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The following story is fiction about paddling.  The story contains scenes of paddling in the vice principal's office of a high school.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Principal Felonies


Together the youths, well, actually boys as they were immature eighteen-year-olds and due to graduate from Central high school in a couple of weeks, made an extremely poor decision.  Over the last few years Larry Tildon and Steve Kimball had learnt several vital things that were not explicitly called out in the State's required high school curriculum.  The most important of these things was it was best not to be caught having done mischief if one wished to sit comfortably for the following week.

They internalized this important concept thanks to some very red cheeks.  This happened when they got special lessons from Vice Principal Towley after regular school hours for whenever Central High students were caught misbehaving they were required to see the VP.  The protocol for this required them to wait on the bench by his office after the dismissal bell until four p.m. when VP Towley would magnanimously grant them audience.  While they waited, they would have time to contemplate what would happen during the unwanted meeting.  The meetings had become less and less pleasant for not only did the VP use his paddle more and more as they were older but because he felt that they needed more rigorous "instruction".

They thought back to the last time they were in the VP's office.  It was not a fond memory for either of them.  They did not care about the lecture about behaving properly for that was like rain on a duck – it just ran off.  What was memorable was the encounter with the "Board of Education".  That was a hard wood paddle that the VP had from his fraternity days long before they had even been born.

After the lecture, they were required to drop their jeans and bend over grasping their knees.  The VP would gleefully give each of them six hard pops with his huge paddle.  As hard as they tried, they could not help yelling from the pain.  Then they would be told to pull up their jeans and leave.  They certainly never believed the VP when he said: "I hope that you have learnt your lesson, boys, as I don't enjoy this any more than you do." because his tenting trousers betrayed him.

The second lesson that they learnt was not to cause damage for they would have to pay for the necessary repairs.  That would trigger additional parental anger which, in turn, added additional unpleasant consequences such as grounding, loss of allowances and extra chores.  In a word: "extremely unpleasant".  OK, so that's two words but in New Speak it is just one: doubleplusunpleasant.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

It was just two weeks before their graduation and they could not resist one more prank like many others graduating boys.  It was a simple prank and cheap as well.  Right after as the dismissal bell rang they opened two windows in Room 333 which overlooked the parking lot and walkways.  It was easy work to fill a mess of balloons with shaving cream directly from the aerosol cans.  It would take just seven minutes to exhaust all their ammo and then head for the door.

Much to their dismay, just six minutes after they started they had company.  Mr. Gelzer entered and saw them discharging the last loaded balloons.  Although, he smiled and maybe even laughed when he saw the victims, five minutes later they, sans smiles, were warming the bench by the VP's office.

Looking out of his office windows, the VP could see that his car had been hit and now sported a couple of globs of shaving cream.  When informed the two miscreants immediately offered to wash the car.  He asked the custodian to inspect things and the only damage he reported was to the VP's vehicle – one fender had a dent.  He swung the paddle particularly hard that afternoon and said that he would get a repair estimate.  The boys were puzzled about how this could happen.

The boys' parents were similarly puzzled even thought that the repair estimate was high.  Mr. Tildon stopped in the local repair shop and asked about things.  He learnt two interesting facts.  The repair estimate was a bit high but the dealer's prices usually were.  More interesting was that the body shop guy recalled making a similar estimate a week before for Mr. Towley.  Mr. Tildon was outraged as was Mr. Kimball for there was evidence of real crimes – extortion and blackmail.  They made plans for after graduation day when the VP could no longer take revenge on their boys.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Towley was quite taken aback when he heard the demands of the two angry fathers.  The discussion was brief.  "Give us checks immediately or we'll see the DA and file charges."  They did not have to explain that would destroy his career and perhaps even earn some prison time for felonies.  He wrote the two reimbursement checks immediately.

Then came the second demand: recompense for unreasonable paddlings.  Mr. Towley took out his checkbook again.  He did write two more checks, one for each boy, as some compensation but the fathers did not deem that was sufficient.  Mr. Tildon picked up the paddle which was hanging conveniently on the side of the desk.  "You need to feel this, Towley.  You need to feel this just like our boys did."

Mr. Towley gasped.

"Get in position with your pants and undies down, Towley." snapped Mr. Kimball authoritatively.  Towley needed to be convinced and he was.  A few minutes later he was in position.  Each father gave him a good hard WHACK!  He yelled just like a small sophomore boy rather than a man.  The fathers smiled.

Out in the hall, the two boys also smiled.  They had been listening to everything and were pleased that justice was being done.  They were surprised when they were silently let into the room with a sign to be quiet.  They immediately stared at the already reddening rump of the VP.

The biggest surprise was when Larry was handled the paddle and signaled to give one pop.  He had never followed his father's directions so enthusiastically before in his entire life.  He heard the WHACK of the paddle and then the howl of the VP.  It was most satisfying.  Steve experienced the same thing when it was his turn.  They even delighted in how the redness developed in the target knowing from their own experience how it felt.

They took turns and each gave the VP six good pops.  Midway through the youths could not keep quiet and the VP turned and saw that the boys were there with one holding the paddle.  He objected but was ordered to resume the position or else.  Once again he bent over and gripped his knees in submission to authority.  He was bawling by the time they finished.  When he got up the boys observed that he did not have a tent pole like when he wielded the Board of Education.

Later that evening, the boys discussed things and realized that they both had been rock hard when were doing the paddling.  They decided that they liked it and started to explore about how to get to do more of it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 23, 2018

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