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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of domination, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  For a change I have given my narrator a general ethnic identity in order to use the cultural images associated with it about respect for one's elders particularly within the family.  There is a sequel to this story – In His Father's Footsteps

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Park Encounters


Park Encounter – I

I was running for my life; at least that's what I thought.  Just a second after I made the comment to the three bikers I realized that it had been a mistake; a big mistake.  As soon as they made comments back, I started to run to the exit only a couple of hundred meters across the park.  At thirteen I was small and slight but fleet-footed.  The three fifteen year olds chased after me but could not match my rapid pace particularly encumbered by their "uniforms".  They certainly looked like bikers with their motorcycle jackets draped with chains, their leather hats and pants, and, of course, the heavy boots.  All that was missing were the bikes.  Asking them about the bikes in a sarcastic tone evidentially was not appreciated.

I knew I would be safe as soon as I left the park and got into the mini-strip mall diagonally across the intersection.  This was not to be, however.  As I approached the gate I saw, to my horror, that it was closed and locked.  I also saw the reason – the path at the gate was ripped up for repair.  I was trapped for I could not get to another exit from the park.

I stopped and faced my pursuers; the smallest of whom was at least 20 cm (eight inches) taller.  I prayed silently that they would not hurt me very much.  I hope they didn't hate Asians.  Seconds later they surrounded me.

"Hi.  Nice evening, isn't it." I said.© YLeeCoyote

"It was ... until your rude comment, boy."

"Please, I'm sorry.  I did not mean to offend you gentlemen."

"I've seen how they do it in those flicks – they clasp hands.  I don't think he's being respectful." said one of them.

"Especially after dissing us." added another.

I realized that they had seen Hong Kong martial arts movies and hoped that I would do what he was thinking of and gripped my right hand with my left hand just below my chin and bowed my head repeating my apology.

"No, that not the way, schmuck." said the second one.  "They bow – really low."

I put my hands at my side and bowed low repeating my apology to each of them in turn.  Maybe this would not be so bad.  A bit humiliating but no one else was watching so I wouldn't really lose face with those I cared about.

"That's better." said the third one who turned out to be the leader, "but not like they did for the King of Siam in my mom's favorite flick.  Not like a toad.  Can you do that, rude boy."

I did not hear any question mark at the end of that.  I knew that I must humble myself even more.  I dropped to my knees and lowered my head to the ground in front of the first one like they did in the Yul Brynner movie.  "Please great and kind sir, please forgive the rudeness of this worthless toad." I begged.  Still this was better than being beat up.

What I did not know then was that they were getting a high from seeing me kowtowing and hard from my ass up in the air like that of a bitch.  By the time I finished my pleas for the third time there were three very hard cocks anxiously seeking relief.  I saw how their pants were tenting when they told me to rise but stay on my knees.  I was more hopeful than ever for they stopped looking as mean as a few minutes ago.  Maybe they would let me go.

No such luck.

"Up boy." one of them demanded.  I stood up but kept my head bowed.  "You have been a naughty boy."

"Yes, sir.  I'm sorry, sir."

"Naughty boys get spanked..." started one.

"... so that they remember their manners." finished another.

I was grabbed by the wrists and led into the dense growth of shrubbery at the center of the park before I could think of fleeing again.  I could feel how much stronger they were from how tightly they griped.  I figured that they could break every bone in my body without even working up a sweat.  Even if I yelled they could snap my arms and dash away before anyone could help.

Soon we were hidden inside vegetation far from any possible assistance.  Few people were in the park and even fewer came this way at night.  Once again, I was extremely scared.

The first guy sat on a tree stump and I was in front of him flanked by the other two.  "You've been a very naughty boy."  The first one reached for my belt and opened it.  Then the button of my slacks and the zipper.  He yanked down my pants like father had done to me many times.  Then with two thumbs in the waist band my briefs were similarly lowered.  I was roughly pulled across the leader's lap like a I was little boy; a naughty little boy.  Being spanked is better than being beaten up I thought.


I yelled at the pain of the first spank.  I had not been spanked for more than a year and the leader was not being gentle at all.  I did my best to be macho and not yell any more or to cry.  I was sure that all of them knew that they could do anything they wanted and I could not stop them.  I did not consider if being a cry baby would reduce the probability of injury.


I was lifted up and one of the others swapped places with the leader.  I was placed across the new lap but facing the other way.  This time I was being spanked by a lefty.  No surprise that it hurt just the same and expanded the area covered a little bit.  I managed to keep from bawling although there were tears on my face.

I also knew that I would be more polite in the future – particularly with tough strangers.

Just as before, the spanking suddenly stopped.  I was standing for a minute and then forced to my knees and bent over the stump.  They let go of me and barked:  "Stay in place or we start over, boy."

I heard something but I was not sure what it was.  Then there was a whoosh and the belt crashed into my tenderized butt with a loud CRACK!  I yelped in pain and surprise and grabbed the stump tightly.


"One more, boy."

I gripped the stump as tightly as I could.  Hopefully this would be the end of my torment.  The belt crashed down harder than before with a GREAT CRACK!  I could not help but to yell.  I was exhausted.  I remained still and waited.  Maybe they would go away and I could continue home.

No such luck.

They dragged me away from the stump and pushed me back onto my knees.  Then the leader was in front of me with his hard cock out.  This was my first view of a hard cock up close.  It looked huge.

"SUCK!  Make me feel good, little boy." he commanded.  I opened my mouth in amazement of his size and the hard shaft was forced in and out of my mouth.  After a couple of minutes, the leader stopped, growled his displeasure and stepped back.  I watched, fascinated, as he rolled a condom on his great shaft.

The leader got behind me and pushed me down so I was on my hands and knees.  I could feel the pressure on my asshole as the leader pressed forward.  "Push back like you're shitting, boy." he commanded.  I obeyed and the leader drove his shaft into my virgin butt.  While he gave me some time to adjust, the second guy was presenting his hard rod to my mouth.  Seconds later I was being double fucked.  They were rough and very forceful but deep inside there was something that I actually liked.  I realized that my own cock was extremely hard and I was having the same great feelings that I had when I jerked off.

Then the leader gripped my hips very firmly and rammed in as far as he could.  With a yell he shot his load filling the condom.  The second guy also basted his load into me.  This one I could taste as it filled my mouth.  The guy pulled out and held my mouth closed so that I had to swallow his come.  Later I wondered if I would have swallowed even if I hadn't been forced.

The third guy stepped in front of me while I was still kneeling.  I knew what was required and opened my mouth and accepted his cock without putting up any futile resistance.  He said that I totally lacked any technique so he pulled away and put on a condom.  Then he got behind me as had the first.  My fuck hole was still open from before and he slipped in easily.  Without a cock in my mouth I could concentrate on being fucked and realized that I liked it.  It felt as good as when I jerked off and then I actually came like never had before just before the third guy did.

The three bikers fixed their clothing and told me that they hoped I had learnt my lesson.  They left me in the woods.  I had a sore butt and butt hole but was not really damaged.  After a few minutes I got up and pulled up my own pants.  I walked slowly home no longer a virgin.

In my own bed later, I kept thinking of those three.  My cock remained as hard as a rock even after I jerked off twice.  I had looked at the guys in my PE class; none of them had the aura of masculinity that they did.  I had checked out the teachers also.  In their neat suits and ties they were not exciting.  I looked at the construction workers; they failed too in their dirty, torn and sweaty rags.

Every night I jerked off thinking about them and wonder about having sex with them again.  Yet, I was scared that I might meet them again.  I both watched and watched out for them always.

Park Encounter – II

It was a week later that I was hurrying through the park once again.  I was always very careful to look ahead to be sure I did not encounter the three biker boys again.  This night I made a mistake and just as I followed the path around some bushes I saw them.  Like a deer caught in the bright glare of the headlights of a car, I froze and my heart rate soared.

"Good evening, gentlemen." I said as they surrounded me.

"Good evening, little boy." said the leader and biggest one as he placed a large hand on the back of my neck.  I could feel the strength of his muscles that had a vise-like grip on my neck.  Even though I was scared of them, I found the raw masculinity terribly exciting.  My cock was getting stiff.  "You sound like you learnt your lesson last week, little boy."

"Oh, yes, sir.  Thank you, sir."  I was praying that they would let me go.

"Time to get the chicks." one of them said.  The three of them started to walk and I hadn't any choice but to tag along.  I was surprised when the leader told his buddies: "You two go on; Jill is on the rag and she's a total bitch then.  Besides, I think that it is time for my little boy to learn another lesson."

The other two laughed.  "Sure," said one, "Boy does need to learn how to please a man.  See you tomorrow, Ken."  They took off leaving me with Ken.  I was very nervous.  Ken kept his very tight grip on my neck as he guided me into the dark of the central area of the park.

"I'm disappointed that you have been trying to avoid me and the guys, Boy." he said with some anger.  "Did you think we would hurt you?"

"Oh, no, Sir.  Not at all." I lied.

He laughed.  "Oh, yes you have.  We've been watching you, boy."  I did not know what to say.  He was, of course, absolutely correct.  I kept my mouth shut.  "Lying is naughty, Boy."  He paused and I stared at the ground.  "You know what happens to naughty boys; naughty little boys?"

I knew all too well but kept silent.  He repeated the question so I answered in a very small voice.  "They get spanked, sir."

He led me back to the same stump that he had the first time and sat down.  "I'm going to spank you, Boy, again."

I thought of running to get away from him while at the same time wanting to stay with him.  My cock was throbbing.  As he opened my pants and pulled them down it seemed so right that he was going to punish me for lying.  Nevertheless, I said: "Please don't spank me.  I'll be a good boy."  I don't understand it still.  I was very tense about being spanked but I had stopped being scared that he was going to kill or even hurt me.

He pulled me over his lap and laughed.  While holding me in place and gently caressing my bottom as he told me he was disappointed in me for not only avoiding him but lying about it.  Then he raised his hand and started.


I felt just like I was a naughty little boy just the same as I had when father spanked me in the past.  Then I always cried and so I did this time for Ken.  I started to promise to be a good boy and never lie again.  Ken just continued to spank me until I was bawling.  He did not hit as hard or as much as the first time when I did not cry.  Something had changed.

Then I was being held standing up with my head on Ken's shoulder crying as he hugged me tightly.  As time passed I stopped crying and repeatedly promised to be a good boy and to tell the truth – always.  Here I was – a teenager in high school already – feeling and acting like a little fourth grade nine-year-old baby.  And with a stranger only two years older.  I stayed that way for a long time.  Strangely, I felt safe.

Ken found my handkerchief and wiped my face and made me blow my nose.  "It's time to learn to suck cock, Boy; my cock."  He pushed me to my knees so that my face was just in front of his crotch.  I could see his hard cock straining against his jeans even in the dim shadows.  He pulled my hand to his belt and I knew what he required of me.  I opened his belt and jeans.  His equipment pushed out his boxers.  "Pull them down, boy." he suggested gently.  Slowly I pulled them forward and down.  His cock sprung free – soaring like a great tree, tall, thick and strong, reaching for the sky from a vast and dense savanna of pubic hair.  His big balls were pulled up close.  I started at his manhood for some time quite mesmerized by it.  My own cock was hard and standing out also, but otherwise paled in comparison in every way.  'He is a man and I'm just a boy' I realized.

I was mesmerized and drawn to his hard shaft like a moth to a flame.  I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and cautiously licked it.  I was not fearful like the first time.  He was patient and let me explore slowly.  As I did more and closed my lips about his rock hard rod he started to instruct me in what I should do and how.  I really tried very hard to please him.  For some reason I wanted to please him and it was also fun for me.  Mixed in with his instructions were words of praise and encouragement.  They made me feel good.  Then I was rewarded for he started to come.  I eagerly accepted his essence as he blasted it deep into my welcoming mouth.  He held my head still for a while and his hot cum slid down my gullet to become me.  I felt warm.  "Thank you, Ken." I said after a long time.  He patted my head.

After a bit, he got a condom out of his pocket and handed it to me.  "Put it on me, boy."  Fumbling, I did as he directed not caring about the goo that got on my hands.  He turned me around and mounted me.  He was gentle and slow but insistently forced his shaft into me.  His cock hit my prostate and I felt good.  He held my hips and fucked me.  It was wonderful and I shot my own load as he thrust in and out.

Eventually, we dressed and started out of the park.  He told me to meet him in a couple of days for some more fun.  I agreed – enthusiastically.

Later that evening as my brother, Kim, prepared for bed, I noticed his body in a different perspective.  Although he is a year younger than me, we both started puberty about the same time and he was already bigger than me in every way – a bit taller and more muscular, his bush and cock already bigger than mine (which he frequently reminded me).  I could see how he would be like a non-hirsute Ken in a few short years.  The image was strangely perturbing.

Park Encounter – III

I was waiting for Ken a half hour early for I was afraid I would be late.  It seemed like an eternity before he casually walked up to me.  "Come with me, Boy." he said and I followed like an obedient puppy.  He led me to an apartment which was that of an older friend where we could be alone.  He told me that he wanted me for his boy and gave me a choice.  I could leave now and that would be the end of it or I could stay and be his boy.

I stayed.  Can the fly decline the spider's invitation?

He told me that he expected only the best from me in school and complete obedience to him.  I immediately promised myself to him.  Moments later I was naked and kowtowing to my lord and master with my head between his boots.

He questioned me about everything and soon knew everything about me.  Among the things I told him was that I did not do all my homework that afternoon.  When he finished his interrogation he spanked me.  He told me not to cry this time and I obeyed him even though my ass was aflame.  Then I undressed him as he directed.  He had a magnificent body – big, strong and hairy – which I finally got a good look at.  I really had a great admiration of his physique.  He permitted me to suck his great cock once again.  This time I was about to get more of it into my throat.  He told me that some day I would learn to take it all.  I really wondered if I would be able to.  I hoped so.

Then he took me to bed and fucked me good and proper.  He put me on my back and got between my raised legs.  Soon we both were enjoying it as he thrust in and out of my fuck hole.  It was so exciting to see his face as he fucked me that I came twice.  He even kissed me after he came.  He remained in me as he straightened up with my legs around him.  He picked up something from the table by the bed and turned it on.  The buzz was familiar.  My little bush soon disappeared as his clipper advanced making me look like a little boy.  He then repeated the operation in my armpits.  "I want my boy hairless." he declared definitely and without any indication of even the possibility of any discussion.

Later that night I felt my bare pubes and it felt good for I knew that was the way that Ken wanted me.  Strangely, it was the same sort of feeling I had a year ago when I first started to grow pubes and begin to feel like I was a man.

My Two Worlds Met – I

It was a couple of months since I first met Ken and I had been keeping him a secret from my family.  He did not present the sort of image that my parents would like.  I had not planned to introduce him to my parents but Ken set things up to do so without any warning.  We had arranged to go to the museum to see an Asian culture exhibit.  He had to go for a school project and invited me along.  None of his friends were interested in it.  He said he would be by my house at 11:15 on Saturday and that I had better be ready.

As I was getting dressed, he rang the bell at 10:45.  By the time I got downstairs, he was happily chatting with father and making a superb impression.  He was not dressed in leather and chains as I had always seen him, but in a dress shirt, slacks and blazer.  When father saw that I was carrying my usual go-to-school jacket, he told me to get my blazer to look like a proper young gentlemen like Kenneth did.

Then when we were about to leave, father added his usual injunction to be a good boy.  Ken jumped on that line like a tiger.  "Don't worry, Sir, if he's naughty little boy, I'll spank him."  Father laughed and said that sounded like a good idea as we walked out the door and headed for the station.  As we walked he verbalized the horrid thought that I already had – that father had actually given him permission to spank me.  It was just another reason for me to obey Ken.  Later I found out that Ken had told father that he had been encouraging me with my school work which had actually improved so that father's response was not totally in jest.

Of course, on the way home, Ken took me to his place and we played.  Naturally he found fault with my deportment during the day and spanked me before fucking me.

As I walked home, I realized that it had been a great day.

Family Relations – I

Time passed and my life centered about my relationship with Ken.  Surprisingly my grades improved because I was not doing things with my friends but only waiting for the glorious times I could spend with Ken.  He was everything to me and I literally worshiped him.  My parents were not totally happy with me spending so much time with just one other person but were mollified by the fact that my grades were up, I was not getting into trouble and Ken was a young gentleman of obviously good family.

There was a little bit of harassment in school but a lot of the guys had smooth pubes so that did not last very long.  My brother, Kim, though it was strange that he had a bush when I didn't, especially when I use to have one.  Since he was not the shrimp that I was he took every opportunity to compare us naked in the mirror in our room.  Pointing to the image he would ask: "Who's the little brother?" always answering his own question with: "The short one without pubes." and laugh.  Sometimes he would even comb them to emphasize how much he had.  It did not take him very long to realize that I was bald because of Ken.

In one way he was very nice about things.  He told me that it was fine that I was Ken's but to keep it private or else.  He did not want to be known as the brother of a pussy-boy.  Of course, that meant he would not talk about it either.  Well, not publicly anyway but privately he never missed an opportunity to claim superiority in the never ending, long term sibling rivalry.  He was a very competitive guy.

Ken went away for a couple of weeks and had left me some instructions on tape.  Everyone had gone out and I put the tape on to listen to my master.  What I knew nothing of was that Kim's plans had gotten scuttled and he had returned home.  While I was kneeling on the floor naked listening to Ken, Kim was watching me and hearing all – Ken on the tape and my acceptance of his orders.  Ken had just ordered me to shave my pubes and pits.  I turned off the tape and got the razor and shaving cream.  I turned to go to the bathroom when I saw my brother leaning on the door frame with the biggest smile ever on his face.

"How long have you been here?"

He laughed and said: "Long enough."  He paused, rubbed his bulging crotch and added: "I'm going to help my little brother."  He gabbed the razor and shaving cream and led me to the bathroom.  I protested but he threatened to give father the tape if I resisted.  Seconds later I was standing in the tub and he was hosing me down in preparation to covering me with the shaving cream.  I begged him to let me do this myself but he just told me to put my hands behind my head like a good little boy.  I must give him credit for he was very gentle and careful as he methodically removed the stubble from my pubis and pits.  As he worked he played with my cock so that it was hard and even dripping pre-come.  Then he did something that Ken had not done – he turned me around and inspected my butt.  He made me spread my cheeks and declared that my hole needed shaving also.  Of course, he proceeded to do that also.  I did not bother even to try to object.

When I returned to the room after showering, I found that Kim was sitting naked on the bed with the tape player in his hand.  "Let's listen to the rest of this, little boy." and pointed to the floor.  I kneeled in the place he indicated starting at his package.  He was not as big or hairy as Ken but he was bigger than me and his bush was fuller than mine had ever been.  He pulled me forward and I accepted his cock.  He played the rest of the tape.  Ken spoke of missing me and that he wished that his big hard cock was in my mouth and ass.  I wished that was so also and I pretended that Kim's cock was Ken's.  As I sucked my younger brother the tape stopped.  Kim was then encouraging me to suck and I continued to do so enthusiastically until he blasted his load into me.

"That was very good, little brother." he said patting my head.  "Are you as good a fuck also?"

It was clear that he wanted to find out for himself in spite of my objections.  He pulled me prone on to the bed and got on top of me.  I could feel his hard rod pressing against my butt crack; his hard body pressing on my back; his legs were keeping mine apart; his powerful hands crushing my wrists.  He laughed off my pleas and told me that it was going to happen whether or not I cooperated.  He was strong enough (particularly with the tape about) that I acquiesced.  He kindly got some of the lube he used to jerk off with and played with my hole a bit before sliding his rod into me.  It was quite different from Ken's much larger tool, but it still did the job.  We both liked it immensely.

I felt good with my brother lying on top of me and holding me.  Perhaps it was because I missed Ken or just liked being held by a strong and aggressive guy.  "I liked that little brother." he cooed into my ear.  "But you have to be punished for your disrespectful insolence in being disobedient, young man."  He got up and sat on the side of the bed and patted his lap.  That was the signal that father used when he was going to spank us.  I hesitated and he asked: "Do you want extra, boy?"  I got across his lap and he gripped me tightly and caressed my butt before starting to spank me.


He hit hard but not as hard as Ken.  I knew that I was being spanked for real.  I begged him to stop and promised to be good.  His hand gave me the answer.


I knew he was in control.  There was not any question that the relationship with my brother was changed forever and it was clear that he was going to be the brother-in-charge.

Family Relations – II

The whole family was going to visit father's brother and family this day.  My cousin Jing is almost two years older than I and cousin Tae is a half year younger than my brother.  As father drove there he cautioned us to behave properly and reminding us that our Uncle Sewan was very strict and had a cane to disciple unruly boys.  Of course both Kim and I promised to be good.  That was not to be the case.

We had only been there an hour when Kim, Tae and I managed to get into trouble running around.  The three of us were in the back of the property near the woods when we saw Jing coming our way carrying the dreaded cane.  It was quite traditional for the eldest son to be the disciplinarian and this was not the first time that Jing had the assignment.  The tradition also called for the miscreants to be deal with in age order.  Our parents were sitting on the porch and could see all that was happening.

There was not any need for Jing to explain anything for we all knew the procedures.  Jing indicated that I should drop my pants and assume the position for caning.  Kim interrupted simply stating that I was a merely hairless boy and as he was not he should be punished first.  Since my pants and briefs were about my ankles that part was obviously true and then he pulled his pants and boxers down reveling that he was quite hairy.  "You're quite right, cousin; assume the position." stated Jing .


I watched as the six tracks appeared on my brother's butt.  The tracks that should have been on my butt.  He had gained much face that I lost at the relatively minor cost of an extra cane cut.

I was about to get into position when Tae stated that he also out ranked me because he also had pubes.  Again the cane spoke


But not on my butt.  Again, I was disgraced.  Now it was my turn.  I bent over and waited for the cane.  But it did not come for Jing said: "You better hold the hairless little boy."  Both Kim and Tae rushed to my side and held me in position.  The cane spoke even before I could object that I did not need to be held.

Crack!  Crack!  Crack!  Crack!

Still another loss of face for not only did I get fewer strokes but they were lighter.  There was nothing I could do about it.  Any complaint would be disrespectful to Jing who could cane me more but that would not change what had happened.

Later, when we eating my Uncle Sewan asked Jing about the unexpected punishment order.  He casually explained to both our fathers that I was still just a hairless boy.  Since it happened and there was not any objection it was obviously the truth.  This would prove to have dire consequences shortly.

Park Encounter – IV

I was so happy when Ken returned.  We had sex; wonderful sex.  Then he reviewed what I had done during the two weeks that he was away.  He was of mixed feeling about what I had done with my brother but realized that it would not be practical to keep us apart since we shared a room and Kim was in control.

The was one thing that he was very displeased about – that I let Kim find out about us in such detail and for that I was going to be thoroughly spanked.  He pulled me over his lap and pounded away at my bottom for a long time and I was truly bawling.  Then he strapped me with his heavy leather belt.  It was very clear that carelessness would not be tolerated.  He held me close for a long time after that and licked away my tears.  I apologized for my carelessness and begged forgiveness.

He sent me home with a note for my brother.  I felt like a little grade school boy with a note for his parents.  After finishing our homework, and getting ready for bed I got into my accustomed position to give Kim his daily blow job.  It was then that I gave him the letter as instructed and started to suck.  I could hear Kim laugh as he read it.

He teased me for several days before he would tell me what Ken had written.  It was just a thank you note for taking care of 'his boy'.  Ken even encouraged him to continue to do so.  I now had two masters.

Family Relations – III

Father was quite displeased with me.  Not only had I used his tools but I had left them dirty and scattered on the workbench in the garage but I had done so on one of those very rough days in the office.  He was not up to dealing with me and Kim seized the opportunity.  He was most audacious.

"Honored Father, shall I deal with my careless, disrespectful, little brother the way cousin Jing helps Uncle Sewan by disciplining his brother, cousin Tae.  That way you can rest and read the paper before dinner."  Kim talks this way when he want to impress father; he imitates the very respectful mode that father said he always had to use with grandfather.

"Little brother?" asked father.  And then before Kim could answer, father answered himself.  "Yes; I remember – that is how you sorted yourselves out at your Uncle Sewan's house last month.  An excellent idea."

"I shall do my best father." said Kim as he led me to our room.  I should have spoken up right then before father agreed but I was really just a little boy and couldn't object to what my 'big' brother had said.

When we were alone, Kim lectured me as harshly as father had ever had done.  I was practically crying by the time he was through.  He made me strip completely and knee over the bed.  Then he strapped me with my own belt ten very hard times.  I was so ashamed.  Not only had Kim managed to dominate me privately but now he was doing it as father's surrogate.  I cried.

After a while, Kim ordered me to get up and go clean and put father's tools away properly.  When I reached for my clothes, he told me to go naked and if mother called us for dinner before I could back to the room, I would have to eat that way.  When we were little kids, after naked corner time, we frequently ate naked.  I ran to the garage, hoping that neither mother nor father would see me.  I finished the chore and got back in the house just as mother called us for dinner.  Kim blocked the stairs as he came down so that I was forced to eat naked.

At dinner father made sure that I thanked my 'big brother' for his disciplining of me.  While mother was getting something from the kitchen, father said he was going to ask my doctor to check why my pubes were late.  My most helpful brother immediately explained that there was not any need to do that since I shaved them off as I apparently did not like having them.

Father had the strangest look on his face when he heard that.  Kim then clinched his case with: "I think that he wants to stay a little boy, father, and avoid the responsibilities of growing up."

My Two Worlds Met – II

The school year was over and Ken told me that he wanted to see Kim and me so I arranged that he would visit us.  He had already told me that he was moving but had not been very explicit as to where just where having only said his family was getting a new house.  The three of were alone in the house since father was working and mother shopping.  It was also the first time we were together.

Ken had terrible news for me – he was moving across the country and we would not see each other for a long time.  It was very depressing news to me but he had already spoken with Kim about it and they had planned this meeting to tell me together.

That I was heart broken goes without saying.

Then, with Kim present, Ken proceeded to strip me and haul me over his lap for a final spanking.  Although he was gentle, I was crying knowing that he was going away.

I then got to suck Ken's wonderful cock.  Kim got behind me and eased his hard shaft into my butt so that I was getting it from the both of them.  This was wonderful in an entirely different way than the first time with Ken and his buddies in the park.  This time I wanted both studs and knew that they both cared about me.  It did not take them very long to blast their cream into me.

Ken was also talking as I sucked him.  He commanded me to obey Kim in the same way I obeyed him; to enthusiastically welcome Kim's man-shaft like I welcomed his; to achieve the same satisfaction and relaxation as from his.  Kim is now your big brother and master and would look out for me and make sure that I did the right things.

Then Kim pulled me over his lap and spanked me hard.  I cried with joy even though I was sad that Ken was leaving.  Soon again I was stuffed at both end with Ken fucking me as I sucked Kim.  I was not sure if this was better than the other way but all three of us shot.

They then hugged me together for a long time.  And they both instructed me to be a good obedient boy and to mind my brother.  I promised to be a good boy.  Ken went off to shower and Kim got a bottle from his drawer.  He carefully smeared the heavy and smelly cream on my bald pubis and pits and then he told me to wait.  When Ken returned, Kim took his shower.

When I showered, I realized that the little stubble I had was now gone.  Kim had decided to use a depilatory rather than a razor.  When I returned he checked me out and declared that it was a nicer result than with the razor and hugged me.  Ken said his good byes and was happy to know that I was in good hands.

As you can imagine, I was a little down that evening knowing that Ken was gone.  It was only after I went to bed did things get better.  Kim cuddled around me and held me for sometime not even talking.  Eventually, he got me prone and then on top of me – his favorite position.  Very gently, he slid his man rod into me.  Suddenly, I was transformed into another world; one where it was all happy and spring.  It was even better than the magic world that Ken put me in.  Kim muzzled my neck and nibbled my ears.

"You're my obedient little brother." he cooed.

"Yes, Kim." I concurred.

"You'll always be my obedient little brother."

"Yes, Kim, forever." I promised.  And Kim shot as I said it.

By the morning I was already looking forward to the summer confident that my big brother Kim would find lots of fun things for us to do.

The End.  Go to the sequel.

© Copyright A.I.L., April 18, 2002

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