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The following story is fiction about a parental discipline scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the fourth of the Michael Mannix stories which maybe read in any order.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Growing Pains of Michael Mannix


You are standing before your father in his den the day after your eleventh birthday.  "You are growing up, son, and it is time to stop spanking you like a little boy."  You can't believe your ears.  That would be too good to be true.  You cannot even image your father not continuing to be very strict and roasting your bottom for every transgression no matter how slight.  Of course, you managed not to hear the last four words of his statement.  He continues.  "From now on I will be using this."  He holds up an old slipper which he took from a desk drawer.  "You will bend over and I will smack your bottom with this rather than with my hand."  Immediately you are torn – as usual the news is good and bad at the same time.

"It is only fair that you know what to expect when you get out of line, son.  The first three times you will be allowed to keep your trousers on.  Now, bend over the end of the couch and I will demonstrate the slipper."  You do as you are told.  You feel strange and vulnerable with your butt sticking up like your father was about to spank you but without his comforting arm and hand on your waist.  Your father places one hand on your back and you feel more secure.  "I'm going to give you three whacks, son: light, medium and hard so that you'll know what they are like."

"Yes, Father.  I am ready." you say knowing how your father wants you to act manly all the time.  You then feel the slipper through your clothes for the very first time.  It is like a medium hard spank.  Then you feel the second and third ones.  You feel them more and they are like a much harder hand spanks even through your clothes.  Your father removes his hand and tells you to stand.  He hands you the slipper to examine.  It is no longer just an old bedroom slipper but THE SLIPPER – an implement with the sole purpose to punish you.  Your father explains about the rules for bending over and how you will undress.  He emphasizes how you must take your punishment bravely as a man and not whine nor cry like a little boy.

"I will do my best Father." you say.  One thing you already have noticed is that those two hard whacks did not make you want to cry like you would have had you been over your father's lap.

"If you act like a little boy, then I shall go back to spanking you over my lap on your bare bottom as if you are a little boy." warns your father.  You know that not only will he be disappointed in you if that happens but that you will be disappointed in yourself as well.© YLeeCoyote

At school the next day you tell Spike.  "Father said he's not going to spank me any more."  Spike looks at you funny and laughs for he knows that your father will continue to roast your sorry butt for a long time to come.  "He said I will have to bend over and get the slipper."  Spike smiles.  "He gave me a sample yesterday.  The slipper hurts more than his hand but I did not want to cry."

Spike laughs and punches you hard on the arm.  "Congratulations, man.  You're growing up."

* * * * * * * * * *

You are walking home from school.  This day you are walking very slowly and even avoiding your best buddy Spike.  You wish that you could avoid the note in your assignment book to your parents from your teacher.  You know that your parents will be most unhappy when they read about your activities that caused the note.  You would not give it to them except that if you don't take it back tomorrow signed, the school will call and you will be in even bigger trouble.  You think about what had happened.  You had not planned for any of this to happen.  You don't think that the others had either but, as things do in school, they got out of hand.  Your teacher was most displeased.  But that is past.  You know that the consequences must be faced now.

You go up stairs when you get home and start on your homework.  You cannot concentrate so you shine your shoes and try again.  That helped a little although you still keep thinking about your father's slipper – the special one in this desk – that is going to turn your bottom red, hot and painful.  It will be the first time that you will have to remove your underpants and get it on your bare behind.  You recall the talk your father had with you when you turned eleven and were promoted.  You hope that you can do what is required and show your father that you are no longer a little boy that gets spanked over his lap.

You think about the first three slipperings you have had but on your covered behind.  They hurt more than hand spanking yet it was easier not to cry like a baby.  You know that is important to your father because he frequently tells you that you must be manly.  You hear your father come home and hope that he is in a good mood.  You wait a half hour hoping that he will relax and be less stern with you.

You puck up your courage and, note in hand, knock on your Father's den door.  Your father is sitting behind his desk working and looks as ferocious as he did when you were just half your age.  Softly you answer his question.  "Father, I've come to get slippered and for you to sign this note from school."  You are sweating because you are nervous and scared.  Your father tells you to explain what happed and only after you do does he open the envelope and read the note.  You feel better that you have told your side of the story.  Your father is disappointed in you because of the incident at school but proud that not only do you understand that you have earned a slippering but you were manly enough to ask for it.

You remove your blazer and place it on the chair.  Your father guides you to the end of the couch and you open your belt and pants.  They drop to the floor and you push your underpants down below your knees.  You bend over the end of the couch and your father folds your shirt tail out of the way.  "You are getting four, son.  Don't get up or try to grab your bottom until I am done."  You grab the seat cushion and you hope that you can be a brave young man and not a cowardly little boy.  WHACK.  The slipper hits your right check and the pain courses through your entire body.  You concentrate on keeping your position and clench your teeth.  WHACK.  The second one is on the left.  The results are the same.  You are half way through your first bare bottom slippering.

Your father does not keep you waiting for the rest.  The third WHACK lands on your right check and, almost immediately, the fourth WHACK on the left.  You well know that slippering is definitely more painful than a spanking but you are not really crying.  Your father pulls up your underpants and pants and you close the fastenings.

Your father sits on the couch and you stand between his legs and hug him as he is hugging you.  You feel good this way.  You almost forget that your tail is hurting but you know that your father loves you.  You are glad that you did not cry like you did when your father took you over his knees and spanked you.  As soon as you are back in your room you lower your pants and examine your butt.  It is very red and feels hot.  It hurts just to touch it.  You decide to be brave and manly and just grin and bear it.  You pull up your pants and return to your homework until you are called for dinner.

At dinner your father passes you the envelope with the signed note in it without calling attention to it and your little sister does not notice.  You are quite certain that your father is proud that you acted in such a manly fashion.  You are absolutely certain that your butt hurts.

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