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This is story is just fiction.  It contains a scene of private humiliation including stripping, spanking and shaving of two females by a male college student.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

After reading Shy's story on the now defunct  Female friends humiliate their shy male roommate [sic] I was incensed at the betrayal of the trust and friendship by the two females.  That got me to write this little tale of the dude's Payback.  Thanks to Gadfly for his helpful suggestions.

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Rod had been in a funk for more than a week and his buddies had noticed.  Now Friday afternoon he was with Chuck and Jason, in his buddies' off-campus pad.  After a lot of beer Rod loosened up enough to tell what happened.  Jane and Jill with whom he was sharing a place for two years were the problem.  The two that he had been friends with since they started high school.  The two that never let him see them in their underwear.  The two that had insisted that their relationship be absolutely platonic.  They were the problem.

It had started over a week ago.  He was doing some bench presses and Jill was spotting him.  She pushed him beyond his limit and then won't get the bar of him.  Jane pulled off his shorts.  Rod had always been shy about females and confessed that his cock was tiny.  They teased him, handcuffed him, took blackmail pictures and made him play doggie naked on the lawn.  He had thought them to be friends but they proved to be fiends!

The guys had seen Rod in gym and knew he had a good bod and was quite average in the cock department.  "How big is an average cock, Rod?" asked Chuck.

"Uh, uh, a couple of fists; some ​eight to ten inches​ (​twenty to twenty five cm​), I guess." said Rod not so sure.  "I've seen a lot of pictures over the years."

Chuck and Jason looked at each other in amazement.  "Are basketball players average height guys?  Are football players average weight guys?  Rod shook his head.  "Do you think porn stars are selected for their brains?"  Rod continued to shake his head.  "Average cock size is only ​five to seven inches​ (​thirteen to eighteen cm​) for Caucasians like us."© YLeeCoyote

They were silent for a few minutes.  Then Rod spoke.  "But, guys, I've seen mostly ​four plus inches​ (​ten plus cm​) soft in the locker room and when they more than double getting hard…"

Jason cut him off.  "The larger they are the less they expand, dude.  The little ones may almost triple in size but the big ones don't even double.  The erect cock has the smallest standard deviation in size of all the body parts.  Darwin even predicts that."

That was the beginning of Rod's recovery.  They talked long into the night and two things were decided.  Rod would move in immediately as they had been asking for two months (since they lost their roommate) and he was going to have revenge.

In the morning they put their plan into action.  While the bitches were out shopping, they packed up Rod's stuff and moved it; with a van and three guys at the task it only took an hour.  Jill was the first back.  As soon as she got her coat off, Rod jumped her and got her neatly tied hand and foot.  Since she wouldn't shut up, he put some tape across her month and left her on her bed.  Jane got the same treatment an hour later.  It was now fun time.  Rod placed both girls on the couch and made his announcement.

"You betrayed our friendship and my trust.  You went far beyond teasing and fun.  You even went to criminal activities with blackmail.  You persisted in it.  Now it is Payback time.  Oh, I want you to meet the official photographers, Chuck and Jason."  The two trussed up girls looked and saw Rod's two buddies – one with a high quality video camera and the other with a fine film camera.

The girls did not know what was in store for them but they were sure they would not like it.  This was not the Rod they were use to; not a polite little pussy cat.  This was Rod the Tiger.  The Tiger that they had seen stand up to big guys in the past sometimes even to protect them.  Also they don't know about the other two hunks.

Jill was first.  Rod stood her up and opened her blouse and pushed it down her arms.  Then he retied her arms above the blouse.  This enabled him to remove the original bonds to remove the blouse and finally fasten her arms together across her back were they would be out of the way.  It also caused her tits to be forced forward.  He repeated the operation with Jane and also removed her jeans also.  Then he finished with Jill leaving both girls standing in just their bras and panties.

"Oh, my!" exclaimed Rod.  "I forgot, I promised that I wouldn't look at you in your undies."  He covered his eyes.  The three guys laughed but Jill and Jane did not think it funny at all.  "We must fix the situation."  Rod picked up the scissors and approached the two standing girls peeking through his hand.  As he slipped the scissors blade under a bra strap, they both started to plead with him.  SNIP went the scissors four times cutting the straps.  The girls promised the pictures.  Rod was unmoved.

He stepped behind Jill and unhooked the back strap.  Freed, her bra fluttered to the floor.  Jason got a great shot of her face on the still camera.  Jane got the same treatment.  The guys discussed the details of the four breasts.  "Not so even."  "Not so big."  "A bit saggy for such young maidens."  There was definitely a blush in four checks.  The guys knew that soon it would be eight checks.

Rod grabbed the waist bands of two pairs of panties and yanked them down all the way to both set of ankles exposing both girls completely.  Now they blushed all over.  They were pleading for mercy even to the point of tears.  Rod was unmoved.  "Would you like to pose for some pictures?" he asked gently.  They agreed and as he untied then so that they could pose, he warned them that he they resisted or tried to get away, the photogs would turn into active guards.  They took many picture of the two both separately and together.  Jane and Jill smiled as directed.  Jane and Jill groped as directed.  The guys really liked the butt shots as they play doggie showing their two holes second best.  The favorites were when they were on their backs with their heels by their ears fully exposing their cunts for the all seeing lens.

The best video shots were also in that position but while they were using a large vibrating dildo on each other.  The guys loved how they pleaded not do this but when they were offered the extra dildo instead they acquiesced.  They both actually came while doing this.

Rod then told them that since they had acted like little girls, they need to be punished like little girls.  He sat down on a straight back chair and called Jane over.  He pulled the girl over his lap and rubbed her bottom.  "Do I have to explain why you're being spanked?"

"No, Sir." was the whispered reply as he raised his hand and brought it crashing down on her bottom.  SPANK!  "OOOOWW!"  A red hand print appeared on the white bottom.  This was repeated many times turning the soft bottom into a flaming hot red well spanking bottom with a bawling top end.  When Rod was satisfied he replaced Jane with Jill and started all over again.  Rod got a special delight he she squealed extra loud whenever he hit the sensitive crease at the joining of thigh and leg. This time he also used a hairbrush as he felt that she was the instigator of the whole business.  It did not take long for Jill to also imitate Niagara Falls.

For the all important insurance spanks, he turned them each over the end of the couch and applied his belt a six times to each times pair of red hot buns.  The mark of the strap showed even thought the bun were already red.  The times across the thighs were definitely distinct.

Rod returned his attentions back to Jane.  He got her back on her back and used a barber clippers turning her beaver bald.  He then had the joy shaving it nice and smooth.  Of course, this afforded him the opportunity to observed her in close detail for the first time in a decade along with the cameras.  Jill was, of course, given the same treatment.  Somehow they did not seem erotic to him.

As the two crying, shaven, spanked, naked and very humiliated girls huddled together, Rod told them he had moved out that morning and never wanted to see such faithless and treacherous bitches again as them again.  Disdainfully he threw the house key at them.

Feeling a lot better, the three rode over to school.  They were sure that the best video editor on campus would help them make a great tape from the raw tape they had shot and he always hung out in the TV/Movie lab (with its pro-quality equipment) on Saturday afternoon.  They would also get the proofs of the stills in the film lab.  They tried to work a title better than: "Betraying Coeds Get a Lesson in the End."

Afterwards, on the ride back to his new pad, Rod made an observation.  "Geroge Orwell in 1984 said only half of it.  I'm sure it is true you don't feel the same about someone after you have betrayed them."  But I know that it is also true you don't feel the same about someone after they have betrayed you.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 1, 2000

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