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The following short story is totally fiction.  It contains a scene of stripping and spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Stripped and Paddled in the School Auditorium


Mr. John Jacob Jensen was angry.  His son had been pantsed for the third time and it was just two months into the school year.  He and a dozen other parents had complained to the Principal, Mr. Jimmy Jones, B.A., without results.  The school board was not responsive either.  Not only did they not do anything, they laughed that it was nothing but a harmless adolescent prank.

Adding injury to insult, Jones had even paddled two of the unfortunate boys who had been victims.  One had been pantsed and another who had been forced out the locker room in just his birthday suit for being in the hall improperly dressed and causing a disturbance.

Mr. John Jacob Jensen called the other parents and they made plans for the school board meeting the next week.

Jones was annoyed that he was late to the meeting.  Of all evenings to have flat tire while his wife had the other car.  The meeting had started when in dashed into the auditorium through the side door near the front.  Suddenly he was surrounded by five large angry fathers.

"Take your pants off, Jones, or we'll do it for you." several of them said in unison.© YLeeCoyote

"Let me pass." he snorted defiantly.


Again he refused.  They grabbed him.  The hustled him to the stage.  There in front of the school board on the stage and the parents in the orchestra they started.  First they pulled off his tie.  Then his shirt.  A few buttons popped off.  His undershirt got ripped as it was pulled off.  They pulled his belt out of his pants and tied his wrist together in front of him with it.  They yanked his trousers down to his ankles exposing his underwear to all.

Throughout all of this Jones was yelling loudly.  The school board sat in stunned silence. When he would not be quiet, they pulled his shoes, socks and pants completely off.  Now he was yelling with his hands tied and wearing just his underpants.

"What the punishment for making a disturbance in school?" asked one.

"A bare bottom paddling!" replied several others.

The principal's underpants were ripped off and he was bent over the table.  The paddle that he liked using on the students suddenly appeared.  It was raised and brought crashing down on the well deserving butt available.


With each stroke Principal, Mr. Jimmy Jones, B.A., howled.  Each one of the angry fathers had a turn at the sadistic principal.  Each one elicited howls.  By the time they were finished Jones had a hot red butt and was bawling like a baby in front of at least a hundred smiling parents and eight stunned board members.

The local weekly had the school board meeting story on page 6.  New policies now prohibited paddlings by the school and mandated suspension and expulsions for pantsers.  The story lead was a three column photo on the front page above the fold of Principal, Mr. Jimmy Jones, B.A., bent over and getting it on the bare butt.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 19, 2000

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