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The following story is fiction about a naughty boy who gets caught and punished.  The story contains scenes of spanking and switching.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Outhouse Mischief


You probably think that you know what going to happen.  It's what always happens when there is mischief with an outhouse on a spanking story site – a group of boys topples it over usually with the sourpuss deacon, minister or the like inside.  Then, of course, the gang is quickly caught because the sweet little old maid Ms. Busybody saw the boys running away and called the sheriff.  The town woodsheds will be very busy that evening as irrate fathers explain – with thick heavy straps or paddles – why toppling is not a good thing to do.  An all-too-familiar tail.  But that is not what this story is about but you guessed that as you stuck around this long to hear what the Trickster has to say.

Daisy Mae, a pretty young lady, highly attractive and dressed in a way that leaves no doubt, heads for the outhouse for the obvious needs.  She, as all the others in her family do, wishes that the plumber would get the parts and repair the indoor facilities.  She enters, carefully latches the door, drops her tight short shorts and sits to tend to her private business.

Daisy Mae happens to look down and is surprised seeing a little glowing firefly.  No, not a firefly nor even an ember but a steady light.  Realizing what it is, she wishes that she could dash away but that would have unpleasant and messy consequences so she quickly texts her brothers.  She is certain that they will know exactly what to do.

Her two big brothers immediately come running to her rescue.  Circling to the rear of the outhouse they see the despicable character.  Actually they see just the guy's legs and each one grabs an ankle and yank him out.  He screams!  Daisy Mae smiles now knowing that her brothers have been successful in catching the perverted sinful devil.  She finishes up the paper work required by the job and goes outside to watch the evil perp get his just rewards.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Almost immediately Rufus and John Boy are holding young Billy Bob up in the air.  The boy is petrified.  He cannot even scream again.  He is being held upside down by two strong farm boys who are clearly angry.  He does not know what they will do with and to him.  He is not sure what to be most afraid of – that they let go and he crashes on his head or that they keep hold of him so that he cannot run off.

They are gentle – relatively – with him and turn him upright onto his feet.  He is still scared, naturally.  Rufus unhooks one of the straps of his bib overalls and John Boy does the other.  They fall to the ground.  It is only Daisy Mae's giggle that makes Billy Bob realize that she is watching and is now seeing him naked in the bright sunlight.

Rufus puts his foot on a rock and hauls the boy over his thigh.  "You have been a very naughty boy Billy Bob.  And naughty boys get spanked."  With that most feared remark, Rufus starts spanking the boy.  His hand is hard and his muscles powerful from years of farm work and each forceful spank cause the boy to howl.  After a dozen hard but well-deserved spanks to each cheek, Billy Bob is bawling and Rufus lets him down.

Billy Bob forgets that Daisy Mae is watching as he does his spanked boy dance and rubs his hot red bottom in a vain effort to reduce the pain.

"Now git home, boy.  You may return after dinner to apologize to Daisy Mae for your sinful peeking and to ask her for your britches."

Billy Bob, naked, runs as fast as he can happy to get away before he is subjected to even more indignities.  It is only as he nears home that he realizes that not only has he lost his britches but also the camera.  He hopes that he can get his other pair from the wash before his ma realizes anything is amiss and that he can finish his chores quickly so as to sneak away after dinner to apologize.

* * * * * * * * * *

Billy Bob's hopes get shattered as he approaches home.  His kid sister sees him and yells for all to hear: "Where y'all britches Billy Bob?"

He tries to ignore her and as he passes her she adds: "And you been SPANKED too!  Your rump is redder than the combs of our Rhode Island Red chickens."

"Well, boy?  Where are they?" demands his ma who has stepped out on the porch.  There is no avoiding having to confess.  "Get to your chores, boy.  Your pappy will deal with you later."

"Yes, Ma." he dutifully replies and dashes off to tend to his chores.

The discussion with his pappy is not pleasant for he must again confess in order to explain his lost britches and red rump.  Just as he expected he hears:  "Go cut a switch boy and it better be a good one."  Pappy is quite upset for he specifies that the switch be a thick one.

The discussion continues when he returns with the switch doing all the talking in the expected way.  He required to bend over and present his already well roasted rump for eight cuts.  The switch sears his already tenderized bottom causing him to howl.  His pa was kind and considers that he had already been spanked so just gave him eight cuts although half are on his thighs.  However, he is required to go to apologize still naked.  He does remember to take his flashlight so as to be able look for the camera.

Billy Bob has a heavy heart as he makes his way to the Hatfield's house being careful to avoid being seen.

He knocks and Daisy Mae's kid sister opens the door.  Of course, she laughs that he is as naked as a calf and not hung like her big brothers.  It is difficult to greet the seven Hatfields.  Old man Hatfield lectures him some but after inspecting his bottom decided that Rufus' spanking and the boy's pappy's switching was sufficient.

Stammering a bit he makes peace with Daisy Mae.  He does not realize it but she is more accepting because he is naked and gives him back his britches without much pleading.  He then asks for permission to look for his camera under the outhouse.  Happily he finds it but John Boy assures that everything is deleted.

Billy Bob feels much better as he returns home with both his camera and his britches.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 30, 2017

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