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The following story is fiction about parental spanking.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is in response to the challenge inspired by the image.   Click to open the image off-site.

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Protective Avalanche


It was a rainy afternoon so both boys were stuck in the house.  Not surprisingly the two boys – Cody, ten, and his little brother Rickey, seven and a half, were in conflict.  It was doubtful that neither boy nor their mother knew about what.  Her nerves frayed, she suddenly shouted at Cody: "Get to your room and stay there until your father gets home."  Since this was in the days before the consumer electronics explosion there was no need to add that their use was forbidden.

Cody started to object but was immediately cutoff by his mother pointing and declaring: "NOW!" angrily.  Cody knew that it was useless to argue at this point unless he wanted a warmup spanking so he did as he was told.

Cody was not a happy puppy at all.  He had past experience with being sent to his room to await his father's return from work.  They were bad experiences resulting in his little bottom having a painful 'discussion' with his father's big hard hand.  He thought about those and although he did not like them, he understood that he had been naughty in some way each time and thus had earned the spankings.  He was not resentful about them.  Today was a different matter.  He was absolutely certain that he had NOT been naughty.

Cody spent ages (actually more like fifteen minutes which is ages to a ten-year-old) and carefully reviewed what had happened.  He was innocent.  He had not been naughty.  Well, not today anyway and he knew when he had been naughty whether or not he had been caught.

Today's banishment required action.  He needed protection.  He thought about how Kevin protected himself and his home in the Home Alone movie.  He dragged out the storage bin that held his huge collection of Legos.  He lifted it up and tilted it so that there was an avalanche of Legos.  Seconds later there was a river of plastic from his bed to the door.© YLeeCoyote

Now he felt safe.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was snack time for growing boys so Mom poured milk into two glasses and put three cookies on each of two plates.  When Rickey had devoured his share, she said: "Rickey, take your brother's snack up to him."

When he returned, he reported: "I could not get into his room, so I left it on the hall table and told him."

* * * * * * * * * *

When he got home, Father went to see his first born.  He was amazed at the barricade.  "Cody, clean this mess up before you come down for dinner." he ordered and returned downstairs with the untouched milk and cookies.

A little later, Cody ignored the call for dinner.  Both parents figured that he would get hungry and need to urinate so eventually he would clear the mess or at least a path through it.  They agreed that it was too hazardous to leave overnight.

"Are you going to clear this mess, Cody?" Dad asked an hour later.

Cody did not move so Dad started with his wide, curved snow pusher to shove the mess of plastic to the side.  "Open the storage bin or should I use a trash bag, son?"  That got a reaction.  His defense had failed but losing his Legos was an extra that was untenable so he surrendered.  Cody opened the bin and started to fill it.  "When you are finished, come down to the kitchen and we will talk."

* * * * * * * * * *

"You hungry, Cody?"  The boy nodded.  "Your mother left your dinner in the refrig.  Each bowl is labeled with the setting for the microwave so heat everything up and serve yourself."  The boy eagerly set to the task of getting his dinner.  What he did notice was that Dad was not doing everything like he certainly would have for Rickey but treating him as more grown up.  Of course, he was permitted to use the microwave only under supervision but Dad was staying well back.

When he was down to dessert, Dad started the conversation.  "So, what was all that with the Legos on the floor, Cody?"

The surprised boy was quite coherent.  "I didn't nothing wrong so I didn't earn a spanking." he said definitely.

"I didn't do anything wrong." corrected Dad and continued.  "Who said you did, son?"


"Mom just said you were to wait not that you were to be spanked.  Things were getting out of hand and she sent you to your room to prevent a real problem so she could deal with Rickey."

"But sending me to my room always says that I'm going to be spanked so I thought…."

"Only when you been naughty." corrected Dad once again.

Cody was speechless.  This was something he had not expected.

"Now you can clear the table and get ready for bed.  I'll come by to say good night at you at lights out time."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was almost lights out time for Cody when Dad knocked.  "Come in and close the door, Dad." responded the boy.  Dad knew that when Cody said that, he wanted to talk serious stuff and not just delay lights out.  He sat on the bed so that they could interact properly.

"I was not so good this afternoon, Dad."

"You were confused by Mom, Cody."

"But I should have cleaned them up when you told me to, Dad."

"But you did help after I started with the snow pusher."

"Nevertheless, I was naughty and earned a spanking, Dad."

"Do you want a spanking, Cody?"

"NO!  Absolutely not!" responded the boy emphatically but then continued unsurely.  "But I earned one and need to be spanked, Daddy."

"Are you certain, Cody?"  asked Dad quite surprised.

"Yes, Father."

"What sort of spanking?"

"A proper spanking so that I cry but not so hard that I hurt tomorrow."

They talked some more but Dad could not change his son's mind.  Cody got out of bed, dropped his pj's bottoms and bravely lay over his father's lap.  Taking a deep breath, he said: "Ready, Father."

Somewhat reluctantly, Dad proceeded to spank his oldest son.  He could not but admire how Cody had not only taken responsibility but insisted on being spanked.  The cuddling and other aftercare efforts were far more meaningful than usual.  After tucking the boy into bed, he kissed him and heard: "I love you Daddy." Mom was just as perplexed as Dad.

The End

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