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The following story is fiction about two young youths.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Prince and the Whipping Boy


Once upon a time there was a prince.  He was just like every other prince before and after him and considered precious by the all-powerful King and his Queen.  That meant that his governesses and his tutors could not do what all other governesses and tutors do to their charges and that is to spank, and when older to strap, their charge's naughty bottom.  Of course, since like all other boys, the Prince did things that he should not have sometimes and did not do things that he most certainly should have done at other times, those governesses and tutors knew that a bottom needed to be spanked or strapped.  Thus in the time honored tradition a whipping boy was obtained so that these most honorable governesses and tutors could relieve their anger by beating that innocent lad in the Prince's stead.  Incidentally, the WB was not an angel and so he provoked some spanking or strapping in his own right.

In this particular case, the WB was not merely some unfortunate lad plucked from the public street begging for food nor even taken from the poor house or orphanage but was also of the royal blood line.  The Prince and the WB were, in fact, second cousins for their common great-grandfather was his most exalted royal highness King Longago.  As of this writing, the WB was seventeenth in line for the throne which is very far down the line unless there was a very active serial murderer at work.  With this single exception the WB was treated exactly as the Prince was.  He received the same education – book learning, combat skills and even social skills – and shared the Prince's apartments and food.  The exception was, of course, indicated by his title – should either of them displease the multitude of governesses and tutors, the WB lost (at least for a short time) his britches and his underpants and got his bare bottom spanked and/or strapped.

When they were young, the Prince did not show much empathy for his WB cousin but as they grew up and they both matured things did change.  It was after particularly hard strapping that the true depth became apparent.  It would not have shown after, say, the French master had been annoyed.  He would have ordered the WB: «Baissez votre culotte et en position, immédiatement!»  Of course, the WB would have obeyed immediately.  He would have gotten up, dropped his britches and leaned over his desk.  He would have done his best to show fear as the master took the couple of steps to him, strap in hand, to administer a few cuts turning his bottom crimson.  Then, after rearranging his clothes, he would gingerly sit down to continue the impression of great discomfort so that the master would be satisfied.  With the coming of maturity, the Prince would, after the lesson was over, apologize to the WB that he had suffered.  Just as important he would also try to correct his behavior to prevent a reoccurrence at the expense of his friend and constant companion.

The big change came the day equestrian master was displeased.  He was a large, rough, strong man, quite unlike the French master, who did not tolerate any nonsense whatsoever.  A couple of strokes from his riding crop hurt much more than a half dozen from the genteel French master.  This time he was most displeased.  A gruff order to dismount was given and then "Drop 'em".  The WB knew better than to wait for the position command and immediately assumed the required position.  The riding master raised his crop eight times and brought it down hard like he did on the rump of willful horse.  The WB, unlike the horse, did not have a thick hide protected by a thick layer of coarse hair.  Each hit produced a red spot immediately which quickly metamorphosed into a colorful bruise.  The WB wanted to yell for each strike, but he did not dare to do so for that would anger the riding master and earn additional punishment.  The WB just clenched his teeth and bore the pain.

After the eight hard cuts on the bare, the equestrian lesson was continued.  The WB's arse had been turned bright red by the riding master's crop and then, to make matters worse, every bounce on the saddle escalated the pain level.  If the lesson had continued another half hour, the WB would have gotten it again on his own account for not riding properly.  As you surely can well imagine, riding after the riding master used his crop on your rump was not pleasant at all.© YLeeCoyote

It was a few hours later and the two youths were alone in the Prince's bed chamber in their night clothes.  The Prince then gave his cousin his usual cursory "I'm sorry." but this time the WB was not satisfied as he had started puberty and he was feeling his proverbial oats.

"That's not good enough, my dear cousin." he growled leaving the Prince shocked.  He then gave him a push so that he fell onto his bed.  The WB then grabbed his belt and gave the Prince a hard cut.  The surprised Prince howled and then got three more in rapid sequence on his bare royal buttocks as his nightshirt had left him so exposed.  "Half way, cousin." said the WB with a smile (which the Prince could not see and would not have appreciated if he had).  Then, before he could lose the moment, the WB delivered another four cuts turning the Prince's butt a lovely crimson.

Since the WB stopped strapping, the Prince just remained in the undignified position of having his freshly strapped arse heating the room as he was still stunned at getting his first strapping which was also his first spanking.

Perhaps the WB might have had second thoughts about having strapped the next king but he was being control by two instincts that were part of his most innermost being.  He was somewhat overwhelmed by his activities for he was most excited.  It was not because his heart was racing, but that his cock was harder than it ever had been and was (metaphorically) screaming for attention.  Also there were some old instincts that were greatly aroused by the hot-red rump that was displayed just a step away.  The WB was over come and pounced down on the Prince gripping his upper body like they had been wrestling.  The WB immediately learnt that his rock hard shaft felt very good when it slipped between the Prince's thighs.  He knew about masturbation but this promised to be even better.  Back and forth movements were instinctive and quickly became more vigorous.  One particularly vigorous thust drove his rock hard shaft directly into the Prince's hole.  The WB instantly loved the feeling of being a in hot moist hole and did what came most naturally to young males of many species.

The Prince was surprised at this turn of events.  While still in shock from the strapping, he had been mounted without any warning whatsoever by his WB.  He was outraged but as the WB had a tight grip on him helpless to stop its continuance.  He, too, was taken over by instincts.  The Prince knew that he deserved the strapping so that the horror of that affront to the royal personage was not really the issue since it came from the one person most entitled to do such a thing (after his father, of course).  The other affront was an entirely different matter.  It was most inexcusable and needed to be dealt with immediately.  Unfortunately, there was a terrible problem since rockets were exploding in the Prince's head just as they did during a proper jerk off session.  With all that rampaging through his head, he could only enjoy was happening.  Everything else would wait; wait for a climax.  In reality, two climaxes which were not long in coming.

"That felt fantastic, cousin." they quickly agreed.  In their shared good feelings, the WB forgot to apologize to the Prince for his over the top behavior and the Prince forgot about having been outraged.  After a while, they found a more comfortable position to be together.  Impetuous youths recover quickly and the Prince exerted himself and mounted the WB who did not dare to resist.  Buddies they may be, but the Prince still needed to be obeyed or the WB risked serious punishment.  The pair found this way was just as enjoyable as the first.

* * * * * * * * * *

After much soul searching the Prince made a decision.  He would not allow his cousin to be whipped in his stead.  "I am a man and will be punished for myself." he declared.  The tutor to whom he said that to was scared to obey the Prince as it meant disobeying the King (and risking all).  The Prince was adamant and forbade the WB from lowering his britches and bending over.  Then he, himself, lowered the royal britches and bent over directing the WB to do the deed.  The tutor could hardly believe his eyes as the young royal posterior turned red as the WB swung the strap hard.  The tutor was amazed by how effectively the WP whipped the Prince and how well the Prince took his punishment so honestly.

Word of this quickly reached the King who smiled.  A royal decree was issued and circulated only to the Prince and his tutors.  The full decree had the usual flowery long-winded wording listing many ancestors and even more titles for even the Prince had many titles.  In simple language it said:  "The Prince may decide that he is [man enough] to accept his own whippings." although the words in the brackets were not used.

After this, the tutors all were more restrained in their dispensing of whippings both to the Prince and the WB.  All but the riding master who always laid it on with a heavy hand.  "The Prince must learn to ride to save his life in battle for the good of the Kingdom." he said several times.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 4, 2010

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