline Licence (FDL).  It gave me authority over my older brother, Nick, and my parents.  If they refused to accept punishment, the police would assist me.

I was absolutely thrilled as you can well imagine.

* * * * * * * * * *

Unexpectedly on day I got to deal with my dad.  He and Mother had gone shopping and were fighting when they got back.  It was clearly Dad's fault because he went over budget and bought a toy.  He did not call it that but it was unnecessary so that what it was.  It had happened before and he had made promises which obviously he did not keep.

I told him he was going to get strapped and to wait in the garage naked.  Of course, he gave me grief but I was insistent and warned him that the cops would support me because I had a FDL and there would be additional unpleasant consequences.  Reluctantly he complied.  I suggested to mother that she have a cup of tea and watch some TV to calm down.

I went up to my room to get the strap and also to text Darrel, Shad and Noah so they could come over to watch.  I made Dad wait so he could contemplate the horror in store for him.  There were several people waiting since once someone spots a naked guy waiting in the garage, word of the upcoming show spreads quickly especially for someone new.

I was a bit nervous for my debut but remembered the encouraging words from Darrel for this moment.  I suspect that my lecture was down right weak but that was minor.  To hide my nervousness, I barked the order to get into position and then found my own place.  I felt confident because I had done this at the punishment center.  Everything was in place.  It seemed like everyone was quiet as I raised the strap and then THWACK!  The first cut!  Dad howled.  Darrel gave me a thumbs up.  I felt absolutely fantastic.  All the hard work was worth it.

I gave him ten hard cuts turning his ass bright red as all the stripes merged.  He was sobbing.  I had him stand in the corner for a few minutes.  I was delighted to get words of praise from Darrel who said I was a most accomplished pupil.  Shad and Noah congratulated me and said they were glad they only had two cuts from me.

Later Dad returned his toy much to Mother's relief.  My brother looked nervous.  I wondered if he was hiding something.  No matter for he was sure to screw up soon and I would get to roast his tail just like I had Dad's.

* * * * * * * * * *

A couple of weeks later, that did happen.  Shortly after school Nick was arguing with Mom to sign a note from school before Dad got home.  I stepped in and stopped that discussion pronto.  I looked at the letter and ordered Nick to his room to do his homework and promised him a proper strapping after dinner.  I had to remind him of my licence and all that before he complied.

Of course, I gave a heads up to Darrel and my buds so that they would be sure to get to watch.  Nick insisted on being difficult and I had to yell at him to strip and get into position.  Finally, I told him I was sick of his antics and if he did get into position in ten seconds I would add three cuts.  And in thirty seconds I would call the cops reminding him of terrible things that might happen.

Nick kept pleading with me and I told him I would add a cut for each additional word.  My original thought was the traditional six but I changed that to ten.  Even though I reminded him that getting up early would void the cut he jumped up on the first with a huge howl.  He did not object when I got my buddies to hold him in place.  I was ashamed that he was such a wimp so I laid it on as hard as I could.  He was bawling by the end.  I sent him to his room rather than the corner.  Darrel complimented me on how well I did.  I noticed a couple of Nick's friends smirking.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I strapped my dad for the first time, I thought it was the greatest feeling and could not be surpassed.  I was wrong for I got the same feeling after whacking Nick and more.  I never expect those feeling to be exceeded.

Then I got a text from Darrel asking me come over.  Of course, I responded as soon as school was out and he said he would wait in his room and that I should use the back door which was unlocked.  It was all very mysterious.

When I entered his room I was surprised that Darrel was naked in the corner.  On the bed was his strap – the very one I first practiced with – and next to it a failed test and a note from school.  The answers to the obvious questions were also obvious.  He was a naughty young man and he needed to be punished.  I was tasked with the job.

It took me a while to resolve the conflicts in my mind.  He could have just gone to the SPC or the local guy but he chose me.  I quickly put the thought of being lenient out of my mind for that would disappoint my mentor.

"Come here, naughty one." I ordered.  He stood in front of me with his head bowed.  I did my best with a lecture but I have never been good at those.  I doubt that it mattered.

"Get into position." I commanded and he quickly obeyed.  In just seconds he was leaning on his bed with his rump up high waiting for the strap.  I did not make him wait and started immediately.  I concentrated carefully on every cut making sure I did everything perfectly – like he taught me.  I stopped after ten hard cuts which left him with two fiery novas in his butt.

When I let him up we hugged.  "I needed that badly.  I was sure that you won't fail me, Spankman." he said.

It was a few days later that he explained about Spankman and his thoughts the day that I asked him to teach me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 16, 2020

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