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The following story is fiction about a punishment spanking.  The story contains scenes of a spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Over Roasted Spy Rump


It happened very suddenly.  It was the summer and we – my ‘rents, sister and I – were staying in a summer rental beach house for three weeks.  It was great because I got to the beach every day and there were lots of other guys to play with.  Last year I would not have cared about another bevy of people – the college babes who were totally pulchritudinous.  (Yeah, that’s a strange word which I recently learnt and absolutely describes the fauna.)

Now I’m still just barely a teen and if they ever give me a second look it was with a frown and implying that I should sublimate into the void.  But I can’t help looking (staring probably) and hoping to get a peek of what they are hiding under their skimpy bikinis.  My sister, Nicki, is one of these lovely girls and many times I had thought that I might spy on her not that I’ve been successful over the years even though I have tried.

Although we were on a family vacation suddenly my ‘rents had to return to home for a couple of days.  It wasn’t a surprise that Nicki was left in charge and that I was strongly admonished to be on my best behavior and obey her.

We both spent the day on the beach with our friends.  It was a surprise was that she brought one of them home.  Thad was a hunk in a bulging Speedo™.  After dinner we watched some TV while he held her very close.  I went off to bed.  Well, that what I said I was doing but I hid in her closet.  Kneeling, I could see things looking between the door slats.  Most unfortunately for me things did not go as I had expected and planned for.

Yes, they stripped and got entangled but I could not see a damn thing but shadows.  The lights were out and they just had one small scented candle in the room.  All I could do was wait until they went to sleep to sneak back to my room.  Unfortunately after they did stuff, they decided to watch a long movie and sis had put on a pj’s top so even with the light from TV I saw nada.  I had to wait until the movie was over and they went to sleep.  And that was my undoing for I fell asleep in the closet before they did.  They found me in the morning and were royally pissed to say the least when they roughly woke me.© YLeeCoyote

Thad had some very extreme ideas that all ended up in feeding me to the sharks piece by piece or more accurately bite by bite.  Fortunately Nicki managed to calm him down some but he insisted that I had to be punished about which she enthusiastically agreed.  Actually, he said “The boy must suffer greatly for his terrible transgressions.”

As you can imagine (perhaps) I was scared shitless, as the saying goes.  Nicki got Thad to tone down his ideas and agree on just spanking me.  Not that I liked that idea but it was certainly a relief compared to where he started.  I was parked in the corner while they had breakfast and decided how to do it.  Again, Thad had me shaking in my boots (even though I was barefoot) talking about what implements might be used.  I think that the shovel, although he could not decide which end to use, was the scariest.  He regretted that he could not make a birch bundle to beat me raw.

Eventually Thad stripped me to my birthday suit with Nicki watching.  He slapped my hands away from covering my junk pointing out that they both knew what naughty little boys had.  All too soon after an eternity I was across his lap while he sat on a simple kitchen chair.  I felt like a baby with my ass up even though my feet and hands were on the floor.

Thad held me tightly in position over his lap.  It was clear that he was very strong and even before the first spank I knew it was going to hurt a lot.  Then he started and I gave a howl when his hand tried to shatter my behind.  I’m sure that if my butt was made of granite it would have but flesh is far more elastic.  Even after just the first spank the pain was terrible but, of course, he continued.  Spank after spank rained violently down on my poor butt.  Each vicious spank was more painful than all the previous ones.  Each malevolent spank caused me to howl and after just a few hard and painful spanks I was crying.  A few more and I was shamefully bawling like a baby.

I spent hours in the corner with my blazing tail heating the room.  I alternated between feeling sorry for myself and regretting what I did.  I could hear them having fun back in bed as I stood there afraid to move.  When they were finished I learnt that my punishment was not over for it was then Nicki’s turn to whip my tail as she was also hurt by my terrible, inconsiderate reprehensible juvenile conduct.

I was informed of this while she was toying with my heavy leather belt that I used with my jeans.  I was directed to lay over the end of the couch with my butt raised up for her to slash with the heavy belt.  I’m sure that it all would have been painful even if I had not been soundly spanked but it probably was worse.  The first cut was painful like a red-hot bar on my already tenderized glowing ass.  After three very hard cuts I was bawling once again.

I was in agony by the time she stopped.  They let me cry a long time before we went to the beach.  I was warned that if I ever tried a stunt like this again I would get double.  I stayed in the cold water to try to cool down my blazing hot tail.  That effort was not entirely successful.  To add insult to injury I was taunted, er teased by the other guys about being spanked as the red showed below my bathing suit and they pantsed me exposing the full truth.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 23, 2020

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