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The following story is fiction about spanking boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking and stripping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Paperboy's Sister Is a Terror


I'll never forget that terrible day for the rest of my life.  It started quite normally a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning.  My folks had gone out for the day leaving me alone.  That not unusual since I'm a young man of sixteen and certainly can take care of myself.  Hell, I've had babysitters that were only twelve when I was a little kid.  I was having breakfast about ten AM when the Gary, the twelve-year-old paperboy rang making his collections.

We (well, actually Dad) was unhappy with him because the paper was in the bushes four times in the last two weeks, rather than on the porch.  Well, I was feeling big and bossy and full of myself so I gave him a hard time including the line: "I should spank you for this."  That was not a good thing to say.

"You can't do that.  Only my sister, Marta, may punish me, Donny." he said.

"Oh?  And how old is Marta?"

"Marta is fourteen." he responded.  That was not very impressive to sixteen-year-old me and I scoffed at such little girl doing anything to me.© YLeeCoyote

"We'll see about that, young man." I said arrogantly and grabbed him.  He didn't offer more than token resistance and it was easy to open his belt and jeans.  Once they were open, I got them down along with his undies.  I got a big surprise then for he had a big thick bush and some ​four inches​ (​ten cm​) of soft cock.  I was barely that big when I had a stiffy and didn't have even a single pube yet.  Nevertheless I pulled him over my lap and spanked him.  I was thrilled that I could see my hand prints form in pink and then his entire butt turned red.  Once I was finished, I sent him on his way.

"You be sorry, Donny." he snarled as he left.  I laughed and played with my little stiffy.

* * * * * * * * * *

A couple of hours later I went to the park which is what everyone did Saturday afternoon in my neighborhood.  There I encountered Gary accompanied by his sister.  Marta was a big girl, almost as tall as I and, as I learnt later, very much the tough, rough and tumble tomboy respected and feared by the boys she played with.  We exchanged a few words and then she grabbed me.  In just a minute I learnt several things none of them very pleasant.  First, was she was very angry at me for spanking her brother.  Second, she was very strong.  Third, with one arm twisted up behind my back and her arm about my neck, I was helpless.  Fourth, I was already very sorry that I spanked her brother.  It got worse after that.

She made me kick off my sneakers as she pushed me along the field.  Next, I lost my belt and my jeans.  There was not anything I could do to stop her.  She let me go, grabbed my T-shirt and ripped it off me.  I was definitely panicking by now.  What was this Amazon doing and when would she stop.  I had been yelling when she did not crush my neck and quite a few kids were watching my disgrace now that I was down to just my boxers and socks.  The boxers did not remain much longer for  she just grabbed the fabric at the fly and yanked hard.  The fibers yielded and she ripped my boxers off leaving me total naked except for my socks.

The crowd really laughed and taunted me.  Here I was a sixteen-year-old boy just forced stripped by a fourteen-year-old girl while totally under her control.  The laughing was also about my still immature equipment.  "Babydick.", "Microdick." and "You should have been girl." were among the more common taunts.

"OK, Microdick, this is what you are going to do." she whispered into my ear.  She ordered me what to say and do finishing up with: "Understand, Microdick?"  I nodded.

Her brother was standing in front of a park bench.  I stepped over to him and said what she told me to.  "Gary, I sorry that I spanked you.  It was very wrong of me to do so as I'm just a baby dicked, immature  little boy.  Please give me the spanking that I truly deserve."  The crowd snickered.  Gary sat down at the end of the bench and pulled me over his lap.  He held me tightly.  I realized that he was stronger than me and could have stopped me this morning.  I yelled on the first hard spank like I was a little baby.  I did not stop yelling until I was crying like that baby.  The spanking continued and then I was bawling and limp.

Gary stood up dumping me on ground where I lay naked and crying.  "I told you that only my sister punishes me, Donny."  The crowd applauded his reducing me to a bawling baby.

Gary and Marta left and I was taunted for hours.  I did not find some of my clothes which got me into trouble with my parents.

By lunch time on Monday, everyone at school knew what had happened and that I was a baby dick.  I was reminded of this for the rest of the year.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 10, 2011

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