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The following story is totally fiction.  It contains scenes of non-consensual gay sex, punishment and, to some, even torture.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story was inspired by my discovery of a plagiarized story in the Jimka Archive (since removed) which is now the MMSA.  Because of the subject matter of the stolen story and the posting venue the (only, alas) fictional punishment inflicted seems, in the words of the Mikado, to fit the crime.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Alan Plagiarius Is Taught a Lesson


The investigation teams of the International Copyright and Anti-Plagiarism Commission (ICAPC) work hard.  A few short weeks ago, they had received a report of a blatant copying of a story posted on the WWW.  The author had presented sufficient evidence that the work was his and through hard work they had tracked down the despicable criminal through the well entangled web.  The remedies available through the civil and criminal courts were meager.  The courts were concerned mainly with the monetary value rather than the honor and emotional losses.  In this case, there were not any cash losses.  The team decided that they would handle the case directly.  Enforcement agents were selected, briefed and dispatched.

Alan did not see them until it was too late, although it would not have mattered.  He had just gotten home from work (with the evening's dinner in a bag) and was still in the doorway when they were upon him.

The agents were both big men – at least 6′10′′ (208 cm) tall with muscles to match. Alan at 6′4′′ did not feel tall in their presence.  They were both in blue police uniforms complete with side arms although Alan did not recognize the insignias nor did he have time to ask or study them closely.  They had taken him by surprise.

"Are you Alan Plagiarius?" one of them asked in the gruff manner of policemen the world over since before written history.

"Yes.  What is this…."© YLeeCoyote

He was cut off with a loud command: "ALAN PLAGIARIUS: YOU ARE UNDER ARREST.  Get your hands up against the wall and spread your feet."  Alan was stunned.

"NOW!" yelled the other with his hand on his 9-mm pistol in a quick draw holster.  Alan obeyed.  They started to frisk him.  First a complete pat down which included emptying everything from his pockets and dropping it all on the floor.  Alan often dreamed of situations like this but with just one tiny difference – he was in charge; doing it to some stupid cop who he had tricked and now was humiliating.  Even so Alan's cock grew hard and caused the bulge in his jeans to grow.  The cops noted this and made sure to feel him up – both front and back complete with derisive remarks several times.

They then handcuffed Alan's hands behind his back and pulled his T-shirt over his head to rest on top of the cuffs.  "We better strip this one; looks like he's hiding something in his pants."  Saying that he calmly proceeded to undo Alan's jeans and the other one yanked them down.  An object fell to the floor from Alan's crotch area.  Inspection showed that it was nothing but a rolled up sock.  "Looks like our boy here has been doing some false advertising.  We'd better check out the rest." and down came Alan's briefs revealing a sub-average pecker.  "Where's the computer, boy?  We got this search warrant too." said one flashing a piece of paper.

Alan, for a change, considered his situation.  Handcuffed, hobbled and naked he knew that he was helpless.  "In the den over there, Sir." and he pointed with his head.  One of the cops grabbed him by his cock and led him there.  There he was assisted to his knees while the cops started the search.  They turned on the PC and it came up with a logon screen.

"What's the password, boy?" one asked.  There was not any response.  One of the cops went back into the hall and returned with Alan's own garrison belt.  They pushed Alan forward so that he was laying over a hassock.  The cop doubled the belt and brought it down hard on the prisoner's bare butt.  There was a resounding WHACK! followed by a yell.  A bright red stripe appeared across Alan's behind.  There were another nineteen applications of the heavy belt leaving Alan's butt quite sore and a flaming crimson red.  "What's the password, boy?" one cop asked again.  This time Alan answered.  One of the cops went to get the equipment bag they had brought.

"Time to complete the body cavity search, boy." he said as he slipped on the latex glove.  Alan shuddered when he heard the glove snap on the cop's wrist; what he had feared was about to happen.  The cop just pressed his fingers right up against Alan's butthole and pushed hard.  As they were roughly forced in, Alan screamed and the cops laughed.  When the cop was satisfied that there was not anything unnatural hidden there he withdrew his fingers.  Alan sighed with relief although his pleasure was short lived.  Almost immediately the fingers were replaced by a large butt plug.  The cop pulled Alan up and said "Open wide, boy."  Alan was afraid to refuse.  The cop then stuck the same fingers into his mouth that he had just removed from Alan's ass.  "Nothing here." he declared.  Alan learnt that he did not like the taste of latex flavored with the juices of his own asshole.

"I think that we had better be safe than sorry." said one cop as he slipped a diskette in the PC and rebooted the machine.  As this was happening, the other was connecting Alan to a box.  There were three dials labeled: intensity, duration, repeats.  They were all set at 1 on a scale of 10.  The cop attached one wire to the butt plug and the other he pushed into Alan's cock and squeezed the shaft.  The rough points of the wire bit painfully into Alan's ureter.  They secured it with a rubber band.  Alan was horrified at both what was happening to him and this machine.  Meanwhile the other cop was calmly copying files using his own high capacity backup medium.  They had bypassed his security system.  He feared that he would learn what the box he was connected to could do.

After some time the PC cop walked over to him and checked the setting on the box.  With Alan watching in horror he flipped the on/off switch and a light came on.  Placing the box back in front of Alan, he pushed the button – once.  The pain where Alan usually felt great pleasure was horrendous.  He screamed and almost fainted.  "I'll be very angry if that was the wrong password, boy." the cop said and slowly and deliberately turned the knobs to 7.

Alan did not know what else that box could do but he was quite certain that he did not want to find out in this way.  They had copied all his files anyway.  "Sir, that was not the right password.  The password is CopRape."  The PC cop confirmed the spelling, patted Alan on the head and turned the knobs back to 3.  He re-booted the machine and entered the correct password.  He started looking at Alan's files.  After a few minutes he announced to the other one:; "It's all here.  He subscribed to a lot of story newsgroups and has bookmarked many story archives.  The document for the last story he stole was created just four hours after it was posted in the ASSGM newsgroup.  I also got his fake ids from his posting file."

"Great.  We can post that all from the office.  But now I'm horny; let's have some fun."  The cops both unzipped and their large shafts were both at full attention.  They rolled on condoms and one sat down on the big chair and called Alan over."  Alan obeyed truly fearful that they could fry his equipment with that horrid box.  Seconds later his mouth was full of hard cop cock and he could not think of anything else.  When the dildo was wrenched from his rectum, he realized there was something else.  He did not have to imagine what as the other cop rammed his large shaft into his stretched fuck hole.  The cops each continued fucking both ends of Alan until they were fully satisfied.

They uncuffed Alan and sat him down in front of his own machine.  He was made to reboot the machine and then enter the password he first gave to the cops.  He sat there in horror as his hard disk was reformatted destroying all his files – both programs and data.  The cops then collected all the CD's and diskettes around – all his programs and backups.

Finally, they each took him over their knees just as if he was a little boy and spanked him with a large wooden hairbrush.  The resounding WHACKS of the hard wood on Alan's buttock and thighs were a pleasure to the cops' ears.  These were not children's spankings, but very hard and long adult punishment spankings.  With his ass already sore from the earlier strapping Alan really suffered because of the severity of the two spankings.  The cops thought that they might have to gag him because he was screaming so much.  By the end he was actually crying like a little boy.

A little while later, the two cops left.  Alan was standing in the shower trying to cool his burning butt.  The cops had stuck up a lot of stickers all over his house. The one in the bathroom was the same that was across the top of his monitor:

Thou shall respect the copyrights of others and shall not plagiarize.

across the bottom of his monitor was a very ominous warning:

The second time the ICAPC calls will be the last.

Meanwhile, the two cops from the ICAPC were reporting to their captain that they had put that thief out of action.  Of course, he was going to be watched closely.  The recidivism rate was, alas, high.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 24, 1998

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