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The following story is fiction about school CP.  The story contains a scene of paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Life can get very complex when parents mess up priorities as in this brief story.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Priorities Are Important


Sheldon roused himself from bed.  He was late for he had overslept.  That was not so surprising as he had worked late on several homework assignments now safely stowed in his backpack to be sure he wouldn’t forget them.  He dressed quickly and rushed downstairs to grab a bite before catching the bus to school.  Unfortunately his father was there and furious that he had again failed to mow the lawn.

“It is your responsibility and you shall do it now.” the irrate man shouted.

“This afternoon Dad.  I gotta get to school now.” replied the youth knowing what was truly important.

“NO!  NOW!  YOU WILL DO IT NOW!  You put it off too many times, Sheldon John Firestone.”

It was a short fight and a few minutes later Sheldon was mowing the front lawn incensed anticipating the problems he would have at school.  As he guided the mower he did not notice the car that pulled up in front.  The driver was Mr. Thomes who was the school district’s truant officer.  He checked the school records for the address and matched the youth with the school record picture. «A most blatant case of truancy.» he thought.  Before getting out of the car he called for backup from CPS and made sure his shield was properly displayed.© YLeeCoyote

He identified himself as the truant officer and confirmed the identity of the youth.  He was stunned by the boy’s reason for not being in school.  Along with Mr. Cardwell, the CPS officer, he rang the front door bell.  The two officers confronted Mr. Firestone and asked him to accompany them to the school to discus his son’s truancy.

Mr. Firestone agreed only after they explained the alternative of being arrested and waiting in jail for the judge to set bail perhaps late that day or the next.  Mr. Thomes took the youth to school barely in time for his first class.  Mr. Cardwell allowed Mr. Firestone to secure his house and lawn mower before taking him to school for an official meeting in the principal’s office.

“We will all see Principal Palton in the third period when your son has a study period.  You are to wait here on the bench in the hall outside the principal’s office until then.  If you leave, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.”

It was a looooong wait and Mr. Firestone recalled his own days when he had broken some ridiculous rule as a student and waited on this very bench.  It was not any more pleasant now.

The third period came and the meeting commenced.  The facts were quickly determined.  Dr. Palton lectured about priorities especially that school and homework are always more important than household chores.  “The penalty for truancy is ten pops and a Saturday detention.” he stated.

Sheldon gasped and then asked “But what about the No Spanking Law, Sir?”

“When the culpable person is a minor, that part is skipped, Sheldon, in compliance with the law.” explained the principal.  “However, in this case the culpable person is your father.”  Both son and father were surprised.  “Mr. Firestone please drop your trousers and underpants and assume the position over that chair.” he continued getting his paddle out.  “I daresay that you remember the procedure from when you were a student here.”

“You can’t do that.” objected Mr. Firestone.

“Yes we can.” explained Mr. Cardwell.  “I will mention that paddlings ordered by the judge are worse but, Sir, the choice is yours.”

There was not any viable alternative so Mr. Firestone assumed the position and was treated to ten hard whacks from the principal’s heavy fraternity paddle.  He did not acquit himself well in front of his son yelling and getting up a couple of times.  His bright red tail would ache for days.  Sheldon watched with bugeyed amazement.  He was deeply ashamed at how much his father yelled and jumped up which was far different from the stories he told of how stoic he had been years before as a teenager.

Sheldon was directed to go to his fourth period class while the two officers had a private discussion with Mr. Firestone about priorities in Mr. Thomes’ office.  He was given formal written orders to report for the Saturday detention and to Parenting Educational Class Tuesday and Thursday evenings the following week.  Then he was dismissed and told to find his own way home.

On Saturday morning Sheldon dutifully tended to the lawn and even cleaned his room while his father was serving detention at the school.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 1, 2022

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