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The following story is fiction about the final test to become a perfect with the authority to cane other students.  The story contains scenes of canings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I doubt if this would have ever happened but maybe.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Prefects' Test


The five sixteen-year-olds were justifiably excited.  They had been through weeks of training and testing and were excitedly looking forward to getting their most coveted PREFECT BADGES.  They all had been lower level prefects the term before but then they only had authority over the lower form boys and most certainly did not have the right to use even a junior cane no matter how deserving they thought a miscreant was.  Once they were awarded their new Prefect Badges this would all change.  None of them would officially admit that they were anxious to give some lad – deserving or not – six of the best.  In the dark of night and in the privacy of their beds they had all wanked off to vivid images of making tracks across the bum of some helpless boy they were not showing any mercy to.

Four of the five – Captain, Longlegs, Scotty and Blackie as they referred to each other – were nervously waiting in an unfamiliar room because the school building was in the hands of the construction company for some repairs and painting.  Suddenly, they were summoned to see the Head and they could not worry about their missing chum any longer.  Yank was delayed in the bog but the testers were most happy about this.  As soon as the tardy applicant appeared, he was ushered to see the head but via a different anteroom than the others were waiting in.

He expected a regular study as used by the head but this room was very different.  Beside a small table and a couple of chairs the only furniture was a gym horse.  On the table was a cane.  "Strip and get into position, Davidson." was the crisp order to Yank.  Immediately, he felt that he had failed for he had come to cane, not to BE caned, however, maybe there was still hope, he hoped, as he complied with the Head's orders as always.  Beside the Head there were a couple of senior Masters present to observe proceedings.

Sandwich, otherwise known as Captain, was summoned from the anteroom where he and his chums had been waiting.  The first candidate immediately smiled seeing a naked bum in position for caning.  He did not recognize his chum from this unusual view point.  "Sandwich, demonstrate your skill with the cane by delivering six to this deserving lad." directed the Head.

"Yes, Sir." he responded enthusiastically and walked over to the table.  He picked up the cane, examined it, flexed it almost into a circle and swished it a few times.  The sound made Yank wish he had not been tardy this morning.  Perhaps then their positions would have been reversed.  Yank did his best to fortify himself against the oncoming assault.  Even if he was not going to be a prefect, he wanted to show his mettle.© YLeeCoyote

The cane was silent as it was raised but swished as it rapidly approached the waiting bare bum to kiss it hard.  The other three applicants still in the anteroom heard the swish, the contact with a bum and the gasp of the canee.  They thought that it was a good cut.  Each wondered if he could deliver such a good shot when it was his turn.  Five more times Captain raised and lowered the cane marking Yank's bum.  Five more times Yank did his best not to yell as he had the first time he had for the first cut.  Captain felt proud of the fine job he had done for his examination and wondered why some lad had been available for him to cane.  He was most surprised when Yank was told to get up and dress.

As soon as Yank left, Captain was ordered to take the vacated place over the horse with his britches down.  As he got into position, he hoped that he would take it as well as Yank had and wondered who would give it to him.  All was immediately clear when Longlegs was summoned into the room.  Back in the anteroom, Scotty and Blackie wondered if Longlegs would do as well as Captain had caning the unknown lad.  They also wondered about Yank who they had not seen.

They did not have to wait very long until they heard Longlegs swishing the cane in preparation of using it on some unknown but surely deserving lad.  Then the sharp thud of the cane striking a bare bum.  This lad was not as stoic as the first and gave a yelp.  Scotty and Blackie smiled at each other and each hoped that they would be as effective.  In a different room, Yank was pleased with himself thinking that Captain couldn't take it as well as he gave it.

A few minutes later Captain joined Yank in the second room both having realized what was happening while Longlegs became the target for Scotty.  Captain thanked Yank for being his canee and congratulated him on taking it so well.  "Who swished you?" asked Yank.

"It was Longlegs." Captain replied. "I wonder how well he will take it?"  Of course, they did not have to wait long for the six swishes and crashes to know.  Meanwhile, Blackie was both anxious and fidgeting waiting for his turn to thrash some lad.

In just a few short minutes, everyone was advanced and Blackie was holding the cane most delighted that there was a fresh bum for him to make his mark on.  Inspired by the previous three canings that still seemed to be echoing in his head he was most anxious to do as his predecessors had.  His wait was short and in the anteroom Longlegs had joined Yank and Captain knowing that it was Scotty about to be caned by Blackie.  Scotty proved to most stoic and managed not to yell as Blackie gave him six good ones.  Blackie felt a bit disappointed that he had not gotten as good of a response as this predecessors.  As soon as Scotty got up Blackie told him that he had taken it better than the others before he realized that he was next.

Once Blackie was in position, Yank was summoned to his delight.  Having been well caned just a short time ago he was anxious to return the favour.  He knew who his target was because of seeing how the operation worked.  Immediately, he had a terrible conflict – he did not want to cane his chum hard yet they all had caned hard but surely the examiners would expect him to cane as he had been taught.  Not caning properly, could cost him the coveted prefect badge.  It was a cruel test.  His stomach was growling again as the examiner told him to proceed.

He got into position and swung.  Hard.  Blackie yelled and a track formed.  In the next room, the other three candidates heard Blackie's yelp and knew that Yank had delivered a powerful cut.  Yank tempered the next three not having the heart to beat Blackie so hard.  Then he gated the first five which justified the less than maximum force to finish.  The two were sent to join the others in the anteroom.  Once there Yank apologized to Blackie for being so hard but explained that it had been expected.

A few minutes later they were called to see the Head.  They each sat very carefully on the plain, hard wood chairs as directed.  The Head explained that they all had passed and asked them why they thought that they had been put through the exercise.

"It surely wasn't to see if we could cane.  That was already determined during the training." said Longlegs.

The Head smiled and waited for more.  "So we would know what it was like." said Captain less than forcefully.

"But you each had been caned in the past." noted the Head.

"To remind us of what it like so that we will be careful to be just and fair." said Yank who had experienced the issue.

"Right – and don't forget that." and handed each of them their most coveted badges as he congratulated them on their appointments.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 25, 2013

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