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The following story is fiction about public corporal punishment.  The story contains scenes of flogging, strapping and caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is set in a universe where a neighborhood solution was found to deal with low grade criminals with minimal police and court involvement and to be both just and effective.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Petty Crime Reduction Procedures


This was the day the team had been anxiously awaiting for many months.  The Petty Crime Reduction Procedures Act had been signed into law by the governor almost eight months ago.  They had to wait for the three-months for the effective date and another three-months for the 'just warnings' period to pass even as they trained.  At long last – today – the PCRP law was fully in effect.

They had trained together as a team and were determined to protect everyone from the petty criminals who destroyed the serenity of their neighborhood park for one and all.  They had issued dozens of warnings during the three-month warning period and now the real penalties were available to apply to the criminals.

They were expecting him for every morning he recklessly raced his bike through the park with total disdain for everyone else.  Last year he had knocked old Mrs. Milich to the ground and now she had to use a cane.  During the warning period they tried to educate him to show respect for others and to obey the law but they nearly got run down themselves by the arrogant young man.

Today they were prepared.  One tried to stop him near the entrance but only got the one finger salute for his trouble.  The others were ready as he approached, and they shouted the order to halt.  It was only when the stick got caught in the spokes and jammed the wheel that he stopped but still fell.  Two of them grabbed his arms, pulled him to the tree and quickly tightened the plastic handcuffs about his wrists.  By the time he realized what had happened he was now a tree hugger, in the literal sense of the word, and a prisoner.  He yelled and cursed but eventually stopped when it did not have any effect.

They carefully followed all the procedures to the letter of the law.  They called the police who came an hour later.  The officer reviewed the video recording to confirm the crime.  After checked his id and seeing that the criminal was twenty-year-old William John Blake, III he read the prisoner his rights.  Then he explained the options under the new law.  The first option was arrest, fingerprinting, arraignment and a trial.  The wait for the trial required a large bond or resting in the jail.  The minimum fine was $500.00 plus seven days in jail for a first offence.  The second option was immediate corporal punishment by the trained enforcement officers.© YLeeCoyote

The youth was horrified and stunned.  He tried to talk his way out of this disaster but it was hopeless.  With the video and four eye witnesses he was certain to be convicted explained the officer with a pleasant smile for he also had previously observed this youth's crimes.  The youth knew that he couldn't afford the time and that his father would go postal about the money (as they never recovered from the financial crash almost two decades ago) so he chose the only other option.  The team was delighted.

The team had drawn lots to decide who would do what for this most wanted criminal.  Mr. Mortimer was first.  He yanked Billy's shirt from his pants and made a small cut in the bottom center.  Then he gripped each half and pulled hard.  The shirt split easily right up through the collar leaving Billy's back fully exposed.  Mr. Otway had the flogger ready and had the joy of delivering the very first cut.  He raised the flogger high and brought it down hard.  Billy yelled.  The watchers and especially the other team members enjoyed the criminal's reaction.  Two more and Mr. Otway's turn was over.

Mrs. Milich having been invited to watch nearly fell over with joy as lashes struck.  From the way she was swinging her cane as the prisoner was being punished it was clear she would have liked to have been the executioner herself.  She did realize, however, that she could not strike as effectively as the strong, youthful team members so she was content to watch and only imagine she was swinging the implement of correction and striking the arrogant boy who had knocked her down.

Mr. Peifer did not delay after he received the implement for he quickly found his place and smartly dispensed the next three strokes to the upper back and shoulders of Billy boy.  He was rewarded with begging from the prisoner although he appreciated the marks on the criminal's back.

The team decided that they would honor the criminal's pleads – although not quite the way he wished.  Mr. Peifer reached around the strung up prisoner and opened his belt and pants.  Then he yanked the criminal's underpants down to his ankles and, of course, that meant his pants were also lowered leaving him essentially naked as his shirt was in tatters.

Mr. Peifer then grabbed the plastic handcuffs and pulled them down.  The pressure on the criminal's wrists encouraged him to lower his arms thus also bending over.  Bent over his rump formed a better target.

Meanwhile, Mr. Snook had been fondling the heavy razor strop as he was most anxious to use it.  He knew exactly where to position himself from his practice sessions with a dummy for maximum effectiveness.  He took his time to savor the time as he raised up the strop and brought it crashing down on the target.  Billy howled loudly.  Some would say like a banshee but few had heard such creatures to know for sure.  Mr. Snook knew that he was happy hearing the loud screams and the nice red stripe forming on the criminal's butt.  His next two cuts provoked the same delightful response.

"NO MORE STRAP, Please." yelled the criminal through his tears.

Mr. Mortimer thought about it.  It was a reasonable request so he said.  "As you wish, Billy boy." and picked up the cane.  He too had been practicing.  The criminal did not know what hit him although it felt like a red-hot iron rod had smashed into his ass.  Then it was repeated twice more leaving him bawling.

"The first offence gets a dozen strokes, Billy." said the officer after a few minutes wait.  "Repeat offenders get more!"  Then the police officer made sure that the video records were all properly dispatched and told the criminal that he had to remain on public display for six hours although he was allowed to stand up.

Over the next six hours many people (far more than usually frequented the park) took pleasure in seeing the notorious criminal on display and read the placard explaining why he was there.

When he was freed, the criminal pulled up his pants and got his bike.  Of course, he could not ride it even if his ass had not been on fire for the stick that stopped him had bent the wheel.  He limped home.

The team was most pleased.  Mrs. Milich was the most delighted of all and there was a bit more spring in her step even with the cane.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 27, 2016

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