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I wrote the first part of this for the newsgroups soc.sexuality.spanking Short Story Contest -- 2001 and after a couple of ladies said that my epilog was wrong for various reasons, I expanded this fun story to eight short parts.  Part 2 was also previously posted in sss.  Since it is a fictional story about several young children it does not have any sexual content but lots of spanking between them and even one adult administered spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright

The author would appreciate your comments -- pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Playing House


Spank the first

Timmy was actually looking forward to visiting his uncle and aunt this Sunday afternoon.  That was because he loved being able to play with his cousin Davy.  As his father drove, his mother reminded him that he must be nice to all his cousins.  He did not like his other cousins for they were all girls.  Very few eight year old boys like girls.  He particularly hated Playing House since Davy, being nine, always got to be the daddy when they were not playing fun boy's games.

Timmy was terribly disappointed when they got to Davy's house.  Davy had gone to a birthday party and would not be home for four long hours.  Both his mother and aunt insisted that he play -- and play nicely -- with Susie and Terri.  He was crestfallen.  It did not help that he was to play the daddy since he was the only boy.

As always the game started with daddy coming home and getting kissed [UGH! All those girl germs!] by mommy and daughter.  Then there was supper with itty-bitsy doll dishes.  He managed to yell at Terri for "spilling her milk".

"How did your day go?" asked mommy Susie when the meal was over.© YLeeCoyote

"Not so well, dear.  I got a call from Terri's teacher.  She was a very naughty girl in school today.  She did not have her homework and disturbed the class several times."

Terri just sat there when mommy and daddy stared at her.

"Naughty little girls get punished so that they will be good little girls." he said authoritatively.  He got up and took Terri by the hand and led her back to his chair.  After sitting down, he continued.  "Naughty little girls get spanked."

He pulled his cousin over his lap and held her fast with one hand.  He raised her dress, exposing her panties, and tucked it under his arm.  Then he slipped his other hand under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.  "A proper spanking must be on the bare bottom."  He declared as he raised his arm and


Terri started to protest.


Terri started to cry.


Terri switched to bawling.


Timmy stopped spanking her and led her to the corner.  Susie got into the sprit of things by pinning up Terri dress so her hot red bottom was showing.

Timmy then announced that he had to do some work on his PDA and started to play with his Gameboy®.  A little later Davy came home and Timmy spoke.  "Your niece Terri misbehaved at school and I had to spank her."  Davy smiled at seeing his little sister's red bottom.  The two boys then played ball until it was time for Timmy to go home.

Epilog: The girls never asked them to play house again.

Spank the second

It was a month after Timmy spanked his little cousin, Terri, when he was forced to play house with her and her older sister, Susie, because their brother, Davy, was out for a while.  Timmy felt very good about pulling his cousin over his lap, raising her skirt, yanking down her panties and spanking her until her little bottom was bright red.  Both of his other cousins also enjoyed the sight of their little sister being punished.  Terri, as might be expected was not over joyed about it.

Susie was anxious to play house again in the expectation that one of the boys would find a way to spank her little sister -- again.  Of course, when she suggested playing house again, the boys gave their usual but ineffective adamant refusals, so did Terri.  They were just beginning to argue when Susie had to run off to pee-pee.  It was then that Timmy asked Terri if she would like to see her sister spanked.  The reply was very enthusiastic so Timmy laid out the plot in just a few seconds.  The three smiled at each other.

It did not take Susie long to play her trump card.  "I'll tell mommy that you don't want play with us."  Hearing that the boys reluctantly agreed and Terri had to go along.

Soon the four of them were once again sitting around the table with the itty-bitsy doll dishes pretending to have lunch.  Suddenly Timmy announced: "I just heard the mailman.  I'll get the mail, Daddy." and dashed out of the room.  He returned a couple of minutes latter with a few envelopes that his uncle (knowing that they were junk) had dropped in the waste basket and gave them to Daddy Davy.

"Thank you, son." Davy said as he started to open them.

"A bill for a hat." he said and went to the next letter.

"A bill for shoes."

"A bill for two dresses and another hat from Stacy*s."

"A bill from the body shop.  You damaged the car almost a month ago and did not tell me!  Again!"

Timmy and Terri grinned at each other and Davy continued.  "You're way over budget, Susie.  You promised that you would not spend so much.  You know we can not afford all this."

Susie did not know what to say so she just stammered a bit and added "Yes, dear."

Davy got up and walked around the table to Susie.  "You been naughty and must be spanked." he said in his most authoritative voice.

"Daddy's going to spank Mommy." cried Terri in glee.  "Daddy's going to spank Mommy."

Davy pulled his sister up and over to the couch.  He opened her jeans and yanked them down.

"You can't do this." she protested.

"Yes, I can." he replied yanking her panties down giving Timmy a good view of her not so private parts.  "A man must keep his wife in line.  You did not keep your word."  He pulled her over his lap and got a good grip on her waist.  "Mommy was very naughty, children."

"Daddy's going to spank mommy." repeated Terri jubilantly.

He raised his hand and brought it down hard on his sister's bottom.  A red hand print formed instantly.


Susie started to howl but Davy continued to spank her until her bottom was fiery red and she was sobbing.


Davy put his sister into the corner and the three admired how bright red her bottom was.  "Now, Terri, I want you to remember when you grow up and get married not to spend too much."

"Yes, Daddy." grinned Terri.

The three munched on real chocolate chocolate-chip cookies.  They were 'specially good since they each had four because Susie was in the corner being punished and was not eating hers.

Spank the third

Susie was quite unhappy that her plan to get her brother to spank her sister had misfired and she herself had gotten spanked.  She realized that if she complained to her parents, that she would get into trouble herself and a parental spanking was certainly not to be risked.  She decided that she would have catch Davy doing something wrong and then threaten to tell unless....  She smiled at her own cleverness.

It was a hot morning and Dave had gone out to play with his buddy, Charlie, leaving Susie and Terri to play together.  The girls wandered down to the little creek thinking that it would be cooler in the woods.  Then they saw Davy.  He was naked and playing in the water.  Charlie was nowhere to be seen.  They snuck closer and saw Davy's clothes in a pile a few meters from the water.  None of Charlie's clothes were around so that meant that Davy was alone in the water.  Susie was overjoyed; she now had something on her brother.  Susie and Terri sat down on their brother's clothes, watched and waited.

Davy was surprised when he noticed his sisters watching him; with big evil grins.  He did not care that they saw him naked again so he just headed for them and his clothes.  It was what Susie said that got his attention.  "I bet that you really get spanked and grounded when Dad hears that you were in the creek by yourself."  Davy knew a blackmail threat when he heard one from his sister.

"What do you want not to tell?"  Past experiences had taught him that being direct was a lot faster.

"Naughty boys get spanked, Davy.  I'm going to spank you or I'll tell daddy."

Davy made a quick choice -- it was certainly better to be spanked by his sister than by his dad and avoid grounding.  "O.K.  It's a deal -- you spank me and don't tell."

"Deal.  Get over my lap naughty boy."  Davy laid down over his sister's outstretched legs and she caressed his little butt.  "You been a very naughty boy swimming by yourself, Davy." she said over and over between spanks.

Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.  Spank.

Davy and Susie perceived the spanking very differently.  Susie saw her brother's bottom turning pink and her own hand beginning to hurt so she assumed that Davy was hurting also.  Davy was laughing to himself for he knew that his sister, a mere girl, could not hurt him.  Eventually, Susie was satisfied and stopped spanking Davy.

Davy was just about to put on his clothes when little Terri said: "I want something not to tell."

"You want to spank me also?" Dave asked.

"No.  I want you to spank Timmy for spanking me AND I want to watch."

"But he isn't here, Terri." he said with male logic.

Terri hesitated for a bit.  "Well, then when he is here and we play house."

"O.K., deal."


"It's time for lunch." he said yanking his jeans out from under his sister.  As soon as he was dressed, they head for the house.

Spank the fourth

It was a week later that Timmy was visiting again.  Both Susie and Davy had their own schemes to get Timmy's bottom red.  As usual, the girls pushed for playing house and eventually got their way.  In order to persuade Timmy to agree to play, Susie told Timmy that they had a plans to spank Terri again.

As they had their make-believe dinner, Susie started the plot.  "Father, Terri's principal called this morning and I had to go to school to speak with her."

"That does not sound good.  If that young lady has been bad or lazy then she'll have to be spanked, mother."

Timmy got right into the spirit immediately.  "Naughty girls deserve to be spanked."

"I haven't been naughty!" protested Terri.

"Spanked on the bare bottom." Timmy added.

"That's right, dear." said Mommy Susie, "The principal said you were doing very well and behaving."  Terri stuck her tongue out at Timmy.  "Unfortunately, that is NOT what she had to say about your 'brother'; he has been disrupting the class with wisecracks."

"Naughty boys deserve to be spanked." interjected Terri with a grin.

"He has been sent to the principal three times in the last two weeks." continued Susie.

"Spanked on the bare bottom." Terri added.

"It appears that a spanking is in order, young man." intoned Davy solemnly.  With that he got up from his chair and led Timmy to the couch ignoring the expected objections.  As he sat down, he whispered into his cousin's ear: "Sorry, I got to do this.  Trust me, Dave."

Davy opened his cousin's belt and unzipped his jeans.  He pulled them down and then lowered his underpants.  A few seconds later, he was in the classical spanking position with Davy gently patting his bottom.  The hand was raised and lowered with a hard SPANK!  Timmy gave a howl.  Susie and Terri both smiled. The hand was raised again and again came down with a resounding SPANK! but Timmy knew it was different.  It was as loud as the first spank but it did not hurt the same way.  Davy continued to spank his cousin mixing a few real SPANKS! in with the fake spanks.  Then it was corner time.

The girls really enjoyed seeing Timmy's red bottom on display like there had been in the past.  As Susie munched on Timmy's cookie, she thought that it was extra good.  Less than ten minutes later, Charlie and his little sister, Annie, came over.  The boys managed to get away and into the woods.

Spank the fifth

Away from the girls, Davy gave Timmy a couple of cookies that he had slipped into his pocket while pretending to eat them earlier.  He apologized to Timmy and explained how he had been trapped into doing such an awful thing to a fellow boy.  He even explained that he had worked with Charlie to learn how to make spanking sound loud but not hurt so as to fool the girls.  He asked for forgiveness but was surprised when Timmy demurred.

Timmy was really disappointed that Davy had let his younger sisters control him.  He acted as a coward would avoiding responsibility.  Not to mention betraying another boy.  After Charlie agreed with Timmy, Davy hid his face in shame for a long time.  Then he borrowed Charlie's pocket knife and walked briskly over to a bush and cut two switches.  He returned the knife and gave a switch to each of the two.

"I've been a naughty boy.  I've betrayed boys generally and doubled-crossed you Timmy."  He then drop his shorts and stepped out of them.  "You know what needs to be done." he said as he assumed the position.

Swosh! went the switch in Timmy's hand and Davy yelled.  Swosh! went the switch in Charlie's hand and Davy yelled again.  He yelled each and every time they swung their switches but he never moved.

"'nough." said Timmy after the tenth set of blows.

"Thank you, guys.  I'm sorry that I behaved badly.  I hope that you can forgive me now."

"Let's go to the creek; I'll bet someone would like the cold water on their hot bottom." teased Timmy.

"Yep." agreed Charlie.

They played for a while until Davy said there was something that he wanted to do back at the house.

Spank the sixth

Back at the house Davy asked his father if he could speak with them for a few minutes.  After being assured that it could not wait, the boys and Davy's father went into his den.

"Father, please spank me."

"You want a spanking, son?"

"No, Sir, not at all.  I was a naughty boy and I have earned one."  The puzzled expression on his dad face told Davy to continue.  "I was playing in the creek alone and then I let Susie and Terri boss me around not to tell."

"So why are you telling me now?"

"Because my two best friends helped me to understand I must do the right thing."

Dad shifted his chair to the spanking position and patted his lap.  Davy knew what to do.  For the second time, he shed his shorts and laid down on his dad lap.  "What are these marks, son?"

"I gave my peers switches to punish me for betraying them, father."


Davy was really feeling his father's heavy hand on his bottom.  He so wanted to yell "STOP!" but he did not.  A boy trying his best to be a man does not do such a thing.  Nor does he want to cry but sometimes he can not help himself.


Charlie and Timmy were impressed at how Davy accepted the punishment.  They knew that his father was not faking like he had done earlier in the day.


Davy's father stopped spanking, stood his son up and wiped his tears away.  Davy hugged his father until he could stop crying and then thanked him.

Dad knew that he did not have to discuss past or future behavior now but he added one thing.  "David, you're grounded for two days."

Before Davy could respond, Timmy said: "Davy, make that four days."

"Thank you, Father.  I'm grounded for four days."

"Do you know what blackmail is?" he asked.  After a few minutes they did and also understood what why is was wrong.  I want you to think about what your sisters did and what an appropriate punishment would be.  We'll talk about it with them later.

Spank the seventh

It was a couple of hours later that Dad finished explaining to the girls about wickedness of blackmail and announced that they were going to be punished and that their fate was up to David.  Of course, his sisters were most horrified at this especially since Annie and Charlie would also know.

Davy with the help of his cousin and friend had worked hard on the decision since he was very proud of being so grown up as to pass sentence on his sisters.  I think that they should have a choice, father. #1: Grounded for three weeks.  #2: A hard spanking from you.  #3: Spanked by me.

The boys had selected the choices carefully.  Being grounded during summer vacation was certainly an awful choice.  A hard spanking from Dad really hurt.  A spanking from Davy had to be much easier.  Susie saw the problems just as Davy expected and explained them to Terri.  They both chose #3.

"Go to your room and get ready.  I'll be up in a few minutes."

Without a word the girls did as they were ordered.  In five minutes they were sitting on their beds naked and nervously awaiting their big brother.  He made them wait what seemed an eternity but was only ten minutes.  Annie tried to tell them it would not be so bad.  Susie could not think of a way to tell Annie to leave.

Susie objected to Charlie and Timmy coming in with Davy.  "OK, Susie, I'll just tell Dad that you want him to spank you."

"NO, Davy." cried Susie.

Davy sat down next to Susie.  "Susie, you're first."  She let him pull her over his lap.  Once he had her in position, "This will be like what I did to Timmy this morning." he said, patting her bottom.

He raised his hand and brought it down hard on the target.  SPANK!  Susie yelled and he gave her a second SPANK! which hurt just as much as the first.  The boys smiled at the lovely hand prints that were showing.  Again and again he delivered hard SPANKS! right on target.


Soon Susie was crying.  Davy continued to spank her hard.  Unlike the spanking he gave to Timmy in the morning, every spank was real.  Susie thought that it was the same as what Davy had done with Timmy and that made it hurt even more.  When he stopped he took his bawling sister in his arms and comforted her.

Spank the eight

"Terri since Timmy got spanked because of you, he's going to give your spanking now."  Timmy sat on the bed next to Terri.  She made no objections since Timmy was smaller than her brother so hopefully this would be easier than a spanking from him.

"Timmy, I'm really sorry that I made Davy spank you.  Please don't spank me very hard." she pleaded.

"We'll all be sure of that, young lady after you are well spanked." he said as he pulled her into position.  Timmy started to spank her like Davy had just spanked Susie.  He started with ten hard SPANKS! which quickly got her crying and then continued with a lot of gentler spanks until Davy said enough.  He then gave her a couple of more hard ones and comforted her.

When she had stopped crying, she whispered into Timmy's ear a very soft "Thank you for not spanking me as hard as Susie got."

A few minutes later the two well spanked girls were tucked into bed by the boys.  They chose to sleep on their tummies.

Timmy left with his parents who also took Charlie and Annie home.

Davy also went to bed early.  Not surprisingly he chose to sleep on his tummy also.  He thought long and hard about the days events.  It certainly had been fun to give real spankings to his sisters although getting switched and spanked was not.  But he realized that even his hot, red bottom was a minor event compared to the most important thing of all -- he was certain that he had impressed his father that he was not merely an irresponsible little boy but becoming a responsible young man who today had been allowed to discipline his sisters.

Over the next few days he did a lot of reading and thinking.  The evils of blackmail, the virtues of loyalty and how to be a man were complex subjects and even harder than school work.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 2,  November 18,  December 08, 2001

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