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The following story is fiction about spanking and young femdom.  The story contains scenes of both.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by the artist Davin drawing.  Click for external images (NSFW).

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Pantsing Big Brother


It was an ordinary non-school day in the Randolph household.  Both fourteen-year-old Freddy and his three-year younger sister Diana were home.  Freddy was working on a school report which was taking forever and was the unpaid babysitter for Diana who was happily entertaining her BFFs, Jill who was ten and Marla who was twelve.  All their parents all had stuff to attend to so Freddy was (the unpaid babysitter) in charge.© YLeeCoyote

The siblings had figured out that if they could coexist peacefully, they would avoid having an older and nasty babysitter.  Freddy was glad that his sister had her friends over as that kept her busy and away from him.  The girls were quite happy watching some movie showing luscious boys frustrated by clumsily chasing after girls.

Freddy had come down to the family room to ask the girls what they wanted for dinner.  Even though the girls were all young they were, like he was, already pubescent.  Their sexual talk coupled with the delightful eye candy had them emitting sexual charged pheromones.  That Freddy was not wearing a shirt was an unexpected bonus for the young ladies.

The now sexually charged atmosphere quickly had Mother nature’s desired effect on the young male although it could have been just that the sun was shining to blame.  Regardless, that reaction caused a bulge in his trousers front and center.  The girls noticed and since he noticed that they had he was most embarrassed.  It was becoming an all too familiar problem for him.

He tried to rush things but the girls were not in any rush especially Marla who was enjoying his reactions and discomfort.  It was then that the devil spoke directly into Diana’s ear.

The lass then jumped up from the couch and grabbing her brother’s pants from behind abruptly yanked them down.  Since she had gotten her thumbs into both waistbands had managed to drag his briefs down along with his pants.  “Surprise Big Brother!” she yelled, “We all noticed your bulge.  You’re a very naughty boy getting turned on by me – your kid sister – and my young friends.”

Freddy was far too shocked and froze rather than try to pull up his pants or otherwise cover up.  On the other hand Marla immediately came up with a crushing followup.  “OMG!  You absolutely got him, Diana.  Now we can see how pathetic his little peepee is.” giving a raucous laugh.  “I think my little preschool brother has a larger one.”

Overwhelmed by all this Freddy was wishing that he was elsewhere but he was paralyzed and could not pull up his pants much less run as the girls stared at the unfamiliar and fascinating display.  Then the youngest added her two cents.  “I’ve never seen a real penis before.  It’s so little.  May I play with it?”

Marla saw that Freddy was acting like a little boy rather than an older teen and pounced.  “The very naughty little boy needs to be punished for his disgusting behavior.”  The other two girls enthusiastically agreed.

She quickly grabbed Freddy’s ear (like she had seen her aunt do with her teen cousin) to drag him to the couch and after sitting pulled him over her lap.  Marla continued by spanking Freddy like her aunt did with her cousin even getting a leg over his.  She started spanking and was rewarded by the howls of the shocked and surprised naughty boy.  Besides howling he was kicking so much that he lost his pants and then even his briefs leaving him starkers to the girls’ great delight.  After a few spanks she quickly realized she had made a mistake by forgetting one thing.

“Diana please get your Granny’s old hairbrush.  We need it to properly spank this naughty boy.” which she rushed to do.  When she returned realized what it was for and immediately gave her big brother a barrage of spanks.

As much as she loved spanking Marla stopped and got Freddy up also.  As he stood rubbing his hot red botty (having totally forgot that his junk was on display) Marla said: “Please continue Diana.”  That was all the encouragement that Kid Sister needed and she quickly sat on the couch.  She then pulled Big Brother over her lap and commenced vigorously spanking him.  As a bonus she lectured (berated) him so that he knew she was in charge.

This torrent of painful whacks delivered with the heavy hairbrush would have profound effects both physically and mentally in the short and long terms.  The immediate effect was that he was turned into a well-spanked bawling little baby boy as even he shamefully recognized.  Psychologically his image of his sister was changed to resemble that of the powerful Wonder Woman rather than the weak Lois Lane.

By the time she stopped spanking him this horrific thought «My kid sister spanked me like she is in charge and make me bawl like a baby.» was permanently stuck in his brain and psyche.  Additionally as it was erotic for him, he was extremely horny and right after he ordered dinner jerked off with a spectacular climax.

This transformative spanking he would remember for the rest of his days.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few days later when Freddy returned from school he expected to have the house to himself for a couple of hours.  The rents were not due back until dinner time and Diana had some school activity and would not home for another hour.  He decided that he had plenty of time to relieve his horniness.  Stripping quickly he got on his bed and started to jerkoff.  He did not realize it but quickly changed position to be on his knees with his head down, one hand on his cock while he was spanking himself with the other hand.  This new position felt very good.

Meanwhile Diana arrived home unexpectedly at the regular time as her activity had been unexpectedly cancelled.  When she went upstairs heard the spanks her brother was giving himself. «Very interesting.» she thought.  Things became far more interesting when she heard him saying “I’ll be good, Ma’am.” and “Please stop.” and then in a falsetto “I’ll decide when to stop you naughty boy.”

She rushed once again to get Granny’s old hairbrush and dashed into Freddy’s room.  She saw him on his knees spanking himself and more.  “STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY YOU NAUGHTY BOY!” she yelled.  By then she was at the bedside and began whacking him with the hairbrush.

Freddy began to yell from the pain and beg with pleas and promises to be good.  She was delighted.  “You have been bad and have earned a longer spanking boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” he replied through his howls as she spanked.  Then he had an orgasm.  Diana was very grateful that had been discussed in Sex Ed class so she knew what had happened and its meaning.  She continued to spank as he yelled “Please, please no more.  I’ve had enough.”

“I decide when you have had enough and when to stop for I’m in charge.  Understand?” and punctuated it with more whacks.

He howled before crying “Yes, Ma’am.” and fell flat on the bed.  All the feelings that his sister was in charge he had before returned and he was certain that they were truer than ever.  “Yes, Ma’am.” he muttered over and over delighting Diana immensely.

When Diana returned to her room she was savoring how her relationship with her big brother was changing significantly to her benefit.  Freddy at the same time found that he could not shake off the feeling Diana was in change.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 16, 2023

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