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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of a stripping, spanking and intentional humiliation.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

This story is a follow up to Paul's story Bathed and Spanked with my extensions.  Please see the series introduction at the beginning of that story: Bathed and Spanked – Page 1.

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Bathed and Spanked – Page 5
Paul has fun Educating His Cousins



Paul was back home after three weeks of horror at his aunt's house.  His parents, Luke and Mary, could see that he was despondent and it took several man-to-man talks with his father over several weeks for the story to come out.  His Aunt Carolynn and his two cousins, Susan (some three years older), and Beth (a year younger than him), had treated eleven-year-old Paul as if he was just another pre-school kid in their day care center.  Paul was bathed, exposed, dressed and supervised as if he were only five years old.  Since he was twice the age of the other 'inmates', his male equipment was much larger than his cousins – and their friends – had seen before and much more responsive.  All the girls found it very interesting to Paul embarrassment and humiliation.

Paul's parents were horrified at the abuse the three had subjected him to.  They apologized to their son but what had happened could not be undone.  They assured him that they had never imagined  such a thing could happen and would never allow such abuse to happen again.  They could not imagine how Aunt Carolynn could not understand what she allowed and encouraged nor how his cousins could be so self-centered and selfish.  They all wished that something could be done to even the score.  It was the first time that Luke and Mary regretted raising Paul to be so polite and respectful to this elders.

Just two days after they completely learnt of the all horrors, Aunt Carolynn called.  An opportunity for a special trip had occurred and she would be gone for three weeks.  She had arranged that the girls would be at summer camp for a week each and asked that they please take care of her little angels for just two weeks apiece.  Beth for the first and third weeks and Susan for the second and third weeks.  Luke and Mary could not refuse as they had asked the same thing just a couple of months earlier for their son.

When Paul first heard of his cousin's planned visit, he was horrified.  He did not want to see those obnoxious girls again after how they had humiliated him.© YLeeCoyote

"Even if you're in charge of them?" asked his mother.

"In total charge, including spanking them if they misbehave?" added his father with a smile.

To say that Paul was now interested would be the understatement of the year.  His father explained that although it was his aunt that should have prevented his cousins' totally unreasonable behavior, they were also responsible also.  They definitely needed to be taught that others have feelings and need to be respected even if they are children.  This would be an opportunity to teach them a valuable life lesson which they had missed.

Paul mind was racing and then suddenly he asked: "Apply the golden rule so that they know what they did to me, Dad?"

"Exactly, son." answered his parents in unison.

"You're going to have learn a few things about babysitting, Paul.  How to bathe and dress a girl especially." said his mom with a wicked smile.

"And how to spank one, er, two also." added his dad with a big grin.

They discussed things for a long time and even got the next door neighbors to help.  Paul was friends with Steve (a year older) who often had to care for his five-year-old sister Kim.  Steve's parents were agreeable to helping Paul learn the fine art of babysitting (they needed a backup sitter).  Steve liked the whole idea.  He was even was willing to trade spankings with Paul to learn how to do it.

Beth's Private Lessons

Beth was not prepared for what awaited her.  She had a long day seeing her mother off on a trip, her sister off to camp and then starting a visit.  She though that she would have fun with her little cousin like she had just a few weeks earlier.  Beth had truly enjoyed playing with her cousin as if he was only five years old rather than eleven.  At dinner she was shocked to hear that Paul was going to being in total charge of her.  She did not understand what that meant until after dinner when Paul announced: "Beth, it is time for me to give you your bath and get you ready for bed.  Please come along."

"I can do it myself." she declared indignantly.  "Besides it is too early."

"Do you want a spanking, young lady?" inquired Paul.

Beth appealed to her Aunt Mary and Uncle Luke but they just told her to do as Paul said or she would get spanked.  Spanking was not something that she was familiar with.  Well, not familiar with first cheek.  Many of her mother's charges had felt a hand or two on their nether cheeks from her as had Paul.

"Now, Beth!" said Paul firmly.  But Beth did not move.  Paul grabbed her and pulled her up.  He sat down on the straight-backed chair and yanked her across his lap.  His parents watched as their very happy son pulled his cousin's dress up and yanked down her panties.  They were unprepared for how loud the girl could yell when Paul's hand came crashing down on her bare little bottom.  Paul continued until Beth was crying and promising to be good and her bottom was thoroughly crimson.

"Time for your bath, Beth.  Please pick up your panties and come along."

"Yes, Paul." she replied sensing that her world had changed.

In the relative privacy of the guest room, Paul undressed his cousin.  She wanted to object but the pain in her hot, red little bottom told her that she had better not.  Since she was too young for even a training bra and she had kicked her panties off while being spanked that first dress removal was traumatic for the lass.  Paul undid the buttons in the back and with her facing him pulled the dress forward and let it fall to the floor leaving her naked. She was totally exposed above her ankles in front of a male for the first time since she was a baby.  She blushed with shame.  Paul hugged her a bit until she calmed down and then finished undressing her.  As he removed her socks and shoes while she was sitting on the bed, Paul got his first unobstructed view of her female anatomy.  As interested as he was, he had been carefully coached by his parents to be patient about examining such parts for he would have many opportunities.  His mother had told him that the girls, particularly Susan, would be more hurt if he did not seem very interested.

Paul took Beth to the bathroom. Then he bathed her as she had done to him and he had practiced on Steve's little sister, Kim.  Beth had mixed emotions as Paul washed her and then dried her.  Of course, she was terribly embarrassed that her male cousin was so intimate with her body but it did feel good being handled by him.  When she was dry he brushed out her hair and had her brush her teeth.  Because he was standing here, she declined, in Paul's words: "Going Potty".

Back in the guest room he had her lie on the bed and powdered her crotch carefully as if she was a baby and as she had done to him particularly relishing the order to lift up so to get to her bottom as it afforded him a an excellent view of her immature feminine charms.  He helped her into a short nighty.  "Because this was your first spanking here, I'm allowing you to be partly dressed." he explained while putting her panties back into the drawer.  "The rule is that after a spanking you can not get dressed until after breakfast the next morning."  Paul tucked his cousin in and gave her a little kiss on the forehead goodnight.  Soon she was dreaming she was a debutante on a cruise ship on the high seas.

Unknown to both youngsters, Paul's parents had given Beth two drugs surreptitiously hidden in her dinner.  The first was a soporific to make her tired and to sleep very soundly.  The second was a diuretic to put her kidneys into overdrive.  When Paul woke Beth in the morning, they discovered that she had wet the bed.  Paul had been instructed very carefully that children often wet the bed in strange places and should such a thing happen not to make a fuss but to treat it as normal.  He helped his little charge strip the bed and along with her wet clothes take it all to the laundry room.  Then he washed her off and then dried and powdered her.  Dressing would have to wait until after breakfast. All the time, he treated it as expected which made Beth feel even worse.

At breakfast Paul was very sweet on the surface.  He quietly and simply reported the facts and asked his parents if his cousin should be put into diapers or any sort of training pants either by day or night.  Aunt Mary interrogated her niece Beth about intimate details of her toilet habits which left Beth feeling quite embarrassed.  She did not understand what was happening, but she did not like it at all.  She was treated like she was a little five-year-old and, shudder, was acting like one by wetting the bed for the first time in over five years.  Paul's mother gave him instruction on dressing Beth, doing the extra laundry and left them for the day.

The rest of the morning was fine as Paul and Beth played together.  After lunch, Paul took Beth to her room and removed her blouse, jeans and sneakers so that she could nap.  He insisted that she "go potty" so as not to wet up the bed again.  It was with difficultly that she managed to wee-wee at all.  Paul had warned her that if she did not stay in bed properly, he would not hesitate to spank her once again.

In the late afternoon, Steve dropped over.  He wanted to meet Beth and had high hopes of seeing her naked.  He was, of course, invited to stay for dinner as he often was.  Later Paul interrupted his play with Steve so that he could bathe Beth.  Although Beth objected that Steve was watching, her aunt pointed out that she did not have anything that he had not already seen many times.  She stopped objecting completely when Paul asked: "Do you want another spanking?"  Much to her dismay, Steve actually helped with her bath even putting the powder on her crotch.  She was mortified at this but the boys acted as if it was nothing special.

Then after Paul put on her nighty, he got a pair of pullups rather than a pair of her panties.  Predictably, she objected which allowed Paul to explain to her – with Steve listening to all – that they were just a precaution since she wet the bed last night.  Paul promised that if she stayed dry for two nights they would go back to panties.  This evening she did not object to "going potty" even with the two boys about.

A couple of days later, Steve was over with Kim.  The two in-charge boys allowed the two little girls to play together until it was nap time.  Then they were both taken inside, undressed to their underwear and put into the beds to nap.

On the fifth morning, Beth got uppity and threw a tantrum over some minor item at breakfast.  Paul had started to strip her just as Steve came by with Kim.  Now with an audience of four, Paul carefully continued to strip Beth to her birthday suit.  Then he put her over his knee as Kim started to chant: "Beth's getting a spanking." over and over until Steve told her what would happen if she did not stop.  Paul spanked her very thoroughly.  As he made red hand prints on her little bottom she started to sob and promise.  A few more, some of which caught the sensitive strip at the bottom, caused her to cry.  A few minutes latter she was bawling out of control.  She calmed down after forty minutes in the corner and apologized to her Aunt Mary.  Then she was permitted to go out and play – naked.

She was still naked after dinner, when a couple of Paul's friend dropped by to play with some video games.  They were very polite and insisted that she play also.

Except for that, Beth was a pretty good girl and did not need more than that those two spankings to understand that she must do as Paul directed.  It was not until she was in camp that she figured out that this was the way Sue and she had treated Paul when he was their guest.  But she still did not understand that she must consider other people feelings.

Susan's Private Lessons

The camp bus which brought Susan also took away Beth for a week.  There was not time for the sisters to talk, so that Susan was in for the same sort of surprises that her sister had experienced.  Susan, four years older than Beth and three older than Paul was very unhappy with the arrangements.  As she haughtily put it, "I'm a young lady of almost fifteen and he is just a little boy of eleven."

Her Aunt Mary laid down the law most firmly.  "First of all, young lady, you are still nine months from fifteen while Paul is almost twelve."  Among other things she noted that age difference was not a consideration when Paul was the guest so that now he was the host and therefore in charge.

"You will do as Paul directs or you will be severely punished.  After which you will do as you are told by both us and your cousin, young lady.

"The choice is yours – either the easy way or the hard way." added Uncle Luke in his most authoritarian tones.

Susan was obstinate and willful and had used inappropriate language, tone and volume in her objections.  Exasperated her uncle asked his son what he thought of the situation.  "When I acted just halfway that disrespectfully, father, I got a major bare bottom spanking and for such language, even with just the guys, I got my mouth thoroughly washed out with soap.  I would assume that Aunt Carolynn instructed her daughters to be polite, respectful and obedient guests just like mother instructed me when I visited them." said Paul politely.

Uncle Luke had more than enough from his niece.  He got up and took hold of her.  He then sat on the side chair.  While Susan was still in shock at being manhandled, her jeans were unbuttoned and yanked down below her knees.  Her uncle then flipped her across his left thigh, pulled her arm behind her back and placed his right leg over hers so that she could not kick.  "YOUNG LADY, I will not tolerate such willful disobedience and disrespectful behavior from you.  It is high time that you learnt some manners."  He was about to pull down her panties, when he realized that they were super brief thongs types which he considered quite improper for a young lass.  He requested Paul get a scissors and then with just two snips cut the panties off adding a bit a lecture.  Before spanking her he told Paul that if she did not have any decent panties, he was to take to local store and get some.  He then raised his hand and gave her a hard SPANK!  Right in the middle of her cute sexy adolescent bottom.  She howled.  Paul was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  He spanked more.  A lot more.  In just a few minutes that cute tail was bright red and the other end was bawling uncontrollably.  As she was marched over to the corner, the remnants of the panties fell away leaving her bare.  Paul got his first view ever of pussy hair as she went by and then of her glowing bottom.  He had seen many spankings, even of his friend's siblings, but never any that had such instant effects on the spankee.

This was an entirely new experience for Susan.  Like her sister, she had never been spanked before now and in front of her male cousin, until she was bawling like an infant.  Susan remained in the corner for an hour.  She bawled for at least twenty minutes and then cried for another twenty.  Then she was called before her uncle and her clothes confiscated.  Naked and with red and puffy eyes she was much more receptive to listening to her guardians for the next two weeks.  The first thing that she learnt was that she going to be naked until after breakfast.  The second was that she was expected to obey and be respectful to her young host, Paul, as well as her aunt and uncle at all times.

Again she pleaded that she was older than he was, but she was told that she was going to be considered to be a little girl of five for the next two weeks and that Paul was in charge.  In charge meant exactly that with full authority to discipline her as he saw fit.  Any disrespect as she had shown earlier would be dealt with severely.

It was then dinner time and Susan had a very difficult time sitting on the hard chair that she was given.  Paul instructed her to be still several times.  Of course, sitting directly across the table, he was enjoying how her perky tits jiggled as she moved.  After dinner, Paul told her to come along to the bathroom for there was that little matter of foul, unlady-like language which needed to be dealt with.  She refused and Paul took charge of her, as he had with her younger sister.  He grabbed and placed her over his lap clamping the willful lass down with his leg.  He then spanked her already tender bottom very hard.  Paul was really enjoying this for it had been Susan, much more than Beth, that had been his main tormentor.  Having seen his father cause her to bawl, he went for the same end.  He knew from his own unpleasant experiences that getting to the bawling, rather than just crying, stage really affected the spankee much more.

After some more corner time, Susie was much more docile.  She went with him to the bathroom and got her mouth washed out thoroughly with soap.  Paul had a great time doing it.  He wet a wash cloth and then added several squirts of soap from the dispenser.  A little hand work and soon the wash cloth was fully lathered up and ready.  Susie obediently opened her mouth and the horrid soapy cloth was inserted.  Paul made sure that he rubbed it around thoroughly getting in to every area of her mouth to be sure that he washed out every dirty word.  He paid special attention to the tongue with all its sensitive taste buds.  He allowed her to expectorate but not rinse.  When they rejoined the adults Susie was a very contrite lass.  She was much more receptive to the house rules than she had been when she arrived.

She went quietly when Paul informed her that it was bath time.  She had not expected that he was going to bathe her as she had bathed him.  In the relative privacy of the guest room, she begged him not to bathe her.  He told her that he had seen naked little girls before and that there was nothing to be ashamed about.  First he baby-shampooed her hair and then washed her all over with the washcloth.  He had her stand for rinsing with the shower hose.  This is when he was able to observe her entire body except for the hidden bits which he would soon see.

As her sister had done, she refused to 'go tinkle' and he just took her to her bed.  After powdering her crotch, getting a good look at it the process, he tucked her in.  Of course, since she had gotten two spankings, she was not permitted any clothes until after breakfast.

Like they had with her sister, her aunt and uncle had also given her both the soporific and the diuretic.  The effect on her was the same as on Beth and she also woke in a wet bed.  Paul cleaned her and the bed up and took her down for breakfast.  During breakfast, Steve dropped in with Kim.  This was not an unusual happening but Paul had called him last night to assure that he would for he already knew that his cousin would be naked.  Of course, Susie was mortified that a strange boy would see her naked.  Kim also saw, and immediately asked what she had been spanked for.  Susie was compelled to admit to being a naughty girl for not listening to her uncle.

"And what else, Susie?" inquired Paul.

"And not listening to you." she answered softy looking at the floor.

Then Paul asked his mother what he should dress her in for she had wet the bed also.  This caused Kim to laugh hysterically and totally humiliated Susie.

After her aunt had questioned her thoroughly on her wetting and toilet habits she allowed her normal clothes for the day but ordered pullups for two consecutive dry nights before she could return to panties at night.

Mid-morning Paul took Susie to the local shop to get her panties of appropriate modesty.  This store was appreciably closer to a five and dime than to Victoria's Secret in the styles that they stocked.  Paul carefully told the matronly clerk the necessary specification (he had gotten them from his mother) as Susie stood next to him mortified.  Susie thought everything was hideous (and in his own mind Paul agreed) but they made some selections.  Paul insisted that Susie model a pair so that he would be sure that his dad would approve.  Although the clerk was surprised, she permitted it again to Susie's mortification.

Paul showed Susie around the area.  She took the opportunity to ask why she had to model them for him in the shop.  He patiently explained that if the had been too brief, they both would have gotten spanked.  "I do not like getting spanked, particularly when dad is mad."

The day was uneventful until dinner.  In formal terms, Susie pubic hair was discussed and in order to prevent even the possibility of diaper rash, it was decided that she was to be shaved.  As could be expected, she begged that she be allowed to keep her hair and was very willing to risk the rash.  Her uncle closed the discussion with a definitive statement.  "Young lady, we are responsible for your health and we feel that a little prevention is called for in this case.  We'd much rather err on the side of caution.  Paul, please take care of this when you bathe her this evening."

"Yes, father." Paul responded dutiful as Susie held back her tears.

At bath time, Susie begged him not to shave her and promised to be very, very good for her whole visit.  Paul, not truly understanding the emotional aspects, responded that he must follow his dad's orders or he would not be able to sit for a week and he hated to have to eat standing up.  He had Susie lie on a towel on the floor and covered her pubis with shaving cream.  Then he very gently shaved her very smooth.  He was very through and did it twice.  Of course, this enabled him to inspect – both visually and tactilely – Susie thoroughly without being naughty or rude as this was a required task.  Then he bathed her as he did the previous night.  She, blushing, emptied her bladder as he watched.

He put her into a short nighty and pullups and then tucked her in for the night.  Then he went to his room and jerked off.  As he was still a pre-adolescent he was not able to shoot, but enjoyed a dry orgasm.  He also was feeling much better about himself now that he was getting even with his uppity cousin.

Things were quiet for a couple of days until Susie acted up while playing with Kim.  Since she had been warned several times that same day, Paul decided that it was definitely spanking time.  While Steve held Kim and watched, Paul stripped Susie as he lectured her on proper behavior.  Susie was much more docile now than she had been at the beginning of the week and accepted her punishment without major objections.  Paul sat down on the porch steps and indicated that Susie should get over his lap which she did.  Paul then spanked her quite hard.  He like the way his hand prints appeared on his older cousin's buns as he turned them completely red.  He had developed a whole new attitude to spanking – it was fun – provided that you were not the spankee.  As he spanked Susie, Kim was beaming.  By the time Susie was bawling, Kim was really happy and over her hurt.  Susie spent the rest of the time studying the wall until it was nap time.

When Paul tucked Susie in for her nap, she was a changed girl.  She was contrite and even admitted to Paul that she had deserved that spanking.  Paul was amazed.  He reward her behavior by getting some soothing cream and rubbing it into her hot buns.  Susie thanked him.

Paul felt that progress was being made.  Steve told Paul that it was real nice the way Susie's pussy flashed as she flailed her legs.

Lessons for Two

Beth returned from camp and the two sisters talked for hours after being separated for two whole weeks without exchanging a word.  Of course, camp was a discussion item but the primary subject was how they were being treated by their hosts.  Before long it was dinner time and then family time so that they really could not get into the subject since they did not want to talk about it in front of the others.  They even went quietly for their evening bath when Paul said to.  Beth watched quietly as Paul stripped her older sister and then Susie returned the favor.  This was going to be their first joint bath together in many years.  They had thought of rebellion but knew that their uncle would act, just as their mother had squelched Paul's resistance.

Afterwards, in bed, they talked about what was happening and how awful it was to be treated as children.  Then the internal light went on – this is how Paul must have felt and they were too dim-witted to understand that.  They were perfect angels for the next couple of days as they tried to work out a solution.  It was midmorning and Steve was there with Kim as he was often.  Beth and Susie got into a sister fight and it took both Paul and Steve to separate them.  As the two girls fumed at each other, the boys stripped them for the requisite spankings.  Being stripped tends to get one to change focus and the girls eventually realized what was happening.  The boys both sat down on the grass and each pulled a girl across his lap.  Steve had been hoping for such an opportunity since the whole business started and Paul had promised that he could should the opportunity ever arise.  (Incidentally, 'opportunity' was not the only thing to rise.)

After they each achieved a nice state of rosy buns and a crying face, they traded girls and continued until both girls were bawling.

It was surely just a coincidence that a dozen of Steve and Paul's friends dropped by that afternoon.  (Or could it have been the result of a phone call that Steve made to just one of his friends?)  The boys were very pleasantly amused by the two naked girls playing in Paul's back yard.  The girls were not amused at all particularly when Paul insisted that Ms. Manners required him to introduce his cousins to his friends.  Additionally, it was explained that they had lost their clothes for the day by being naughty and requiring spanking.

Three days before their mother was due back, the girls figured it out.  They knew why this was all happening to them.  This was payback for the way that they treated Paul when he was visiting.  They realized that everything that had been happening to them was the result of not having any empathy for others, in particularly, Paul.  They also noted that although Paul had many opportunities to handle them sexually, he did not do so as they had done to him.  Of course, he had handled them and looked closely but never masturbated them even though he usually had tented pants.

That night when he tucked them into bed, they did their best to apologize to him.  They were not good at it, but Paul just encouraged them to work on a proper apology.

The next day there was a subtle change in how Paul treated them and in the evening he just told them to shower and go to bed.  When he came to check up on them, they thanked him again.

They worked on their apology a lot for the next couple of days and finally writing it in their best penmanship on Aunt Mary's stationary.

Aunt Carolynn's Public Lesson

Paul's father picked up his sister, Carolynn, at the airport and brought her to the house for lunch and to get her car.  The entire family had lunch together.  The two young ladies, in front of their mother and Paul's parents, apologized to Paul and each gave him a written one as well.

Aunt Carolynn was speechless as she heard her daughters' apology to Paul (and his parents) along with promises to always be considerate.  In her mind there were only two kind of people big and little.  Since Paul was not big, he must be little and her business was caring for little kids.  She knew that there was but one way to care for kids.  She must be doing it right for a child was never withdrawn from her care unless the family moved or until the kid got too old.  Perhaps if he had been more assertive that very first day she might have realized the difference.  Perhaps if he had been just a bit more mature physically.  But she was swamped with work and just followed her normal pattern.

There was a long silence before Luke, her kid brother spoke.  "Carolynn, you were always very bossy when I was a kid particularly after mother died.  Dad relied on you far too much.  You ruled the house like you were the mother rather than just the oldest sibling.  You needed to be spanked just like the rest of us, but dad never saw that."

Carolynn tried to speak but she could not come up with any words.  She made sounds but they were more animal than human.  Luke waited a few minutes and got up.  He guided his sister across the room and sat on the straight back chair.  He opened her slacks and they dropped to her ankles.  Her panties followed immediately for he yanked them down.  Her daughters and particularly Paul watched intently in stunned silence as Carolynn was placed across Luke's lap.

"You have been needing this for a long time, Carolynn." he said firmly as he raised his hand for the first spank.  Both Paul and Susan knew first hand exactly how hard he could hit.  The hand crashed down on the waiting butt.  It left a large hand print.  Carolynn yelled.  The process was repeated many times until she was crying.  Paul's mother handed him the her old style hairbrush; the heavy wooden one with an oval business part at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) across.  Paul thought that he was to take it to his father but he got another surprise.  "Use it yourself, son."

"YES, SIR!" he responded and paddled his aunt's butt until she started to bawl like her daughter had; like a baby.

"That's enough, son." said his father.  As soon as Paul stopped, his father finished up the spanking with his hand as insurance that the job was well done.  It certainly was long overdue and he wanted to be sure it was done correctly.  Mary then took an active role.  She pulled her sister-in-law's slacks and panties completely off.  Then she undid the buttons on her blouse and the hooks of her brassiere.  When she stood up it was an easy processes to pull the blouse off and gravity took care of the other garment.  She lead her to the corner where she stood bawling and then crying with her butt fiery red for almost an hour.  Paul appreciated this sight, remembering the time he was in that position, but also like that he got to see her fully grown beaver and breasts as she passed by.  She was the first adult female he had seen naked.

Aunt Carolynn was quite contrite when she was called from the corner.  It took her a while to realize that she was naked in front of the family.  She blushed particularly because of Paul who was most interested in her body.  She did not know what to do or to say.  After a while she asked for her clothes.  "Sorry, Carolynn, the rule is that after a spanking you must remain naked until after breakfast.  Or have you forgotten that?" asked Luke with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"Perhaps it is best that you stay here tonight." said Mary.  "You can sleep with me and Luke can use the extra bed in Paul's room."

"Excuse me, Aunt Mary," said Susan politely, "May I suggest that mom uses my bed in the guest room and I use the extra one in Paul's room so that Uncle Luke does not have to switch.  That is, if Paul would approve."  She smiled at Paul.

"That would be fine with me, mom." said Paul.

Carolynn make some objections about the possible improprieties of that arrangement not knowing how her eldest daughter had been treated by Paul over the last two weeks.

"Mother, Paul has been quite the gentleman for the last two weeks and I'm certain that he will continue as such." declared Susan.  Actually, she had private reason – she want to have some private time with her cousin without even her sister around.

The kids were invited to go play so that the adults could talk.  They were happy to do so that they could rebuild their shattered relationships.  Mary and Luke had to deal with a shell shocked Carolynn.

The Aftermath

This was the first time that Carolynn had been subjected to such a humiliating treatment and it certainly was worse happening in front of her own daughters and nephew.  The two daughters that she would have to face everyday for a very long time.  On the other hand, it provided her with a very good object lesson in being on the receiving side.  She certainly did not like that.  Of course, one spanking and a few hours of talk can not change habits of almost four decades but it can be a start.  It was explained that Paul managed to recover from his ordeal as her victim.  Even Carolynn's daughters were recovering from similar treatment.  Luke and Mary were actually pleased at the apologies their nieces had done.  Paul had strict instructions not to even hint that they should be forthcoming to insure their true sincerity.

It was then that Carolynn learnt how her daughters were treated.  Like five-year-olds with Paul in charge – just like he had been a baby to them.  The way that Susan was willing, possibly even anxious, to share a room with Paul indicated both true trust and respect and also proved that he had not abused his authority.

Carolynn was not happy about continuing naked until breakfast.  Unless she could come up with a compelling reason that she was special and did not have follow the rules, then she should, must follow them.  Even then it would be a very bad example for the children that people are not equal.

Meanwhile the kids were talking a lot more than playing.  Their task was easier.  Basically, they all wanted to be kids and not parents.  Paul also was apologetic for he had treated his cousins badly but for a good cause.  He confessed that at the very beginning he wanted and needed revenge and his parents thought that his cousins needed some tough love.  He was sorry that he had to hurt them but were good reasons.  This resulted in a group hug and even (chaste) kisses.  They were buddies again.

As they lay on the grass, Susan said: "With the way you've been so aggressive, you must be starting puberty and getting hair on your pee-pee, Paul."

"I'm not telling!"

"We'll tickle you until you do."  The two of them started to tickle Paul.  It was not difficult as he was only wearing a T-shirt, shorts and briefs.  They all remembered playing it many times in the past although Paul was not usually so passive as today.  In just a few minutes he was laughing out of control and Susan unbuttoned his shorts.  As she pulled them down, he even lifted up his butt to make the task easier.  He no longer cared if they saw him naked.  As long as he did not care, it all was fun he discovered.  "Tell us now or we'll pull your briefs off also."

"I'm not telling!  You can NOT make me tell!"

"Then off they come."  She started to pull them down and again Paul lifted up to make it easier.  The girls took a careful look.  "I think it has grown some but no hair yet."  They all laughed.  Paul pulled up his pants.

It was then Paul's turn to tease.  "You ready for another shave, Sue?"  He knew the answer for he had washed her sex just three days before.

"Girls don't shave, silly boy, guys shave." she joked back.

"So why do they make pink razors for woman, dimwit?"  Which caused another round of laughter.

Steve wandered by and was surprised that they were so happy.  Learning that they were friends again he was pleased.  He wanted his best bud to be happy and this was the first he really seemed to be since those awful three weeks.  Mary called for dinner to be delivered and came out just then to call the kids in.  Out of habit, without even thinking, she invited Steve.

Neither Steve nor Carolynn were really ready for what happened.  Dinner was a buffet setup and after the kids had started in walked Carolynn.  Fortunately Steve had an empty mouth when she walled in to the room.  Mary chose to ignore the nudity and just introduced the two.  Other than to tent his shorts, Steve managed to be cool about the whole thing particularly after encountering her daughters in a similar state several times.

The embarrassed woman did not know what to do.  Her brother shattered the ice by simply announcing.  "Carolynn was naughty and was spanked for it." and to his sister, "That's the breaks of life dear."

They all survived

After dinner, Paul and Steve went to play, Carolynn went to bed early ("I'm tired after my trip.") and Mary and Luke had a long talk with their nieces.  They rehashed past events and concluded that their mother would need some help.

Teen Games

Paul and Susan were eventually alone in Paul's room.  They were quite comfortable with each other now regardless of their state of (un)dress.  "Please tuck me in, Paul." was Sue's way of getting Paul to sit next to her and to be able to talk.  "Why did you help rather than resist when we stripped you this afternoon?"

"Because as long as I did not care it was fun.  Just like you did not care that I saw you change tonight."

"You never probed my sex when you could have.  Yet you usually were hard when you looked so you must be interested.  What stopped you?"

"Dad and I had several long talks about that.  He knew it would be a problem and prepared me for it.  You were in my charge and I had great power over you.  You could not freely give consent and therefore it would have been rape – emotionally even if not legally.  I could never do that."

"You wanted too."

"Of course!" he said and added: "And I still do."

"Would you like an anatomy lesson now, Paul?"

"Certainly, Sue.  I've looked at books and tried to compare the pictures with you but it is not so clear."

"And a complete one you shall have, dear cousin."  With that she got up and stripped.  Then she pointed out all the parts of the female, different from the male, with the names and the erotic attributes.  She even demonstrated how she stimulates herself all the way to his astonishment and enlightenment.  Paul returned the lesson in his way as best as he could with his immature equipment.

Morning Sickness

When Beth came down to breakfast, she told Aunt Mary that her mother was not feeling well and was still in bed.  Paul, who had already finish breakfast, followed his mother up.

"Are you decent, Sue?" asked Paul knocking on the door to his own room.

"For you, always." replied his cousin.

Before he could go into his room, his mother asked him to get the thermometer while she asked her sister-in-law about her problem.  Just as Paul entered the room, his mother jumped up saying: "Take her temperature, please Paul," and dashed out, yelling, "The stove…."

A little stunned, Paul, he said: "Good morning, Aunt Carolynn.  I hope you're not sick."  After his aunt responded he asked her to turn over so he could take her temperature.  She was a little astonished but Paul explained that mother insisted that this was the only accurate way.  "It really does not hurt and this is much smaller than what comes out."  Reluctantly, she turned over and Paul put a glob of petroleum jelly on the instrument and then gently spread her cheeks and another dab on her orifice.  He slipped it in easily, although he could feel that she did not have an empty rectum.  The required time was just up and as he removed the thermometer his mother returned.  She could see that he had to wipe it off.

Further interrogation reveled that Carolynn was constipated after overdosing for a common traveler's problem.  "Dr. Mary" ordered an enema and "Nurse Paul" was to give it.  As with all protestations of this sort, they were useless and soon, Paul was back with the bulging bag and greased nozzle.  This was a bit harder to insert but Paul managed the task.  Then he stood by the bed holding the bag up so that the water could flow down to where it was needed.

After making her wait the ten minutes as prescribed, he led her to the bathroom and left her to discharge the messy water.  When she had finished, Paul knocked and entered the bathroom.  "Do you want your rinse out here or back in bed, Aunt Carolynn?" he asked as he carefully refilled the bag.

"Is that really necessary?" she asked as she sat with her legs together to hide her pussy from her young nephew.  But Paul was acting in a far more adult fashion than she had with him.  She realized that he was respecting her privacy and modesty has much as possible while she had totally disregarded his need for the same.

"Mother always insists on it.  And I always feel better then."  Carolynn then chose the bathroom and Paul asked her to kneel on the bath mat and lower her head.  As her preteen nephew, put some more petroleum jelly on her anus, she realized that he could see her entire sex.  Even when he put the tube in he touched her only as necessary.  Again, he left as she drained saying:  "Let me know if you need a second rinse."

By then Mary had returned and he left Carolynn in her care.

Shortly after breakfast, Carolynn and the girls returned returned home.


It took Carolynn several weeks to truly understand how she had mistreated her nephew and allowed her daughters to assist.  As Paul's parents had already told him, the past is and can not be changed but she did write a sincere letter of apology and sent him a very expensive gift to try to make amends.

Even Josh wrote to say he was sorry although Paul was very skeptical of his sincerity.  He said that he assumed that there was some valid reason that he was being treated as a little kid and therefore felt that he should assist as he did.  His note not much than "Sorry, dude." did not seem adequate.  Paul and Susan felt that he should do some penitence and Josh agreed albeit under pressure from Susan.

The End

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