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The following story is fiction about a youth obsessed with ladies' panties.  The story contains scenes of spankings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by this unattributed image I found on the web.  I imagine my protagonist to be younger than the man in the picture.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Pantie Thief Spanked


Ronne had a thing for panties.  Ladies’ panties, that is.  He did care one wit about guys’ underpants.  Boxers, boxer briefs, thongs or tighty-whities were all the same to him – dullsville.  Girls’ and women’s panties excited him.  He did not know why but they had for many years.

Perhaps after many hours on a psychiatrist’s couch some things that happened in his impressionable boyhood might emerge such as his aunt being just in her underwear and getting spanked when he stayed with her.  Or perhaps it was seeing the cute redhead tomboy’s lace-trimmed panties when she swung on the monkey bars in the playground wearing a skirt.  The reason need not concern us for all we are interested in is that they fascinated him.

Panties aside, Mrs. Rorex somehow beguiled him.  She was different from the other ladies in the neighborhood for she always was in a suit when he saw her unlike the others who wore dresses, skirts, slacks and even jeans.

Surely it was by the grace of some minor deity that enable him to see her panties on that fateful evening when they were both in the mall.  He was just starting to go down the stairs and she was ten steps in front of him.  He was staring at her derriere wondering what her panties were like when she slipped.  And fell.  And her skirt flipped up over her back exposing her panties.  She was not hurt and she was helped up immediately by two others quickly hiding the wonderful vision.  The memory of that five seconds sight, however, was seared into his brain forever.

That night his fantasies were of Mrs. Rorex’s panties.  And for night after night as well.  They even occupied his day dreams also.  He decided that he must get a better look at her panties.© YLeeCoyote

He watched and saw that she drove off in the morning like he went to catch to school bus every day and that her car was never back in her driveway until well after six in the evening

Ronne made a bad decision.  He decided to enter her house and get that desperately needed a close up look at her panties.  He was sure that he would have plenty of time after school for the quest.  Since it was wintertime, it was even dark by five so that it was easy to stay hidden in the shadows.  It was a stormy afternoon when he made his horrendous move.  Keeping low and close to the hedges that lined the yards he snuck onto her property and found the backdoor open.

A moment later he was a criminal for he had entered.  It was a small house and in mere seconds he was in her bedroom.  Surely her panties must be in the dresser.  He found them on the second try.  Ronne’s heart raced as looked at each and every one.  An evil thought jumped into his mind – dare he take one?

Then still another thought occurred.  Perhaps there was a used pair that would be a much better remembrance.  Where?  In the hamper.  Where?  In the bathroom.  He quickly moved there and started to dig in the hamper.

More than one minor deity was at work in the neighborhood that day.  There was a heating failure at Mrs. Rorex’s office and everyone left early on such a cold evening.

Just as she entered her castle, Ronne found the treasure.  As she entered the bathroom he held up his find to study it.

“EXACTLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE BOY?” she thundered in a parade ground voice.

It took a while before Ronne could explain as he shook in fear in front of the imposing woman.  When after a bit she spoke of the police he fell to the floor and pleaded for mercy.  She made him suffer as she gradually relented.  She grabbed the fearful boy by the ear and led him to the front room.

With her talons holding fast to his ear he removed his clothes as she directed until he was totally naked.  Only then did she release him.  He stood quivering with his hands hiding his junk.  She took her used panties and put them on his head.

“Time for your spanking, boy.” she snapped.  “Get over my lap.”  Ronne was hesitant but she ordered again “Get over my lap, boy, NOW!” and he complied.  She got a firm grip on his waist.

The first hard spank from the hairbrush evoked a loud yell of pain.  It was only the first of many as she spanked and spanked the naughty boy.  Each spank came with a lecture.  Then the yells diminished as they were replaced first by sobs and then by bawling as she pushed him beyond his limits.  When his tail was afire and full of pain she stopped and pushed him off her lap.

Slowly, he dressed as she watched and then made his way home.  He was most glad that his parents were having dinner with a neighbor as he could not sit properly.  He stayed in his room even after they returned and then went to bed.  This night it was not just Mrs. Rorex’s panties that were foremost in his dreams but being over her lap getting spanked like a naughty little boy

The next day at school he was constantly aware of the hot fires in his ass from the evening before.  Again, his dreams continued with the new element.  Night after night that persisted.  Gradually they shifted so that being over Mrs. Rorex’s lap and the WHACKS of her hairbrush on his butt was the central theme.

But now he realized that he had a new problem.  A new desire.  A new itch.  A new itch that needed to be scratched.  Desperately scratched.  Obviously, there was but one place to go for help.

It took him days before he could work up the courage to ring her doorbell.  Then when Mrs. Rorex answered he was tongue-tied but she invited him in.  It did not take her long to determine what the boy knew he needed but could not verbalize it.  As she liked doing it, she soon had him starkers and parked in her corner waiting for a thorough spanking.  As he stood with his nose in the corner, his head (or at least his mind) was spinning.  He was excited and fearful.  He knew it would hurt but, somehow, it was something that he desperately needed.

Ronne’s heart rate jumped when she summoned him.  He did not need any help as he got into to position over her skirt-covered lap.  A shiver ran though him as she gripped his waist to hold him in place.  It seemed forever before the hairbrush connected with his naughty bottom with a great crash.  He howled and was rewarded with another painful WHACK.

Over and over Mrs. Rorex raised the brush and brought it down on his bare posterior.  The bare posterior representing to her those many deserving men whom she knew should be in this boy’s place.  She was greatly satisfied by the time he was bawling.  She put him back into the corner to cry himself out.  When she let him out and wiped his face he no longer was hiding his junk being a repentant little boy.

She gave him some hot chocolate and arranged that he should shovel her walk as needed for the going rate plus extras (no need to specify what) for exceptional work.  They both were delighted at the arrangement.  Ronne did not mind her watching as he dressed.

As he returned home with his painful hot ass he felt strangely good.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 16, 2020

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