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The Price of Tricking


It was a few days before Hallowe'en and Erik (affectionately Squirt to his older brother) got home from school early.  Partly due to his maturity and partly because his mother was in the kitchen, he was quiet.  There wasn't any door slamming nor shouting but only a quiet explanation that practice had been canceled because the coach was sick.  He took some milk and cookies up to his room intending to get a early start on his homework.

It was there that Erik heard Jake, his fifteen-year-old bother, yelling on the phone to his buddy Stu in his own room.  They were planning mischief for the wild night of Hallowe'en.  Truth be told, Erik would have loved to rat out his big brother but an overheard conversation report is not very good evidence and dads don't condemn and strap their sons for unproven conspiracies.  Perhaps a full, two-sided recording would be sufficient but there was not anyway to get that.  Erik carefully took notes of all the details in the hope that they might prove useful to get his nasty brother strapped good and proper.

It was the next day when Erik told his buddy Roger what he had heard that their counter plan began to develop.  "We can catch them in the act and then they will get it." said Roger.

"That's not any good.  They'll just laugh or find a way to pin the blame on us." Erik replied.  "We got to get the goods on them without such a risk."  It was that concept which made them think of what has become an infestation in our world – security cameras.  "Now if we could record them doing it; that would be different."  They had not yet learnt the delightfully apt term in flagrante delicto.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Over the next couple of days all four lads were busy with their respective projects.  Jake and Stu stockpiled a supply of rotten eggs, cheap toilet paper and the like.  Erik and Roger worked on learning how to use the camcorder in the dark of night and still get revealing images.

Also, both teams scouted out the target site.  Old Mr. McDuffle was not a very social man and avoided all contact with his neighbors.  It was different a few years before when his wife was still about but she had died and he became a recluse.  It was said by the town gossips that he was born (or perhaps hatched) grumpy.  It didn't even take a stray ball on his lawn to get yelled at but just being near by with a flying ball.

* * * * * * * * * *

One thing was surprising that on Hallowe'en all four boys made the same comment to their parents that they were going to hang with friends as they were too old to trick 'n' treat and would leave that to the little kids.  Well, that was true but misleading.  Erik and Roger met up as planned and then staked out near old Mr. McDuffle's house to watch for Erik's naughty brother and his buddy to do their dirty work.  Jake and Stu retrieved their 'ammunition' and boosted each others morale with talk of how macho they were as they waited for the little kids to finish collecting their candy ransom and return home leaving the street clear.

Eventually, the two delinquents attacked and wreaked havoc.  They TP'ed the trees and then made a mess of the front of the house.  They even made enough of a racket that old Mr. McDuffle came out and started to yell at them.  Erik and Roger were most delighted at the great pictures that they captured of the older two being delinquents.

Mr. McDuffle was furious and after the two had run off went back inside his disrespected house.  After contemplating what he could and should do, he called the police.  The police arrived just in time to catch three other lads who were about to repeat the mischief.  These three insisted that they were innocent as they still had rotten eggs and toilet paper with them.  The cops were not moved by such logic for other places had been vandalized and their involvement needed to be checked.  They were taken to the station house to be collected by their parents.

* * * * * * * * * *

The morning paper had Erik and Jake's father excited for it had pictures of several messed up houses and the report that three boys had been apprehended by the sheriff although others were probably also responsible.  "If it had been either of you, you wouldn't be able to sit for a week after the discussion you would have had with me and the BELT."  Silently, Jake just thanked his lucky stars that Stu and he had not been caught and thus had gotten away with it.

On the other hand, Erik was delighted with his dad's attitude.  "I think that would be the right thing but, of course, I did not do it.  Do they think they will find any of the others?" asked Erik.

"The police never tell stuff like that because it can tip off the criminals." answered Dad.

* * * * * * * * * *

It wasn't until after school that Erik and Roger got to edit the recording they made with some titles and make a video for a very naughty big brother and his buddy.  Both Jake and Roger were quite horrified when they opened their email and saw the incriminating recording.  Since the last title card was:

What would Dad SAY?
What would Dad DO?

superimposed on a background of freshly spanked tails it was obvious that the two kids wanted something to keep quiet.

The four met after school in the park as the email specified.  After the usual sorts of threats by the older (but immature boys) they got down to business.

"You got three choices." the younger two explained gleefully.  "The first is to 'fess up to Dad and take the hard strapping you so richly deserve.  The second is to get strapped by us when the folks are out.  The third is for Dad to get the video and decide whether or not to ground you after he straps you good and hard as he said at breakfast."

"My Dad didn't say anything like that, Squirts." objected Stu using his buddy's usual disparaging name for his brother and friends.

"OK.  Then we'll just send the vid to your Dad and if he shares it with dad well….  You can work that out with your buddy." explained Roger.

"If you take option two then on Saturday night when the 'rents are out, we'll take belts to your sorry asses.  That will give you time to recover on Sunday." added Erik.  "We'll expect your answer tomorrow."

"Enjoy it in your dreams, Squirts.  It ain't going to happen." sneered Jake.

Which would you chose?

"Dad, can we talk after dinner, please." asked Jake at dinner and afterwards they had discussion in Dad's den.  It was extremely awkward for Jake to say what he had to.  "Dad … I … have to tell you … that I was the one who messed up Mr. McDuffle's place the other night.  I'm very ashamed and sorry but I have to own up." he blurted out eventually.  Dad was surprised by his confession and asked why but Jake declined to explain why or who his partners in crime were.

"I guess you know that I have to strap you as I promised."  Jake nodded and they went down to the basement.  As was their protocol, Jake stripped, handed Dad his heavy belt and bent over the work bench.  Dad took up his position and began to swing the folded doubled belt at his eldest son's butt.  Over and over he raised the belt and brought it crashing down on the target.  When he stopped at twenty-five, Jake was crying.  Dad left and Jake lay down on the couch to recover before going to his room.

It was a just a couple of minutes later that Erik slipped into the basement surprising Jake.  "You took that well, big brother.  Be still and I'll rub some of this cream in."  Jake was pleasantly surprised by the praise from his kid brother and gave a weak smile.  The smile increase as Erik most gently rubbed the soothing cream on to the flaming cheeks. "Thanks, Eric." he said appreciating Squirt's consideration.  Later he would wonder if his kid brother was not such a kid anymore.

At the appointed time, Jake and Stu presented themselves to Erik and Roger who were wishing that their waiting time would be shorter.  They both found that it was definitely a rush to hear the older boys say: "We've come for our well-earned punishment, Sirs." even though they were saying what was had been previously scripted.  Eric certainly appreciated that Jake was not using his usual disparaging appellation.

"Certainly.  Now strip."  It was then that they saw that Erik was holding a heavy belt while Roger had a paddle.  "What's that?" asked Jake.

"It's the paddle Dad uses on my tail.  I can assure you it is most effective." replied Roger.  "You will both soon see." he added with a great big grin.  "Now strip and get over the ends of the couch."

The two older boys wanted to plead their case but their opening line precluded that.  Of course, the two younger boys were most anxious to get started but not to finish.

As Jake and Stu lay in position awaiting the first cuts from the younger two, they comforted themselves that this would be far easier than if their fathers were going to strap them.  It took only one cut from the belt and one whack of the paddle to make them doubt that and after three they knew that this would really hurt just like a parental strapping.

Over and over the two thirteen-year-olds raised the belt and paddle and brought them down on the increasingly red and fiery targets of the fifteen-year-olds delinquents.  Of course, they loved watching how they turned those upturned tails bright red.  To be fair they swapped targets after ten and twenty strokes and stopped at twenty-five.  It took about dozen cuts for the two older boys to break and start sobbing.  It would be something that the younger two would remind them of for the next decade or more.

Shortly afterwards Roger and Stu each went home although separately.

Erik was so pleased that he had made his big brother cry, that he generously applied some soothing cream to his well-toasted butt.  Jake was not sure that he was being helpful or just rubbing it in but stopped calling him Squirt after that.

The two older boys were most adamant about not giving in to the younger two.  "You shall be most sorry after your Dads learn of your misbehavior." the younger two taunted hoping to get them to change their minds.

They were no longer so cocky two days later for their fathers had not been pleased when they reviewed the video.  To make matters even worse, the two fathers talked and had agreed on a common punishment.  When the boys were separately asked about if they had anything to talk about, they both replied: "No, father."  Of course, it was then that they were confronted with the evidence and immediately knew that they were in a very leaky canoe, without a paddle and the brown water creek was simmering.  At this time they knew that there was nothing to be said and they knew that they were in for it.

Jake was ordered to strip and assume the position over the work bench as was his regular routine.  Even though he had received a long lecture before getting into position, each hard cut of the belt came with more lecturing.  Stu was getting a similar experience with his father's 'board of education'.  They each got twenty-five strokes and a promise to get another dose for all their lies in three days.  In addition, they were grounded for a month and required to write and deliver apologies to Mr. McDuffle and arrange to do work for him to make up for the mess and damage they had caused.

They not only regretted doing the mischief but not accepting a lesser but far more humiliating punishment from the younger two boys.

* * * * * * * * * *

That's it.  You may try a different option or go back to the beginning.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 20, 2013

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