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The following story is fiction about a dominant youth and a proud man.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, gay sex and drug induced body modification.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story was inspired by the drawing by Bulldoggy which is no longer on his site.  Additionally, there was a version with captions by Chirenon Numidicus on his site at which is also gone.  It is about the effect of an imaginary drug 幼茎丸 (Yòu jīng wán which literally translates as "baby-dick pills"), the Japanese equivalent of Chirenon's Phalliminate, which causes the male organ to shrink to a nub.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Proud No More but Properly Humble


I had been browsing the ads for weeks and chatting with a few men.  Each time it was the same story.  We would talk a couple of times but then it would be over, leaving me frustrated and alone to start over.  I wasn't a bad looking guy as you can see from the picture.  I really wasn't that old either, just twenty-eight so that shouldn't have been an issue either.  Actually, the item most different was my cock for it was pretty large by Asian standards.  Confidentially, I was pretty proud of it although I had never gotten to insert it into anyone else although when I was in school the guys always stared at it.  For that matter, I was still a virgin never having had sex with anyone else.  I did enjoy jerking off which now I was doing at least once a day.

I was close to giving up on meeting anyone this way when I started to talk to Sir.  I quickly learnt that I was not to use his name but to call him "Sir".  I was interacting extremely well with Sir.  He talked with me a great deal constantly asking me questions about ME!  I enjoyed telling him about me and after a couple of weeks, we switched to video chatting.  He encouraged me to undress more and more each time so that he could see my body and I was proud to do so.  He did not undress, but always was in a leather outfit.  He had a black leather shirt, black leather jeans, a black leather motorcycle cap and a leather eye mask (with holes).  I found him very sexy indeed.  I hung on to every one of his words as I found him mesmerizing.

It was not just idle chatter for I could tell that he was taking a real interest in me.  Sir got me to improve my life.  First, he directed me to clean up my miserable apartment which I did and then to exercise more.  Sir kept a close eye on how I was achieving our (really his) goals for me.  I learnt that I had to tell him the absolute truth for he would direct me to show him things with the cam in my laptop.  Gradually, he took full control of my laptop so he could see everything I did with it and set 'parental' boundaries limiting my surfing after he changed the administrative password.  You may think that this was strange but my life was improving as Sir exercised more control of me so it felt like the right thing.

Sir decided that we start each chat with the naked me coming into view and bowing before I sat on the floor.  My laptop screen was dark and I had to look up to my TV screen used as the monitor so that it was like he was the lord of a clan sitting on a raised platform.  Like a little child or a pet I was naked.  I was required to bow and back away at the end of each session.

It is hard to explain how it happened but Sir even punished me when I failed.  The first time he told me to stay home and catch up on my neglected chores rather than going to the festival one weekend.  I guess that I could have gone but he said he would check up and if I disobeyed that would be the end.  He didn't check during the day but at night I had to show that I did as he had directed.  He was pleased and said that I was a "Good boi."  That is how Sir even spelt it so I wrote it that way rather than with a "y".  He insisted that it was important that I always spell it that way.© YLeeCoyote

Sir took a very dim view of my behavior when I was late for work twice in one week.  "Most unacceptable, you are a bad boi." he snarled at the naked me, "You must be punished and change your ways."  Sir lectured me for a while and I felt very bad – like a naughty little boy who has been caught.  My own father was never that effective even when I was a little boy.  I knew that I did not want to get lectured like again because it made me feel extremely terrible so I resolved to always please Sir.  After that it seemed most natural that I should be punished – by Sir.

The punishment was strange – I was to spank myself on cam as he gave instructions.  It was not easy.  I made a short strap by wrapping my belt around my hand and then bent over and spanked me.  It was very awkward and Sir watched and counted only those spanks that were hard enough.  When my naughty tail was sufficiently red Sir told me to stop.  After that I had a new bedtime just like when I was in school.  I carefully and dutifully kept to it.  Every night while I waited for the sandman, I would recite the mantras that Sir had given me about being a good boi and obeying him in all ways.

A few days later, Sir gave me instructions on how to install a couple of cameras so that he could monitor me with his computer talking to mine.  I soon learnt that he was stricter than my father had been when I was in high school.  You will probably be surprised to learn that I was happy with all these developments.  I felt very happy every time he said "Good Boi." and sad when he said: "Naughty boi." so I did my best to do as Sir directed me.

Sir was unhappy with one thing and that was that I was "too proud".  "A good boi is humble." he declared definitively.  For a couple of weeks, Sir patiently told me to change my attitude.  I failed to do this so Sir ordered me to purchase Yòu jīng wán.  I read the description and laughed.  I thought that they would never work and that it was just a joke.  I refused and he was very mad.  Sir pointed out that since I thought that they wouldn't work, my disobedience was stupid since the price was only an hour or two of work time.  He made me spank myself for a long time and then grounded me except for going to work.

The next day I discovered that all my computer would do was to go to the order page for the medicine Sir prescribed for me.  I placed the order and a couple of days later I opened the package while he watched.  Then I put a pill in my mouth and washed it down with a big glass of water.  "That's my good boi." said Sir each day.

However after a week of taking the pills, I was a horrified believer.  No longer was I proud but very humbled.  My most generous endowment was gone.  I only had a small wiener like a little boy and not even a single pubic hair.  I wanted to stop taking the pills but Sir insisted that I continue.  He called me a very naughty boi and was most annoyed with me.  I quickly backed down and took two pills right away as he ordered.  I kept taking the double dose for another week.  After that all I had was a hairless little nubbin like that of a baby boy as you can see in the after picture I was required to post.  I couldn't even jerk off like before the pills.

Sir was very pleased with my obedience and my new humble attitude and he decided that we should meet.  I was to go to his house at a specified time.  It was a high rise building and I shared the elevator with a kid in a school uniform with short trousers.  I guessed that the kid was about sixteen.  We got off the same floor and I was surprised we were both heading for the same condo.  "You must be Boi," he said, "I am SIR."

"Sir is always in leather." I said surprised.

"No matter, I was delayed so I'm this way.  The clothes do NOT matter, for it is THE MAN INSIDE the clothes that matters.  Or in your case, the boi inside."  Sir, with a vice-like grip on my nape propelled me inside.  Sir had me kneel down to remove his shoes and place them on the rack and ordered me to carry mine.  We went to a boy's playroom on the lower level where he ordered me to strip.  I did so because I was used to obeying him and the aura of his personality was even stronger in person than during the chats.  Sir studied my body and was satisfied especially at my bald little nubbin.  "That is all a little boi like you needs – just enough to go pee-pee and not in your Master's way when he fucks you."

I was still trying to make sense of this, when he sat down and pulled me over his lap.  "You have been disrespectful, Boi, since you got here.  You have earned a spanking."  With that he began and he spanked hard.  In a couple of minutes, I was feeling the effects of that spanking for my butt was already hurting.  I started to complain, but he snapped at me to be quiet and accept my punishment.  I don't know why but soon I was crying like a little boy.  I was still crying when Sir parked me in the corner with my hands on my head.

A while after I stopped crying, Sir called me from the corner.  Now he was naked.  He had a nice body and a full size cock that was rampant.  It wasn't as large as what I used to have but now even a preschool boy is larger than I.  Sir bent me over the end of a stool and mounted me without a word.  It was my first time and it hurt but Sir did not stop fucking me until he had shot his load deep into my boi-bottom.  Sir then sat and I knelt between his legs staring at this man shaft until Sir directed me lick and suck him clean from being in my ass.  Sir also filled my mouth with his thick man cream which I dutifully swallowed.

While this was happening, Sir's father came in to the room.  I was required to continue to service Sir's potent man-cock.  They exchanged some pleasantries and Sir told his father what he had done especially that he had taken my cherry.  Sir was praised by his father for being such an alpha male.  I was ordered to kiss Sir's father's feet before I was allowed to stand.  Sir's father was surprised for he said: "Wasn't this the boi that had the large dick with the hair that showed how improperly proud he was?" once he saw that I just had a hairless little boi's nubbin rather than the large dick that he had seen in my picture.

"Father, the boi was too proud and too hung for a bumboi and even too stupid to shave.  The Yòu jīng wán I ordered him to take adjusted his nubbin to its correct size and even got rid of the ugly hair.  It has made him properly humble and respectful."

"I'm very proud of you son.  You're becoming a real man.  Send your bumboi away and get dressed.  I'm taking you out for a celebratory dinner.

The maid showed up immediately after he pushed a button.  "Show the boy out the service door." Sir said to her.  "Take your clothes and go, boi." he ordered me.

That was how I was summarily dismissed.  I followed the maid and then quickly put on my clothes in the service entrance as she watched without interest and then left.  It was totally humbling that Sir was just a sixteen-year-old school boy.  As I stood on the corner waiting for a bus, I saw them leave the house.  Sir was dressed like his father in a salaryman's suit, appropriate for one destined for upper management, and they hailed a cab.  I knew that now and forever I was his most obedient bumboi awaiting his orders with just a hairless nubbin where there used to be a magnificent but wasted cock.  I still wonder to this day if I had shaved my pubes off would Sir still have made me take Yòu jīng wán.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 3, 2013

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