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Paddling in the Woods


I'm one of those all-seeing narrators who write those thrilling stories that you love to read.  Of course, someone else always takes the credit (and gets the royalties) but that is the way of the universe.  I was on vacation up in the north woods just this past summer and saw a great spanking that needed to be documented.

Ron Streb who is now fifteen went to Steamboat Academy private school until the end of the last school year.  Because his family is relocating to the other coast he is going to attend a school close to his new home to complete his secondary education.

He has some not so fond memories of his school days at Steamboat Academy because of Tomblin.  He was a junior prefect who made Ron's life miserable to say the least.  One could write a tome about the details but suffice it to say that he was a bully who abused his power often with the paddle.  Because of a misinterpretation of an event a year before he particularly disliked Ron.  He especially loved to paddle Ron and made him lower his pants and even his underpants before making him bend over for the paddle.  That constituted breaking several of the rules since he was not supposed to use a wooden paddle nor require a bare target.

Ron wanted to report such transgressions but the prefects were a close-knit clique and it would have backfired on him.  He stoically just accepted the status quo.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

It was a coincidence that both of them were with their families on a vacation in the woods at the same camp and time.  Darrel was also there as he was Ron's best friend and their families though that this would be a good way for them to say goodbye.

The two friends were in the campsite's shop when Tomblin entered.  Ron immediately noticed him and turned away way telling Darrel: "I don't want to talk to that SOB."  Darrel decided to watch (and record) what Tomblin was doing using his smart phone.  They were surprised to see Tomblin slip an expensive fishing lure into his pocket before he got to the counter.  The owner, surprisingly alert,  had noticed.  He accused Tomblin of shoplifting when he started to leave and when he tried to flee stopped him.  After a long tongue lashing, Tomblin was made to pay and left.  Both Ron and Darrel praised the shopkeeper and even told him about Tomblin's faults.

One would have expected that this was over but Ron developed a plan to get even with Tomblin.  They uploaded the surreptitious recording and threatened to send it to the principal of Steamboat Academy unless Tomblin submitted to a paddling.

Tomblin was quite horrified and scared.  He knew if the principal saw it that he would no longer be a prefect.  That he would have to explain to his parents which would lead to further problems.  He agreed to Ron's demands that he present himself for a spanking in a specified clearing in the woods about an hour hike away.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ron was waiting in the clearing when Tomblin showed up.  Darrel was hiding in the woods so that he could watch, provide some security and record it all.  Ignoring Tomblin's initial insults showing his lack of class, Ron simply issued orders.

"Strip, Tomblin and get over my lap for a well-deserved paddling."  Tomblin started to protest but Ron refused the bully's pleads.  In short order, Tomblin was soon naked and over Ron's lap to the great delight of Ron and his friend.

Ron was really thrilled to have his tormenter over his lap.  He took a couple of minutes to enjoy the sight of the most hated prefect's bare ass awaiting a spanking from him.  He was not in any rush and wanted to savor this moment.  He even caressed the target a bit and taunted the bully.  "Just enjoying the view like you did so many times and mostly unjustly."

A few hard hand spanks were Ron's plan.  He loved how his hand prints quickly blurred to a uniform pink bush on the target.  Then he picked up the paddle.

He carefully checked that he had the right positioning and delivered the first WHACK.  Tomblin gave a yell.  Ron was delighted but did not want to attract attention.  He made Tomblin get up.  "Since you are a baby and scream like a little girl, go put a sock in your mouth so as not to scare the bears."

When Tomblin was back in position, Ron resumed his paddling.  Over and over he raised the paddle and brought it down on the butt of the hated Tomblin.  He continued the paddling until the bully was bawling.  Ron was really amazed at how wonderful it felt to paddle the evil one.  He was delighted when Tomblin began to cry.

Ron dumped Tomblin on the ground and quickly departed.  Darrel and Ron quickly made their way back to camp.  They helped Ron's parents finish loading up the car and they were on the way home before Tomblin got back.

* * * * * * * * * *

When the principal received a link to the store video he wondered if it was real.  He made inquiries of the campsite and learnt that it actually happened just a few days before.  Tomblin was not appointed a prefect for his last year.  He felt betrayed but it was what he deserved.

That fall Ron was very happy in his new school far, far away from the most hated Tomblin. He was delighted to hear from his former classmates that Tomblin was not appointed a prefect again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 18, 2019

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