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The following story is fiction about a tween getting revenge on an a teen.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 3 of the series and it is suggested that you start with Part 1: Revenge Is Sweet.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Sweet and Sour
Payback Is Sweet


"Joey, life is going to be a lot sweeter now.  I've spanked Spike!  He's still just a hairless little boy and a big crybaby." was Percy's announcement.

My jaw practically fell off.  "No way!" I roared, "He's practically fifteen, he must have hair by now."

"Yes way!" Percy insisted before he explained that he caught Spike with his pants down and saw his totally hairless – not even any peach fuzz – crotch exposed.  "I turned his own words back at him: 'No pubes so you're just a little boy and have to listen to MEN with hair.  Men like me … and like Joey.'"

Percy went on to tell me that Spike had regressed so that he was like he was a year ago – with an absolutely hairless little pee-pee.  He got hit by something called false puberty.  I must have looked real puzzled for Percy quickly explained, before I even asked, that is when a guy starts puberty but then stops and often regresses.  He's totally ours now, buddy, because he does not want anyone else to know.  Not only is the retard two years behind in school but he's totally ashamed to be a late bloomer.

I must admit that I never heard of false puberty but Percy is a doctor's son and explained that he saw it on the cover of one of his pop's medical journals when he took in the mail.  Fortunately, we were alone for I got so hard that I thought I was going to rip my jeans.© YLeeCoyote

Perry noticed my tent and I did not hesitate.  "I gotta jerk off, Percy." I said, as I ripped open my jeans and grabbed some tissues.  Percy followed suit and that's all we concentrated on for a while.  My rod was as hard as steel thinking about getting revenge on Spike for all those mean, unnecessary spankings and humiliations that he had heaped on me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I admit that I thought a lot about getting Spike over my lap, bare assed, and roasting his worthless tail during the few days that I had to wait.  I jerked off much more than usual thinking about it.  The three of us got to Percy's house shortly after school let out.  We would have two hours before his 'rents returned.  That was plenty of time to spank the crybaby for my first, but certainly not the last, time.

"Spike," I challenged him, "you've been claiming to be a man for months now.  It's time that you proved that you are man and not a boy.  A man with a cock and not the pee-pee of a little boy.  A man with a bush and not the bald crotch of a little boy."

Despite the fact he knew Percy had told me all, he refused at first and insisted that he did not have to prove anything to boys like us.  "You're getting naked, Spike no matter what.  And if we have to strip you, everyone will see the pictures – complete with today's paper in the shot."

Again he refused.  "Please don't make me.  I admit it.  I don't have pubes." he begged proving what a sissy wimp he is.

"You got thirty second's, Spike or we'll do it for you." That convinced him and he began to strip.  He stopped when he was wearing just his boxers.  "Everything, boy, everything!"  Blushing, he pulled those off slowly and then put his hands over his crotch to "hide" what he did NOT have.  "HANDS TO YOUR SIDE!  You ain't got nothing to hide." I did not know how true that was until he complied.  I could not help myself, I was practically rolling on the floor laughing.  He was pitiful!  Totally bald and tiny – even smaller than Percy had said.  I was that big before I was ten-years-old.

"Spike, you've been lying to us.  You're just a little boy with a teeny-tiny pee-pee – not a cock – and not a single hair."  I paused as I enjoyed the naked, blushing, fifteen-year-old cowering before me.  "What happens to lying little boys, Spike?"  That struck me as funny for Pin would be a lot more appropriate now than Spike for a nickname.

He hesitated a while before answering in a high-pitched whisper.  "They get spanked." I made him repeat it louder and then ask me to give him a long hard spanking to teach him not to lie.  It was a delight to hear the words from the cowed bully.  I guess that I should mention that all this had made me rock hard and straining at my jeans.  I could see that Spike was staring at the tent in my jeans.  I was sure he was jealous seeing what I must have had and knowing that he was still just a little boy.  I did not dare to give myself more than a simple caress for fear of messing my pants.

I grabbed Spike's wrist and went to the couch.  I sat and dragged him over my lap.  I raised up my hand and brought it down as hard as I could on his left check and then his right.  I watched my hand prints form as his little boy's yelps faded.  I hand spanked him until he was red all over and he was begging me to stop.  Between his sobs, he was promising to be a good boy.  But he was not going to get off that easily after all those spankings he had given me, no sirree Bob!  He was going to get a major spanking.  I had come prepared and pulled out an old flip-flop.  It was stiff rubber and like a little paddle – perfect to roast his big ass.  I did not warn him and he immediately began to howl with the first spank from it.  The howls did not stop until I had made him cry and then bawl like a little kid should from a major spanking.  He sure was a big sissy for a fifteen-year-old.

He was practically a basket case when I stopped.  I got him off my lap but he could not stand so he knelt between my legs and I held him as he cried and cried even caressing him like a loving mother with a baby.  All through this, Percy was busy with the camera taking lots of pictures.  We got shots of his little boyhood, his hot flaming ass, his bawling teary face and, of course, his being spanked like a little boy.

Eventually, he stopped crying and I offered to rub some cream into his hot butt.  He was most appreciative that we were being nice to him.  Both Percy and I stripped and Spike could see our hard cocks rising rampant from our bushes.  He stared at us wide eyed and certainly wishing that he was as manly as us, as we both jerked off.  Percy was as hot as I was from dominating the much older Spike and pretty soon we both shot our loads into our hands.  "Fresh, hot man cream to make a little boy's red-hot botty feel better." I said, now that we were both set to rub our loads into Spike's hot checks.

Once Spike realized what sort of cream I had been talking about he tried to change his mind and said that he would rather do without.  We asked if that meant he had told another lie and he immediately denied that, knowing it would mean another spanking.  We made sure he was thoroughly anointed with our jizz by repeating the process after trading cheeks using a second batch of fresh man cream.  This time I made sure to get in his crack and then got some cream on and even into his bottom hole which he seemed to enjoy.

Then we took him to the bathroom.  We washed his face although his eyes remained bloodshot and puffy.  We made him tinkle while Percy held his little pee-pee.  By the time we dressed him, he was a well-chastened little boy.  We also made him thank us for our kindness and generosity in not only rubbing the cream into his hot buns but having provided it – hot and fresh.  I don't think that he will ever forget this spanking.  He practically fled when Percy's mom came back but that was after he made solemn promises of obedience.  We even made him take an oath just like Abraham did with his servant [Genesis 24:2] but with his hands on our hard rods.  Of course, that reminded him how much more manly we were.  Before I left, Percy and I jerked off several more times watching a great slide show of me dealing with that big baby Spike.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning he was even more changed than after the spanking that Percy gave him.  That was great from my point of view.  He certainly had been taken down a few pegs and totally stopped bulling everyone.  But I was far from finished with him.  He had spanked me many times and now I was going to get even.

We made sure to show some of the pictures to Spike warning him that if he gave us any trouble everyone in the class will see them and so would his high school buddies.  He immediately begged us not to do that and promised to be a good boy.

"A good what?" I asked.

"A good little boy." he corrected.

Percy expanded that to be "An obedient, respectful, good little boy." which we had him repeat several times.  We even made him write out a longer version a hundred times just like a detention assignment.  Spike grumbled but the next morning his gave us the written out assignment.

* * * * * * * * * *

We did not have to wait until Wednesday but managed to get to Spike alone at his house on the weekend.  It was hard to believe how much he had changed.  He was very polite and respectful to both of us – even calling us "Mr. Percy" and "Mr. Joey".  He begged us not to spank him again promising to do whatever we wanted.  He also claimed to be sorry for how he treated us (and others) over the years.

"You have been naughty for many years so you will have to pay for a while to cleanse your soul." I said.

He looked very unhappy and it got worse when Percy added: "Like the preacher said how we will spend ages in purgatory paying for our sins."

I told him that we would try to make it easier for him by always using man cream on his sore butt although his punishment could not be avoided.  Percy, our medical expert, said that might help him recover from his false puberty sooner which cheered him up some.  "We can also let you … er … operate the taps to get the man cream yourself perhaps even when you don't get spanked."  Spike was most appreciative of that and was anxious to try.

We all stripped.  Spike lay down while Percy and I knelt by his sides.  Since he had not been spanked yet, we allowed him to jerk us so that our spunk would land on his bald crotch and pee-pee.  Percy said that it would be more effective there.  Of course, it would do no such thing any more than a dog pissing on a lamppost will make it grow, but our man cream would mark him as ours and Spike was naive enough to believe us.  We quickly leant that we would have to train Spike to do a much better job but today's objective was to encourage his submissiveness.  We both shot our loads on his crotch and then we spread the man cream over his boyhood so that it would not be diluted by the lube gel we had made him use.  Naturally, he thanked us profusely for the great kindness that we showed.

We gave him a lighter spanking this time.  He just knelt by his bed and bent over.  We each gave him ten cuts with his own leather belt.  It was most enjoyable.  Well, enjoyable for us, anyway.  I don't think that he enjoyed it much.  He was crying by the end as you might expect.  We were both rock hard again and jerked off on his ass.  We rubbed our man cream over his hot ass once again as we had promised.

After Spike washed his face and we all dressed we went to the park.  The dogs easily smelt our dried cum on him and paid him a lot of attention which Percy and I found amusing.

* * * * * * * * * *

Within a month life was much better for everyone except Spike.  He was getting two or three spankings a week from Percy and I and a lot of our man cream treatments.  Percy and I did not tell Spike just what we thought of these treatments for we loved doing it far too much to risk ending them.  Who were we to complain that Spike liked being marked and humiliated.  It also accomplished two things.  First, it got us off which felt good and, second, kept Spike beholden to us.  As a bonus, we got an economic benefit because any fee Spike collected for sitting either of us he had to turn over to us.  We also got a percentage of his other earnings.

Then Percy came up with another idea that was pure genius.  One day, when Spike had been a good little boy and had gotten his man cream treatment without being spanked, Percy asked him a simple question.  "Spike, when you are sick or have a problem, how does dad [remember, Percy's dad is his doctor] treat you?"

Spike thought about it a while.  "Sends me to bed a lot.  Orders stuff rubbed on the problem area or some pills or shots right into my arm or butt.  Says that some treatments work better in some ways than others."

"Exactly." agreed Percy.  "We been giving you the treatments only on the outside and your pee-pee has already stopped shrinking.  We can try another method that might move things along quicker.  Oral, just like the pills, capsules and syrups that you swallow."  Spike looked puzzled.  "Well, if we shoot our man cream – hot and absolutely pure – directly into your mouth, then you can swallow it and it can, like the pills, work from the inside."

Fortunately, I expected this so I did not laugh.  The credulous Spike brought the story and asked "How can we do this?"  As you can imagine, we did not need to be asked twice.  Percy carefully explained: "Spike, we'll lower our pants (the same as for hand massages) and you'll take our spouts in your mouth so that you can orally massage them and get the potent man cream directly into your mouth and swallow it.

Spike thought this was a great idea and wanted to try right away.  We had him practice on both his fingers and a banana to learn how to use his tongue and lips as well as to carefully learn to avoid biting.  Percy even suggested that he could swallow and breathe in to help with the massage like drinking from a straw.  That was how we both got our first blow jobs from Spike (actually, from anyone).  We did this most happily for a few weeks.  Spike claimed that it also made him feel better and hornier like when he was in false puberty.  Who were we to disagree?

Surely, if oral was so effective, then it was worth a try to move on to a rectal application since that would deposit our man cream near the intended target.  Spike was most delighted at the prospect that this would help speed his restarting puberty.  We gave him a few days to think about it so that he would not feel forced.  The agreed day came and Spike had managed to earn a spanking.  Spike agreed to getting strapped so that we would still start the new, improved treatment method.

After Spike stripped, he lay over the end of the couch with his butt up and unprotected.  We pulled out our belts and took turns alternating strokes until we turned his tail bright red and blazing hot.  Percy got first go since I'm bigger.  He used lots of lube to let him open up Spike's bottom hole so that he could slide his man cream dispenser deep into Spike's ass.  Then he quickly replaced his fingers with his rampant cock and began to fuck Spike.  Percy was most delighted when he shot his load deep into Spike.  We were both very surprised at how pleased Spike was as well.  He happily showed off his little stiffy.  "Not since I lost my hair has it been this hard.  Thanks a lot, Percy." he said most earnestly.

A few minutes latter, I had my turn.  Spike was more anxious than before and keeping his fuck hole open was easy.  It was wonderful to plunge my hard shaft deep into that hot hole.  It got better as I thrust in and out until I exploded.  There was not any doubt that Spike was happy since he also came.  Dry, of course, but a come nevertheless.  Spike was even more grateful to me than to Percy for fucking him.

By being careful with our language, Spike never thought of what we were doing as sucking and fucking which is what faggots did.  We continued all of the three treatment methods and spanking him for almost a year until he had advanced well into real puberty.

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