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The following story is fiction about a youth spanking his buddy and having sex with his girlfriend.  The story contains scenes of m/m spanking and straight sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is a sequel to Poolside Spanking which must be read first to understand the characters.  These characters also appear in my story It's Not a Birthday Party Without a Pinata.  Thanks to TG who suggested the basic idea for the sequel.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Errol and Stevie
Poolside Spanking Redux


I could not forget Errol's report of his success with Kristi after he impressed her by spanking me for ogling her even though, of course, it was a setup.

It took me a few days after the poolside spanking that the thrill of playing my new game worn off enough so that Errol's success with his girl started to give me some ideas.  I soon came up with: «If it worked for him it will work for me.»  It was just a matter of arranging things and I would happily score.

It turned out that it was easy to setup the show.  I simply arranged a swim date with Tami for Friday afternoon when Kristi had some family thing she had to go to so she would be far away.  It was not unreasonable that Errol would be there also and with me, his best friend.

Errol had agreed to make goo-goo eyes at her and not resist when I called him to task.  I had dreamed about how close I would get to Tami afterwards like he had with Kristi.

Errol and I were waiting for my girlfriend.  Tami walked out and was stunning.  I  would have loved to grab her and give her a great big hug and kiss but Tami was not ready for that yet so I settled for a simple friendly hug (thinking about the big hugs that would come later).  Errol played his part perfectly.  "Hi, Beautiful." he said and even added a wolf whistle.© YLeeCoyote

"Show respect for the lady, Errol." I snapped with feigned anger.  "And you can't ogle my girlfriend like that even thought you are my best friend."

"I'm sorry." he said flippantly.

"That's no apology!" I growled and dragged him over to the nearby bench and sat down.  He let me pull him over my lap.  I pealed his swim shorts down in the back and began to spank him.  I hit him as hard as I could but not as hard as he had spanked me.

Errol's tail turned red and he howled a bit for effect.


"Yes." he replied.  When I let him up he apologized to us both.

Tami was beaming.  I gave her a real hug and got a real kiss in return as we jumped into the pool while Errol beat a retreat.  It was clear I was her HERO!

A couple of hours later we were snuggling up close in the cinema.  I didn't see much of the movie as I was getting to second base.  It was even better when I got her home and even into bed.

As I exploded, I thought Mission accomplished!

And that is the exact moment when my alarm woke me.  I realized that I had made a mess like teen boys do when they dream.  I only hoped that all would go well that evening for the real thing.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was a bit nervous while I waited with Errol for Tami to get out of the locker room so I could get on with her.  She is a great girl but not anxious even to really kiss.  I expect that will change today.  Errol told me to relax.

Tami walked out and was stunning.  I gave her a little hug (thinking about the big hugs that would come later).  Errol played his part perfectly.  "Hi, Beautiful." he said and added a low wolf whistle.

"Show respect for the lady, Errol." I snapped  with feigned anger.  "And you can't ogle my girlfriend like that even though you are my best friend."

"I'm sorry." he said in the same tone as we respond to our olds with whatever. Everything was going perfectly according to plan just like in my dream.  I dragged Errol over to the bench and pulled him across my lap.  Fortunately, he did not resist and I pealed down the back of his swim trunks.  Then I started to spank him. After just two spanks the world exploded in my face.  Errol jumped up and shouted: "Hi Kristi."

I sat there not knowing what to do as Kristi asked Errol what going on.

Before I know what happening Errol had pulled me up and sat in my place.  Then, horror of horrors, he pulled me over his lap.  "Stevie has gotten a little out of line – again." he said and started spanking me hard.  It was even harder than the last time.  Of course, he had yanked down my swim suit so it was about my ankles.

"Stop.  Please stop." I whine.  It did not matter for he continued to spank me.  I can't resist and started crying before he stopped spanking me.  My ass was on fire and when he is through he stands me up – fully exposed.

I bend down to pull my trunks up but of course it is too late for the girls have seen my junk and it is far from impressive like Errol's.  Kristi gives Errol a big hug and kiss.  Her eyes are sparkling.

I want to explain although I don't really know what to say.  Tami solved that problem very quickly.  She gave me a push and I'm in the water.  "That should cool your little boy bottom off." she said with a giggle.

I'm significantly worse off than before I started this.

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