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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spankings, shaving and possibly non-consensual sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I've set this story in New South Wales (NSW) which is one of the states of Australia.  'Transportation' – banishment to Australia (1787 to 1868) – was the humane alternative to British prison and execution.  Also, 'public' schools there (like in Britain) are what 'private' schools are in the USA.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Prefect and the New Boy


Battle I

Sixteen-year-old Upton Agustin Smythe-ffonap had been lusting after fourteen-year-old James Jefferson since the term began.  Smythe-ffonap was a prefect at St. Sebastian's School (NSW not Oxfordshire, UK).  He had been assured by his father that no less than ten generations of Smythe-ffonap's were just as proud of him even though they were in heaven.  (There was not any doubt about that location.)  The fact that some of them had attended St. Sebastian's School back in old England before the Crown had thoughtfully provided for transportation to NSW was never discussed.

The new boy, JJ, as James Jefferson wanted to be called, was a Yankee.  He came from the wilds of The Bronx, which most of his schoolmates thought to be some suburb in the mid-western USA even though it actually is part of the capital of the world – New York City.  He would have much preferred to have been back there in the relaxed public (American sense) school and sometimes rough streets with his friends.  He was, most unfortunately, now stuck Down Under and in this outrageously posh and stuck-up public (British sense) school because his dad's job required him to be here to run some factory that the Aussies could not manage themselves.

As the factory was out in the boondocks, he had to be at this fancy shmancy boarding school.  He could really couldn't understand why he could not go to a boarding school in the States rather than St. Sebastian's since he did not live with his dad.  He particularly hated having to dress formally all the time in a blazer, dress shirt, school tie, baby shorts, knee socks and dress shoes rather than a sport shirt, jeans and sneakers.  Even kiddy thightie-whities, not to mention fashionable manly boxers, were not allowed as the shorts were lined.  He did find one good thing and that was footy.  However he never could cotton up to soccer, sorry – football, and cricket was dull beyond belief.

Smythe-ffonap particularly liked the way Jefferson filled out his shorts.  He had the shortest and tightest ones in the entire school.  The story going around was that they were ordered a few months back and he had grown some.  That could account for the way they hugged Jefferson's bum but not that they had only a five cm inseam, which was probably due to an ordering error by the attractive Yank.  Smythe-ffonap popped a major stiffy every time he saw those well packed shorts.  Frequently, he managed to have reasons to be in the changing rooms when Jefferson was showering and naked after his games.© YLeeCoyote

After only a couple of weeks, Smythe-ffonap knew that he had to have his way with Jefferson – soon – as he had with so many of the younger boys in the past.  His 'way' was to slipper them and then bugger them.  He had done this many times before and as a prefect he had a great advantage for his victims had to dutifully report for slippering and usually got both.  Like a male baboon, Smythe-ffonap was most aroused by a crimson rump.  This day Smythe-ffonap was totally elated for at lunch, one of the prefects had reported another transgression by Jefferson.  The uppity Yankee had been ordered to report to Smythe-ffonap for a slippering.  This was the third time in two weeks that he was caught with his uniform in disarray.  In particular, his socks had not been pulled up.  A totally trivial item, in Jefferson's option, that seemed excessively important to the school.

After game practice, sweaty and still in his dirty gym kit, JJ reported to Prefect Upton Smythe-ffonap in his private room.  Neither youth liked the other's attitude.  JJ could not understand the seriousness of a slipped sock.  Smythe-ffonap did not appreciated the Yank's brash expression of contempt of the established order.  JJ stripped for his slippering only because Smythe-ffonap threatened that he would send him to the Head for a caning if he didn't and after which they could take care of the slippering.  Smythe-ffonap wished he was permitted to use a cane but only the head prefect was permitted that pleasure.

Upton enjoyed watching JJ strip.  First, JJ removed his shirt reveling his hard muscular well-defined chest.  Next he dropped his gym shorts and Upton stared at the well-packed jockstrap the younger boy had.  This did not go unnoticed by JJ who cupped his package and sneered: "You want this, fag!"  The infection indicated that it was a statement and not a question.  Whether JJ was using American or Aussie slang was not clear.

"You wish, poofer." retorted the prefect with equal arrogance.  "It's the other side I'm interested in; get that jock off, now."

Jefferson quickly pulled off the jock and tossed it aside.  Again he grabbed his equipment and, as it rose to the occasion, offered again: "You want this, fag!"  Smythe-ffonap was surprised at how casually Jefferson stripped for he did not know that Jefferson was very proud of his manly body and especially his package.  He had entered puberty more than three years earlier and already had an experienced man-size cock.

"Get over the bed for your slippering." Smythe-ffonap ordered hoping that Jefferson would not notice the stiffy he had – at least not yet.  Then he extracted the old extra-large Plimsoll sole that he treasured for such occasions as this.  He favored this over a slipper for without the upper part he could deliver a harder blow with the paddle-like implement.

Smythe-ffonap placed his hand on the small of Jefferson's back.  This was not really necessary for a slippering but would make it easier for the next stage.  "You're getting four for the improper socks and two extra for your insolence here.  Don't move before I give you permission or you'll get extra."  Another 'rule' that would make the next step easier.


JJ felt it but held his position; his ass was as developed as his cock and as hard as steel.  He could have starred in the Buns of Steel exercise video.  Upton watched the red oval form from the first cut.


Again Smythe-ffonap admired the second red mark form.


Smythe-ffonap had quickly applied the original quota of four as hard as he could.  He was most disappointed at the little reaction that Jefferson showed.  Of course, he watched as the red became more apparent.  Then he let his sweat pants fall and stepped out of them so that he was as naked as Jefferson for he liked to maximize skin contact when he took his victims.  His rapier was ready.  "Now the extras." he declared hoping to unnerve his victim.


Upton Smythe-ffonap was far too anxious at this point.  If he had just pushed Jefferson forward on to the bed he could have immediately covered him and probably gained control but he did not.  He paused to admire the red patches first and then he reached under Jefferson and grabbed his shaft first before trying to push him down.  Jefferson was a strong and experienced fighter.  There are bad people in the world, his father had explained, and some of them are violent so it best to be prepared.  Neither the school he went to nor the streets taught Marquis of Queensberry rules but those of survival.

JJ was prepared.  He resisted and swung around taking Upton by surprise.  Never before had anyone fought back so quickly and with such ferocity.  Seconds later the unwary Upton was face down on his own bed with his crotch on the edge.  JJ was on top of him holding him down with his mass made up of hard muscles and dense bones and a forcefully applied painful hammerlock.  With his legs off the bed, but not properly on the floor either and being spread by JJ's, he could not effectively fight back.  Both of them could feel JJ's shaft pressing into Upton's crack.  Although Upton was two years older JJ was already as big and apparently stronger.  Both youths were affected by the pheromones they were both emitting.

Smythe-ffonap knew that his plan had failed miserably and with his face pushed into the bed he found it hard to breathe much less think.  And, he was further distracted by the press of Jefferson's shaft on his bum.  JJ knew what he wanted now – to ram his hard shaft up the arrogant, egotistical Upton's butt hole just like the older boy had apparently planned to do to him.  But, that would not be easy unless Upton submitted.  He pushed hard on the arm to keep Upton in pain while also trying to slip his other arm around to get a half Nelson to really apply the pressure so as to demand submission.

Then he noticed that the pillow had gotten knocked off the bed and saw what Upton had hidden there.  He assumed that stuff was for use this afternoon as it was not what was needed to jack-off, er, wank.  The rumors he had heard about Upton's abuse of his power must be true.  Yes, he would cooperate with Upton's plan – albeit with just a slight modification.  He abandoned the half Nelson plan and instead grabbed the rope.  Conveniently, it already had a noose with a slip knot.  He slipped it over Upton's wrist and then moved very quickly take Upton by surprise once again.  He got Upton's free wrist and twisted it up behind his back in another hammerlock.  Then he wrapped the rope about it and tied it tight.  Upton was significantly restricted with his wrists bound together behind his back.  "You're mine now, fag." he growled, "All mine."

Smythe-ffonap knew Jefferson was right.  He had been overpowered by the younger lad even when he was free and unable to fight back.  Now, that he was tied and in an inferior position, there wasn't any hope.  His plan not only had backfired.  Even worse an angry Jefferson was in control of the situation.  Adding to the injury, their positions were swapped and the upstart Yank's over grown cock was pressing on his own bum crack.

He thought of screaming.

But that would not do.

His floor mates all knew that his victims had yelled in the past and would not interfere.  And if they did, he would be disgraced at not only having lost to a lower form boy but being a coward and discovered in a very compromising position.

JJ was far more experienced than Upton could have imagined.  He reached for the next item and easily ripped it open with one hand and his teeth.  Then he rolled the rubber onto his shaft.

To lube or not to lube was the question.  The tube of the stuff was there.  He would not have thought twice about doing it dry if it hadn't been there for that's the way Upton would have done it to him.  He would not be any meaner.  "Spread your legs and I'll use the friggen lube otherwise…."  He did not finish the sentence for the meaning was clear.

With that Upton Smythe-ffonap capitulated completely.  Wordlessly, he spread his legs and stopped resisting; now ready as he could be to accept the inevitable.  JJ picked up the lube and spread it on the target being careful not to let his captive have a chance to fight again.  He worked the lube in using one finger and as Upton yielded a second and then a third finger.  He pressed his hard rod to his prize and rammed it in.  Upton winced at the intrusion but yielded.  JJ thrust in and out savoring his conquest and shot in a few minutes.  What surprised him was that Upton had also shot without his cock being touched from just the pressure on his love nut which drove him over even sooner than JJ had climaxed himself.

JJ stood up and yanked Upton back so that he fell on his knees.  It was then that JJ saw Upton's cum on the side of the bed and on the floor.  "You really liked that, fag.  You came without even touching your pitiful prickette or should I say 'wee-wee'.  Lick up that mess."  He was holding Upton by his hair and pushed his face down to the prefect's own spew.  Upton had no option but to do as directed.

JJ walked over to the easy chair and again Upton had to follow on his knees as JJ had a tight grip on his hair.  After JJ sat down, Upton was kneeling between his legs and was staring at the cock that just fucked him.  JJ used Upton's shirt to pull off the filled scum bag.  The crushed prefect continued to stare at the magnificent tool.  He did not even realized that he was licking his lips showing his hidden desire to suck it.  But JJ noticed and was pleased.  His tool hardened more in anticipation.  "You may suck it, fag." he said quietly.

Upton would never have admitted to wanting to suck another's boy cock especially one two-years his junior but his base needs betrayed him as did his past experience as a first former.  He leaned forward and took the object into his mouth and began to suck.  He had not done this since his first year but JJ was different.  He had an aura; a way that Upton could not resist.  He could not think anything but sucking that wonderful cock.  He went back and forth taking it deep into his mouth and throat until JJ shot once again and stopped him.

JJ decided that there was another indignity that he should subject Upton to.  He dragged him back to the bed and laid him on it as they were before.  Then he picked up the Plimsoll sole; the very sole which Upton had used – unjustly – on him just a short time before.  It was with great pleasure that he forcefully brought that slipper down on Upton's butt.


He alternated cheeks and was pleased at how red the target turned.  JJ did not know that spacing them out would be more effective.

"You were unjust so you get back double."

He repeated the six – WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  WHACK!  leaving Upton quite sore.

Upton remained still for JJ commanded him to.  He wanted to savor the sight of the prefect that he had most with a glowing crimson bum.  He noticed the camera on Upton's desk and used it to immortalize the view.  It was then that he saw the scissor on the desk.  Suddenly he knew how to totally demolish his enemy.

He picked up the scissor and returned to the bed where Upton was trying to recover and rolled him over.  Upton was too proud to say anything.  JJ grabbed the vulnerable prick and started to mock it.  "So small – like a boy's – and even ashamed to show its one-eyed head."  Actually it was quite normally sized at fifteen cm but JJ had at least nineteen cm which Upton could not help to continue to stare at.  JJ pinched the Aussie's lad's foreskin and yanked it forward as he banished the sharp scissors.  "Should do you a favor and snip this extra bit off so your little head can't hide any more.  The hospital doctor should have clipped you when you were hatched."  JJ grinned enough to put the Cheshire Cat to shame as Upton turned white with fear.

"Pleeeeaaaaasssssee don't cut me." begged a trembling Upton.

JJ worked the scissors.  "Don't move or I might cut even more than I planned." he warned.  Upton closed his eyes in terror.  JJ was delighted.  He continued to work the scissors as he sat on Upton's chest so that his ass was in Upton's face.  Then he carefully sheared off Upton's pubes above his cock without him even realizing it.  Then he released his grip on Upton's prepuce and laughed.

He went into Upton's private loo and got some stuff he hoped would be there.  "I've put the scissor away, 'fraidy-cat."

"Thank you." whispered a most relieved Upton.

JJ sprayed Upton's pubes and equipment with the shaving cream and started to rub it around.  Then he slowly pulled Upton's own razor through his clipped pubes and over his balls.  "Your little buddy seems to like this; he's at attention and even showing his head." mocked JJ.  After wiping Upton clean, JJ took a couple more pictures with Upton watching.  It was not the first time he'd been shaved and as he was so relieved that he was not clipped he did get upset for the nonce.  Also, a lot of the others were shaved at any time.

"Thank for the fun, fag.  We'll have to do this again, boy.  Real soon."  JJ then cut the rope and left Upton to nurse his sore bum and psychic.  Back in his own room he quickly transferred the pixs to his PC and prudently hiding a duplicates in case of intruders.

He also sent a couple of emails.  One to a friend back in The Bronx telling about Upton's attempted to fuck him but how he turned the tables and shafted him instead and where the pictures would be safe.  It was lots of fun and we probably would have had even more fun if he had just asked.  I even think it would have been fun to lose to him if he fought fair.

The other was local:

Subject:  Fun and games
Thanks for the fun time this afternoon.  I really enjoyed your hospitality.  Perhaps we can get together again for some more fun.  One of my favorite games is 'winner wins loser' but you have to promise to play fair.  I've attached a few mementos of this afternoon's fun for your enjoyment.

At dinner he casually and very publicly returned the camera with a most polite: "Thank you very much for the use of your camera, Mr. Smythe-ffonap.  My friends back in The Bronx and I are sure to enjoy the pictures for many years."

JJ decided that this school might turnout to be more fun than he expected now that Smythe-ffonap would have to leave him alone.  Of course, it might be even more fun if Smythe-ffonap was man enough to top him honestly.

Battle II

Smythe-ffonap was absolutely furious at the what that young, insolent Yank had done to him.  Since nothing strange had happened in the dinning hall, Jefferson was probably not talking; at least not yet.  The pictures were certainly a threat especially since he returned the camera publicly because it could destroy any story about why he was bare pubed.  And then there was that challenge to fight.  The Yank did have a code of honor although strange as were all his American ways.

Smythe-ffonap picked up the gauntlet at his feet and stepping forward slapped Jefferson's face to accept the duel.  Jefferson staggered back as the blood ran down his cheek staining his shirt.  "My seconds will be around to make the arrangement this evening, Sir." he stammered.

They meet before dawn in the gym.  They had almost five hours before chapel.  The rules were simple – no injuries and submission was total for a day.  They both stripped to their jock straps and faced off.  Smythe-ffonap could not help laughing as he started at his opponent.  He had painted himself like some savage – a Maori perhaps (but they are from New Zealand not Australia but the ignorant Yank wouldn't know that); no, some American Indian tribe perhaps.  No matter – under that makeup is just that uppity Yank.

Smythe-ffonap rushed to engage his adversary but the coward stepped aside.  He turned to try again and was surprised to find the Yank charging with his head down; like a steer.  He held his ground until the last spilt second and shifted like a matador.  Except that unlike a matador he grabbed the Yank about the chest stopping him in mid-step.  But physics could not be denied and the Yank ran out from under him and he fell.

This was too easy!  He dropped beside his opponent and easily got him with a full Nelson.  He pulled him partly up so that he was hanging with heavy pressure on his neck and his legs useless.  After a few seconds Jefferson went limp in submission.

Smythe-ffonap relaxed his grip a bit and asked: "Submit, boy?"

A very weak response was sufficient – "I submit."  Smythe-ffonap let him fall.  He could not resist the corny, dramatic pose of standing with his foot on his defeated opponent with the camcorder running.

Lloyd, his first second, handed him the collar.  It was a very nice collar, about two inches wide made of leather for use on a dog.  Smythe-ffonap really enjoyed buckling it on his defeated opponent.

It was not hard to imagine what was next.  All though the fight he was painfully aware that his crotch was smooth and Jefferson's was well covered with a thicket of hair.  It was with great pleasure that he knelt between the legs of his now supine nemesis and ripped off his jock.  Sculley, his other second, handed him the clippers.  Slowly and deliberately he mowed down the wild jungle that was growing.  His own cock was pressing anxiously in his own jock but that would have to wait a bit.  He spread the shaving cream generously and then (with the same razor that Jefferson had used on him) proceeded to return the favor.  He smiled as he worked noting that Jefferson eyes were closed as he lay submissively bound by words.

For a second he thought about not doing the pits, but then he remembered his own crotch was bare and wanted Jefferson to be even balder.  Jefferson's pits were quickly denuded of hair also.

He clipped a lead to the collar and gave it a tug.  Jefferson followed on his hands and knees until he was at the valuing horse.  Smythe-ffonap wondered if it had been also designed with the uses he was intending.  But it mattered not as he forced Jefferson to stand and then bend over the horse.  Lloyd strapped his wrists to the supports as Sculley kept the camcorder running.  The Yanks' own seconds stood watching still in shock at their mate losing so quickly.

Smythe-ffonap walked over to his bag of tricks and extracted a cane, a standard junior cane, and flexed it.  This would be the first time he really used it.  He had been practicing with it for months since he was made a prefect with the expectation that he would be able to use it.  He showed it to Jefferson.  "Six of the best, boy; for your insolence."  He was sure he could see the abject fear in Jefferson's eyes but that would not save him.

Nothing would or could save him.

He took his position and tapped the target bum to torture his victim.  Then he brought the cane back and returned it hard and fast.  CRACK!  And then there was a howl and a track appeared right across the middle of the target.  Very pretty, he thought.

He placed the next four alternating above and below the first until there were five track marks on the swollen bum.  He finished up with a diagonal crossing each of the other five.  A classical 'fence gate'.  Jefferson was still howling as the end.  It would be a long time, a very long time before the audacious Yank would forget this.

The beaten bum was extremely exciting for Smythe-ffonap.  He stripped off his jock and let his manhood soar in all its glory.  He slipped on a rubber and covered it with lube.  He decided not to use his finger first but to make Jefferson really feel his power.  He carefully positioned himself and rammed his rapier in with a mighty thrust.  Jefferson's scream was music to his ears as he joyously and viciously fucked the helpless youth.

As he promised Smythe-ffonap gave Lloyd and Sculley their turns at the beaten boy.  They each, in turn, slipped on a condom and fucked Jefferson.  He was then untied and was made to kneel at Smythe-ffonap's feet.

"You have caused your seconds much pain by having to watch your humiliation.  They should be pleasured as compensation.  See how their shorts tent with their hard virile cocks wanting release.  Give them each a blow job."

Both declined but Smythe-ffonap insisted and with his own seconds they had to accept.  Jefferson then unzipped each in turn and took their rampant cocks in his mouth.  Once he started to suck, neither could resist the pleasure and were soon actively engaged in the pleasurable operation each in his turn.

Smythe-ffonap and his seconds departed with the final command that Jefferson should report before dinner to serve and please his master.

The bell rang its daily wake up call rousing Smythe-ffonap from his dream. «Yes.  That the way it should be.» he thought.  «That's the way it will be!»  After breakfast he arranged with Lloyd and Sculley to be his seconds and set things up.  Things would be right once again after he thrashed the upstart.

Battle III

JJ was somewhat surprised that Lloyd approached him so soon and told him to arrange for seconds for the contest.  He was amazed that there were lots of precedents and even rules for this sort of stuff but the arrangements were soon made.  Although the school had banned such activities, they still occurred.

It was still dark when they meet in the gym before dawn.  JJ and his seconds, Bunyan and Elmaloglou, carefully studied Upton across the mats.  He was sure that Upton was nervous from the subtle signs he had seen before in rougher places.  Nervous guys don't concentrate like they must to win.  "Upton, you look a little nervous.  You can walk out and that will be the end of it." he said coolly "Otherwise you'll pay for all of this."  He certainly did not expect Upton to walk (not that would be bad) but to make him worry more.

"You wish, boy." replied Upton but JJ was sure that there was a tremor in his voice.

They faced off.  "You still can quit." snapped JJ.  Again his opponent was made more nervous.  "Come and get me."  That had the desired effect.  Upton charged and JJ ducked down causing Upton to fall flat on his face.  The seconds all laughed which distracted Upton.  That was what JJ was hoping for and he pounced.  He hooked his legs like a pair of pythons about Upton's waist tightening them so that Upton could not inhale and, simultaneously he locked his arms about Upton's neck in somewhat of a choke hold.

Upton struggled but his legs were useless and his arms could not get any effective grip on the steel-like bands that held him.  He quickly burnt up his oxygen supply and had to yield.

Smythe-ffonap realized that this was not like his dream with him the winner but now he was the shamed loser.  And with four witnesses and recorders to make it worse.  According to the rules the recordings belonged to the winner.  Upton was devastated.  When Jefferson released him he just lay still trying to recover.

As his seconds tended to Upton, JJ walked to the table to get a drink and took note of what Upton had brought with him.  If he brought it, then he planned to use it.

JJ picked up the collar and dropped it before the kneeling Upton.  "Put this on, boy."

Upton hesitated and JJ added: "Help him, please."  Lloyd picked up the collar and buckled it about the loser's neck.  He was already more than sufficiently embarrassed that Upton had lost to a boy two years younger and he was not going to jeopardize his honor by not keeping to the rules.  "Stand up, boy."  JJ snapped the lead on and walked to the table.  He pointed to the stuff in Upton's bag.  "Look like you planed a batch of things.  No reason that they should not happen.  Is there?"  It was clear to all that was not a question.

"Take his jock off."  A few willing hands reached out and removed the garment exposing Upton's bald pubes.  All were shocked but JJ.  "We certainly won't need this for what you planned.  Raise your arms."  JJ easily clipped the hair away.  "Certainly no need for this razor." laughed JJ as he snapped the razor in two.  "You ain't got anything to shave, little boy."

"Is this the sort of cane the Head uses?" asked JJ.  There was a chorus of yeses.  "Show me how to use it, boy."  It took a bit of prodding by his own seconds to get him to comply.  They both said it was a matter of honor.  After a batch of practice cuts on the vaulting horse, JJ told Upton to get over the horse.  "You had better hold him, he told Upton's seconds."

JJ really had a rush as he raised the cane and brought it down hard on the arrogant prefect's butt the first time.  It made a nice mark but Elmaloglou gave him some more pointers about how to swing it.  The next cut was more effective and Upton yelled.  He yelled for each of the remaining four cuts.

"I guess it's fair the say that you also planned use those rubbers that you brought.  No reason not to."  With that JJ tore open a packet and rolled it on his most ready dick.  He stepped up to the hot red ass still bent over the horse and pressed forward.  "To bad that you forgot the lube – for you."  Even after JJ finished, Upton remained in position.

"Did Smythe-ffonap ever abuse his authority?" he asked his seconds.  Of course, he knew the answer but it was nice to hear them say it.

"He gave me extra with the slipper and then fucked me." said Elmaloglou.

"Me too." said Bunyan.

"Then you should return the extras."   He handed each a slipper and they took turns applying just three each to Upton's already sore tail.  Then they really had fun when JJ handed them each a condom.  They raced to get ready first and then they each fucked him just as JJ had – hard; as hard as they could.  Upton shot during the first one and it was caught on the camcorder.  He was really unhappy with the third fuck as he was already sore.

"Smythe-ffonap your two seconds are really very horny; see how they are tenting their shorts.  I'm sure that they would appreciate your giving them some relief."

"Please, don't make me do that." he begged.  That decided the two for they were not going to accept the offer but Smythe-ffonap was not living up to his agreement.   They each appreciated the blow job.

"You are to write a apology to every one who you mistreated and ask them to return the extras.  I'm sure your friends here will help you do the honorable thing."

JJ paused to let that sink in before continuing.  "Just one more order, boy.  This evening come to the common room and ask to give me a blow job…"  Upton turned white. "… or hand me your resignation as a prefect to give to the Head."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 26, 2003

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