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Pre-Dawn Christmas Day Redemption


It is Christmas morning and I'm still in bed.  The racket that my family is making surely has awoken me.  I am still foggy but I know one thing for sure – my butt hurts like I've gotten a major spanking.  Yeah, I remember being spanked as a kid but now that I'm a big boy of twelve that fortunately is not happening anymore.

But, nevertheless, my butt is on fire!  I know I was not spanked yesterday yet I surely feel it.  Perhaps I dreamed it all. That must be it and I'm dreaming it all.  My tail is hot to the touch and sensitive.  I take the mirror out of my night stand and use it to look at my tail.  It is blazing hot red like I was spanked just a little while ago.

But that is impossible.  Dad would not have spanked me at five in the morning.  It is impossible for my ass to hurt like this, yet it does.  I lay back and immediately roll over.  I have forgotten that a well-spanked boy doesn't lie on his back.  I try to work out what happened.

Slowly it comes to me.

The nightmare.© YLeeCoyote

I'm in a long line of kids which is slowly moving forward.  I get to the head of the line and a funny looking, pointed ears guy is behind the counter.  There are a few others like him and they remind me of the elves who surround the fake Santa at the mall in the red and green tight and pointy shoes.  I see the kids ahead of me and guy at the desk is sorting them out and sending some left and others right to the two different doors.

When I reach the desk the elf asked me my name and then checks some sort of list.  He points to the door on the left.  As I go there I see it has a sign on it: "Naughty".  A quick glance and I see the other is marked: "Nice".

I get questioned by another elf.  "Do you want to clear your record, boy?  You'll only get coal if you don't."

There a whole mess of elves spanking bare bottom boys to the side.  One boy got up and he was crying.  I saw that his butt was fiery red.  "You're next." the elf said and shoved me in that direction.

"Drop 'em, boy." the spanking elf snapped at me and I obeyed.  I wonder why I have not objected to this.  He gives a yank and I'm over his lap.  Immediately, he starts spanking and every blasted spank is a killer SPANK.  I'm crying in no time.  Dad never hit this hard or efficiently.  He stops and I'm suddenly back here – in bed!  And my tail is on fire.

My kid brother is yanking at me.  "Come on.  I want to open my presents." he is saying.  I get out of bed and go to the family room.  I hadn't expected much of anything.  My folks had hinted that I had been a naughty boy all of the year.  I got socks from Mom and tightie-whites from Dad.  Thrilling.  Yeah, gifts for a naughty boy just marginally better than coal.

My kid brother got me a small thumb drive and I thank him properly.  He is happy with the small Lego action figure I got him and the fancy one from the folks.  He did NOT get any socks or undies but a neat shirt.  We both got checks from the Grands and Uncle Joe.

There are a couple of real goodies – a great action game for PS and a large external hard drive – for me.  The tags say "From Santa".  My folks look very, very puzzled.

Maybe, just maybe there is a Santa.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 25, 2016

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