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The following story is fiction about a Peeping Tom getting punished.  The story contains scenes of spanking, bondage and nudity.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Peeper Taught a Lesson


My sister, Kandace, and her friends were in the changing room by the pool metamorphosing into mini-bikini clad sirens.  Kandace had confided in me that they would like to skinny dip but Mom had forbidden it.  Since she was home, albeit busy in the house, it was a risk that sis and her friends did not want to take.  Kandace was annoyed because my friends and I were allowed to do it.  "Young ladies are modest.  You are a proper young lady and not a slut." Mother had admonished her.  She had, of course, complained that I was allowed to skinny dip but that just got the refrain we had heard since we were little kids that "Boys just don't need to be modest."  I wasn't sure about that but one thing for sure was I was not modest about my sister (nor her friends and our cousins) for they had been seeing me naked since forever although it was not reciprocal.  (I will note that it did make it easier in the locker room at school and I saw others having problems.)

I wished that I was going to swim with them but that was not the plan for this day.  I was headed out to met my friends but I was delaying enough to try to get a look as the girls came out.  It was then that I spotted Timmy.  He was the gardener's boy standing on tippy-toes and peeking into the changing room perversely spying on them.  I quickly snuck up behind him and grabbed him with choke hold and a hammerlock.  He tried to struggle but I ordered him to be still.  He obeyed because I was stronger than he was.  Obedience avoided pain so he remained still.  I forced him to the pool and faced him away from where the girls would enter.

Naturally, they were outraged and stated that he must be punished.  They used the bandana I had to blindfold the Peeping Tom while I still held him tight.  Right away they were discussing what the appropriate punishment should be for violating their privacy and perving on their bodies.  "He wanted to see our bodies, so it is fair that we see his." was the first thing they agreed on.  He objected but everyone just laughed at that for the offender does not have a voice.

The girls quickly pulled off his sneakers and socks and then his jeans down to his ankles.  Now that he was hobbled I could let go and they pulled his T-shirt off.  Using his shoe laces they tied his wrists together.  "Please let me go." he kept begging, "I did not see anything." Naturally, while this was happening I was enjoying seeing the slim, lithe, nubile bodies of the girls.  I was also conscious of Timmy's body for I also like boys as well as girls.  Now that Timmy was subdued, he was forced to raise his feet so his jeans could be pulled off leaving him in only his not so tight nor white tighty-whites.  Timmy was practically crying when they pulled those down and off.  To be honest, his junk wasn't that small but the girls took to opportunity to taunt him that he was just a baby with just a few hairs and a tiny pee-pee.

While they were still deciding what they should do with the now naked Peeping Tom their conversation drifted around to me.  Opinions ranged from I was just a good guy to that I was also perving.  The assertion was proven by the way my jeans were bulging although I explained that was normal being surrounded by so many beautiful young ladies.  They wanted me about to help with punishing Timmy but also decided that I was definitely over dressed.  I was quite willing to get my bathing suit but they decided that I did not need one.  "We all have seen you naked, Melvin, so just strip." they agreed.  That was true and so I stripped.  That they wanted to admire my body as I admired their bodies was a fine idea.© YLeeCoyote

Without boasting, let me state that I'm in fine shape.  I'm not a jock but well toned and proportioned.  Unlike miserable Timmy, my endowment is at the high end of average making it attractive but not scary.  Since I was brought up not to be modest, I'm not shy so I was pointing.  Timmy was made even less happy by various comparisons the girls made.

"For your disgraceful behavior you will be thoroughly SPANKED." Kandace told him pronouncing his doom like she were a judge of the high court.

Timmy reacted badly yelling that they could not do that.  That only got laughs.  Naked except for a blindfold and partially bound he really couldn't run but I tightened my hold on him to be sure.  "Be quiet, boy.  You're in enough trouble already."  I snarled in his ear.  He did not have to know that the girls were fully in charge even though it was I who had the good grip on him.

I sat on a small bench as they indicated and pulled him over my lap.  More than ever he was protesting but it was in vain.  It only took a few seconds to get him in position with his head and feet down and his butt up.  Then I had the great pleasure to spank this miscreant.  I gave him a couple of love taps and then a spank with all my force.  He howled in pain and everyone admired how my hand print formed on his rump.  That was only the beginning.  He was whimpering after a few minutes as his butt turned bright red.

Then the girls started.  They did not want to hurt their hands so they used implements.  One had a traditional hairbrush which caused Timmy to howl like a banshee with each spank as I held him tightly in position.  Others used their flip-flops to teach the naughty boy a lesson.  Soon he was bawling like a little baby for he was a very well spanked boy.  I dumped him on the ground to recover.

The girls were appreciative of my help and cognizant of my bursting need.  Certainly, none of them was going to assist me with the others watching but they decided that Timmy should give me some relief which they watched.  I thought it was a bit much to fuck him so I opted for a blowjob.  Timmy was brought to his knees and ordered to open his mouth.  "Any resistance and you get it at the other end." he was warned.  Of course, he didn't have any fight left so he did what come naturally when one has a hard juicy cock thrusting back and forth in one's mouth.  He sucked and licked.  He was soon rewarded with a load of my man cream which slid down his throat.  I loved it and the girls enjoyed it.  I'm not sure about Timmy however.  That was part of the price for his terrible behavior.

I left then quite satisfied.  I had made the girls grateful and that was good for me.  I had put Timmy in his place and that was a power trip for me.  Kandace told me that they kept Timmy tied up until they finished swimming and got dressed.  They did subject him to a lot of teasing by jerking him until he was close and then dumping a bucket of cold water on him.

Sis and I are certain that he's never going to try a stunt like that again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 14, 2013

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