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The following story is fiction about Peter Pan.  The story contains scenes of a public spanking and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the TV commercial shown at which was posted by the copyright owner.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to e-mail.

Peter Pan's High School Reunion


This was the big reunion for the class – the fiftieth.  That meant that everyone was at least sixty-seventy-years-old and a couple even a full four-score-years.  There was one exception as always with this class and that was Peter Pan.  For reasons unknown to science he was still just twelve.  While all the others moved slowly and some even used walkers and canes, Peter ran about like he did decades before when he was still in elementary school.  It must also be noted that just like his apparent physical age was frozen so was his emotional age.

Peter had been making himself a pest (as he did every reunion) at the dinner party.  He kept dashing about and even bumping into others with never even an "I'm sorry." much less an apology.  He had even managed to knock a loaded tray from the server's hands as well as having several close calls.  Phil had just started to chat with Joanna, a former crush, when Peter yelled "Phil." from across the room.  Several people commented that Peter was just as immature as he was when they all were back in school and he should be at the children's table (preferably at some other function).

"Damn, that brat Peter is coming our way.  Be careful." Phil said when he saw that Peter was heading towards them.

Doing his best to be polite, he responded with a "Hey Peter".  Peter initiated a high-five but when Phil responded he dropped his hand and smacked Phil's hand low and laughed at his silly immature joke.  Then after making an inappropriate remark to Joanna, dashed away to bother others.

Suddenly Peter froze in his tracks for a powerful pincher had grabbed one of his ears.  "That's enough, young man." said the man holding him.  He was able to see the name tag – "Vice Principal Moore".  What surprised Peter was that the man was about forty-five – exactly the same as when he was a student.  While this incongruity stumbled about in Peter's head, the man started to lecture him.© YLeeCoyote

"Peter Pan your conduct is MOST unacceptable.  This is a dinner party NOT an elementary school yard to run about in.  You haven't changed a bit in fifty years."  The man paused as he pulled Peter up onto the dais and picked up the paddle that many of the attendees remembered less than fondly.  "OK, Peter, now drop your pants and assume the position.  You are going to get a reminder to behave."

"No.  NO!  You can't do that." cried Peter.  "Not the paddle, please."

"Yes I can, Peter.  Should I get someone to help you?  That will cost you extras, of course, for noncooperation." snapped the vice principal already angry because of the improper behavior.  The room was silent as everyone watched intently – even the catering staff and musicians.

Peter stood frozen and then realized that he was surrounded.  Slowly, very slowly he undid the straps and his pants fell.  A waiter (the one whose loaded tray Peter had knocked out of his hands) pulled a chair around for him to bend over.  He bent over the chair and the waiter helpfully pulled up his jumper and yanked down his briefs.  He took this close encounter to whisper: "I gonna to enjoy seeing you get your butt roasted.  I'll bet that Tinker Bell will too."

Vice Principal Moore got into position and raised the paddle.  The silence was shattered as the paddle struck Peter's butt and he howled loudly.  The more discerning eyes could tell that the target was already turning pink as the paddle was raised and lowered a second time.  Peter not only howled but jumped up and grabbed his butt.  "Back into position, boy.  And that has earned you an extra."

"NO!  NO!  NO!" yelled Peter.  "It's too painful!"  He started to run off but the waiter caught him.

The VP turned the chair around and sat down.  "Bring him here, please."

The waiter happily dragged the protesting forever boy to the VP and the two got him over the VP's lap.  "Little boys, like you Peter, get spanked rather than paddled because you're NOT man enough to take a proper paddling." and began to spank him as hard as he could.  The little boy howled but the VP held him in place.  Soon he was bawling uncontrollably and his pants were some distance away as he had kicked them off.

There were exclamations of approval from the audience which can be summed up as: "Give that naughty boy the hard spanking he deserves."

The VP finished the spanking.  He then led the half naked boy to the corner and ordered him to stand there with his hands on his head until released.  The well chastised, hot red bottom boy sobbed a reply that might have been a "Yes, Sir."  The appreciative group gave the VP a standing ovation lasting for more than a minute.

Twenty-minutes later the VP called Peter from the corner with the admonition: "Now behave yourself, Peter."  Peter pulled up his pants and with teary eyes mumbled "Yes, Sir."  He was quiet for the rest of the evening.

Several members of the class of '65 whose butts had been roasted by that very paddle congratulated Principal Moore, the III, with variations of "You roast butts as well as your grandfather roasted ours."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 15, 2015

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