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Goldilocks Makes Peace


If Goldie was not a cute and beautiful high school senior you would have described her as pissed; pissed like Mighty Casey for striking out.  Her agent was not very helpful.  He had to tell that she really upset the bear family and since they had a lot of friends in Tinseltown – no work, period.

"But it was not my fault.  Beside it was not even suppose to be my gig.  It not fair."

"Fair or not that the way it is, Goldie." remonstrated her agent.  "The Bears still got a wrecked house and you did run away."

"But I was scared."

"Maybe in the Big Apple, Goldie, not here."© YLeeCoyote

Dejected, Goldie left the agent's office and started walking on Hollywood Boulevard.  She did not watch where she was going and walked right into a handsome young bear.  Fortunately he was a gentlebear so he helped her up and very gently brushed her off.  Even though it had been years, she recognized him as "Junior" from her encounter years earlier.  She started to beat him with her fists which he easily stopped.  "I hate you!" she screamed over and over. © by Y Lee Coyote

"Why?  I don't even know you, girl."

After a bit, he got the story out of her.  "Are you willing to apologize publicly, Goldie?" he asked knowing just how his father felt about that past unpleasantness.

"Of course." she snapped.

"Apologize politely?"

"Yes, Junior." she said nicely.

"I'll talk to pop and see what I can do.  Give your phone number."  She hesitated and he reminded her, with a big smile, that she had already slept in his bed.  "I'll call you at six." he promised.

He called as just as he had promised.  "Pop will be on the Tonight Show tonight and said you can make amends then.  I'll pick you up in an hour.  Be ready!"

A little latter she was waiting in the wings to go on stage with Junior.  Then came her big moment – appearing on national TV.  Even though she was not getting paid, it would great exposure.  After a little talk show chat, Junior explained to the audience that Goldie was truly sorry and had something to say.

Goldie did herself proud, politely and fully apologizing to a much calmer bear than she had run away from so many years ago.

Mr. Bear was very pleasant but instead of immediately accepting the apology noted that some young ladies need some special attention for inappropriate behavior.  With that he put his huge paw behind her and effortlessly pushed her over his lap.  He lifted her dress and pulled down her panties.  Then he gave her a through spanking which had her crying loudly and her cute bottom bright red all on national TV. © by Y Lee Coyote

Junior held and comforted her then and, of course, took her home.

The next morning her agent was very busy.

Oh, she also noted that Junior's bed was still "just right".

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 15, 2000

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