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The following story is fiction; just a fantasy.  It contains a scene of an involuntary complete nullification – castration and penectomy.  If such a subject is offensive or uninteresting to you or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.  Also, it must be stressed that the author is NOT a medical expert.  This story is NOT a guide to be taken as guide to a complex medical procedure and that there are likely to be technical errors.  Don't try this at home.  Please be careful in your real life and, unlike my some of my characters, use condoms.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Paying the Piper


The last year had not been good to me.  Disaster followed disaster with unbelievable regularity.  First, my parents passed on leaving me alone and with more debts than assets.  I had been downsized into unemployment.  I slipped on the stairs the day after my medical insurance expired and left the hospital with a limp and an empty bank account.  The shit jobs I got couldn't pay my rent so I was evicted and soon found myself existing (can't call it living) on skid row (as they coyly said in the old detective stories).  My friends – even my loving boyfriend – no longer wanted any part of me.  Even my Best Friend did not make as an impressive bulge in my tight 501's as it had before.

In my new world, I was miserable!  I made false friends who lived on the edge of the law.  (Please don't ask which side.)  Between booze, drugs and a few bets I was soon deep in the grip of the Gang.  There had also been rumors of violence to get people to pay; just rumors of course.  None of those unfortunates would talk about it.  Then there were those little suggestions about making my legs match and those wondering what 'my sausage' would fetch at the meat market.

One afternoon while I was watching TV in just my briefs in my room a couple of the Gang's collectors stopped by.  They were not happy that I was flat broke.  At the very least they wanted something for their trouble for coming to see me; if not the cash then at least some fun.  One guy sat in the easy chair and opened his pants; his cock stuck out, real hard and real far.  The other guy pushed me to the floor and commanded: "SUCK IT!"  You can bet that I did as I was told.  Then he got down behind me and ripped my briefs to expose my butt.  While the first guy held my ears to control the face fuck, I heard the second open his zipper and then felt his hard cock pushing right at my bunghole.  He rammed forward and in one dry thrust drove it fully in.  As I got raped at both ends, I realized that my cock was also hard; it was something that I could not help.  Soon they both shot into me.

Then one said: "Don't forget what the Doc said: Be sure to piss immediately to prevent VD."  And with a laugh, they both did while still in me.  They both stood up and one of them picked up my good white shirt with which they both wiped their cocks with.  I was sitting there like a begging dog with a hard-on afraid of what they would do next.  One of them stepped forward and put his heavy shoe directly on my balls and pressed down to the floor.  I screamed and he said cheerfully: "See you next week, kid."  As the door slammed behind them, I had this uncontrollable need to release the piss enema.  I barely made it to the sink before I let lose.  Well, better in the sink than on the floor I thought.

Five dismal days later, I decided that I would have to split.  The dishwashing job that had been keeping me alive had vanished.  I packed my meager belongings into a shockingly small bag and started for the bus terminal; perhaps another town would be kinder.  At least, I could start over without the Gang.  I had been walking about fifteen minutes when I just turned the last corner to head for the bus terminal when the same two very big and nasty guys from the Gang stopped me.  "Where are you going, buddy?" they demanded, "Have you forgotten our appointment?"© YLeeCoyote

"To the laundromat." I lied.

"You're lost, buddy.  You passed it ten minutes ago.  Get in and we'll give you a ride there." one of them suggested.  I was trapped and did as they said.  "The Big Boss wants to talk to you about a job and that $2100 you own him."  Somehow I knew that it was going to be an offer that I wouldn't like but one that I couldn't refuse either.  It did not help any that one of them kept squeezing my leg where it had been broken while the other did the same to my package.  Erotic it wasn't.  Hurt it did.

This time I was right.  It would have been better if they had just broken my leg.  They put me into a whorehouse; a male whorehouse; an S/M male whorehouse.  I was to work off my debt.  There I learned a lot of stuff – none of which I wanted to.  There are lots of well-heeled men who get off hurting people and will pay to do it.  Let it suffice to say that I was used very roughly as a whipping boy and as a slut-boy.  It was not the fun like we fantasize about.  It was terribly and painfully real.  It hurt and left me hurting.  After a few weeks, I stopped wanting sex totally.  My once proud rock hard shaft hung limp all the time from my now hairless crotch.  My balls ached constantly from the tortures.  The burns and welts were healing very slowly.

The clients stopped visiting me.  Then one day I was taken from my chamber with a gag in my mouth, my hands bound behind me and hobbled.  I was taken into a large room and placed on a pedestal with bright spotlights shining on me.  I could hear the person in charge addressing the group.  Eventually I realized that he was talking about me and the I was literally on the block – the auction block.  I was being sold.  Even worse, just parts of me.  Apparently there was not much of a market for an impotent gimp particularly in my deteriorated condition.  Between three bids they got $750 dollars for my package.  They sold tickets to watch the collecting for $100 each.

Soon I was spread-eagle hanging in space.  I was given a shot of something and I became woozy.  I was washed roughly but very throughly .  Then my few remaining pubes were plucked out and I was washed with antiseptic.  A metal tube thing was forced through my piss hole and down the entire length of my cock.  Apparently it got to my bladder because a batch of piss ran out.  A band was tied tightly around the base of my shaft.  A man stepped forward from the crowd.  He was fitted with rubber gloves and apron and then handed a scalpel.  With a broad smile he took hold of my penis in his left hand and pressed the blade with his right hand.  The sharp tool sliced easily into my flesh.  As he swung the blade around my member was detached from my body.  He slid it off the metal tube and dropped it into a dish.  Then the pain registered and I screamed as best as I could in to the gag.  As they cauterized the wound, the pain soared and again I screamed.  The last I ever saw of my penis was the man walking away with it.  The guy in charge worked a little on my stump cutting and stitching something.  A board was placed under my feet and I was left hanging alone for a while.

They returned and removed the band about the stump of my pee-pee and withdrew the tube.  The band was refastened about the base of my sac as they pulled my balls down.  During this horrible experience, I seemed detached from my body and could not help being amazed at what was happening.  The man running the show took a fresh scalpel and cut around my sac.  He dropped the sac into a dish and tied something tightly about each cord.  My balls were hanging in the open for the first time ever.  A couple of men came forward and were given rubber gloves and scalpels.  Each took one of my testicles in his hand.  The first one took a quick hard swing with the scalpel and cut the cord.  He walked away with his prize.  The other one was not so gentle.  He squeezed my remaining nut and I yelped.  He was trying to crush it.  Through my agony, I could hear the crowd cheer him on to crush it.  I don't know it he did or not as I fainted.

When I came to, my balls were both gone.  I was now totally sexually nullified!  This fact became part of my reality as they were sewing me up.  Then a bandage was placed on me and I was taken down.  I passed out again.  I don't know what happened to my cock and balls.  Are they on display in guy's living room or dungeon or were they eaten; I won't ever know.

When I awoke, I was back in my chamber.  After few days they took me back to my fleabag hotel.  They told me that my rent was paid for a couple of weeks and gave me a couple of bills.  My bag was on the floor along with a small package.  I looked and found that it contained a couple of ladies panties; at least they were not pink.  The gift card just said: "These will fit better than your old ones."  A day later when I went out I could tell that every one was staring at my crotch.  My jeans flopped like they were baggy style which they weren't.  The next day there was a job offer from a local cafe to be a busboy/dishwasher to start the next week.  I was required to wear tight slacks on the job.  The Gang must have arranged it for me.  It was obvious to all who looked that I had been sexually nullified.  I was an example to warn others.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 17, 1998

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