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I wrote a simple "Nice story, thanks." note and I got the sort of response that drives me up the wall for it indicated the person was a long time reader who never wrote to me.  It did however give me the idea for this story.  BTW, his entire thirteen word line is embedded here.

The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of spankings.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments -- pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Payment Past Due


Jerry died after a long and peaceful life.  He had never been sure whether death was the end or merely a step in an unknown sequence.  His last thoughts were that he would now find out the answer to that most puzzling of all questions.

At first he thought that he was not quite dead for he remained aware of himself but not his body. «How strange to disconnect from myself, er, physical self.» he thought.

Then he was aware of himself once again.  Strange, I'm naked. «Why not nude?»  He was in a line outside a building.  Everyone else was also naked.  People were babbling all about him and in languages that were very strange.  No one seemed to be with anyone they knew.  Somehow he knew that he should just follow the line.  He wondered what his destiny was.

The line moved quickly and soon he was at the head being served.  He was not certain what he was here for but served seem like the proper term.  The functionary he got was not very informative for he just asked questions to confirm and clarify things that were on some display that just floated above his desk.  He quickly declared that he had a religion and followed its tenants living a good life.

"There seems to be some discrepancies, Jerry,..." said the functionary, " will have see the adjudication section before your reassignment."  A card popped out of the counter and the functionary handed it to him saying: "The usher will direct you."  Confused, Jerry headed to the usher that the functionary had pointed out.  The immensity of the structure was soon apparent as Jerry made his way (with several missteps) to the assigned place.© YLeeCoyote

This office was not as nice as the first one.  He had a long wait.  He was still confused by his death (perhaps he should now say passing or transformation) to this new place.  As he waited, he decided that the people about him were not as nice as those in the first line.  Suddenly, someone yelled "I'm getting outta here." and started running.  The guy did not get very far.  A large biped seemed to appeared from nowhere and quickly caught the runner in a large hand.  The usher was definitely not human.  Although bipedal, it was big and had a skin reminiscent of an alligator.  The usher easily led the guy back like a man does with an eight-year-old.  But it did not take him directly back to where he had been waiting but to a small platform by the back corner of the waiting area.  The usher put one foot up on a step and pulled the runner over its leg and spanked him.  Again, just like a father does to his son.  Jerry noted that if you ignored the alien features, and did not have an absolute size comparison the scene was exactly like a man and his kid.  The spanking was certainly of the no nonsense type.  The man was held in place and the usher spanked hard and fast.  When the usher's hand connected it caused a real reaction from the man.  He yelled and his butt turned red.  Jerry was quite surprised that the man was quickly reduced to tears and loud crying.  The man was parked in the corner with his hands on his head and his seared butt on display.

Jerry, a spanko from the time he was a kid did not feel happy about this.  This was a real punishment spanking that was not erotic.  He had a vivid recollection of how his own father had spanked him when he was only eight at the beach.  Even now, just those thoughts put his guts into knots.

It was a wonderful day.  Dad and Mr. Morrall had taken me and my bestest in the world friend, Timmy, to the beach.  Timmy and I were playing in the surf having loads of fun when suddenly our dads rushed in and dragged us out of the water yelling at us.  They immediately dragged us over to the rock jetty and yanked down our swimming trunks.  In less time than it takes to say this, they had each put a foot on a rock and we were draped over their legs with our naked bottoms sticking up.  They were still yelling at us when they started to spank us very, very hard.

It hurt!  It hurt a great deal!  By the second SPANK I was crying and yelling.  Then I was bawling like a baby as daddy SPANKED and SPANKED my bottom over and over.  It hurt the worstest of any spanking I had gotten up to that time.  Never again did a SPANKING hurt so terribly.

Daddy SPANKED and SPANKED.  Me and Timmy bawled and bawled.  Mr. Morrall SPANKED and SPANKED.  Timmy and me bawled and bawled.

When they stopped, they took us back to where our stuff was.  Everyone could see my hot red bottom and my pee-pee because I was not wearing my trunks.  I wanted to hide in the sand but daddy would not let me.  He and Mr. Morrall made me and Timmy stand nose-to-nose with our hands on our heads because there were not any corners to stand in.

It was very hot in the sun and our bottoms were even hotter.  In school, some of the kids teased us about seeing us spanked and seeing our pee-pees.

The wait was long although he was not hungry.  Eventually the spankee was sent back to his place in line.  Jerry's bottom ached in sympathy even though he did not know the unfortunate spankee.  The wait was long but eventually it was his turn.

This functionary could have been the twin of the first one he saw.  They were equally dull like they were but machines.  Maybe they were androids and not human.  Considering the ushers, they might just appear like humans.  Jerry waited as his record was reviewed.

"Before you can get a new assignment, the books must be closed on your last assignment.  This is a three step process about society, religion and other things.  The processing is done in the reverse order.  According to the record you stole stories."

Jerry looked surprised.  "You mean plagiarized, Sir?"  He thought it would be prudent to be polite.

"Oh, no, your stories were not plagiarized.  You read stuff on the internet and failed to pay for them."

"But I only went to free sites where there was not any charge.  There must be some mistake."

The functionary sighed.  He had heard that word from almost every processee.  "You're a spanko and you read a lot of stories on the web."  Jerry nodded for that was quite true.  "You even made it your second religion...."  Jerry shock his head.  The functionary sighed again and moved its digits on the counter; ah, here it is: "You wrote «I appreciate the thumbs up, especially from the god of male spank stories.» so you were obligated to follow your god's commandments."  Jerry was aghast.  "This god, your god commanded that you pay for the pleasure of reading by writing comments to show appreciation.  You failed to do that although you were very happy to get such comments yourself."

"But that was optional, Sir." Jerry whined.

"No.  It might have been optional if you hadn't deified that writer (and others) but you did."  He punched a few more keys and a card popped up.  "The usher will show you to your punishment room." he said handing him the card.  "NEXT."

Jerry handed the card to one of the ushers who laughed when he read it.  He put his large forepaw/hand on Jerry's neck and lead him to the PUNISHMENT and ATONEMENT room.  The usher spoke with the one in charge of the room and then lead him to a small cubical.  As they walked Jerry could hear the sound of naked butts being spanked hard and the howls of spankees.  He was already regretting his repeated sinning.  The cubical was reminiscent of his college dorm room when he first started to read stuff on the web.

Jerry knew what was going to happen to him.  One did not have to be The Mikado to appreciate the situation.  He also knew that running away would not work and that he would have to accept whatever punishment has been ordered.  He felt a strange ambience from the usher -- there was that terrible fear that he could shred him without even working up a sweat but there was some feeling of empathy.  The usher, his privately assigned devil (perhaps) pulled the chair out from the desk and sat down. «Please don't pat your lap; please.» Jerry thought but that exactly what happened.  Jerry knew that he must obey.  He went over to the punisher and laid across his lap.  He felt like he was only eight-years-old because of the relative sizes.

As a forepaw was place about his waist, Jerry guts turned into knots but he could not move.  The other forepaw caressed his bottom sending chills up his spine.  Then the spanking started.  Every SPANK hurt like it did when his father was really, really mad and angry; like that day on the beach.  Every SPANK reverberated with the same horrid emotions like that day on the beach.  They really knew how to spank a guy here.  He soon was bawling his eyes out.  Then the spanking was over and he was laid on the bed and left alone.  He cried and cried.

When he stopped crying he washed his face and tried to cool his hot butt in the sink.  Then he went to the desk and sat down.  He touched the mouse and the screen lite up.  The first story by his god of male spank stories he ever read.  His cock sprang to attention just as he read the title.  He read it through stroking his ridged rampant cock the whole time.  He was about to come as read The End but did not.  He clicked the email link at the mail compose opened up.  He dutifully wrote the thank you note long past due.  He hit the send button.

Another story popped up.  He read and savored it until he reached The End when, still without shooting, he wrote another email.  He tried to stroke before clicking send but couldn't.  He dispatched it and got another story.  He lost track of how many stories he read and how many emails he wrote.  He knew that he had come exactly zero times.  He took a break stretched out on the bed.  The lights dimmed and he slept.  He dreamed.

He was going into the Aerie for the first time.  He was scared and excited.  In his tight black T-shirt and tight jeans he hoped to meet the right man.  He got a beer and started to slip it; he did not have the bread for more than two.  He was bumped by a big man in black leather who snarled at him.  "Sorry, Sir." he said.  The man looked at him and pressed him to the wall.  His cock was hard in his jeans.

"Rude and naughty boys, like you, should be spanked.  They need to learn manners."

"Yes, Sir." he said looking at the floor (although pausing at the man's bulge).

The man grabbed his ass and squeezed it hard.  Jerry did his best not to jump.  The man smiled.  "I'll think I'll take you home, boy, and teach you some manners."

"Yes, Sir." he said still looking at the floor his heart racing.  The man walked away and he drank his beer not knowing what was going to happen.

He watched the men in the bar for almost an hour and attractive as they were, none had the effect of that very first one.  He watched him as much as he could talking with many others.

He was surprised when a young man who was with another man that the first was talking to came over.  It was then that he could see the steel chain collar he was wearing.  "Master TJ is ready to leave.  If you really meant that you were ready to be taught manners, wait outside, boy."

Jerry went outside and waited.  When TJ did not come for a half hour he was thinking of leaving.  The stories told of tests so he waited.  He was young, reckless and horny.

TJ finally came out.  He did not say a word but indicated that Jerry was to follow.  TJ's apartment was just a couple of blocks away.  It really was not a dungeon but a playroom.  Jerry got a lecture about having proper manners which terminated with the question: "What happens to rude and naughty boys?"

"They get spanked Sir."

Without another word, Master TJ began to strip Jerry.  This was not the same as when his father did it -- well, not inside.  It was also different being held down on leather jeans rather than the cloth pants his father wore.  TJ spanked hard but it did not hurt like when his father spanked him.  Yes, it hurt but this was very exciting.  His cock was hard as a rock and he was not crying.  TJ spanked him a long time.  He was dripping when TJ made him kneel and open his leather pants to let his hard cock pop free.  The musk was so very exciting and he took the cock into his mouth and sucked.

Then he got fucked.  TJ took his time before blasting his load deep into his ass.  They slept spooned together with TJ plugged in the rest of the night.  In the morning Jerry got fucked before they got out of bed and spanked afterwards.

Jerry was delighted to have had the experience and became TJ's boy.

His personal devil returned and spanked him again.  It was the same painful -- both mentally and physically -- experience as before.  He resumed his task at the monitor.  He went through the story and email sequence many times and realized that he had a major case of blue balls.  He never came during the stories and then had to write the thank you.

The cycle continued for a long time.  One day (if that what it was) there was a change.  The dorm room disappeared and was replaced by his first bachelor pad.  But the monitor was still there and the read, write, be spanked, the dream were still the same.  The dreams were different but still exciting.  He had a permanent case of blue balls and a painful hot ass.

Occasionally, he got emails from his readers.  He remember how good they made him feel.  He hoped the ones he was writing now would be delivered.  With time the room changed several times.  Jerry realized that he was nearing the end of the reprise of his life.  His emails got better and more appreciative.  His spanking were just as harsh and painful.

The one day it was over.  When his personal devil came he got a spanking but it was different.  It was not just painful but erotic.  Then, like with Master TJ, he kneeled and took the devil's hard cock into his mouth.  He loved doing it and especially enjoyed the sweet pre-come that filled his mouth.  The devil stopped him and laid him on the bed and gently fucked him.  It was bliss!  It was so great that he exploded for the first time since he was in this place.

On the way to another adjudication center his personal devil told him that it had been nice working with him and that he was really a good spankee and fuckee.  He recalled what first functionary had told him.  He hoped that he had lead a good life.

He would soon know.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 3, 2006

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