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The summer I was twelve and a half my parents decided to take a long trip and sent my kid sister, Tara who was just eleven-years-old, and me to stay with her sister and family.  It sounded great since my sister would hang out with our other cousin, Laura who was her age, and do girl things and happily leave me alone.  I would get to be with my older cousin, Gary who was fifteen, and surely have great fun.  I regret to have to report that it turned out to be a long term disaster for me although my sister could not be happier with the outcome.

Now my relatives live in a rural area so I knew that I would have new adventures that were very different from my city ways that I could not do when I was younger on short visits.  Well, at the start things went well.  I went along with my big cousin and his friends.  Often a couple of them brought their younger brothers along and things were even better.  It was reasonable that my aunt and uncle had specified that Gary was in charge and that my sister and I must listen to him.  What I never realized was that meant he could spank me.  I found that out the second week.

It was at the swimming hole that it happened when a batch of us guys were skinny dipping.  Beside Gary's friends there were two eleven-year-old kid brothers as well.  Now, I have to note that I am a late bloomer (as they politely say) but those two boys were early and both had pubes as did all the older guys.  That was what caused the problem – they were teasing me about still being bald.  Unfortunately, I lost my cool and started fighting.  That apparently was most unacceptable and we were pulled apart by the older guys.

That, alas, was not the end of it.  There was a rule about fighting and they all agreed that a physical fight earned a SPANKING.  I objected but to my surprise, my adversary simply laid over a fallen tree without any objection.  His brother gave him seven cuts with a heavy belt.  I winced far more than he did as he showed how macho he was by taking it silently.  He was even praised by the others for how well he took it.

Obviously, it was then my turn and I was scared shit.  I could not do it.  When Gary saw that he grabbed me, sat on a rock and pulled me over his lap.  "Spank the baby.  Spank the wittle baby HARD!" yelled Mr. Red Butt and the others agreed.  Just seconds later I got the first spank from Gary.  It was hard and I gave a yell.  There was laughter and then the spanks rained down on my bare butt hard and fast.  Soon I was crying like a little boy.  It was made even worse, as they were taunting me as a crybaby.  When Gary stopped spanking me, I was made to stand with my nose on a tree for twenty minutes as in corner time.© YLeeCoyote

When I was allowed back into the water (delightfully cool especially on my hot butt) it was clear that my status had dropped significantly.  Apparently the old guys didn't care about my lack of pubes like the younger ones did but how I behaved.  As we approached the house returning home later, Gary gave me an earful about how I had embarrassed him with my shameful, babyish, even girlish behavior.  He even reported the event at dinner and my uncle and aunt were also greatly disappointed.  The two girls who were smirking at me surely would have said nasty things had the adults not been there.

He punished me for three days as he would not allow me to go with him and his friends.  Therefore, I was required to stay with the two younger girls since I was not allowed to roam by myself.  They made things totally horrid and Laura was in charge like a babysitter.  That, of course, was ridiculous!  She was even given spanking authority.  I most certainly could not accept that arraignment.

The first afternoon with them soon quickly became a debacle and Laura declared that I had earned a spanking.  I refused, naturally.  That backfired when Gary returned home a couple of hours later.  On hearing the story, he immediately told me to go ask Laura for at that spanking or else.  I refused.  You can guess what the else was – it was a spanking for disobedience.

In just a moment, he had stripped me of my shorts and had me over his knee.  Once again the spanks rained down fast and hard.  Again he reduced me to tears – this time in front of the girls while I was naked.  "After dinner you shall ask Laura for the spanking you have earned.  If you don't then I shall spank you again for repeated disobedience – and this time I'll use my belt."

I was trapped.  I knew that I was guaranteed another spanking.  It was just a matter of from whom.  Certainly I was in a between a rock and a hard place situation.  I even had to go to dinner naked as Laura had gotten my shorts and refused to give them back until she had spanked me.  She even noted "that bald little boys don't have to be modest" and that I would be more comfortable letting my "hot bottom cool off" than wearing shorts.  It was more than embarrassing dreadful.

I knew that I was beaten so after dinner I asked Laura for a spanking which she was more than happy to give me before Gary took off his belt.  I was already naked so it was just over her lap.  I got a few hand spanks, but they were not very hard or painful.  She was nowhere as strong as her brother.  Then came the big change.  She switched from just her hand to a hairbrush.  That made an entirely more painful impression on me and again I yelled.  Tara laughed as Laura spanked away until I was crying again.  They all joked about how that old hairbrush was just as effective as when Grandma used it on my uncle.

I thought that my humiliation was complete.  I was wrong, again, for things continued to get even worse.  Worse in the long run in ways that I had never thought possible.

My banishment from Gray and the other guys was extended and I had to stay with the girls.  Now I knew that their authority was real and that I had better obey or Gary would roast my tail and then Laura would.  That was double trouble which was awful.

I did not take well to this new situation.  Laura quickly decided to share her authority and fearsome power with my little sister.  Tara was most gleeful as you would expect.  It would be hard to imagine the extreme glee that Tara showed when she had me bare bottom over her lap with that evil hairbrush in her paw each and every time.

One of the rationalizations for the girls being in charge of me was that I was still a little boy while they were becoming young ladies.  Like everyone, I could see how their newly grown tits were pushing out their blouses and was told that they, unlike baby me, even had pubes.  That rankled me.  I decided that I had to see for myself.  It was a big mistake for they caught me spying on them.

The girls were very angry and you can guess that they vented on my bottom.  They decided to spank me together and sat facing each with a joint lap which I had to get over.  Once there I was helpless and with their hairbrushes they quickly reduced me to a bawling baby as they each attacked one cheek.  Sometime they alternated and sometime they hit together.

Everyone said that I deserved every whack and that it was good I could not sit for days so that I would remember to respect young ladies' privacy.  My aunt then decreed that I must remain naked to teach me the value of privacy.  Of course, I had not had any for a long time.

That last month was terrible.  The girls found reasons to spank me over and over.  I was looking forward to returning home and normality.  That did not, to my great sorrow, did happen.  My folks came and spent a week.  They saw how things were and my aunt and uncle convinced my parents that I needed close supervision all the time because of my immaturity and poor judgement.  On the other hand, they said that Tara was very mature and could do the job.  Alas, my folks agreed.  Need I say that my sister was most enthusiastic?  She thought of it as babysitting although my parents did not use that word.

Now that we are back home my life is terribly different.  My sister has become very bossy like she learnt to be and love during the summer.  She finds a reason to spank me every few days which she always does with me stark naked.  My kid sister has overtaken me for I'm like the kid brother now.  Life is hell!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 7, 2019

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