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The following story is fiction about a couple of brothers and is set in the Puericil Universe which is used with permission.  This was established by Cassie in the Forced Nudity Story Archive and is defined at as:

Puericil is a popular commercial drug, harmless and very cheap.  It drastically reduces male children's aggressiveness and makes them much more submissive and compliant, without affecting their intellectual capabilities.  It can be taken orally, but there is also a rectal variety.  Prolonged treatment progressively eliminates or prevents the appearance of body hair in male children, although it will eventually grow again if the treatment is discontinued.  Otherwise, it does not affect sexual development.  Side effects may include diurnal and/or secondary nocturnal enuresis in some patients.

In this story, it is assumed that Puericil has stronger side effects than indicated in the manufacturer's self-serving description above as it also slows sexual development and reduces the libido of the user.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The dominant twelve year old narrator
His submissive fourteen year old brother
The eleven year old girl in his life
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Puericil Is Great
Soaring to the Clouds


It was a year ago that it happened to my older brother Billy.  The 'rents decided that he was out of control for he was getting into trouble frequently, was constantly disrespectful and just too wild as well as picking on me a lot as in bullying.  They took him to our adolescent medicine doctor since he was too old for the pediatrician as a teenager.  The short story was that he was put on Puericil!  The boy destroying drug!  Every morning for a couple of months I watched Mom hand him a pill and make him wash it down with his milk.

After three months, the cards with the pills in dated slots were in his desk and he dutifully and obediently took one each day without being watched.  Just as promised on the label (although with a nice euphemism) Billy had been transformed into a wuss who did exactly what he was told, never talked back and even kept his curfew.  Initially, the best part was that he stopped picking on me.

That he was a goody-goody was now a given.  Of course, he had lost all his hair except that which he had as a baby.  Frankly, I thought his now bald cock was smaller than it had been and positively no bigger than when he went to the doctor.  He didn't jerk off as much as he used to either.

Billy no longer fights with me (or anyone else for that matter) either physically or verbally.  He now backs down whenever we disagree and I get to have my way.  He has noticed that I've gotten pubes and he is definitely jealous for he's like a bald little boy of ten with just an insignificant teeny tiny peepee rather than a teenage youth of almost fifteen who should be sporting a lush forest about his proud potent cock.

What I miss is watching him getting spanked for getting into trouble.  Since we share a room, I had the pleasure of watching Dad spank him.  When he was younger it was OTK but more recently he just bent over his bed and Dad strapped him with his doubled over leather belt.  He would howl and yell as the belt turned his naughty butt to a glowing crimson.  He would hurt so much that he accepted my giving him first aid by rubbing Sportscream® on his red-hot butt.© YLeeCoyote

Once – really by accident – my fingers slipped between his hot cheeks and I touched his backdoor.  I immediately got a bit playful and rubbed it letting my finger slip inside.  Billy did not object so I got bolder and that became routine after each of his strappings.  After a few times, he had me do it to him even when he had not been strapped and we learnt about the wonders of the love nut when my finger stroked it.  I even got him to cum this way but I didn't allow him to get his big paws on my butt.

* * * * * * * * * *

My brother was not the first contact I had with guys on Puericil.  There were lots at school but I was not close to any of them.  However, Denny,  my thirteen-year-old close friend, and Ricky, his fifteen-year-old brother, were both on it since they were eleven.  Their stanch feminist Mom (their dad was out of the picture) insisted on it and they would stay on it until they moved out.  She also believed that boys (even those not so little) did not have to be modest and they were usually naked at home.  I guess that was fine when they were little (and me too when we played in the sprinkler or wading pool) but it was still the way now.  Their mom said it was OK to be naked until they got pubic hair which, unnaturally, would never happen while they were on the pill.  Their sister, Rosemary, who was a year younger than I, although already pubescent and her friends thought her brothers were still babies.  She had gotten to wear clothes all the time by the time she went to kindergarten.

I saw first hand the embarrassment that they had to suffer being exposed like they were.  Although the Puericil literature claimed it did not affect development except for hair, my friend and his brother disagreed.  They had compared their development with that of their cousins, by their father's brother, who were not on the pill.  Yes, their genitals had grown some but they were smaller than those of their cousins who were each a year younger.  My brother said that the guys on Puericil all tended to be smaller 'down there' than the others who he saw in the gym shower.  He even let slip that his own cum was more watery and there was less of it then before the pill.

Ricky had an extra problem – nocturnal enuresis – as it said in the package insert for he wet the bed according to his superior sister.  Ricky required nighttime protection better known as diapers.  Rosemary delighted in preparing him for bed especially when she had friends over and their mother was pleased to be free of the task.  Ricky would be required to lie on his bed on the diaper while his bossy kid sister and her friends handled his little junk to apply powder and oil and always laughing at his little stiffy before closing up the diaper.  Denny said that was far worse than just being naked with them around.

Surprisingly, I got a benefit from this.  Rosemary had authority over both her brothers and although they were "submissive and compliant" as promised, occasionally they earned some discipline.  Rosemary would enlist me to spank her brothers as I was stronger and could be more forceful.  Since they were already naked, all she did was to order them to lie over my lap and hand me a hairbrush.

Rosemary usually made me spank them until they cried.  It gave me fantasizes that I could spank Billy (even before he was on the pill).  I hated to hurt my friend and even his brother but it was going to happen regardless and I must confess that I enjoyed turning their tails red and I got a tent in my jeans every time.  Rosemary always made me drop my jeans so that her brothers could see what a young man was like.  Especially with Ricky, I could see the envy in their eyes although I think that Rosemary wanted to exercise control over another male as well as just wanting to see my stuff.

Initially I objected but she said: "Harvey, someday I'll have control of you and then you'll be under the same rules as my brothers.  Since boys don't need to be modest you'll be naked and you won't have that silly hair either."  She paused and continued.  "So why not undress now and not make me mad at you."  I yielded the first time and it was easier after that.  A few times she inspected my equipment very carefully when her brothers couldn't see her doing it.

I suggested to Rosemary that Ricky was getting big to spank OTK and should just bend over for a strapping.  "Not until he grows some hair.  He's still just a baby." she said smiling.

* * * * * * * * * *

As I watched my brother become a wuss (like Denny, Ricky and all the others) I was absolutely positive that I did not want to be on that pill.  I quickly learnt that it was great that Billy yielded to me all the time.  It was like I was the big brother – the big brother who was in charge and not the bullied kid brother.  I was definitely glad that my folks were not like Denny's mom.  Denny and Ricky would have been put on the pill no matter what while Billy got put on it because of his improper behavior.  I definitely had a chance to escape if I could behave more like a wuss and do as I was told rather than to argue with them.

Running away was not possible in these modern times and surely would be counter productive.  Once they decided to put me on it I would be lost.  If I resisted, they would just overpower me a few times over a three week period just long enough each time to shove it up my ass for there was a suppository form which did not require a daily dose.  I started to be more polite generally but especially at home and school and was very careful not to break the rules in any way. The older I got, the better my chances were to avoid the pill – if I behaved.

I was delighted that one day I overheard Dad say to Mom "Harvey is definitely well behaved like Billy is now that he on Puricil."  I was thrilled and highly motivated to continue.  I continued to be extremely good after that as I did not want to risk getting put on Puericil.  I most surely did not want to lose the advantages of being aggressive and having man-fur.  The boys on Puericil were losers for they never had first choice of anything; they had to settle for what the real boys – especially the alphas but even the beta males – left for them.

One thing I noticed both in the school showers and especially at home was that the Puericil wusses longed for what they were missing – manly hair and other results of testosterone.  They knew that they were just little boys and we were potent young men.  I saw how my brother's 'manhood' size chart had flatlined and he jerked off less – hardly at all.  It wasn't difficult to let him satisfy his needs and enjoy my cock.  Gee, any loving brother would do the same.  I did not push him at all but even feigned a little reluctance letting him have access to my potent, growing, juicy and hard cock.  With a week, he was totally hooked.  Every morning he would suck me dry and every night I would put a load in his butt.  I made sure to tell him how good he was, especially as I pounded his love nut.

One evening when the folks were out, I checked to see if Billy was current with his homework and caught him a bit behind.  "I can finish it in the morning." he sniveled.  I would not let him get away with that and pounced.

"This is a spanking offence.  I'll have to report this to Dad in the morning." I said doing my best to hide my joy in catching him.

He turned pale.  "But he'll ground me as well as spanking me.  Please don't tell." he begged whining.  "I'll do it now.  Please."

"Well …" I teased.  "You really deserve to be spanked …  If you get over my lap  … I won't tell Dad, Billy."  It took him only two seconds to jump over my lap.  I made him get off, fetch a flip-flop and lose his pants before getting back over my lap.  Then I had fun being the good kid dealing with the naughty one.  It was a lot more fun than spanking Ricky for several reasons.  First, he was my older brother and, second, I made the decision to spank him along with telling him what to do.  Of course, I got an immediate thank you when Billy immediately went down on me.

After that I ordered Billy about more.  When we were alone, I was direct while if the folks were about, they sounded like reminders such as.  "It's time for bed."  "Don't forget to take out the garbage."  I even did the same for myself to show my parents that I was in control of myself and did not need pills.

* * * * * * * * * *

Billy, like almost all the boys on Puericil, had a big internal conflict.  They hated what the pills did to them yet they had to obey their parents and take them even unsupervised.  Simply put, they did not have the balls to resist.  It was a week after I spanked Billy that I caught him doing something real bad.  He had taken a pill from the card and gone into the bathroom.  I had to pee and so I followed him in a couple of minutes latter.

There, in the bowl was the brightly colored pill.  It was undamaged because it was designed not to dissolve until it got to the small intestine.  I grabbed it to Billy's horror.  "YOU NAUGHTY LITTLE BOY" I snapped at him, "DISCARDING YOUR PILL.  Now open wide."  He was shocked but he obeyed me.  I popped the pill into his mouth and ordered: "Swallow, boy." which he did.  A little bit of water from the toilet would not hurt him.  He whinged that it had been an accident.

"You know what would happen if they caught you.  You would get an implant and that would last at least FIVE MORE YEARS.  Don't you want to get off this stuff?"  He started to cry and I hugged him.  After a while, he begged me not to tell and promised never ever to try that again.  I drew out my answer like I was contemplating.  "OK, but from now on, I'll give you the pill every morning and you do as I say."

He did hesitate at all.  "That will make it easier." he replied.  I guessed that it would reduce the conflict of taking the pill he did not want to take as he would be doing under direct supervision.

I was even more delighted for my big brother had accepted my control.  Well, it still was unofficial for the nonce.  My only worry was that I could be put on the pill myself.

I had some great luck in this regard.  We had been left alone for the evening when our parents went out.  We were getting ready for bed when Billy glanced out the window and was surprised to see someone on the neighbor's back porch.  As we watched, we saw the prowler force open the window.  Billy was scared and did not know what to do.  Fortunately, I knew and did not hesitate to give him orders and to act immediately.  We quickly ran downstairs and, leaving the lights off, locked the doors as I called 911.  The police responded quickly and "apprehended the perp" as one of the officers said.

I was telling the responding officers what we had seen when the folks returned.  They were, scared seeing the police parked outside our house and the house lights on.  They drove up on the lawn and ran in very worried.  It was quite an anticlimax when they saw we were safe.  The officer not only calmed them down but praised us for doing the right thing – locking up and calling 911 with a clear report.  By then Billy was hugging Mom as he was still scared.  "Your older son, Harvey," (said the officer indicating me) "acted better than most adults do in such a situation.  He is most mature and you should be proud of him."

"Excuse me, Officer Kelley, but I'm the younger one." I said not wanting my parents to have any doubt.  He apologized and repeated the compliment with additional praise for my youth.  I remembered my manners and thanked him.  We were sent to bed since it was late but in the morning, Billy acknowledged that it was I who took charge and earned the praise of the police.  It sort just happened after that I was in charge when the folks left us alone.

Thanks to Puericil I gained control of my older brother rather than being subjected to his domination so I certainly think that Puericil is great – for OTHERS.

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