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The following story is fiction about school CP. The story contains scenes of paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired by an image that I saw on Tumblr to write this story.  In searching to try to find out more about the image I found it without the young man.  It appears that he was added with a photo editor but the original gave me additional ideas.  Hover on the thumbs below to enlarge the images if your screen is wide enough.  The originals were at but that site is now gone.

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Paddled in Class


It is lunch break and the classroom is empty of humans.  The room and its furniture await their return with infinite patience.  Some are not anxious because they suffered violence evidenced by several desks bearing scars from the knives of boys long gone.  "Alas, the wounds remain forever." lamented Desk #3-2.

"You're dwelling too much on the past 3-2.  It is better to remember how that vicious boy was punished that day.  I remember it vividly." said the teacher's desk who stood at least two hands taller than the others and tended to be the leader.  "That knife-wielding vandal was told to strip and get into position over me.  It is hard work holding up many of those miscreants <sigh> and to absorb the follow through from the paddle used to chastise them."  The other desks agreed.

"Nevertheless, how nice it would be to support a student for that again." sighed the teacher's desk once more.  He wondered how long before an essentially naked boy would once again be in that position.

Then came the big surprise.  Zack came in with still ten minutes left in the lunch period.  He did not look happy in the least.  Once by his desk he removed his shirt and tie and returned to the front desk and carefully cleared the top and then dropping his trousers and undies bent over it as directed.  The teacher had promised extras for not being in position when the bell rang so he got into position for he knew he could be seen from outside.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Zack is in position, bent over Mr. Amberman's desk.  He is alone in the classroom although that will change momentarily for he has just heard the end of lunch bell.  In just seconds his classmates will be thundering up the stairs and putting their coats on the pegs in the coat room.  Then they will enter the classroom and see him.  He is dreading what will follow.

They will know that his britches and drawers are at his ankles while his naked rump is fully exposed and a waiting a painful 'discussion' with the 'board of education'.  Many, especially the girls, will take the long way around to their desks so that they can inspect his fully exposed rear before it roasted by Mr. Amberman.

Zack is wondering if his balls are showing although that is far from his biggest concern.  The 'board of education' is the topmost concern.  He has had conversations with it before but although most unpleasant (not to say painful) at least they were in the coat room and private and out of sight of his classmates.  Today it will be public.  Will he be able to take the pain without crying out like a baby?  Will it be so bad that he actually cries and is called wimp or worse for ages?

And then after the fearsome paddling he will have to apologize.  That will be embarrassing because he will just have to stand and turn to face the class.  They will see absolutely everything!  If he cried, the tears will show.  The pain will show on his face.  Afterwards, there won't be any question about his endowment nor how big his bush is.  With his pants at his ankles and arms at his sides everyone will see – everything.  The boys already know for they have all seen each other at the swimming hole but now the girls will also.

Zack already regrets calling Mary-Ann such a name.  Perhaps what he really regrets is that Mr. Amberman heard him say it and exploded.  No matter which, he is fearful of what is going to happen so very soon.

* * * * * * * * * *

The other students are starting to come in.  The sight of him causes each of them to pause a bit and look more closely.  They can see his worry and/or fear in his eyes.  Each and everyone of them is very glad they are not in his place for they know what is going to happen.

Many will take the long way around to get to their desks just to be able to inspect his exposed rump before Mr. Amberman roasts it.

The class is now seated.  Zack is sure that all the girls and even some of the boys have inspected his bottom.  A few gave him spanks.  Most were just pats but others were as hard as they could be.  A couple whispered comments to him.  Some were words of encouragement while others indicated they were looking forward to him suffering.  One even taunted him by saying "He's going to make you bawl like a baby." and laughed.

Mr. Amberman enters and everyone falls silent.  The teacher's desk can feel Zack's heart and it is pounding very fast showing the fear he is hiding from his classmates.  Mr. Amberman then explains to the class why Zack is in such a position.  Looking at the class he sees that Many-Ann is in Desk #5-1 so she will have the perfect view of his paddling and more.  His arch rival has also swapped desks so that he is in Desk #6-1 with a close up view.  There is nothing he can do about this.

Zack is not able to pay close attention to the lecture directed at him about respecting girls and all that as he is thinking about his pending violent meeting with the paddle.  He will be able to focus his attention a lot better when the board of education speaks to him up close and personal.  There is wide spread desire to see the show especially by those who don't worry about have their own discussions with the Board of Education.  Several of the boys who have had such discussion have mixed feelings but are still looking forward to the show.  Mary-Ann and her friends are most anxious to see justice done conveniently forgetting how they lead Zack on the booby-trapped path into this unpleasant situation.

The dreaded and greatly anticipated moment has arrived.  Mr. Amberman who has been holding the heavy paddle since before he started to talk gives it one more caress and steps into position.  Strangely he suddenly although briefly thinks of himself as Gunga Din who well knew his place – fifty paces right flank rear – but his place is less than one pace left flack rear.  He checks that he gotten it right with a tap to Zack's presented butt and raises the Board of Education up high.


It descended rapidly onto the target.  Zack grunts but manages not to yell.  That is a disappointment to several yet a praiseworthy example to imitate to others.  Mary-Ann is most delighted.  The second and third hits have the same response from all.  The red area is spreading on Zack's butt cheeks.

The fourth whack causes Zack to grunt in pain.  Mr. Amberman is most delighted as he believes that he is getting through.  Mary-Ann and her cohort are pleased for the foul mouth boy is hurting.  The other boys are wondering if they could match Zack's machismo either in private or more importantly in public like this.

Mr. Amberman adjusts his grip on the paddle and raises it up high to deliver the next to last blow.  He desperately wants Zack to respond with a yell of pain.  He wants to teach the boy a lesson.  The paddle descends rapidly practically echoing the forth cut.  Zack manages, with great effort not to scream.  We already know who is disappointed but admiration goes up for Zack among the boys.  Few think that they could match him although they all wish that they could.


The six and final blow is delivered.  There are not any screams nor tears.  Zack has managed to accept the six hard whacks bravely.  Mary-Ann and the others will have to acknowledge that Zack was brave and stoic although they wished that he had screamed and cried.  Even Mr. Amberman is impressed although he would never admit it.  "Time to apologize, boy." says the teacher, "Stand and face the class and apologize to the young lady you insulted."

Zack is still struggling to cope with the pain.  He still thinks that Mary-Ann is a bitch as he rubs his flaming butt-cheeks in a fruitless effort to reduce the pain.  Slowly he rises and Mr. Amberman yells at him: "Get on with it, boy, we don't have all day.  Now is not the time to keep quiet."  Of course, they do have all day to enjoy this.  He is not in any rush to get back to his lessons but he is happy to give Zack more grief.

Zack gets up and faces the class.  Mary-Ann eyes focus on his crotch right in front of her.  She is not sure of what is normal but he is sure is bigger than the little boys she has babysat.  The boys note that he is half hard and admire him for it.  Zack is not shy for he knows that he is well-developed and proud of it.  He looks about.  He notices that the slutty bitch is studying his cock which brings a smile to his face.

"I'm sorry that I called you names, Mary-Ann." he says not meaning a word of it.  Then he pulls up his drawers and britches very carefully and heads for his seat.  He would rather stand but that does not fit with the macho self image he wants so he sits down very gingerly.

Mr. Amberman drones on about respect for a couple of minutes before resuming the even more boring lecture.  Zack is thinking about the girls and even the boys who stared at his junk hoping to get into their drawers.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 26, 2019

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