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The following story is fiction about a youth spanking his buddy and having sex with his girlfriend.  The story contains scenes of m/m spanking and straight sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This was inspired by Nocti Raven's drawing Poolside posted at (the site is free but you need to register).  These characters also appear in my story It's Not a Birthday Party Without a Pinata.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Errol and Stevie
Poolside Spanking


We had been at the pool for a while and had just gotten back from the refreshment stand when it happened.  It was like a bolt of lighting from the heavens for suddenly, my boyfriend Errol yelled:  "Steve!  I've told you to stop ogling Kristi like that a dozen times.  Now you are going to get it."

Errol sounded so very angry that I thought that he was going to slug his friend but I was wrong.  He just grabbed him and pulled him over to the bench and sat down.  Then without another word, he yanked Steve's trunks down and flipped him over his lap.  Steve was too shocked to object while I watched with big saucer eyes.

Then he started to spank his BBF.  After a few loud spanks, he said:  "Sorry, dude.  Being my best friend does not mean that you get to ogle my girlfriend like that."

He spanked him hard for I saw how Steve's butt turned red and heard how he was howling.  Steve was pleading for mercy.  "Please, Errol, stop.  Please.  I'm sorry." but Errol made sure he drove his point home.  When Errol finished spanking him, Steve got up.  He quickly pulled up his trunks but I couldn't help but to notice that he was hard.  He apologized to both of us.  Errol accepted the apology so graciously that I couldn't do otherwise.  Steve quickly slipped into the pool, surely to cool his burning tail.

My heart was racing.  I just grabbed Errol and gave him a real kiss.  I pressed my lips on his.  As soon as he opened his mouth, I stuck my tongue right in.  It's not every day that a damsel is saved by a knight.  We also jumped into the pool.© YLeeCoyote

It was absolutely thrilling.  Errol had spanked Steve, his BBF, by the pool side just because he was ogling me at the pool.  It was wonderful!  Totally AWESOME!  Just like a knight of old protecting his lady love from the wicked prince wanting to steal her maidenhood.  Can you imagine – right by the side of the pool Errol grabbed Steve, yanked down his trunks, pulled him over his lap and SPANKED him.  They must have been hard spanks because Steve was yelling and his behind turned bright red.  I almost dropped my soda.

Later after we had eaten, Errol took me to a movie, it felt ever so right that he was hugging and kissing me so much.  I wanted to be even closer.  We left early and happily my folks were out so we had privacy at home.  I got shivers as Errol slowly disrobed me as we were hugging and kissing.  Before I knew it he was also nude and his manhood was standing up proudly in my honor.

It was wonderful lying on my bed hugging and kissing with our bodies in contact.  I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help thinking that it would be terrific if he made a woman out of me.  It happened so fast.  One second his hand was on my slit making me feel wonderful and then it was his great manhood there.  He gave a thrust and sunk deep into my virgin womanhood!  Never before had I felt such awesome ecstasy!  I yelled when I had my first orgasm!  I lay still and then he was gone.  A little later my 'rents came in but they never saw him so I did not get into trouble for having a boy over.

* * * * * * * * * *

I hope it works out like Errol planned.  He sure spanked me hard – harder than he said he would.  I'll probably still feel it in the morning.  We were back in the locker room when he gave me the extra five bucks as a real apology along with the agreed double sawbuck.  He was really smiling for he was certain his plan was working.  "Did you see how Kristi kissed me and called me HER HERO.  I'm sure to get a hit with her tonight."

I was sure that he was right about that.  I'll bet that it was a French kiss although it would have been a bit crude to ask him that.  No doubt that it was lips on lips – none of that 'peck on the check' that we usually get from the chicks.  It was a good thing that I was in the water then because I really had a huge boner when I saw her do that and with just a few pulls, I came.

After we dressed, we meet up with Kristi outside the girls' locker room and they went off on their date.  "Have fun guys." I said as they went off together.  I headed for the game shop to get that new game I wanted.

* * * * * * * * * *

Fuck it was worth it.  It was worth double!  I've been trying to get past second base for months with Kristi but she was just being a bitch and playing hard to get.  Of course, I was hard and raring to go as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Well, I got this idea to prove to Kristi that I was really interested and wanted her.  She is always reading those pulp romances and acting like Juliette on her balcony.  Hell, not only doesn't she have a balcony but I would need a hook and ladder truck or to have been bitten by that spider that changed Peter to get to her fifth floor window.

OK, she wanted romance so I gave her some.  Steve is always short of cash (he buys too many games) so I was able to convince him to be a villain in a little play just for my Juliette.  I have to admit he did a good job ogling her considering he doesn't give a damn about her.  I made sure that he was convincing when I spanked him by really giving it to him hard.  His pleads were real and I gave him an extra fiver as a peace offering.  If he had asked, I would have doubled that just for that hug and French kiss.  She has never done that with me before and it certainly gave me hope for doing a lot more later.

The date was great.  We hardly saw any of the girl flick she picked as we were making out during it.  It's sure is great that the theater seat arms lift up out of the way.  I got past second while we were still in the movie.  We left early and went to her place.  Her folks had gone to a party and so we were alone.  We were both blazing hot by then.  I got her clothes off and then mine.  She went down on me before I knew it was happening and then BINGO!

I barely had gotten the condom out of my pocket when she started to kiss me passionately.  I managed to rip the packet open and rolled the condom on my hard rod.  Then I drove it into her cunt hard and fast.  She yelled as I busted her cherry.  There was no turning back now even if she wanted to.

Once I got her going she fucked like a rabbit.  I blasted that ball out of the park for a grand slam home run!

As I walked home, I called Steve.  "It worked, buddy!  That slut is no virgin no more."

"Great.  Meet you in the park at one tomorrow, buddy." he replied.

Can Stevie play the same game?

© Copyright A.I.L. October 5, 2012

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