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This story is fiction and deals spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This was inspired by a commercial for satellite TV mentioning the "Parental Lock" feature.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Parental Lock


They had been living together alone for sixteen years every since the most loved Mother had died in childbirth.  Just the two of them – father and boy;  man and son.  There had been hard times; difficult times but the man was so very proud of how his son was becoming a man.  In less than a couple of years he would be going off to college.

It was a joint decision to get the satellite TV service rather than add to the college fund.  After all, when properly used it did have an educational as well as an entertainment value.  Neither of them considered that they should use the parental lock, as the ad suggested, as neither was a little child.  They promised each other that they would use it properly.  And they did at the start but then one of them slipped.  It was not a matter of money for the proscribed channel was free for the weekend.

Jarred noticed it after dinner when he turned on the news and noted that the TV was set to the forbidden channel.  He said nothing at the time not fully realizing what it meant.  It was the next day when Jarred returned home from doing the weekly shopping.  He entered the house and heard the TV.  He made his way to the TV room and saw Larry jerking off to the porno flick being broadcast rather than doing his chores.

Jarred immediately walked over to the TV and shut it off.  Larry quickly stuffed his now deflating shaft back into his jeans and zipped them up.  "I'm very disappointed in you.  We agreed that we would not waste time with this sort of crap." said Jarred.

Larry tried to respond but he had been caught in flagrante delicto.  He could not even manage to mutter excuses.  He had been caught watching a proscribed channel as well as neglecting his chores.© YLeeCoyote

They both knew what was next.  Larry, to his credit, followed Jarred to the kitchen where the plain sturdy wooden chairs were.  The chairs for eating; the chairs for studying; and, of course, the chairs for spankings.  While Jarred positioned the chair, Larry fetched the paddle from broom closet.  Jarred methodically opened Larry's jeans and pulled them down.  The underpants quickly followed before Larry was pulled over Jarred's lap.  There was no need for words nor force as for years one of the rules was: "Take it like a man."

Larry grabbed the leg of both the chair and of Jarred.  Jarred raised the paddle and brought it down hard on the exposed buns.  There was a loud CRACK.  This was repeated another fifteen times totally roasting the target.

Larry had tears on his face and his butt was blazing hot.  All that he could do then was sob: "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

They hugged as they always did after a punishment session.  "I'm sure it won't, dad.  I think now that you should put the groceries away and then get back to your other chores.".

Jarred returned to the TV and turned it on switching to the information channel.  Yes, there it was: Parental Lock.  He read the directions and set the limits so that this would not – could not – happen again.  It was only then that he realized the full meaning of the feature.  The parental lock would keep his father out of trouble.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., March 9, 2005

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