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The following story is fiction about an out of control spoiled brat who gets makeover.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Please be warned that various narrators tell the story and Perry's transformation is quite fantastic.

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Perry's New Babysitter Is Strict


I'm Perry Harlow's mother and it is tough raising a boy with all the trouble he can get into.  It was late one Saturday when my husband and I were getting ready to go out for dinner and a concert.  We were expecting eighteen-year-old Kevin Reinwall, the young man who babysits our little boy, when the bell rang.  We smiled at each other confirming that he is punctual, as usual, as one expects from a most reliable young man.  We were surprised, however, that it was, Tyrone Reinwall, his younger brother smartly dressed in a blazer, slacks and even with a tie.  He explained that his brother went on a school trip and that after his volunteer work at the retirement home he went with his parents to pick Kevin up at the school.  The bus bringing them all back was late and everyone was worried.  Then the principal came out and reported that everyone was safe but there had been an accident which blocked the highway and they will be hours late returning.

We immediately thought we would have to stay at home since it would be impossible to get a replacement any without any notice especially with the other possible sitters stuck also.  He had given us two minutes to realize this before he said: "I'm an experienced babysitter, Mr. and Mrs. Harlow, and I can fill in for my brother so that you can still go out as you had planned."  We were a bit hesitant but Tyrone told us that he had been trained by his brother and then started to ask us about emergency numbers and Perry's rules.  That convinced us and we agreed.  We answered his questions and then called Perry to introduce him.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm Perry and a regular sort of a guy except for one thing.  I still have to have a babysitter when my parents go out.  That would be unexceptional except that I'm almost seventeen.  OK, sixteen and a few months but nevertheless my parents just don't trust me to be alone.

The first time that Ty sat me was a few months ago.  The 'rents were going out and I expected Kev to sit me.  He's a really cool guy and we get along very well.  Usually we play video games and watch movies until he sends me to bed.  He doesn't watch the clock about that so I usually get to stay up late when he is here.© YLeeCoyote

The folks called me, I assumed, to tell me that Kev was here and they were going.  Oh, and to be a good little boy.  Mom always calls me that even though I asked her not to.  I was surprised for it was to also introduce me to Tyrone, Kev's kid brother.  I was horrified for he is only fourteen – a two full years younger than I.

I complained about that and said I could be left alone but that did not go over very well.  I was told Tyrone was my babysitter and he was in FULL charge, just like Kevin would have been, and I better be a good little boy or I would regret it.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised when I met Perry for he was more than two years older than I and there was not any obvious reason that he should still need a babysitter at his age.  I guessed that his parents had good reasons to treat him like an eight-year-old.  I had been staying alone since I was ten although most kids are babysat until they are eleven or twelve.  I told Perry that I'm just as nice as my brother and that I'll follow his parents rules so that there will not be any surprises.  We talked for a while and then we had the dinner that Mrs. Harlow had prepared.

I had Perry take out the garbage while I loaded the dishwasher before we got to play games.  I quickly learnt that Perry was a wiz at them.  There was a good action flick to watch so that pleasantly filled up the time until Perry's bedtime.  That's when the trouble started.

I told him it was his bedtime and to bathe and get to bed.  I assumed that he was competent enough to do so.  He gave me a lot of lip and insisted that Ken let him stay up late.  "Perry that is NOT what I allow.  Your parents specified your bedtime and that is your bedtime, PERIOD!"

Perry was a stubborn and willful boy.  I gave him an "or else" warning.

* * * * * * * * * *

When the movie was over, the trouble started.  I wanted to stay up later and watch another movie and Ty insisted that I get to bed.  Things would have been fine if I had done as I should have but I was use to Kev giving me some slack when it was not a school night.  Ty insisted on following the rules and it was my bedtime.

The next two minutes are a blur.  I was arguing and Ty got very pissed.  He may have been only fourteen – two full years younger than I – but he was strong as an ox.  More to the point was that he was much stronger than I.  "That's it, young man.  You need to be taught a lesson." he snapped and grabbed me.  He sat down on the couch and yanked me over his lap and held me there even though I was struggling.  "Be still, boy!"  He said as he twisted my arm high up my back so I could not move without pain.  Then he began to spank me.  Even though my jeans I could feel his hard spanks and yelled that he should stop.

He stopped after about a dozen spanks and quickly lifted me up.  I thought the spanking was over but he quickly opened my jeans and yanked them down along with my boxers before I regained my senses.  I was still stunned as he put me back over his lap and resumed spanking me.  Need I tell you that this hurt me even more since it was now on my bare ass.

Ty really roasted my butt and he did it with just his hand.  He was very strong.  He held me in place while spanking me and I could not escape.  It was torture and I screamed as well as struggled.  Soon he had reduced me to tears and shortly after I was bawling like a little kid.  The spanking seemed to go on forever.  When he stopped spanking me I was as limp as rag doll.

I said he was strong but I never expected that he would carry me to my bedroom tossed over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes.  Once there he dumped me on my bed and told me to undress.  I just lay there crying and rubbing my sore tail.  He was furious that I was still wearing my shirt when he returned and undressed me himself.  Once I was naked, he said "Bath time, boy.  Come."  When I did not move immediately, he took my hand in a tight grip and led me to the bathroom.  He turned off the water and made me get into the tub.  I said that I showered by myself and he told me to close my eyes to keep the soap out as he washed my hair.

I obeyed him as I knew he could force me.  My ass was on fire and I felt like a tiny baby as he scrubbed me.  I was mortified as he washed my junk for I got a hard on from the handling.  He was disgusted by the messy condition of my butt hole and scrubbed it rough and hard with the washcloth.  As the water drained from the tub, I had to stand while he rinsed me off using the shower hose.  He then dried me.

I was allowed to brush my teeth while he watched and then he insisted that I tinkle (his word).  When I hesitated, he said he would diaper me unless I did so eventually I peed as he watched.

He put me to bed and told me I better stay there unless I wanted another spanking.

* * * * * * * * * *

By the time I got Perry into bed, I understood why his parents still needed to have him babysat.  Emotionally he was just an immature, little boy even though he was sixteen and had pubes.  When I peeked in on Perry an hour latter he was still prone and sobbing into his pillow.

When his parents got home, I gave them a report and learnt that they never spanked him.  I apologized for changing the rules unintentionally.  I got my money and Mr. Harlow drove me home.  On the way, Mr. Harlow told me, in confidence, that he had not spanked Perry because his wife did not approve.  Maybe it will be good for him he mused.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was three weeks later that I called Tyrone to babysit my little Perry again.  I was pleased that it was an uneventful evening for Perry was very obedient and well-behaved knowing that Tyrone would spank him if he gave any trouble.

Both my husband and I had noticed that Perry's behavior changed after Tyrone spanked him.  For two weeks neither of us had to discuss any misconduct at all and only once in the following week.  We did, however, notice that with each day the corrective power of the spanking was wearing off for Perry's behavior was progressively worsening.

I sorry to have to admit it, but it seems that I was probably wrong in getting my husband to agree not to spank Perry long ago.  It also seemed like the wrong time to start since he was an adolescent and thus beginning to have conflicts with parental authority.  We decided to have Tyrone do the dirty work.  He was very understanding of our situation and agreed to help.

Tyrone asked me to get Perry some traditional briefs as that is what little boys wear and even a package with cartoon characters to use when he needs an extra reminder of his immaturity.  Also, that we tell him an hour before the next time, that he is going to be punished, why and by whom.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Harlows had honored me with the task of changing their son.  It was most fortunate that they would be gone for the entire weekend which would afford me the time to give Perry an intense makeover.  I planned to regress this troublesome mid-teen into a well-behaved tween and then allow him to regain his age in the following months as he regrew.  When I arrived at their house, I learnt that I was in the nick of time for just the previous afternoon Perry had gotten into real trouble.  He and a couple of other boys had been caught trespassing on a construction site and the foreman rather than lose his evening just returned them to their parents.  This made his other transgressions pale by comparison.

Perry had been confined to his room to await me.  He was given only a sandwich for dinner and was allowed to use the bathroom if he asked.  By the time I entered his room, the seriousness of his behavior was getting to him.

"That was very stupid, Perry.  You're lucky that you weren't arrested and locked up in jail.  Even in juvenile detention you would not have had a chance of not having your butt busted.  And then a police record."  He just huddled into a tighter ball and whined as I terrified him.  "What were you thinking?" I continued.

I pulled him up and stripped him.  He was pretty limp knowing he was in big trouble and surely expecting to be punished.  And unlike his parents' punishment he probably expected that it would be corporal for I had spanked him for simple disobedience the first time I babysat him.  Once he was naked, I lead him to the bathroom and made him pee.  Of course, I told him to "pee-pee" like one tells a little boy.  I kept a tight grip on him so he knew who was in control.

"You know that they are very strict at Juvenile Hall.  They don't give simple, hand spankings there.  Last year I read about the heavy strap that they use.  The article said that even the older, tough boys really fear it.  You're damn lucky that I don't have one to use on your worthless ass.  We are going to have to settle for doing it with just my garrison belt."  He looked at me with fear in his eyes.  That was good for it meant that I was scaring him.  Action have consequences and he was learning that a bad action has an unpleasant aftermath.

I had him kneel and place his torso on his bed.  That way I did not have to worry about his falling.  It was not any surprise that he howled for the first cut had left a blazing red-hot stripe over this butt.  He collapsed after eight hard ones but he got the full dozen I had promised him.  "This is the price of trespassing!" I yelled at him hoping my words would turn him away from such criminal behavior.  While he was sobbing, I got ready for the next step.  His parents knew what was next and had prepared the necessary equipment.

I picked up the crybaby and laid him prone.  Not surprisingly he did not give me any lip as I positioned him on the towel I had put on the bed.  I turned the epilator on and proceed to pluck out Perry's pubic hair.  He was crying so much that I doubt that he noticed the addition pain although I was prepared to hold him in place until I got each and every single undeserved hair plucked out.  They would take a very long time to regrow.  I also used the efficient tool on his armpits so that they would match.  I picked him up and put him in a more comfortable position so he could cry himself out then I started to investigate his computer habits.

* * * * * * * * * *

«I was in agony.  Ty was beating me and my ass was on fire.  It was like a nova going off in my butt.  He's going to kill me» I thought but that did not happen.  Then the strapping stopped but the pain continued.  I could not imagine that the Juvenile Hall strap could hurt more but if it did I wanted no part of it.  In fact, I wanted no part of Ty's belt but I got it anyway.  He made me cry, bawl and blubber like a little kid.  I was just laying on my bed wishing that I could take something to stop the pain. I knew that going to that construction site had been a bad idea but … hey … I'm only fifteen.  But I doubted that I'll ever be able to sit again but I was wrong.  My butt was, however, painful for days.  I dread to think what that strap they use in Juvenile Hall would have done to my tail.  I hoped that the strapping would prevent the 'rents from grounding me for a year.  I lay on my bed just suffering until Ty made me get up and led me to the bathroom.  "You smell like you been playing in a pigsty, boy.  You need a bath."  I could not stink that much but I was not going to argue.  I felt that a feather touching my roasted tail would hurt and Ty could easily give me a hand spanks.

"Please, Ty, may I have shower?" I pleaded but Ty insisted that he was going to give me a bath and I had better get into the tub ASAP unless I wanted another spanking first.  I did as he said although I sat down very carefully.  Ty put a couple of kiddy bath toys in to the tub and said I have ten minutes of playtime.  I really did not want to play, but I did not dare risk making Ty angry so I played.

"Playtime is over, Perry.  Dunk your head so I can wash your hair."  I dunked and he washed and rinsed it.  Then he washed the rest of me – first down to my waist and then from my toes to crotch.  He let the water out and then washed my package and crack.  I got a full rinse.  It was then I saw that I did not have any pubes.

"Where are my pubes?" I shrieked in horror.

"Little boys like you don't have pubes.  When you grow up, then you will get them." I was told.  It would be days before I found out that he had plucked my hair out like it was an infestation of weeds.  Next, Ty put me to work writing lines.  He would not let me get dressed explaining that a hairless little boy doesn't need to be covered.  I sat at the dining room table and wrote stupid lines until my hand hurt as much as my butt did.

Ty stopped my writing so that we could have lunch after which I was required to do my homework.  Still naked, of course.  After lunch, I had to brush and pee before my nap.  How could I sleep with the all the pain I was suffering, I asked but did not get an answer except that disobedience would get me spanked.

After my nap it was back to my homework until four when I was allowed to get dressed.  My boxers were gone so I had to put on briefs.  Even that was terrible since they were full of cartoon characters.  I though we were just going for dinner but I was wrong.  On the way to the dinner, we stopped in Tony's Barber Shop.  Yes, a plain simple barber shop and not a salon.  I got the haircut that the barber and Ty selected for me.  It was a plain simple boys' haircut and it was very short.  Ty promised if I gave any trouble that I would be the star of a show the other patrons would enjoy.  The style sure made me look like a little kid.

On the way to the diner, we pasted a thrift shop.  Ty spotted a boys' sailor suit in the window and thought that it was cute.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be my size (actually a bit small) but it was cheep and so Ty brought it for me.  He made me wear it out of the store.  It was terrible – too tight especially the shorts.  Yes, it had short short-pants.  I was much more comfortable in the diner than I would have been at the mall where I might have meet some friends or classmates.  I was glad to get home since I felt like a freak.

When we got home, I had to strip since I had been spanked that day.  Ty allowed me to shower to wash the loose hairs from my head and then to watch cartoons (rather than write lines) until bedtime.

Sunday started quietly and after breakfast I had do homework for two hours while still naked.  I really did not care about that since nobody beside Ty was about.  I hoped that he would let me get dressed before Mom got home.  I was yet to learn how much naked time I was going to have to bear.

I found out that Ty had a little list that Mom had prepared of my misbehaviors for the last month.  I got over Ty's lap for a hand spanking.  My tail was still warm from the strapping the previous day and Ty spanked hard as always which soon made me cry.  The rest of the afternoon I had to do homework or write lines.  I chose the former.

* * * * * * * * * *

The day was going well.  Perry was doing as I ordered without questioning and his attitude was far better.  In just a day, I had crushed that unthinking adolescent cockiness that was the problem and, hopefully, it would not return.  His father called as it was getting dark and apologized that they were going to be late and that we should have dinner.  Since Perry had been good, I decided that I would take him to the park before dinner.

I had him put on his new sailor suit outfit and we were off.  Just as I had hoped, the playground was empty since the little kids were already gone for the day.  He was learning for he did not make any objections when I took him in.  Anyone looking would have thought that he was just a tall ten-year-old with his older brother.  In spite of himself, he had fun on the slide and swing, especially when I pushed him.

We had dinner in the diner again as it was very convenient and I let him order freely as a reward.  When we got back home, his parents had arrived.  Mrs. Harlow just loved how her little boy looked in the short-pants sailor suit.  I reminded Perry that he was not allowed to be dressed until the next morning since he had been spanked.  He excused himself and went to his room to undress.  I had explained that this was the proper procedure to follow.

He was very shy when he returned, struggling to keep his hands away from his crotch.  I had warned him not to try to cover himself up as he had to get used to his mother seeing him naked since he was not to get dressed until after breakfast.  I had cautioned his parents that it was important that they did not make a fuss about his nudity.  We listened to the Harlows talk about their weekend until I said.  "Perry, it is time for bed.  Shower, brush and pee and your Mother will be up to tuck you in shortly."  Without a word, he complied.

His parents were amazed and delighted at what a contrite little boy he was.  I explained to the Harlows much of what I did to reset Perry's self image to reduce him to a mid-tweenager.  They would have let him grow up although a lot faster than the first time.  I reminded them that they had to be strict with him and reviewed the rules for their son and encouraged them to spank him themselves but only when it was called for.

I got a very good fee for the weekend plus a good tip from grateful parents and Mr. Harlow drove me home.

* * * * * * * * * *

It is a few months after that most traumatic weekend with Tyrone.  I'm a different person now and I'm glad of it.  I'm not perfect and the 'rents don't expect me to be perfect.  What they expect is that I won't be a spoiled brat and the payoff is that they have stopped treating like a ten-year-old.  Part of my problem was that they treated me as a little kid so I responded as one.  Ty "reset" me back and convinced the 'rents to help me grow up rather than suffocating me so that I exploded.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 6, 2011

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