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Pranksters Pay the Price


Fourteen-year-old Sidney Hatch had a simple agreement with his father: if he stayed out of trouble, did his schoolwork and chores he would not get strapped.  Sid did not like getting strapped; he liked it even less than he had liked having been spanked over his father's lap when he was younger.  Of course, it hurt more than being spanked but he insisted that he was too old to be spanked like a little boy.  This particular Saturday morning he diligently did his chores – cleaned up his room, got his dirty clothes and sheets to the laundry room and finally, the big one, raked up the leaves in the yard.  It was not just the fear of the strap that let him get everyone done but that he was alone.  His parents had gone for the day and his little ten-year-old sister, Katy, was next door with her friend, Elizabeth Fordham.  He was constantly trying to convince his parents that he was not a little boy who still needed a babysitter but a mature young man.

He left the house at one, after showering and dressing in nice clothes hoping to impress certain young ladies of his acquaintance, and went to Tyler's house for lunch before heading for the movies.  It was a full program again this week – a war movie, a western and a serial – with lots of action and killing.  A terrific program.  Sid felt great and that it had been a great day.

All that changed when he got home.  His father, Jerod Hatch, was furious.  The lawn was covered with leaves.  Far more leaves than could have fallen from the trees that day had a certain young man raked them up as he was supposed to do.  "I'm most disappointed in you, boy.  You promised to do this before going to the movies today."

"I did Father.  I swear I did.  I even saw Mr. Fordham raking his lawn and I'm sure he saw me.  I don't understand why so many blew back."

"And the wind was selective for Fordham's lawn only has a few." said his father with sarcasm.  "Come along." he continued as he placed his hand on his son's neck and steered him back into the house and to his den.  It was less than five minutes from when Sid got home that he was bent over with his jeans and briefs about his ankles getting the strap.  Each and every stroke hurt not only his tail but his soul for this was unjust.  His father had even refused to bother Mr. Fordham to confirm his story.© YLeeCoyote

Naughty little Katy was enjoying the scene immensely.  She was hiding in the hall and was overjoyed that Father did not close the door and she could see each and every stroke toasting her big brother's bare behind.  She loved to hear the SLAP of the belt on that target.  She loved to see the RED STRIPES form on that target.  She loved to hear her brother's reactions, particularly when he failed to suppress his yelps.  She also loved how he would be uncomfortable at the dinner table.  Yes, spankings were great fun – when her brother was getting them although she did not like them at all when it was her derriere that was the target.

"Go get ready for dinner, boy." said Mr. Hatch, "And you'll do the raking first thing in the morning."  Katy slipped from her hiding place and ran to her room before she was seen.  She would call her best friend, Liz, right after dinner to tell all the about the whipping – especially how the target turned red and about Sid's reactions.

Dinner was quiet in the Hatch's house that evening.

* * * * * * * * * *

Shortly after dinner Katy called Liz to tell her all the red-hot details.  Unfortunately for the girls, Mr. Fordham overheard his daughter saying: "… and Sid got fourteen with the strap on his bare ass for not raking the lawn…"  Mr. Fordham started to pay more attention for he recalled seeing Sid raking when he was doing his own lawn.  "… It sure was worth dragging the leaves back onto the lawn.  I wish I could have seen him get it like you did."

Mr. Fordham did not need to engage the services of Mr. Holmes to figure out what had happened.  Five minutes later he was ringing the Hatch's bell with his extremely nervous little girl by his side.  "Jer, we need to talk."

"Sure, Mike, come in."  Mike entered and parked Liz in a corner of the entrance hall; he did not even need to tell her to stay put.

The men talked and it soon became clear that an injustice had been done and that two girls were responsible.  All three children were summoned.

Mike yelled: "ELIZABETH NATHALIE FORDHAM!  Come here immediately."

Jerod bellowed: "KATHERINE MEAGAN HATCH!  COME HERE INSTANTLY!"  Then, in a surprisingly softer voice, "Sid, please come here."

Confronted, the girls quickly confessed their most naughty deed.  Sid kept his mouth tightly closed for telling his father that he had been unjust and untrusting would not be a good thing to do, especially in front of others.  He did enjoy the proceedings, however, unlike his sister and her friend as he was vindicated.

As he watched both girls were stripped (just like he had been at that age) to their birthday suits.  There were tears in their eyes already.  They were then thoroughly lectured about how extremely naughty they had been and how they were going to pay a heavy price.  It was only then that they were pulled over the parental laps.  Sid positioned himself to get the best view of his sister's bottom.  He knew that she often got away with things that he had been soundly spanked for years earlier.  Today he was most angry with her for causing his own unjustified whipping.  It was very rare that he was permitted to watch as his father's hand came crashing down on that target leaving a bright red hand print.  As spank after spank landed, the hand prints blurred into a general redness covering her little behind.

Of course, the tears flowed like Niagara; the crying was loud.  Sid almost tried to stop his father for he had always protected his little sister but the pain still causing his own ass to throb kept him still.  Then it was over.  Both fathers held their little precious yet very naughty girls as they cried.  Sid, for the first time, began to understand what his father meant by 'this hurts me more than you' that he said when he had been spanked.  Both girls were told that they would be raking the lawn until it was clear of leaves.  Still naked they were required to apologize to Sid.  Although the lasses were most embarrassed, Sid was not really interested in how little girls looked.  Mr. Fordham took his daughter home.  Before sending Katy to bed, her father told her that she would be getting a second spanking because she had been doubly naughty by not only doing something wrong but causing her brother to be punished unjustly.

Mr. Hatch tried to talk to his son but could not actually admit he had been so terribly wrong, although he managed a lame "I'm sorry."  Sid, wisely, held his own tongue and just said it was clear that he wasn't trusted and withdrew to his room.  Mr. Hatch realized that he had hurt his son deeply and knew he had to do something to mend that relationship but was not certain what.  Truth be told, Sid was not certain either.

A while later, Father knocked on his son's bedroom door.  "I'm really sorry, Sid.  I should have listened to you more."  There was something eerie about the setup because the father was sitting on the bed and the son was on the chair.  Their positions were reversed from the usual arrangement when the father was there to chastise his son.  Sid nodded in agreement. "How can I make it up to you?" asked his father.

They were both silent for a while.  Both of them had visions of the son strapping the father and both rejected the idea as impractical.  "This wasn't the first time she got me into trouble, Dad."  He paused as his father nodded.  "Not every note from school is pure unbiased truth either."  Again his father nodded, perhaps even recalling his own feelings from many years earlier.  Sid paused for a long time before continuing.  "Listen to my side of the story.  Don't treat me like a baby but like a young man."

"I'll try, Sid." his dad said as he got up and gave his son a big hug which was strongly returned.

As he walked out, Sid said: "Dad, you always tell me 'A man does; a boy just…'."  He did not think that it was necessary to finish the line.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning at breakfast, Katy, asked: "Sid, would you please show me how to doing the raking?"

He was glad that he had just taken a bite so that he had a few seconds to think before responding.  His immediate gut reaction was to think «fuck off; my ass still hurts because of you.» and to say 'no' but then he saw how his father was watching him.  «Was this a test?» he wondered – «Could Dad have put her up to this?»  He was watching closely in any case.  «What was the grown up answer?»  It was clear enough.  "Of course, Katy; right after breakfast."

Liz showed up and both girls waited in the yard for him.  They were dressed for working rather than for playing or showing off.  Sid sensed that something was happening but assumed that both girls had gotten long lectures.  Certainly Katy knew that a second spanking was in store for her.  The girls worked all day but did not finish the job.  Part of their punishment was that they were grounded and were not allowed to do anything but school stuff, their chores and raking.  They would have to continue after school at least one day and perhaps two.  They both learnt a great deal from the exercise.

On Wednesday Katy had a long talk with Dad.  She explained that she had been thinking about what she had done and her punishment and all sorts of stuff.  Her father nodded and indicated that she should continue.  "I'm really very sorry about what I did especially that Sid got strapped."

"I hope that you tell your brother that, Katy.  I'm sure that he will be pleased to hear it."

"I will, Father.  I'm thinking that he should spank me for that."  Her father looked questionably at her.  She continued: "You spank me when I hurt Mom or you.  This time I hurt Sid so he should spank me."

Her father was quite surprised.  He saw quite a few down sides to this but thought it would bring the two siblings closer and Sid would certainly gain some maturity even if he declined.  "OK, you may ask your brother but he may not want to for his own reasons.  If he does, it has to be a real spanking."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a whole day before Katy got up enough courage to speak to her brother.  It was relatively easy to say that she was really sorry.  Sid was a lot warmer after she said it than before.  "There's something else, Sid…." she stammered.  "…Dad said it was 'k…" Now she paused a long time.  "I did a very wrong thing and it was my fault that you got strapped.  Will you … spank … me for that … rather than leaving it to Father?"

Sid nearly fell over.  Like all big brothers there were times that he would have loved to have wrung his bratty kid sister's neck but this was different.  "I'm not allowed to hit you.  I'll get whipped for it."

"Dad said I may ask you, Sid.  Please." she dashed over and gave him a hug.  Sid sat there, confused as she dashed out.  Eventually he recovered and went to see his father.

"It's strictly up to you, son.  You must use moderations and not injure her.  It's not as easy as it seems."

"I know that, Dad.  It hurt me when you spanked her last Saturday."

"You are growing up.  Think about it for a day."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was after dinner on Friday that Katy knocked on Sid's door.  When she came in, she immediately, said: "Sidney, I was a very naughty girl to cause you to get a strapping.  I'm very, very sorry.  Please give me the spanking I deserve."

Sid was sitting on his bed and indicated that she should come over to him.  "I'm sorry too, little sister."  He paused as he did not really want to do this but his father had explained how it would help Katy.  "Yes, you were very naughty and have earned a spanking."  Katy stood very still, looking at the floor.  Sid, following how their father had done this, slowly undressed his little sister.  Normally she would have run away, but she had made up her mind that she would take what was coming to her.  He removed her blouse and then her jeans.  As this happened she lost her slippers leaving her in just panties.  She was dreading this the most – her brother removing her panties. She was surprised when he just eased her over his lap with them up.  This was all as he had discussed with their father.

"You've been a very naughty little girl, Katherine." he said in a voice not very familiar.  She felt his left-hand grip her waist to hold her in place.  Next, rather than starting to spank her, his right hand grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.  Only then did she get the first spank.  It was not so hard.  Sid was comparing the soft sound of his spank had made with what he had heard when their father had spanked her; how little the color of her little bottom had changed in response.  The next spank was much harder.  This sounded and looked a lot better.

Kate felt this one and made a small sound.  She knew that she would soon cry but she did not want to on the first spank. The next spank, the second real one, got to her and she yelled.  She yelled for the next dozen and was crying also.  Sid picked her up and held her tightly.  She hugged him back as she cried.  Her bottom hurt a lot; not as much as when her father spanked very hard, but she knew that she had been well spanked.  She was comforted by her brother telling her she was forgiven and that he loved her.  Eventually she stopped crying and ran off to bed.  The hurt that she had in her heart was now in her bottom and that was a lot better.

What she did not see was what her brother did.  As soon as she closed her door, he lay on his bed and began to cry.  For so many years he had looked out for her and protected her from harm and tonight – deliberately – he had hurt her; had made her cry.  His father waited a while outside and then sat by him on the bed.  He rested his hand on Sid's back.  "You did very well, Sid.  I'm proud of you.  It always hurts when I have to punish either of you.  It's an unpleasant duty that must be done."

"How is she Dad?" he asked turning his head.

"Mom's with her and she'll be fine.  This was her way to prove how sorry she was.  Unfortunately, it pained you. As you get older you will find that there are things that must be done even though they are unpleasant.  I would have been really worried about you if you were not so affected."  Jer ruffled his son's hair.

Later Sid joined his parents and watched TV.  He was surprised when his mother brought three cups and poured him some coffee rather than just a plain glass of milk.  Even though the cup was more than half full of milk it spoke volumes.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 31, 2006

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